Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series)

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I really wanted to like this book more, but it kinda bugged me a little. Jul 07, Christine Hayes rated it really liked it.

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Wow, the story is amazing. Talk about dark Crazy twists and turns. Pretty much non stop action. Most of them you never saw coming. Apr 07, Margaret rated it really liked it.

Other Works --Dark Waters, Celtic Legacy Book I When the bond between sisters is stretched through the boundaries of this world, be prepared for a wild ride! Dark Isle — Book 2 Author: HiJinks Ink July 8, Available: Dihanna From the publisher: When evil begets evil, a choice is forced on Quinn, the one person who can see the danger. Once I started reading this book I co Title: Once I started reading this book I could not put it down. It was easy reading with no slowdowns and kept me turning pages to see what would happen next.

I was especially curious as to how Quinn would save her sister, Ashling, and of course the world. I loved Luke's character as he was certainly someone I would have loved in my life.

The book made me think about how we have to see people and figure out who is a friend and who is really not. Aednat the banshee is not someone I would care to meet but thought that the book brought up many good things for it made me look at myself and my personal relationships. I cried when Cora died as who could ever have had a more wonderful friend and protector. I thought the book was very well written and easily give it 5 stars!

I really enjoyed this book, and you will, too, if you read pararomance. I read all three books in this trilogy consecutively. I'll try to keep the books separate when reviewing them: In the first book, you see Quinn spend some time alone with Bres and watch that relationship develop. In this book, she spends a good deal of her time with Luke and you see that relationship along with that of the snake, Cora develop.

I love that not only do you get a sense of the present and future based on the prophecy and some visions , but also of the past and how Cora becomes invo I read all three books in this trilogy consecutively. I love that not only do you get a sense of the present and future based on the prophecy and some visions , but also of the past and how Cora becomes involved in Quinn's story. I still wasn't feeling the "in love" relationship between Luke and Quinn. It still felt forced and I just didn't get it.

I also hated the part and this may have been at the end of the first book Heart wrenching but, I'm still totally Team Bres. This story had a lot more world building in it and I loved the Enchanted Forest and the bad Banshee Queen. Again, couldn't wait to pick up the next one so I did, quickly. This is a great and enjoyable book. I really enjoyed Quinn and her sister Ashling's story and how they learn about their family history and powers.

I read the first two books in the series in the same night because I couldn't wait to see how the story played out. This books gives us more information about Quinn and her sisters family. This book was action packed and you didn't know what was going to happen next. There were a few surprises along the way because you don't know who is bad and who i This is a great and enjoyable book.

There were a few surprises along the way because you don't know who is bad and who is good. I can't wait to read the next book in this series. A review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.

Oh wow is all I can really say. This book continues on from the end of the first one. This book has more of the romance, action and suspense. There is also a bit of good humor in this book along with some touching moments. I am so excited to read book 3. This book was also again short which was nice. I love when books are the in between long and short and you can finish them in a couple of hours.

No need to stay up till the wee hours of the morning reading! This book continues the story begun in Dark Waters, and it picks right up where the first left off.

Shannon Mayer

The story continues to be great, but I had a major issue with the book - it was really only a half book, about half the length of the first. The final in the series, Dark Fae, picks up right where this one leaves off, and it is also a half book. The story is worth the read, but it should have been one or two books, not three. There was good plot development. I found myself very caught up in the storyline, although I could see the ending twist from a mile away. I was disappointed with the pace and descriptions between Quinn and Luke and Quinn and Bres.

Aside from that, it was a great read.

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Look forward to reading the next one! Another amazing book by a favorite author Shannon Meyer! The Celtic Legacy books are quickly becoming a favorite series. Fast paced, interesting with inspiring characters That show strength through unfathonable odds. I LOVE stories like this! As with the first one the characters were good as was the story but I did not feel invested. This series flows without interruption or end from one book to the next. The books cannot really stand alone. Aug 16, D. Dark Isle Fantasy with romantic overture and not a happy ending.

But, a hopeful follow-up novel will gives readers a more hope for heartwarming ending to the two lovers. Still Shannon Mayer is giving her reader's a creative storyline and is worth the read. Oct 09, Shay Brewer rated it liked it. I wanted to read on to find out what happened, but I was desperately looking for more. Overall I was invested I just wish the author had thickened the characters and relationships a little more.

Page after page of suspense! I know this is a series but I did not want this book to end! I cannot wait to read the next one. Jun 24, Jennifer rated it liked it. Good continuation of the story, but I was confused for the first 4 chapters? Maybe I didn't remember what happened in the first book. I don't really like the love triangle here either, its Oh oh oh how could you Oh oh oh how could you leave me hanging! It kept me in suspense all the way to the in, but in desperate need to know what happens next.

Awesome on to number three. I will not sleep tonight.

She finds out her blood is of the fae and she's part of a prophecy, one that could separate the two sisters for good. What's great is that her feelings and fears are so conflicted, but through it all, her love for her sister really pushes her to do what she must along with help of course. I'm surprised I have more questions than answers.

Dark Isle (Celtic Legacy, book 2) by Shannon Mayer

I'm hoping book 2 clears it up. I should begin by stating that I got this book free on a promotion day. This book is not in a genre that I would normally read, but the concept sounded interesting. I was surprised to find it was a very good story! The lore was a nice change from the typical fare, and the author delivered the story well. Unfortunately, the grammar mistakes were distracting enough that I had trouble getting into the book. Normally, I don't write negative reviews, but I think this story has so much potential!


I wish the author could get the quality of her editing on par with the quality of the cover image - which, by the way, was part of the reason I even looked at the book. I normally would have put the book down after finding so many errors on the first page. However, I continued on, and I would recommend this book to anyone who is not confused by sloppy writing. Did I eventually figure out what the author intended? Yes, but only after my mind had left the story. Once or twice is fine, but it is frustrating to lose immersion in a story. I think what I am getting at is this - this is a great story, but many people won't get past the first page, and that makes me sad because the problem is something that the author can fix.

If you want to know the details of what I am talking about, read on spoiler free. Otherwise, this is the end of the review. This is how my reading goes: I make it to the sixth paragraph in the first chapter, I coughed into my hand. I think anyone laughing ash should see a doctor or something.

Oh, there's a missing comma. Ok, back to the story. There's the next paragraph, Her mirth was wiped away in an instant. Is there a stranger who needs to shut Quinn up? There's just another missing comma. Then in the ninth paragraph, "I reached out for her hand and, for the If I were to re-write it, the seventh paragraph would say, My comment instantly wiped away her mirth. Now, I am no grammar king, and I'm sure people will find fault with this review.

However, I'm trying to help - the mistakes pulled me from the story, and the story deserves better. The editing problem is still present in the second book; yet, it seems to be less annoying or perhaps I have become used to it. However, the story is good enough that I am still debating whether to buy the third book, despite the errors - but I may wait for some more reviews.

I just noticed that Amazon is changing all of my dashes to hyphens in this review I wish we could do basic formatting in reviews, like italic and bold formatting, but that is outside the scope of this review. If you are looking for an awesome UF series try the Rylee Adamson series by this author. It is one of my top favorites along with Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs. Since I love Rylee so much I decided to give this a shot. I like the idea of the story:

Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series) Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series)
Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series) Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series)
Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series) Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series)
Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series) Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series)
Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series) Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series)
Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series) Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series)
Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series) Dark Isle: Book 2 (Celtic Legacy Series)

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