Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three

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Yea, Tho I Walk Seras Christian Growth Book Three

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Freddy Gonzalez by John W Flores Crimson and Gold by M S Brooks Honorbound by John K Potter What Goes Around Comes Around. The Sleeping Goddess by Christina Cave Kissy by Jessica Almae James It Could Have Been Abel: The Magic Christmas Reindeer Bell: That Dog Just Don't Hunt: Poems of the Hunter by Lonnie C Rittenour My pastor is preparing us to be murdered martyred or jailed for our true faith, as no candidate seems to genuinely want to protect Christian religious liberty.

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Never the less, whatever these candidates do, genuine believers in Christ will obey His Holy Word. Part of getting saved was knowing I may be called to die for Him. I will say for a country founded by Christians, a sad day. The 7 Bible Truths are the only way to save America. He tells us to choose Christians who fear God as leaders Exodus I have found that God is giving the USA Mike Huckabee who says same-sex marriage is not law and neither is abortion based on the Constitution.

Cruz said marriage was not a priority and fundraises with gay businessmen. Huckabee is out now….. Who will he support????? America needs to hear the truth from you.. Huckabee is not perfect. Huckabee could have a stronger allegiance to God. We the people should fear God more and stand up to obey the Holy Bible as a nation.

That will heal our land. I have called everyone to repentance. You can see this here:. God has asked us to love him and love others the way Jesus does! If you have a relationship with Jesus he will guide you in the way to vote!


Yea, Tho I Walk Seras Christian Growth Book Three

Remember we are not to judge that is Gods job! If you love God, that is a very serious sin. Please cry out to God for mercy. We are to inspect fruit of the candidates before we vote….

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Hides tax returns because he supported Pelosi, Reid, and Obama with donations.. Christian Family Man that can bring America back from immoral destruction…. I appreciate your comment and can understand why. I am still praying for a miracle and for Huckabee to be President, since Huckabee has the strongest platform that matches Scripture.

Psalm 59 Song "God is My Defense" (Esther Mui)

One can see this from studying the NT Scriptures in context. That is one reason I study the Sciptures. Since we no longer have Huckaby, nor Cruz as choices, true believers are struggling. I could not vote for Carson, after I checked out 7th day Adventists! Their beliefs do not fit Orthadox Christianity.

So, please check out candidates thoroughly. I will vote for the man who best represents and is obedient to God. If we, as Christians, humble ourselves and did what is right, quit riding the fence, and stopped voting for the lesser of two evils, GOD will keep His promise. If Romney had been the only man on the ballot last time, I would not have voted for him.

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I agree with Pastor Steve, if we do not vote for the one who is Scripturally sound, we are being disobedient and will face the consequences. It is now February 11, Huckabee and Paul are no longer running for President. He also showed his true colors in the Ohio Caucasus. So who is the best Christian candidate that is still running? By pleasing God, He will give us good political leaders. Mike was my pick! Without leaders like him who are friends of God America is at perilous risk of losing herself to destruction. While I would vote for Huckabee, he is no longer a candidate.

The Seven Words Spoken on the Cross by St Robert Bellarmine by St Robert Bellarmine PDF

When it comes down to two people to vote for, it always seems to be the lessor of two evils. I will vote conservative whatever that means in these days. Men and women have died in combat so that I could have the right to vote. God is in control, and we pray for our leaders. God used a lot of godless men in the Bible to bring about His will. I put my faith in God, not men, regardless of who ends up the president of this country.

I am still praying for a miracle and for Huckabee to be President since Huckabee best meets what God says to choose in a leader. Romney is a Mormon who blasphemes God by falsely believing God was first a man. Romney blasphemes Jesus Christ by falsely believing that Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer. We must fall on our faces and cry out to God for mercy and demand to have Christian leaders from school boards to president. This is just so sad. God has the final say. That is why praying in faith for the strongest Christian leader to be President is the way to please God.

This Christian voting guide for president here shows that Mike Huckabee outranks everyone. I am really struggling with this now. I am a God fearing Christian and want this nation to turn itself back to God. There are no Christians on the ballet. So what is the answer. Also, the delegates are taking away the voters rights. The answer is to cry out to God for mercy as a nation. That is why I am asking every church to hold ongoing prayer meetings for people to cry out to God for a real Christian President. Churches should also cry out to God for real Christian leaders from school boards to Federal government.

This important group will save the USA. What do we do when the 2 likely people that are going to be running do not fear God at all. That is our choice. We need to pray for a miracle that one of the candidates hearts are radically saved! When there are ungodly leaders, we are to fall on our faces and cry out to God for mercy. We are to ask God to give us Christian leaders instead.

This is how to heal our land. Can I add his name in the empty spot under President of the United States? Each of us need to first get right with God by confessing the sin of turning to the ungodly for leaders. What prayers will God answer? You'll find a number of writers that seem to imply that prayer doesn't change God, it changes us.

While, no doubt, the process of prayer does change us, nevertheless Exodus 32 clearly indicates that Moses' prayer changed God's proposed actions. If this is true -- then prayer is powerful, since by prayer we can appeal to and induce God to do something he otherwise would not have done. That's the basic premise that underlies a prayer of petition or intercession. Some branches of Christianity have a strong deterministic bent. God has both foreknown and determined all things from all eternity. It is now all playing out as some kind of cosmic automated chess game where the pieces move as they are programmed and each move is a foregone conclusion.

I may be overplaying this to make a point, but it does represent one approach to prayer. If it is true that our prayers can cause a change in the outcome that God brings to pass, how does this relate to predestination? Let me simplify an impossibly complex subject for a moment, realizing that not all will agree with my definitions. Theologians have argued about these unknowable things for many centuries.

The belief that God foreordains, predestines, or predetermines whatsoever shall happen in history. That is, God causes to come to pass everything that happens. Some would deny that God wills sinful actions. The belief that God knows about everything that will take place before it happens thus presupposing that the end of all things is fixed. The belief that human beings are given a real freedom to make choices, free of compulsion, if not free of influence. Most Christians I know say they believe in foreknowledge -- the very nature of prophecy requires foreknowledge.

But I've heard many Christians say somewhat proudly that they don't believe in predestination, though the Bible clearly teaches it as well for example: Most Christians, especially Americans, believe in free will; it would be undemocratic not to believe in it. How do you fit together predestination and free will? Frankly, I don't fully know, though I know that the Bible affirms both God's sovereignty and our responsibility to act righteously.

The reason I even bring up the subject of predestination is because our passage raises serious problems to Christians who believe that everything set, fixed, immutable, predetermined -- signed, sealed, and delivered. Keil writes that "God puts the fate of the nation into the hand of Moses, that he may remember his mediatorial office and show himself worthy of his calling. Keil is acknowledging that Moses' prayer changed God's action, but then seems compelled to hedge Moses' prayer around with predestination so that it couldn't have been any other way.

I know we really don't understand predestination, no matter how much we might argue for or against it. But what we must understand is that Moses' prayer -- and your prayers -- can affect God's action. When it comes to you and your prayers, you must act as if everything is not predetermined. You must believe that your prayers can change God's mind and action. If you don't, you won't be able to pray like Moses or Abraham or Elijah, but only a passive, "Thy will be done.

Our problem is that we are unwilling to wrestle in prayer as did Moses. We don't believe in the power of prayer, so we pray wimpy prayers. Many centuries after Moses, James tells us: Either we believe it and will act on it, or we are passive and unbelieving in our prayers. How can a wrong understanding of determinism and predestination keep us from the kind of gutsy prayer that Moses prayed? What do you call a belief that our prayers make no difference to God's response? Look carefully at Exodus Then I will make you into a great nation.

Again and again in the Bible we see men and women of God wrestling in prayer with God until they receive the answer they seek. By their examples littering the pages of the Book, I conclude that God wants us to pray with the same faith, fervency, and fortitude. But besides predestination, theologians have trouble with prayer and the Doctrine of Immutability, that is, that God is unchanging in nature, desire, and purpose.

Since our passage insists that prayer somehow changes God's mind, we may balk at believing this. Key to our understanding of prayer is verse When man's repentance is in view, the Hebrew verb shub is mainly used. Man repents from sin towards God; God is free from sin. So when God repents or relents it is a decision to change his action without any notion of wrongdoing or sin.

Heschel has said, "No word is God's final word. Judgment, far from being absolute, is conditional. A change in man's conduct brings about a change in God's judgment. The classic passage is in the analogy of the potter and the clay, where the L ORD explains to Jeremiah:. God's character, holiness, and purpose do not change. Cole observes, "In the Bible, it is clear that God's promises and warnings are always conditional on man's response," as in Ezekiel Victor Hamilton concludes, "The fact that the Old Testament affirms that God does repent, even over a fait accompli [accomplished fact] forces us to make room in our theology for the concepts of both the unchangeability of God and his changeability.

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  6. It means that God's character, desire, and purpose do not change.

    Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three
    Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three
    Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three
    Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three
    Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three
    Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three
    Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three
    Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three Yea, Tho I Walk: Seras Christian Growth - Book Three

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