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Some of the characters you are about to meet in this book leave a lot to be desired. Shady characters whose means and intentions are questionable to say the least. Yet even I being the storyteller after all regardless of my ruthlessly upheld neutrality cannot completely close my eyes to the total abhorrence of these individuals.

Furthermore this book contains references to drugs Nazis explicit descriptions of violence plus degrading sexual acts which are absolutely despicable and for the execution of which one would get a lifelong ban from even the remotest swinger club in East Anglia. The author would like to point out that he actually thinks of himself as quite a likeable bloke who apart from a certain uncontrollable passion for Belgian white chocolate harbours no other dark chasms in his soul that would somehow justify the existence of the work that lies in front of you.

He only wrote it down If these words of warning have not yet scared you off let us continue with a question of utmost importance. Nobody has ever seen his face and nobody knows if he actually is as legend has it still riding through the valleys of the Himalayas to punish the wicked and to bestow upon the righteous some of his equally mystical marihuana. However anybody who has ever smoked some of this home grown grass the weed that bears his name will never forget it. True Golden Biker is almost impossible to get and whoever has been lucky enough to try even the smallest amount will tell his grandchildren about it.

This is the story of the search for the Golden Biker a quest leading across the whole of India and it is also about the largest stash of Golden Biker anyone has smoked or ever will. It is a true story unless I am lying of course. Part I Let it be of conical shape made from three papers. Never shalt thou add any product of the tobacco plant for only wimps do this. From The teachings of the Golden Biker 1. Cologne the present Let us sit back and being a non-participant enjoy the eternal drama of men on the run. The classic scenario of a chase usually consists of a the persecuted and b one or more persecutors.

This is what we see up front a youngish man let s say in his late twenties. The first impression is rather normal tracksuit hoodie and sneakers. On closer inspection we find that he s also a stranger to the hairdresser s his scruffy demeanour crowned by a mop of lank hair. We cannot look too closely though because the young man is running hell for leather. He almost knocks down an old lady--something the author distinguishes himself from--jumps over trash cans and generally seems to be in quite a hurry. This is not really surprising. Since he is person a and therefore the persecuted.

But wait here comes person b or rather two persons b the persecutors. Both being little older mid-thirties and if we were allowed to have a closer look we would notice a slightly more groomed appearance. Their attire is strikingly similar both are sporting jeans leather jackets and moustaches. To make their point as persecutors they have their guns drawn shouting things like Stop police or Police you re under arrest Much to our surprise the persecuted takes no notice whatsoever.

He does not stop to say Sorry guys if you wanted me to stop you should have said so in the first place or Oh you re police Well I d better wait for you then Since this young man is obviously running away from the police we can conclude that he does not necessarily want to be caught. We might also conclude that he is running away because he has done something the police might consider to be wrong.

Let s just assume then that this young man has crossed the barriers of the law and those two brave civil servants are about to detain him any second now. But wait The young man turns into a side street and disappears into a tenement building. Is he trapped or does he have a plan This would be nice since the persecuted would actually prosecute a plan a satisfying intellectual word play. The two policemen--let s just assume they are policemen since they are yelling police all the time--just make it around the corner to see the man disappear into the entrance.

We keep our fingers crossed that they might catch the wrongdoer as they too disappear into the building. Gasping for breath Schmidt and Lehmann stand in the entrance hall of the post war building facing a row of letterboxes. Somewhere from within the building they could hear the subdued strains of a pompous classical music piece but apart from that nothing. All right Schmitt panted lowering his weapon. How many flats Lehmann counted the letterboxes. Ok we ll check them floor by floor. Lehmann pressed the first bell of the ground floor with the nuzzle of his pistol.

He pressed once more longer this time. With a shuffling of feet the door opened just as much as the safety chain allowed. The face of an old lady in her seventies peeped through the crack at hip level with the officers. Instinctively they concealed their weapons behind their backs. They had no intention of scaring the old lady. Schmitt unsuccessfully squinted for a name plate We are police officers. We are looking for Ah you finally came because of that hideous music The door slammed shut and with the sound of the door chain being removed opened wide.

In front of them stood a tiny old lady in what used to be a pink dressing gown but which now had the dirty hue of an undercooked sausage. It s about time she croaked This goes on the whole day since he moved in. There it goes again do you hear that The muffled crescendo of choral music resounded through the hallways.

Of course can t miss it but actually the reason why we re here A noise fit to wake the dead she interrupted Me I am totally helpless I m begging and pleading always this racket morning till night just awful I am telling you it s high time you did something about it Lehmann tried to clear up the misunderstanding. We are looking for an escaped convict. He ran into this building.

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Have you seen him The old lady gave them a blank look. Then after what seemed an eternity she pointed towards the ceiling. He lives on the third floor You can t miss it. About six foot late twenties blond longish hair hooded shirt Superhero written on it Well I don t know about his clothes but he has brown hair and a ponytail like a girl. Doesn t look proper Lehmann rolled his eyes. Did you see the man fitting our description The old lady seemed to look right through them. Why is he always playing such loud music that s not right is it Schmitt pulled Lehmann s sleeve. Come on let s go She seemed to have forgotten about the police officers.

Standing in the doorway silently cussing she did not notice them leaving. The first floor had three flats. Lehmann rang the door closest to the stairway. Almost instantly an elderly man opened the door. Good morning Sir police we are looking for About time You re here because of the music right After another six apartments with pensioners complaining about the same noise they rang the doorbell of what appeared to be the most unpopular tenant in the building.

The heavy wooden door was vibrating under majestic chorales coming from within. After quite some time and incessant ringing somebody finally seemed to have noticed. Muffled oaths could be heard above the music. Fuck this Why do I have to answer the door all the time The door jerked open and a depressing sight appeared in the doorway a man in a soiled striped bathrobe long hair unshaven face a half smoked cigarette in one hand half an empty bottle of beer in the other all to the accompaniment of ear splitting classical music.

Next time you go you silly cow he shouted over his shoulder. He reluctantly turned round to face the two officers. Waddaya want Schmitt raised his voice above the din. Police he shouted again We are looking for Immediately the man turned round again and yelled There you are The cops are here He jerked his head back took a big sip from the beer bottle. It s because of the music right I must have told that slut a thousand times to stop getting on everybody s fucking nerves But she It is quite loud though Schmitt nodded True suppose you could turn it down a notch Can t hear myself think.

Again the man bellowed behind Ritaaa Turn it off goddammit The infernal noise suddenly stopped. A collective sigh of relief rippled through the house. Schmitt and Lehmann visibly relaxed. Thank you so much We are looking for a man who has just disappeared into this building. Wha the man almost choked on his beer. Yes a drug dealer Lehmann continued You wanna set me up or what Rita come here and listen to this bullshit Schmitt appealed with raised hands forgetting he still held his pistol. The gesture did not have the desired effect. Just calm down we only want to know if Now you just listen to me The man s timbre dropped like the rumblings of a volcano about to erupt any second.

I work the assembly line The voice grew louder Schmitt sighed and turned to his partner. Let s just go there is no point Unnerved they stomped up to the fourth floor loud curses following them. Always treading on the little man that s right in cahoots with the criminal elements pah Without lowering his voice he turned around and yelled into his apartment and I m not finished with you either Know what Lehmann sighed.

I don t think I ve finished a single sentence today Pffffffff Sliding along the inner doorframe Arthur s backside slowly touched the floor. Dieter peeking around into the hallway gave him a thankful look. Arthur you re a genius Disgusted Arthur shoved the beer bottle away from him. And you re an asshole But I had no choice. They almost had me and than I saw your house and I thought Arthur gave Dieter a crushing look You thought well my pal Arthur s got nothing better to do than to save my neck. And if we both get busted we just go to jail together splendid idea really Dieter thanks a lot.

But it worked didn t it I mean it went well Arthur jumped to his feet. Went well You ruin my sacred afternoon make me drink beer before 5 o clock mess around with my stereo--I do hate that--make me act like a buffoon in front of two policemen to avoid being charged for aiding and abetting. He tossed Dieter the half drunk bottle and went into the bathroom to brush the taste of beer from his teeth.

He carelessly dumped the bathrobe on to the floor. Arthur s grandfather had died in this bathrobe and he had kept it solely for nostalgic reasons. He had liked his grandfather very very much Arthur s adoration for cherished objects was bordering on fetishism. Like grandpa s old bathrobe for example which after his death had acquired a putrid smell and was usually kept in a cardboard box. Its appointment with the trashcan was long overdue but Arthur did not have the heart to do so. Then there was his fixation for classic symphonies and requiems on vinyl records.

Placing the record on the turntable was a sacred ritual. The careful pulling out of the cover the static crackle when he removed the vinyl from the inner sleeve. Every time he felt a tingling down his spine. With a clean lint-free cloth the record was wiped with the utmost caution. The magic moment when the needle was lowered onto the first groove a short thud and the first notes of a requiem rose from the speakers. No CD player in the world could come close to this experience.

All in all Arthur led a frugal life. During the day he stayed in his apartment smoking his old pipe that had once belonged to his grandfather like the bathrobe. The pipe s head was carved into a gnarly old Tyrolean mountain farmer smoke curling from his mouth. As he smoked Arthur contemplated the meaning of life to the sounds of chorales hymns and requiems To support his lifestyle he delivered newspapers at night. His daily routines were strictly regulated no conversation with others before 7 00 pm no alcohol before 5 00 pm and the consumption of red gummy bears at precisely 12 30 pm just to put you in the picture He kept to this strict timetable to allow himself to ponder the really important things for example what important things were really important.

Laying in his bathtub for four hours smoking his pipe listening to Gustav Mahler s Kinder-Toten-Lieder Some said Arthur was a connoisseur of the art of living a bohemian someone going about his life in a leisurely non-conformist way. But to most people he was a paranoid pedantic idiot. How di you ge inno all of dschis anyway he mumbled as he brushed his teeth over the basin. This by the way was in contradiction to his timetable. Brushing of teeth had to happen at 11 30 am and again after work at 4 00 am. Dieter sat down on the edge of the bathtub sipping the tepid beer.

I was chillin y know at the train station as always these two dudes came over and asked me if I was selling. I asked them what they re looking for. Nose candy they said. I checked the street looked around and got the coke out. They start yelling and screaming pulling out their badges and shit. I tore myself away and took off Arthur spat noisily into the basin. He turned towards Dieter giving him a look reserved for complete morons.

Dieter did you notice anything particular about those two guys eh Dieter slumped visibly ashamed drawing embarrassed circles around the neck of the bottle. No nothing they looked totally normal Dieter what--have--I--been--telling--you Arthur asked severely. Dieter lowered his gaze.

Exactly Read my lips no moustaches And moustaches with leather jackets no way Jos They may as well be wearing neon signs saying undercover cops--top secret You re such a jackass But I A moronic jackass twerp that s what you are No wait even a moronic jackass twerp would find the comparison offensive Angrily Arthur went into the living room and turned the music back on. I had to let you touch my stereo I ll never forgive you for that. I had to break almost all of my rules today because of you The only thing that could somehow sweeten my day would be hearing the door slam shut behind you Head bent down Dieter shuffled out of the bathroom.

You think the cops have gone Dunno but if you don t scram I ll call em back Arthur went to the bookshelf and idly picked out a volume from the row of more or less highbrow literature well organised according to size author publication date and ISBN number. Dieter said ruefully You just saved my life. Can t I return the favour somehow Yep just bugger off Arthur snarled back deeply immersed in the pages of a six-year-old Kinder Egg catalogue which he had grabbed by mistake.

Suddenly Dieter seemed to find inspiration and as usual whenever there is a moment of historic importance happening none of the attendees are aware of it. There would be something special very special though Something saved to be cherished at a special moment in my life And what peculiar moment of your life would that be eh Getting up one morning and getting dressed by yourself Yippee Dieter touched his neck pulling out a heavy chain.

There was a phallic silver pendant dangling from it. This is an Indian lingam with a quarter gram of the best grass in the world inside. I saved it for a special occasion Marihuana You and your damned drugs. I get it you want to slip me some home-grown weed to thank me Forget it keep your Skunk and piss off This here Dieter swung the chain in front of Arthur s nose like a sacred pendulum is no ordinary grass not that teenager schoolyard shit. This is much more. It is the answer to all grass questions the king-- no what am I saying The God of all things intoxicating Hold on interrupted Arthur slightly intrigued by now just what is it exactly This A short dramatic pause where you the reader might want to solemnly raise from your chair You can sit down again thank you.

Arthur remarked dryly and what is Golden Biker The question is not what but who is the Golden Biker Dieter continued mysteriously. There is this myth or rather this legend--whatever--of a mysterious biker living in the Himalayas. He wears a golden suit of armour and his bike is made of pure gold. Bullshit no way is there a motorbike made out of gold it s much too soft. If the motor gets hot it would melt away under your ass It s only a legend Jesus Can I go on now I m just saying Anyway he s been living there for centuries Arthur began to object again but was silenced with a swipe of Dieter s hand.

And he grows weed the best and rarest weed in the world. There s a guy in Goa he saw him once and he gave me a little bit of Golden Biker. I d say the guy cooked up a nice story to sell his cheap grass to simpletons like you. You don t believe any of that bullshit do you Dieter smiled. Well we re gonna see about that He pulled out two papers licked one of them stuck them together and placed them on the table. Slowly he opened the lingam. Aghast Arthur took a step back.

That stuff radioactive or what Suddenly the whole room was bathed in a gleaming light which streamed from the little pendant. The tiny lump of marihuana shimmered like a golden sunset over the ocean. Dieter unperturbed crumbled some grass and mixed it with tobacco on the papers. With skilful fingers rolled a perfect looking joint. Man of the house go light up Warily Arthur took the golden shimmering joint. I suppose this will instantly lead to severe organ failure brain damage and me puking my guts out Don t know never tried it myself More probable though this is nothing but dried sheep shit spiked with doper s myth.

I guess there s only one way to find out Arthur put the joint between his lips lit it and sucked in deeply. It did not taste strange Arthur took a second toke inhaled and let the smoke trickle out in a long stream dramatically illuminated by the incoming sunlight. He passed the joint to Dieter I think you been taken for a ride. I don t feel anything at all When Arthur opened his eyes three hours later with a chiselled grin on his face his apartment had been turned into a battle zone.

Someone gifted with a remarkable meticulousness had written the words wrapping foil sucks on his walls about Arthur crawled towards his record player and turned it off. Only now was he aware of the thumping on his door made by the entire neighbourhood. They were somehow used to noise but not to the infernal kind that had been blasting through the house for the last three hours resulting in visible cracks in the brickwork.

I ve been there Dieter answered smiling blissfully. At the bottom of the seas and everywhere else I know I have seen it too. I--excuse me for a second He got up laboriously and went to the front door still resounding with the incessant hammering of the neighbours. Re-entering the living room he found Dieter clambering from his net surveying the scene before him. What happened Arthur shrugged. The grass the Golden Biker tell me all about it I ve told you everything I know.

Arthur shook him by the collar Tell me again everything there is to know That was mind-blowing The things I saw would fill books. I am a new man Where in God s name did you get that fantastic stuff And so Dieter told him about this guy Albert also called Bear whom he had met in Goa last winter. Bear had been living in India for many years and had been criss-crossing the country on his motorbike.

He had apparently met the Golden Biker and had been given some grass of the same name. Where is this Bear now Arthur wanted to know. He runs some sort of a beach shack down there. Later that evening as Arthur was distributing his newspapers in bars and restaurants he could not shake the thought of the Golden Biker. Indeed his experience had really turned his life upside down. His existence would be now divided into before and after Golden Biker. Just a couple of hours ago he had been a pedantic self centred smartass with a bizarre taste in music and now now he was He realised that the life he had been living so far had to undergo a fundamental change.

His quest for the really important things had paled and become an end in itself. Now was time for action Enough talking enough thinking life was much too short to spend in a room letting the days slip away. Golden Biker had been an eye opener. It had shown him the myriad of chances and possibilities in life. You just had to do it get out and grab onto it Without having sold a single issue he left the bar and went to the next one. He just had to find this Bear guy he had to find out what was going on with this Golden Biker stuff.

Furthermore he thought in a totally unenlightened way by selling a big enough amount of that grass you could live on easy street for the rest of your life. Even a minuscule amount would fetch a fortune on the street. He would quit his job he would sell his stereo and fly to Goa. He would dig up Bear he would find the Golden Biker. All that was left for him to do was to sell this stack of newspapers. He opened the door.

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EXPRESS - breaking news - cabinet resigns over sex scandal Read all about it on page four One and half minutes later his whole stack had been sold and Arthur had disappeared round the block. Secret training camp for Nazi-SS officers Leipzig winter SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Wolfgang Rosselmann s bladder felt as if he could piss his name rank plus the maiden name of his mother into the snow without any problems. Of course as a top ranking commander and instructor of one of the toughest training camps belonging to the SS he was entitled to his own toilet.

But he much preferred an old adopted tradition somehow precious to him to favour the big chestnut tree on the barrack grounds for his nocturnal urination. Not even the icy snowstorm that had been slanting down all afternoon could keep him a highly decorated German officer away from this ritual. Tucking up the collar of his coat he single-mindedly stomped across the glazedover courtyard his head bent down to defy the cutting wind and cold. Stopping only to spread his legs in front of the barracks he pulled out his kleinen Fuehrer as he secretly called it and relieved himself with a steaming stream.

Contented he tucked everything back into his uniform pants turned around - and froze. He was not alone A snowman was standing in the middle of the courtyard Rosselmann gaped in astonishment. What kind of idiot had the audacity to built something so childish as a snowman in the middle of an elite SS training camp He paced angrily towards it with the intention of turning the figure to slush.

This kind of nonsense could under no circumstances be tolerated in a tightly run institution such as his. The figure had sneezed audibly which seemed to be quite peculiar behaviour for a snowman and it took the commander an instant to digest the surprise. Ah is there someone inside he asked feeling at the same time both irritated and slightly stupid to be talking to a snowman. At your co-co-command Herr O-Oberst-hu-hurmbannfuehrer answered the snowman. Its quivering voice sounded slightly familiar.

Come to attention man. Rosselmann interrupted him impatiently. We re both going to freeze to death out here get inside the barracks - on the double An eerie silence hung over the dormitory in which SS Unterscharfuehrer Hermann Heinrich and his fellow soldiers had been quartered. There was a slight sour smell in the air which stemmed from 50 men in their prime who had after months of rigorous training also been living in total sexual deprivation.

Some blankets and hot coffee had helped Hermann to get his body back to a nearly normal operating temperature. Brooding sombre he lay in his pyjamas on top of his bunk bed staring at the ceiling. All his comrades were gone off on heroic adventures and murderous combat missions all but him lying here alone suffering from frostbite.

Today should have been the most important day of his training - his last. In the afternoon he and his comrades had gathered for muster in the courtyard where an envoy of the High Command was waiting to give each one of them their mission briefing. The soldiers names were called out echoing over the frozen courtyard.

Stepping forward each one was given a sealed envelope by a small bespectacled man dressed in an expensive grey suit. By and by with every called out name the row of graduates grew smaller until only Hermann was left standing in the snow looking expectantly at the representative from Berlin. Flipping through the documents on his clipboard twice without success he gave Hermann a questionable look through his round rimless glasses.

Your name the representative bellowed. Hermann kicked his heels. SS-Unterscharfuehrer Hermann Heinrich The man in the grey suit checked his lists again shrugged his shoulders and gave out a courtly I don t have you on the list before getting into his car and driving back to Berlin. Hermann remained at attention. But behind his disciplined outer appearance his confused mind summersaulted. What was happening Had they just forgotten him No impossible the High Command never forgot anything.

Had he not been good enough Equally impossible. Rosselmann had personally told him that he had been one of this year s best. What was going on And where were his superiors Was he supposed to stay here at attention or what For months now he had not done anything without an order and now With nobody telling him what to do Hermann was at a total loss. His last orders had been Roll call in the courtyard and so Hermann decided to stay put until he received new orders.

The icy wind blew fresh snow through the air creeping under his uniform. The cold seeped through his nailed and freshly polished army boots his lips slowly turned bluely violet. Gradually thick white snowflakes covered him completely but Hermann remained standing still. He had not been trained and disciplined for months to just let it go with the first bit of cold. A leaden fatigue began spreading through his body and he lost all sense of time.

Suddenly he saw himself standing in a summer meadow golden rays of sunshine warming his face It was at that moment he had been pulled back into icy reality by Rosselmann and sent back to barracks where he now lay alone in the sleeping quarters painfully contemplating his total cluelessness and his immediate future. With a bang the door flew open jolting him from these sombre thoughts. An officer strode into the room and began to yell at him. Unterscharfuehrer Hermann Heinrich Hermann jumped to his feet immediately at attention. Here The officer put his face directly under the tip of Hermann s nose.

Gala uniform and follow me Gala uniform Hermann asked. Do you suppose you can present yourself in front of SSReichsfuehrer in your pyjamas Hermann felt dizzy for a moment. Himmler Heinrich Himmler is here As Hermann and the higher-ranking officer entered the mess hall he could barely hide his excitement. Nervously he remained close to the door as the officer yelled SS-Unterscharfuehrer Hermann Heinrich Himmler Rosselmann and an assorted staff of senior army personnel turned and gazed at him with inscrutable faces. Hermann took a deep breath raised his arm and saluted as snappily as possible given his mounting nervousness.

Unterscharfuehrer Heinrich at your service sir Rosselmann without giving him a second look took a sip from his cognac and turned to Himmler. He s the one I told you about Herr SSReichsfuehrer Absolutely reliable this man maybe not the brightest but he ll follow any order cost what it may. Like a bulldog sir getting its teeth into it Himmler approached Hermann with a thoughtful look on his face before shooting one of his infamous stares right into his pupils. Nobody said a word. For Hermann seconds seemed to stretch into infinity.

The chemical element of water Unterscharfuehrer Heinrich he asked suddenly with a nasal twang. I don t know Herr Reichsfuehrer Aha And who wrote The eternal-feminine draws us ever upward Hermann almost lost his regulation posture wanting to scratch his head utterly baffled. Ah ever upward Herr Reichsfuehrer Upward--downward Well who said it I am momentarily stumped for an answer Goethe you genius.

Last question what is 20 times 14 Hermann had been freezing before now sweat was dripping from his forehead. I don t know he burst out desperately. Himmler took a step back and looked at him thoughtfully. Then all of a sudden a bright smile flashed across his face. He took Hermann s hand and shook it enthusiastically. If only we had more men of your calibre in our troops. You are just the man for a very special mission. We - I mean myself and of course the Fuehrer - are relying on you Th Somehow he thought he must have done something right but he had absolutely no idea what that might have been.

The Reichsfuehrer pinched Hermann s cheek jovially then pulled out a little brochure and handed it to him. This is a list of grave sites of famous German heroes. Only very special comrades are getting this-- comrades whose gene pool will enhance our ranks into the future Thank you Herr Reichsfuehrer Are you planning to copulate in the near future Come again Herr ah Reichsfuehrer Should you have any plans to copulate in the near future I hereby order you to do it on top of one of the listed grave sites of our heroes. May some of the dead hero s spirit of virtue pass into your procreation.

Ja-Jawohl Herr Reichsfuehrer Confused Hermann looked around the room but none of the attending officers seemed to find anything odd or obscene about the order. Obviously Hermann thought they must all be familiar with the list and were quite naturally doing it on top of the graves of great Germans.

Himmler and his aide bade the room a curt goodbye leaving Hermann to mingle amongst the high-ranking officers drinking French cognac and smoking cigars. Rosselmann now quite tipsy and in a chummy mood put his arm around Hermann and repeatedly congratulated him on the special mission that lay ahead. Soon the evening was dying away in a constant succession of toasts and congratulations.

Hermann felt quite chuffed Lisssen Obersturmbannfuehrer he slurred at his equally intoxicated superior. What s it all about then this this impoooortant mission Rosselmann by now having abandoned the use of a glass for his cognac put the bottle down. Hermann shook him awake. Chief don t fall asleep now The mission where am I ssss Hmm Yes right the important mission. You ll take a train to France and from there you will go by summarine Wanna drink With a sweeping gesture he refilled Hermann s glass saying cheers with the bottle. To the submarines To the submarines Hermann emptied his glass in one gulp while Rosselmann took another swig from the bottle An where am I goin in the submarine Putting the bottle down his superior sat up straight.

In an instant Rosselmann appeared to be dead sober. He threw a meaningful glance over his shoulder and winked at Hermann to come closer. To India he whispered. France--Himalayas Spring The day before he departed on his mission Hermann Heinrich newly-fledged Officer with Special Orders was bestowed the highest accolade the National Socialistic Deutsche Reich could bestow upon anybody apart from heroically dying for the Fatherland of course --a private audience with HIM The Fuehrer. Well truth be told it wasn t an audience in the classical sense.

It turned out to be And not a private one either since everybody in High Command was eagerly listening in.

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None of them had ever before been graced with such an honour. Little wonder then that they all looked grudgingly at Hermann as he picked up the receiver. At the other end--dead silence. Just some rustling in the background the sound of breathing the ticking of a grandfather clock. Hermann tried for a second time. At your command my Fuehrer Coughing. I recognize her voice. She is talking to him Brrrown With milk as always my little honey bun. Rosselmann had to support himself.

He was delirious with happiness. We are allowed to share a private moment with HIM he muttered entranced. He is drinking tea With milk This is fantastic My Fuehrer Sergeant of the SS Hermann Heinrich reporting for duty Hermann bellowed down the phone in a desperate attempt to catch the Fuehrer s attention.

Vague slurping sounds someone nibbling on pastries the bonging of the grandfather clock. Eva Suddenly the famous voice came muttering through the speaker just pass me the The whole High Command no --seemingly the whole universe-- waited holding its breath. Rosselmann who had grabbed a handkerchief to mop the sweat from his forehead froze. Ash from a forgotten cigarette fell to the floor. One officer chewed at a fingernail. The air seemed charged with electricity none of the men in the room dared take a breath and soon flickering lights began to appear in front of their eyes.

Waiting waiting all they could hear from the loudspeaker was an indistinct rasping and the sound of a turning page. Then after what inadequately could be described as infinity Rosselmann a beatific look on his face wandered about the room exclaiming Sugar What genius It began to come rather clear that the Fuehrer had quite forgotten he wanted to talk to Hermann--but he had evidently intended to which in itself was quite something. Eventually Hermann quietly replaced the receiver.

He consoled himself that HE had thought of Hermann--even if HE hadn t quite got round to actually speaking to him. Which of course was quite natural what with HIM being the Fuehrer and being really quite busy. At last Hermann s mission began. After an uneventful train journey Hermann arrived at the harbour of La Rochelle in occupied France. He was introduced to the other members of the expedition corps including four other soldiers. But he was surprised to find a few scientists amongst them eggheads as he had disdainfully called them in the past.

There was one botanist with an ascetic air one chain-smoking zoologist and two famous race researchers one of who dressed entirely in pastel and whose private life was not to be discussed. Standing at the foot of the gangway leading up to a submarine Hermann could contain himself no longer. Permission to ask a question SS-Lieutenant Colonel Rosselmann who had accompanied Hermann just to wave goodbye tossed his cigarette into the grey waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hermann my dear chap. You are about to embark on your mission so amongst us comrades let s relax a bit. At ease good man. What s on your mind But Hermann kept an iron stiff posture. Permission to ask mission objectives SS-Lieutenant Colonel Man alive Tomorrow before sunrise your submarine puts to sea and only now you ask what it s all about You re quite a soldier aren t you Hermann stared at him steady as a rock. Rosselmann gave an audible sigh. Look your mission is more than top secret you understand Your destination is the Himalayas border country between Tibet and India.

You ll be getting more detailed instructions on your way. Sorry but right now I am not authorised to tell you more. He gave Hermann a long almost wistful look then pulled himself together and said Wait a second--I almost forgot. There s something I m supposed to give you. Hermann s heart skipped a beat An autograph by the Fuehrer With a personal dedication For A sweeping signature A. The enormity of the gift made Hermann dizzy.

Delirious with happiness he almost threw himself on Rosselmann. What an honour HE had thought of Hermann HE cared about him wishing him all the best for his mission Hermann decided there and then never to be parted from this precious treasure until the day he died. Once on board and under way the journey seemed endless. The incessant blathering of his adjutant Sauermann got on his nerves and the claustrophobic tightness of the submarine left Hermann no room to avoid him.

Sauermann displayed an obsessive enthusiasm about various methods of food preparation. And there was no escape from the enthusiasm of the botanists who it seemed could bang on about botany for days on end. Only the zoologist was mercifully quiet. He did however show a lively interest in the lice population of the crew and spent his time sitting on a small stool with a stern expression on his face taking stock of the vermin infestation of the sailors pubic regions.

It was this sight - the whole crew standing in front of the zoologist with their pants down - that seemed to be the only thing that could excite the two race researchers. Apart from this they would lie around listlessly whispering and sniggering to each other whilst pointing at Hermann which of course drove him even more crazy. His task force consisted of four soldiers young recruits but with plenty of mountain experience. Something which could come in useful in the Himalayas but was pretty useless in a submarine.

All four of them suffered severe seasickness and they lay all day in their bunks moaning. Every once in a while one would get up to heave noisily over the railing. Somehow only Hermann seemed to notice that there are no railings inside a submarine. Pretty soon Hermann lost all track of time. To avoid enemy contact the captain kept the submarine submerged for the whole journey. Although they pumped in some fresh air through the snorkel it was never enough.

The air stank and the submarine became intolerably hot. Missing daylight was the worst though and after a week or so Hermann began to fall into a dark depression. One evening he lay down on his bunk and looked for solace in the Fuehrer s autograph which he had pinned to his bunk wall. HE is counting on me Hermann told himself sternly depending upon me. Hermann clenched his fist. Never would he disappoint HIM. No Hermann vowed he would complete his mission successfully-- whatever the mission was. After rounding the southern tip of Africa the expedition corps was picked up by a submarine from their Japanese allies.

A short and happy moment breathing fresh air as they changed vessels was soon tarnished by the fact that Japanese submarines were even smaller than German ones. The burning of joss sticks at the on-board Shinto shrine didn t exactly help to improve air quality either. Just before the transfer Hermann had been given a sealed envelope by the captain of the German submarine. Finally - the secret mission directives Now as he boarded the second submarine Hermann wanted desperately to open the envelope but the Japanese captain insisted on personally welcoming everyone before instructing them about on-board practices.

Slippers were handed out to be worn everywhere on board--except the toilets which had extra toilet-slippers and the bridge for which bridge-slippers were to be issued. But that evening the moment finally arrived. Wedged into a bunk built for someone half his size Hermann carefully slit open the envelope. Inside he found two official-looking typewritten pages plus maps. In prehistoric times Hermann read a white master race of people who called themselves Aryans dominated the Indian subcontinent.

They introduced the caste system a system designed to prevent the mixing of the dark indigenous tribes with their fair skinned neighbours. We believe these primeval Aryans to be our forefathers some of whom emigrated to the north. A previous expedition in under Ernst Schaefer gathered evidence from Tibetan monasteries that some of these primeval Aryans had survived in a few valleys in the Himalayas and that their unadulterated blood had made them into a master race comparable to our own.

We further believe that they are in possession of powerful super-weapons. Find these primeval Aryans get them to enter the war as German allies and bring back some exceptionally well-developed male specimens their genetic material to be used in our Lebensborn Program. Strictly avoid enemy contact during your mission. If possible copulate on top of the graves of your forefathers.

Hermann held the pages in quivering hands and incredulously read them again. The content did not change. Find the primeval Aryans Why in God s name was he a fit and well-trained soldier having to lead a search mission He had trained every day for months he was able to assemble his weapon blindfolded he could even shoot blindfolded. He lacked in the hitting department but still.

For months he had been thinking about seeing the whites of the enemy s eyes leading attacks storming fortresses becoming a hero--but now he had been lumbered with this utterly pointless assignment. Strictly avoid enemy contact Hermann wanted enemy contact--and plenty of it He wanted to slaughter to kill and murder shoot and stab pummel and punch the enemy--he was even ready to bite them in the arse if they turned to flee. But now this Moping around mountains with a bunch of scientists looking for some primeval Aryans and their super-weapons Hermann became so angry his gums started to bleed an affliction inherited from his mother.

Foaming with rage he fell back in his bunk--only to look straight into the severe face of the Fuehrer and his autograph.

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Don t you dare let me down now Hermann he seemed to be saying. I m counting on you. Of course my Fuehrer he said sorrowfully. You command and we shall follow YOU People are shuttled over vast distances from continent to continent within a couple of hours. Journeys that took several months only years ago are now covered in less than a day--and all whilst watching a movie sipping a glass of wine or taking a nap. If you re guessing what particular wonder is being referred to here it s the wonder of Business Class. Business Class is the flying proof that all men are not created equal.

It is not meant for mere mortals but for flying kings. OK so this means First Class must be for flying Gods. But I like to believe that First Class does not exist at all. It s just some kind of Shangri-La for the business traveller some mystical magical kingdom invented for one reason only that it would just be too frustrating for business travellers to have nothing more to aspire to in life. First Class is a business travellers life-long wet dream and for most will always remain wishful thinking.

The author would be more than happy for airlines to convince him of the contrary. Oh what bliss it is to be reassured even before check-in that the world is divided into We the elevated ones and You lot back there in economy. Advancing directly towards the check-in counter whilst waltzing along the plush red carpet passing endless queues of plebs we can feel their envious looks in our backs. The experienced business traveller savours this moment to wave benevolently to the crowd giving them a momentary illusion that they are basking in the light of his grandeur.

Some business travellers will actually reach out into the waiting queue to shake a hand or two maybe kissing a baby. This is strictly not advisable since it can lead to a false impression of chumminess later on. Having received our gold-embossed boarding pass having allowed servile porters with an eager-to-please attitude to load our four tons of excess baggage onto a Priority Baggage cart all the while being serenaded by a group of musicians playing Renaissance music we now enter The Lounge. A Mount Olympus of waiting halls a Garden of Eden for the idle where scantily clad virgins feed grapes to the male guests and well-built underwear models whisper sweet nothings into the ears of the female traveller.

Here we wait for our inevitably delayed flight. Ordinary folks are already complaining about their back pains even before they board.

Little wonder since many have spent the fourhour wait trying to get into a comfortable position lying across three moulded chairs which have been specially designed to prevent any anatomically normal person from doing so. Boarding is announced and people including hysterical children who have endured a seemingly eternal wait become increasingly aggressive. Then--the sound of a fanfare and the relaxed business traveller appears accompanied by the CEO of the airline bowing and apologising for the delay.

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Wait airline staff shout as they approach the gate make way plebeians for the high and mighty Nobody from economy is allowed to move since the esteemed guest has to be the first to board the plane. On board - uhh ahh An array of knobs levers and switches all serving one purpose only To allow the business traveller to rest in orthopaedic comfort on the long journey ahead. Oh and if it s all right would we be so kind as to overlook and excuse the airlines effrontery in not having offered a private jet A glass of champagne appears magically before take-off and is quickly gulped down - even though no one ever normally touches a sparkly drink at 10 in the morning.

Time to find something interesting to read. It is vitally important to concentrate deeply on the page because the Safety Procedures are about to be demonstrated. Anyone who actually watches these is immediately outed as a hopeless greenhorn. The meticulously built-up nonchalance of the frequent-flyer the jaded I ve heard this a thousand times and it bores me to death look this is what ultimately distinguishes the Business traveller. It is a look that attracts hordes of excited groupies together with invitations to the ribbon-cutting opening ceremonies of bridges and highways.

But all this will fall apart like a house of cards with even a single glance at the safety demonstration. Seriously who doesn t know how to buckle up Finally the rumble of jet engines subduing those tiresome noises from the section behind where sardined plebs are already suffering from stiff necks slipped discs and thrombosis. There exists however one word which scares the screaming daylight out of every Business traveller whilst bringing a peculiar glint to the eyes of the common economy-class prole. God s even hand. The lottery ticket that propels the mere mortal into the stratosphere of the elite.

Its name upgrade Every once in a very long while the luck fairy winks mildly at one of the nobodies in the never-ending queue in front of the checkin counter. In this extremely rare event rarer indeed than being struck twice by lightning economy is overbooked and some lucky bastard gets upgraded. But even then business class asserts itself. Bizarrely when someone flies Business Class as an upgrade he still receives economy food when meals are served.

Everyone around him receives princely service and fine cuisine upgrade gets just a plastic-wrapped bun. He is - and always will be - a pariah. He does not and never will belong to this exclusive important circle which paid serious dosh to sit up front Gerd Lauterbach was smiling at the flight attendant. No dessert for me thank you. Instantly the upstart upgrade sitting next to him said Oh if you don t want it I ll take it.

Gerd exchanged a quick glance with the airhostess a glance that mixed both pity and the worry that he was sitting next to the mentally disturbed. Well alright give it to him then he sighed before continuing to pore over the pages of the Financial Times. The stranger next to him smacked his lips around a parsimonious parfait. I was in the newspaper business myself once. Uh-uh Gerd grunted diving deeper into his paper. Made the rounds at night selling you know Aha Gerd replied. Packed it in though. Bye the way I m Arthur.

The stranger extended his hand towards Gerd. Without looking up Gerd gave it a quick shake - Pleasure - and continued reading. And what s your name Gerd looked up for an instant. Lauterbach Mr Lauterbach to you. Arthur ordered another Gin Tonic. Quite nice actually this Business Class. Well all right the plastic-wrapped bun hadn t been up to much but you could order as many cocktails as you wanted and the seats were super-duper comfy. In short everything was just about perfect. Hadn t he been extraordinarily lucky The first flight of his life and straight into Business Class Ever since that night when he d made the decision to turn his life around everything seemed to be going right for him.

He d given up his job sold his furniture cleared out his apartment and now he owned nothing except a backpack some essential clothing and a bank account containing the meagre funds from selling all his things. Oh and a solid plan to get rich with Golden Biker. He hadn t felt this good in ages. He was filled with the desire to tell everyone he met how wonderful everything was and how perfect life could be. Hell he could have kissed the whole world even that stuffy suit sitting next to him Clouds man aren t they beautiful Yes indeed Did you ever think how it would be if you could fly I mean like really fly with your arms out like Superman.

Right through the clouds. They neglected God's Word. The third cause of the second-generation syndrome is painfully obvious in Judges. It is astonishing to discover almost no reference to the study of Scripture in this book. What was so central in Joshua is peripheral in Judges. The people possessed Scripture but chose to ignore it.

It is almost as if it were not written at all. Ritually, the people did many of the things the Law required, but their obedience was based on tradition, not on personal biblical conviction. There is an enormous difference between a direct and an indirect relationship to Scripture.

An issue comes up in conversation, and two people give exactly the same answer. But on the lips of one, the answer is hollow. He is peddling secondhand convictions, something he has heard from parents or preachers or friends. The other person says the same thing, but his answer rings with the authority of personal conviction.

He has been in the Word himself, studied and prayed about the matter, and heard the Shepherd's voice. That Christian know the fresh dynamic experience of walking with Jesus Christ. Beware of secondhand convictions and secondhand experiences. Don't neglect the Word of God!

Hebrew word for evil is ra' which also describes the Tree of knowledge of good and evil! Just a thought to ponder. Could it be that the reason is that the leaders were godly men like Samuel and David? Note also that the evil began with Baalim plural but progressed to the point documented in Judges Five terms, simply but succinctly, capture the pattern of these verses. They also summarize the period of the judges because they describe the repeated cycle of years.

Sin Servitude Supplication Salvation Spiral downward. It is as if the children of Israel refused to acknowledge the truth that God was teaching them, and, because they would not learn from the past, they were forced to relive it. Wayne Barber comments on Judges 2: They adopted for themselves an Independent lifestyle. He had better act like he is in covenant with his wife. He has no right whatsoever now to live independently of his covenant relationship… Wayne and his wife live dependent on one another.

As you study covenant, you will see this principle that there is no such thing as an independent lifestyle. Anytime we live independent of God the result is SIN. This fits with the whole theme of the book of Judges: The intrinsic value of this evil: Remember that although we might say that their evil was, for example, lust, immorality, etc. There are many today who do not understand their relationship with God… they do not understand the covenant of grace when we get to Hebrews 8: You may be the sweetest person in the room… why you would never commit adultery… you would never murder anyone… but in your heart there might be an Attitude that will not allow God to be God in your life and you are not willing to walk in ONENESS with Him.

From notes on Wayne's Lectures on Covenant - Covenant Precept Upon Precept -- The best course you will ever take -- take it then teach it and yes, pastors [jettison pride, put on the clothing of humility - 1Pe 5: All glory to Jehovah, the Covenant keeping God - see Covenant: As It Relates to Marriage ], and there may well be a Spirit energized spark of revival in your congregation from this powerful teaching.

See the "Related Resources" Index at took of the page - follows along with the Precept Course if you cannot take it -- at least go through the notes! Served abad is in the qal impf. Latreuo was used literally for bodily service e.

With the death of Joshua and the following generation, the last living link with Mount Sinai was gone, and the result was gross sin. The result is that were enslaved, cf 2Pe 2: Israel did not merely fall into sin and break some of God's laws. They threw themselves into the sin, the supreme sin, idolatry, the sin of all sins. The greatest sin a human being can commit is not murder or rape or other despicable acts of atrocity.

It is to turn his back on the living God to serve man-made gods. And thus they were burdened by the Baals. And so it was that the Israelites gave in and sank to the level of the people they were commanded to destroy. What is not recorded here and you may not be aware of, is the fact that Baals and Asthoreths were sex deities and their worship of them involved not only bowing down before stone idols but also engaging in obscene sexual practices.

So Israel soon sank into idolatry and gross immorality. Mark it down as a principle: Idolatry is almost always associated soon with immorality! The Hebrew word Baal means to be master over another. Instead of allowing God to be their husband, His people followed "the Baals". Look at your way in the valley! Know what you have done! You are a swift young camel entangling her ways". The Canaanite religion was based on the idea that you worship your god by behaving as he does.

The result was Baal worship which was perhaps the most degraded and degrading form of worship ever practiced on earth. The Canaanites engaged in temple prostitution, fertility rites, drunken sexual orgies of the most debased variety, idolatry, snake-worship, homosexuality, and even human sacrifice.

Baal worship was bad wherever it existed, but in Canaan it existed in its rawest form. Everything about it—its view of God, moral standards, ethics and values, rituals—stood in absolute and total contradiction to everything God had revealed about Himself to His people.

However, the Israelites did the unthinkable. They did not stop speaking of Yahweh or forget Him entirely. Rather, they borrowed the rites, practices, and idols of Canaanite paganism and grafted them onto their existing worship, in a new syncretistic religion, forgetting that God said He was a Jealous God, and that He would not share His glory with another.

They were tolerant of that which God commanded them to destroy. They accepted what God called them to hate, and they compromised when God called them to wholehearted obedience. And thus the period of the Judges was a seemingly endless cycle of rebellion, punishment, lament, new leadership, and deliverance. Repeatedly Israel suffered because they refused to commit themselves to God alone. They wanted to worship Him along with the gods of their neighbors. Often the evil God's people suffer comes because we want to be God's people with minimum commitment.

But beloved, commitment has only one level--total devotion. Anything else is not commitment. Take my life, and let it be Consecrated, Lord, to thee. Do we sing this hymn and mean it? Notice it is clearly a cry to God. Do we really understand what we are asking Him to do? Or do we just mouth the words, because everyone else is singing out so lustily? Are we sincere or sincerely hypocritical? Click to play the entire hymn and ponder the words of Francis Havergal… if you're not convicted, then you didn't read every stanza! God calls us to be percent committed.

His resources can make us willing to take a stand with our friends and neighbors against abortion. We can write our senators and oppose laws legalizing pornography and homosexuality. Ours need not be the day of the placid pulpit and the comfortable pew. Dante said, "The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who, in times of crisis, preserved their neutrality.

Lack of commitment and lack of devote, dedicated leadership led to loss of sense of God's holiness and His great works. In their deceived, stuporous condition they were ensnared by the demon gods and intoxicated by the lusts of the flesh and eyes so they lost the proper reverential awe and fear of Jehovah and wantonly pursued their goals and desires all the more becoming enslaved. Sounds like America, at the turn of the 21st century! Near the altars the Canaanites placed symbols of fertility: High places housed chambers where male prostitutes and harlots qedeshim and qedeshot practiced cult prostitution cf.

God had previously judged Israel for her association with Baal of Peor Nu Closely associated with the Babylonian Ishtar, goddess of sensual love, maternity, and fertility, she also became identified as the patroness of war as well as sex. Her worship was early entrenched at Sidon cf. During times of spiritual decline and apostasy, Israel continually forsook the Lord God and served Baal and Ashtoreth Judges 3: Forsook left 'azab - see word study means that they abandoned and neglected Jehovah.

The picture of completeness of this act is shown by [Ge 2: But here the Jews departed from Jehovah. God Who has everything and needs nothing sought man who is nothing without Him and yet who sought Him not! O what wondrous Love is the deep, deep love of God! O God Who pursues us when we are so wicked as to spurn the precious infinite mysterious love of Calvary for that which perishes.

Woe are we O God. Forgive us O God for we have run from Your favor, Your love, Your sweet tender mercies and constant bidding for us to 'Come'. Harlots, every one of us. Cleanse your hands you sinners. O God forgive us in "Christian" America. We have rejected You, the "Fountain of Living Waters".

For Your Name's sake. How could a people who had seen so much of the power of God drift so far from Him? It did not happen all at once. They lost fellowship with God by incomplete obedience. When Israel did not drive out the people as God commanded, they were sowing the seeds of their own spiritual failure. They did not consciously remind themselves of the grace of God. They forsook God, when they forgot all that He had done for them. That is the reason we have the Lord's Supper in the New Testament.

They rejected the Word of God. Israel began to look at life the way the Canaanites did. Instead of being controlled by the truths of Scripture, they were controlled by the opinions and impulses of their sinful natures. Moody - Highly Recommended Resource. Followed is used metaphorically here which conveys the idea of allegiance and loyalty. The expression "walk after other gods" is prominent in Deuteronomy, where it is used of idolatry,. Bow down shachah means to worship, prostrate oneself and was used to describe idol worship, such as the golden calf in the wilderness Ex False gods of Canaan were everywhere: There were Temple chambers for so-called "sacred" prostitution with both men and women 1Ki Is this conclusion any surprise.

How long will God hold back His hand against any so-called "Christian" nation that leads the world in crimes, prostitution, drug abuse and world wide exportation of pornography?! Studd, the great missionary to China, India, and Africa, ended his life as a morphine addict. Despite all of his success, his last days were dark ones. His mission board dismissed him; he died a few weeks later. Israel showed power and promise in escaping from Egypt. The people, however, unlike Studd, displayed their selfish addictions early. Trouble erupted only a few miles from Egypt.

The faithless people, grumbling and carousing, played out a drama of disaster and death for forty years in the desert. Joshua's leadership brought new hope to the nation when the people finally entered the Promised Land, but his successors, the judges, gave Israel a topsy-turvy season of success and failure. Some judges ruled wisely and in peace, but others did not. And the people were mostly wicked during the whole period. The failure of the judges led the people to demand an earthly king. Saul, David, and Solomon gave Israel some success, but many of the mad monarchs that followed wrote their stories of failure in blood.

For many, the last pretender to the throne was the greatest failure. He too wrote His story in blood—His own. But as King of kings, He turned failure into victory. Forsook 'azab - see word study means abandoned, apostatized, departed from Jehovah even though He had given clear commands Ex The children of Israel sought to be free by making themselves "god" and doing what was right in their own eyes.

True Freedom is not the right to do as we please but the power to do as we should. Isn't our response to God often like rebellious Israel? Ashtoreth Astarte , is the singular noun and is the name of the patroness of sex and war. This name is a deliberate distortion of Astarte's name that vocalizes the last two syllables of the name to reflect the Hebrew word boset, "shame.

Modern readers often miss the import of Canaanite idolatry and how it so closely parallels sexuality being practiced in the "civilized" world of the 21st century. The worship of a Canaanite god or goddess was no minor blemish in Israel's history. Besides having a devastating and debasing effect on the practitioner, the acts of worship included male and female cultic prostitutes in hetero- and homo-sexual liaisons which were fundamentally opposed to the worship of the living God, and were acts of treason against His Covenant.

Harrison , after describing the gross and savage worship system of the Canaanites, concludes:. The absolute lack of moral character in the Canaanite deities made such corrupt practices as ritual prostitution, child sacrifice, and licentious worship the normal expression of religious devotion and fervor.

In consequence there could be no compromise between the morality of the God of Israel and the debased sensuality of Canaanite religion". Septuagint translates the Hebrew with the verb orgizo the verb derived from orge [see word study]. Anger is actually the Hebrew word for "nose or nostril" and so this verse could be more literally read as " His nose became hot " glowed, was kindled, grew warm, burned. The KJV rendering as " the anger of the LORD was hot " is closer to the literal Hebrew, a most expressive metaphor for the anger and one of the most obvious examples of the anthropomorphisms Anthropomorphism God relates to us in human terms for God in the OT.

This word is related to a rare Aramaic root meaning "to cause fire to burn". This word differs from other Hebrew words for anger in that it emphasizes the "kindling" of anger, like the kindling of a fire, or the heat of the anger, once started. It is used of Potiphar's anger burning against Joseph when his servants falsely accused Joseph of sexual assault on Mrs. Potiphar in Gen This name for Jehovah, does not refer to a shallow, childish human emotion, but instead emphasizes that God will not tolerate a divided loyalty. And thus God's anger is not the petty anger of hurt feelings, but the holy anger of a righteous response to sin.

It is the revulsion of a perfect God against evil, wickedness, and sinful rebellion. For this same idea of giving one over to the power of another force see the verses and notes in Romans 1: Gave them - Jehovah repeatedly gave Israel into the hands of their enemies. Jehovah will cause you to be defeated before your enemies; you shall go out one way against them, but you shall flee seven ways before them, and you shall be an example of terror to all the kingdoms of the earth. And your carcasses shall be food to all birds of the sky and to the beasts of the earth, and there shall be no one to frighten them away.

The Hebrew idiom lit. See similar idea in [Jdg 3: As Christians, we must not forget that God and evil cannot coexist. Because of the Lord Jesus, we know that God's anger blazed out at Calvary, and we will never come under His wrath. We have been saved from wrath through Christ. But it is impossible for us to live in sin and have fellowship with God. The disciplining hand of God will work in our lives if we choose sin in deliberate disobedience to Him. Sin that is not confessed to the Lord brings servitude and bondage in our lives. The joy fades, and the frustration builds. Two strangers were riding in a coach—a miserable-looking man and a happy-faced woman, who was reading the hymn.

She showed the hymn to her unknown companion and told him how much the words meant to her. The man looked at it and suddenly broke into tears. Sobbing, he said to her, "Madam, I am the poor, unhappy man who wrote that hymn many years ago, and I would give a thousand worlds, if I had them, to enjoy the feeling I had then. Have you ever sensed that He was against you in everything you did? What you thought you were doing in dedication and sincerity was so opposite to what He had said that you discovered His hand was against you.

This is what Israel discovered: Nothing seemed to work out right. They found themselves in bondage. One after another of the tribes around them was allowed to rule over them. These tribes came in and made slaves out of them, year after year after painful year. Freedom of choice is one of the privileges God has given us, but He instructs us and urges us to use that freedom wisely.

The laws of God are guideposts to lead us on the path of life, and He watches the decisions we make and the roads we take. As long as we use our freedom wisely, we will mature in Christian character, and God can trust us with more freedom. It is impossible to sin without potentially becoming bound. One of the deceitful things about sin is that it promises freedom but only brings slavery.

Millions of people in our world today are in one kind of bondage or another and are seeking for deliverance, but the only One who can set them free is Jesus Christ. This is what Israel discovered. I will appoint over you a sudden terror, consumption and fever that shall waste away the eyes and cause the soul to pine away; also, you shall sow your seed uselessly, for your enemies shall eat it up.

But earlier in the chapter God promised to fight against His people. A plague of locusts would descend like a ravenous army on the nation Joel 2: But Israel had given their affections to other gods. In fact, God had fought against them before. I have learned that if my own heart wanders away from God, I can count on Him to fight to bring me back. God will fight against us for our good. Return to Him today. The 8 are Othniel Jdg 3: Judges shaphat is a verb that means to judge or govern. In many contexts this root has a judicial sense. This third party hears their cases against one another and decides where the right is and what to do about it he functions as both judge and jury.

So Sarai said to Abram: I have given my maid into thy bosom; and when she saw that she had conceived, I was despised in her eyes: Sarai had given Hagar to Abram in her stead.

This act was in keeping with ancient Nuzu law, which Abram apparently knew and followed. The legal rights to the child would be Sarai's. This would mean that Hagar "did all the work" and received none of the privileges. Consequently she made things miserable for Sarai. As the tribal and family head Abram's responsibility was to keep things in order. This he did not do. Thus Sarai declares that she is innocent of wrongdoing; she has done nothing to earn Hagar's mistreatment, and Abram is at fault in not getting the household in order.

Abram granted the legitimacy of her case and handed Hagar over to her to be brought into line Gen. Both this concept and those of hearing the case and rendering a decision are seen in Gen. In some cases "judging" really means delivering from injustice or oppression. David says to Saul: This sense in addition to the judicial sense , "to deliver," is to be understood when one speaks of the judges of Israel Judg. This idea also is included in the concept of the judges of Israel: This activity was judicial and constituted a kind of ruling over Israel.

Certainly ruling is in mind in Num. The military deliverer was the head over a volunteer army summoned when danger threatened militia. In the time of Samuel this procedure proved inadequate for Israel. They wanted a leader who would organize and lead a standing army. They asked Samuel, therefore, for a king such as the other nations had, one who was apt and trained in warfare, and whose successor son would be carefully trained, too.

There would be more continuity in leadership as a result. Included in this idea of a king who would "judge" them like the other nations was the idea of a ruler; in order to sustain a permanent army and its training, the people had to be organized for taxation and conscription. Those eighteen are in the Niphal, which can be simply the passive of judging or can mean "to enter into a dispute" with someone Prov.

This probably would have been a public legal case in the ancient Israelite community, but in their culture not as formal as a modern law court. The closest to the modern court case and the more serious scene is presented in Jer. Ultimately, He brings all nations to the valley of judgment to deal with their sins Joel 3: The basic meaning of this verb in the Qal stem is "to make decisions" as a community leader, mainly in disputes between community members. Moses did this and followed his father-in-law's advice and appointed other leaders to deal with the lesser cases Exo.

Such officials were to maintain justice in the land Deut. God's wisdom enabled Solomon to do this 1 Ki. People would call on God to make a just decision between them Judg. From the perspective of the one who considered himself innocent, this was a prayer for deliverance from an opponent and for vindication 1 Sam. David called on the Lord to declare him innocent Ps.

People would also call for someone to get what they deserved, which meant judgment or punishment Exo. There was no separation of the judicial branch of government from the executive or legislative branch in the ancient Near East. Judging was a function of all kinds and levels of leadership, including the king. In fact, the verb summarizes the functions of the ruler or leader Exo. God rules the world or "judges" it Pss. The participle is used of judges in general. These could be various rulers or leaders, but especially those elders or officials who decided cases between God's people.

The Lord is called the "Judge of all the earth" by Abraham Gen. A special use is for the charismatic leaders who were raised up as judges. They usually led in battles to free Israel from nations who harassed them in the land given to them by God Judg. The finite verb "to judge" is also used in some contexts of the judges for carrying out their form of leadership, such as that of Samson Beside the use referring to "the judges," other passages use the verb for "delivering from the power" of enemies 2 Sam.

He vindicates the oppressed Ps. Such a leader guided military expeditions against foes as here and arbitrated judicial matters cf. There was no succession or national rule. They were local deliverers, lifted up to leadership by God when the deplorable condition of Israel in the region around them prompted God to rescue the people. God established and strengthened the "deliverers".

The noun shopet "judges" appears only in Judges 2: Harris, A Grammar of the Phoenician Language, p. Therefore, the noun mishpat means the judgment given by the shopet and, thus, may indicate justice, ordinance, or codified law torah given by God Himself, since Yahweh is the God of mishpat Gen Real judgment and justice cannot be separated from Him who is the basis of all ethical righteousness cf.

It was manifested in real and observable events because the real God acted with vindicating righteousness upon His people. Vos, Biblical Theology, pp. The individual judges were called by divine appointment and brought to prominence in the role of a deliverer through whom God administered His justice by empowerment with His Spirit note Judges 3: Deliver save, help yasha' - see word study is translated by the LXX with the Greek verb " sozo word study " which means to save NT rendering times or saviour 15 times.

So judges would move the people from distress to safety which would equate with deliverance and liberation to those in bondage to evil masters. This brief sentence records the method of God during this period. It was a method made necessary by the repeated failure of the people. These men were not judges in our sense of the word. Neither were they appointed to rule in the normal way. The nation was a Theocracy, halting God as King.

Its life was conditioned by His law, and His will was made known through His worship, and the teaching of the priests. The first sentences of the previous chapter reveal the nation inquiring of Jehovah on a matter of national importance. The answer was direct. When through disobedience they passed into circumstances of difficulty and suffering, God raised up judges who became the instruments of Divine deliverance. The Hebrew word Shophetim is derived from a word meaning to put right, and so to rule, and this is exactly what these men did. In the earlier cases, when they had accomplished deliverance they retired again into private life.

Gradually they came to retain office. Samuel judged Israel forty years. The need for them arose out of human failure: This principle runs through all the history of man. Man persistently fails, but God persistently overcomes man's failure in order to man's well-being. Priests, judges, kings, prophets, are all means by which God stoops to man's level in order to recover him.

Life Applications from Every Chapter of the Bible. This dismal record of wavering allegiance hardly seems the place to find spiritual heroes, yet four people from Judges—Gideon, Barak, Samson, and Jephthah Jdg 4—16 —are named in the New Testament book of Hebrews He Along with Noah, Abraham, Moses, and other notables, they are commended for their faith. The Bible honors them for their faith, not for their perfection. In every generation, God raises up people who are true to Him and to His Word.

They turned aside quickly from the way in which their fathers had walked in obeying the commandments of the LORD; they did not do as their fathers. Did not listen - Did not hearken. Did not listen with a view to obeying. We must have "ears" to hear what the Spirit is saying. They heard the words but did not heed the warnings!

This implies that the judges were giving instructions in godliness and righteous living and yet these "words of life" went in one ear and out the other so to speak as shown by Israel's rapid return to idolatry when the judge died. Israel had been warned that's one of the great purposes of God's Word - Are you reading it daily, looking for those "divine stop signs" so to speak? The KJV is more vivid rendering it as they went " whoring after other gods.

Played the harlot zanah refers primarily to a sexual relationship outside of marriage and can thus encompass prostitution as well as adultery. In context the metaphor compares Israel to an unfaithful wife who has violated her marriage covenant and embraced other lovers the Canaanite gods. Remember that one translation of " Ba'al " is " husband " speaking to Israel Isaiah You had made for yourselves a molten calf; you had turned aside quickly from the way which the LORD had commanded you.

The people wasted their suffering. The great lesson of Judges is that we must take God seriously, and we must take our enemy seriously. Jesus Christ has come to save us from our sins, not to help us to comfortably accommodate ourselves to them. He has come to drive those sins and habits out of us. Occasionally, we hear the story of an outstanding man or woman of God who suddenly, unexpectedly is found to be caught up in dishonest or immoral behavior.

A scandal erupts, then widespread disillusionment. What caused this abrupt change in this person? Long before this seemingly sudden moral implosion took place, there was a long period of inner deterioration, gradual compromise, secret sins, little sins. They took their toll, day by day, until a major moral collapse became inevitable. Why bother me with this little matter? If that is your attitude, you are exposing yourself to peril.

Listen to the message of Judges. Read the book carefully. If you read it closely, with an open heart, you will make the same discovery I did: The book of Judges is a mirror in which we are able to see ourselves and our condition more clearly. May God give us the courage and the wisdom to take the insights of Judges and apply them personally, so that the image we see in that mirror will look less like that of failed, deteriorating Israel and more like Jesus Christ.

English translation of the Septuagint LXX: And because the Lord raised them up judges, so the Lord was with the judge, and saved them out of the hand of their enemies all the days of the judge; for the Lord was moved at their groaning by reason of them that besieged them and afflicted them. They were not appointed by men or elected. As an aside, this is also an example of mercy not giving Israel what they deserved and grace giving them what they did not deserve -- remember that whenever you study Israel and are tempted to point a finger of condemnation at them, there are four fingers pointing back at you.

Flesh is always going to be flesh, and Israel is just a vivid picture of our fallen flesh! As long as the judge was alive, God brought freedom and victory to His people. One might say that during this period, Israel was essentially functioning as a theocracy for these leaders were directly raised up by God, empowered by God, and answerable to God, the King in Israel. Groan naaqah means to utter sounds of despair, especially as a result of oppression.

A groan refers to a non-verbal guttural noise of great physical pain and suffering. Jehovah is still the same here in Judges circa bc as He was in Egypt circa bc when Israel groaned under Egyptian slavery. Truly God's mercies never cease! Hundreds of years do not cool the warmth of His compassions. Truths such as these should cause of to read the Old Testament with a sense of anticipation and excitement at what we will discover about our infinite God. God is not a man and so He does not break His covenants, and He does not desert His people. In fact, as the people experience their richly deserved judgment, we read He "was moved to pity by their groaning.

His people sin against Him even as a faithless wife commits harlotry with strangers. They rebelled, rejected Him, and spurned the love of He was a husband to them. God could easily and justifiably declared "That's enough" and justice would had have no complaint. But as God saw Israel wallowing in their bondage of sin, His heart was moved with pity and love. Judges is full of the grace of God, the same grace and love which ultimately sent the Lord Jesus to the Cross.

If God allowed men to be destroyed in their sin, the angels would keep on singing their eternal song: Oppressed lachats means to press, experience distress, crush, etc. There is no more graphic word picture of the meaning of this Hebrew verb than that of Balaam's donkey squeezing up against the wall and thereby crushing Balaam's foot "crushed Balaam's foot" Nu This was better than nothing.

It was better to have even the fitful gleam of deliverance than to settle down under a monotony of servitude; but how much better it would have been if their national history had been a steady progression from one degree of prosperity to another, like the sun rising towards the perfect day! This fitful life is too often the experience of the believer. We have our Gideons, and Baraks, and Samsons; times of revival, times of deep and blessed experience, followed by backsliding and relapse; times when the flood-tide of grace rises high in our soul, to be succeeded by the ebb, with long stretches of desert sand.

Thank God for the judges; but be on the alert for the reign of the kings, for David and Solomon, Josiah and Hezekiah — for the reign of the King. The days of the judges were those in which there was no king over Israel. The fitfulness of our experience is often attributable to our failure to recognize the kingship of Jesus.

We worship other gods — the gods of the nations around; the idols of the market-place, the studio, the camp, and the bar. The aims and practices of the worldly and ungodly too much engross our thoughts, and sway our behavior. Is it strange that God leaves us to reap much bitterness, recalling us when He can, but longing to be able to do some permanent work of salvation and edification?

And Othniel the son of Kenaz died. But - Always pause, ponder and query this strategic term of contrast. They reversed their direction, turning from good to evil. Take a class full of second graders. Let the teacher leave the room and all Cain gets raised. They, like Israel, are showing their true nature. Even the kindness of God Judges 2: They do not and apparently cannot keep themselves from the slavery of sin Judges 2: Sometimes we have difficulty understanding the slavery of sin a key theme of Judges, by the way , understanding sin as power. Why did they always do that?

Why could they not break that pattern? It is mysterious; but Judges does teach us that that is the tragic tyranny of sin. Sin is not simply an action you do or fail to do, that you can choose to do or not to do. Sin is a power that holds you in its grip. And until the church gets a proper view of sin, we will never see salvation as much more than a moving religious charade rather than as an act of holy, vicious violence by which Christ wrenches his people out of the clammy clutches of the prince of darkness cf.

Bow down Shachah means to prostrate one's self… vivid picture of what the Chosen people were doing in direct rebellion to God's very explicit command see esp. Watch over your heart w all diligence. The Septuagint LXX translates " bow down " with the picturesque verb proskuneo see word study which conveys the basic sense to bow down and kiss someone's feet, garment hem, or the ground in front of him picture God's people kissing the feet of gods which are no gods! It means to fall down and worship or to prostrate oneself before and reverence or welcome respectfully!

This is what Israel was doing to the vile Canaanite idols which were associated with unspeakable depravity and wickedness. The LXX translates naphal with aporripto which gives us a vivid picture for this same verb is used in the NT in Acts Interesting thought to ponder in context of idolatry!

What is the important lesson for believers today? These verses serve as a testimony and reminder that sin is always a serious matter to the children of God. If we do not deal decisively with sin in our lives, we will never experience the fullness of the Spirit and Christ's victory over sin. There must be no compromise and no peaceful coexistence with sin. If we try to go only part of the way in our commitment to the Lord Jesus, we will find ourselves bound up in a spiral that inexorably takes us downhill spiritually.

The spiritual theme at this point is ether obvious: God gives the victory to all believers but only by faith and obedience do we enter fully into the victory He has made available. He is sovereign but He demands personal response and responsibility. The pattern of Joshua-Judges serves as an excellent illustration of the conflicts of the Christian life.

If you want to know just how up-to-date the Book of Judges is, listen to the words of the late General Douglas MacArthur: History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual reawakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster.

Again Israel had been clearly warned by Joshua so it was not that long ago! How quickly our flesh forget truth!

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Little wonder Jesus advised daily intake of daily bread - Mt 4: Moses had warned Israel before they entered the promised land that they would be tested Do you believe you will be tested? Do you chaff at God's testing times? In the wilderness He fed you manna which your fathers did not know, that He might humble you and that He might test you, to do good for you in the end. Tested by them - Who is them? The pagan idol worshipping nations.

By whom or what is God testing you beloved? Our hearts are prone to wander, so we are always in need of testing and refining of our hearts. The tests will not cease until we see the King face to face in glory. As the following context makes clear note "to see," lit.

An examination of parallel passages shows that such divine tests were designed to reveal otherwise hidden character qualities. Testing which shows what someone is really like generally involves difficulty or hardship. Swanson sums up Nacah - 1. A verb meaning to test, to try, to prove. Appearing nearly forty times in the Old Testament, this term often refers to God testing the faith and faithfulness of human beings, including Abraham Gen.

Although people were forbidden from putting God to the test, they often did so Ex. Finally, this term can refer to the testing of equipment, such as swords or armor 1 Sam. Nacah - 34x in OT - See these use below. Testing quality of someone or something through stress. Bachan focuses attention on an examination to prove the existence of some spiritual quality, such as integrity.

Underlying each words is the conviction that even when a test involves difficulty or suffering, God intends His tests of our faith to bring us something good. Attempt to do something. Those who put God to the proof in the wilderness would not see Canaan Num God delivered Israel by sending "great trials" upon the Egyptians Dt 7: When a believer comes through a trial still trusting the Lord, he is assured that his faith is genuine Ge She had a very large retinue, with camels carrying spices and a large amount of gold and precious stones; and when she came to Solomon, she spoke with him about all that was on her heart.

Hezekiah showed the Babylonian envoys ALL of the treasuries! And Isaiah then prophesied that Judah would one day future be taken into captivity in Babylon. Hezekiah's son was evil Manasseh.. But who can refrain from speaking? Now Joshua was old and advanced in years when the LORD said to him, "You are old and advanced in years, and very much of the land remains to be possessed. WE admire the condescension of Jehovah towards his chosen people, in that he raised up prophets to instruct them, and not unfrequently sent angels also to minister unto them.

It is certain that Jehovah did sometimes assume the appearance of an angel; as when he visited Abraham, and informed him of the judgments that were about to be inflicted on Sodom and Gomorrha. And it is clear that the person spoken of in our text was no created angel; for if he had, how could he with any propriety use such language? It was not a creature that brought the Israelites out of Egypt; but Jehovah.

It was not a creature that made a covenant with them; but Jehovah. It was not a creature to whom they were accountable for their disobedience, or whose threatened dereliction they had such reason to deplore, but Jehovah: That he was Jehovah, cannot be doubted; because he suffered Joshua to worship him; and even commanded him to put off his shoe from his foot, because the very ground whereon he stood was, by reason of his presence, rendered holy. Besides, at Gilgal the people had revived the ordinance of circumcision, and had kept a Passover unto the Lord; in both which ordinances they had consecrated themselves to God afresh, and engaged to serve him, as his redeemed people.

In coming therefore as from Gilgal, the Angel reminded them of their solemn engagements, and humbled them the more for their violation of them. The particular address of the Lord to them, together with the effect it produced upon them, leads us to consider,. The command which God had given to the Israelites was plain and express: But they were not careful to execute the divine command: But what is our state?

Do we find in ourselves this zeal? Instead of proceeding to the utter extirpation of our spiritual enemies, are we not satisfied if they do not reign? Are we not contented to let them exist, provided they keep themselves concealed from public view? Let the person who still associates with the men of this world, say, whether he does not find that they are a clog to him in his spiritual course?

Let the person who is still too deeply immersed in the cares or pleasures of the world, say, whether he has not often been led to strain his conscience in order to prosecute his ends, and to adopt some practices which in his heart he disapproved? Two things were produced by the declarations of the Angel in the breasts of all the congregation of Israel; which also our own experience calls for; namely,. Whether we consider our sin or our punishment, we have but too much reason to weep.

Indecision is not so light a sin as some imagine: See in what a light the Israelites beheld it, when once a conviction of it was brought home to their minds! Does it not betray an equal want of reverence for God, of love to his name, and of zeal for his honour? Behold then what is the duty of every one amongst us: O that the dread of such a punishment might humble us all in dust and ashes!

Though their weeping was very general, and very bitter, insomuch that the name of the place, which was Shiloh, was called Bochim, or Weepers, from that circumstance, yet did they not hope to pacify their offended God with tears: O that we might learn from them! Humiliation is necessary; but it is not sufficient: In like manner, though we should have no guilt imputed to us but that of omission and defect, yet must we apply to the blood of sprinkling, and seek for pardon through that one Sacrifice which was once offered for us on the cross.

We are ready to account them harsh and severe. But what is the office which a friendly monitor performs? Is it not that which the Angel of the Covenant himself executed, yea, and came from heaven on purpose to perform? But it may be said, that we alarm men, and make them melancholy: But is this an evil? If the whole congregation were affected precisely as the whole congregation of Israel were, every one weeping for his sins, and seeking the remission of them through the great Sacrifice, would it be a matter for regret? During the days of Joshua and the elders that outlived Joshua, the Israelites maintained some measure of steadfastness in their duty to God: The whole remainder of the chapter from whence our text is taken, elucidates this truth.

The impressions which were now made upon them gradually wore away; and the people relapsed into their former state of supineness. Of the unreasonableness of their conduct they were fully convinced: Many are deeply affected on some particular occasion: Horae Homileticae - Judges 2: This was the first of many bitter remonstrances that were to come to Israel. They had made a league with the people, and had not destroyed their idols. Was this guilty collusion due to any shame of their allegiance to an unseen God; or was it owing to their love of the sinful orgies which characterized the heathen festivities?

God's warning angels still come to men.

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Extraportion Lust (Hard & Hot 2) (German Edition) Extraportion Lust (Hard & Hot 2) (German Edition)
Extraportion Lust (Hard & Hot 2) (German Edition) Extraportion Lust (Hard & Hot 2) (German Edition)
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