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Entworfen und mit einer Anleitung zum Entwerfen versehen. Folder with 74 plates of 60x80 stitches, all cross-stitch and tent stitch patterns "for school and home", and a small text volume explaining techniques and design principles. Five panels, can be arranged vertically or horizontally or of course kept separate.

The colors may not be the original ones, the names of the colors as stated are not in current use. Plain and Ornamental, including German, Old English, Saxon, Italic, Perspective, Greek, Hebrew, Court hand, Engrossing, Tuscan, Riband, Gothic, Rustic, and Arabesque, with several original designs, and an analysis of the Roman and Old English Alphabets, large, small, and numerals, for the use of draughtsmen, surveyors, masons, decorative painters, lithographers, engravers, carvers, etc. A collection of useful patterns selected from the Modern Priscilla.

Reproduction of antique engravings of Dutch silverwork. Scans donated by Peter Ketels, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Book transferred to the Rijksmuseum Research Library, Hardcover folder with images of simple ironwork, suitable for urban and rural use. Incomplete; nearly half of the images are missing. Scanned by permission of Arnout Bosch, edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

A vertical column with six subjects, split into separate patterns for ease of printing. Small folder with eight patterns for doll outfits, each in its own little folder. Second volume of a rare set of pattern examples "for school and home" with a small text book explaining the techniques and principles. Jardins - Gravure en pierres fines, gravures en medailles, gravure en taille-douce - eau-forte maniere noire, aqua-tinte - gravure en bois - camaieu - gravure en couleurs lithographie, Nouvelle edition. Ouvrage orne de gravures. The Mastership-System, garment cutting for ladies garments.

Incomplete, page 63 and 64 are missing. More detailed and more "French" than Thornton. Some interesting knitting stitches; the embroidery section, particularly the discussion of color taste of the time, is very good. Clear illustrations of simple embroidery stitches that quickly progress to patterns of dazzling complexity. Instructions and traditions, insertions in linen, additional embroidery and two intricate tassels. Making and mounting net, the embroidery stitches. Beautiful colored plates detailed enough to follow the stitches, charted patterns.

Colored embroidery designs, tracing patterns, gorgeous art nouveau patterns of expressive flowers and leaves. Needlepoint or cross stitch patterns for alphabets, borders, hot air balloons, auto, boats, bicycles. Cross-stitch scenes, figures, corners and borders, including some terrific chickens.

Shawls, capes, ladies' hats and boots, children and baby items, sweaters, coach cover. Silk embroidery, needlepoint lace, knitting, crochet patterns for household items and clothing accessories. Single leaf, embroidery pattern on the front side, back side has a floral pattern suitable for applique or redwork embroidery. From the collection of Sytske Wijnsma, not scanned. Images from photographs taken on receipt. Edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Huge collection of embroidery, crochet and knitting patterns for silk threads and yarns, including descriptions of the thread itself, hundreds of stitches and types of needlework, and beautiful illustrations.

Socks, mittens, motifs, chains, edgings, bags, ties, bags, belts, tassels, fan, slippers, lamp shade, garter, suspenders, embroidered flowers. Complete tatting, netting and needlelace instructions with dozens of lace patterns. No explanation for interpretation of the designs. Each page is headed Ostschweizerische Stickfachschulen, Lehrgang fur die Wanderkurse.

Apparently these designs were used for embroidery courses given in various places in Switzerland. Solfege exercises, elementary to college level songs - patriotic, religious, traditional and sentimental. Lovely silk embroidery; many stitches illustrated and described for shaded flowers and garlands, monograms, and a quaint rabbit. Catalogue of quilt patterns, hundreds of drawings the pattern shapes, embroidery stitches, and ads.

Wonderful early quilt reference. Detailed descriptions of the many embroidery stitches used in charted patterns, as well as charts for alphabets, historic, formal and floral borders, church and heraldic motifs, intricate birds, butterflies, flowers. Many of these patterns work for filet crochet, beading, charted knitting, etc.

Large foldout templates for a drawing study, panels for wood carving or pyrography, and painted plates or embroidery. Large foldout templates for vase painting, Viking carved stool, pyrography. Embroidery stitch and fringing instructions some complex , an essay on the silk industry, a list of college colors, transfer patterns for alphabets, floral designs with instructions and astonishingly beautiful colored plates. Also drawn thread instructions, crocheting and knitting instructions and patterns for edgings, baby items, bags, slippers, caps, undershirts, mittens, and hose.

Crochet Patterns, Gittertyl Filet and Hardanger. Lovely beadwork, probably meant for a pot stand but never actually used. Sewing and embroidery instructions for children's clothes, ladies' lingerie and household linens, with tracing patterns and cross stitch charts. Collection of 57 gravures of headdressing, by various hairdressers on occasion of an exhibition. No 5 is missing page torn out. Flat-stitch embroidery plates and pattern outlines for graceful floral and formal pieces.


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Instructions for embroidery and needle lace stitches, and plates illustrating geometric borders, grounds, linens, fringed edgings, pillows, collars, apron, bags, blouses. One of the classics of Irish Crochet lace. Parts of this book have been reprinted by several publishers. These scans are from the original, with all the chapters, plates and linen patterns. Instructions and illustrations of many embroidery stitches, lavish color plates illustrating the designs, and tracing patterns at the back of the book for pricking the patterns onto cloth.

Dutch sampler with 58 patterns, one alphabet, several stitch patterns, and one motif. The other patterns are repeating patterns. The first chart contains 24 small repeats, the second one the ribbon motif, four large repeating patterns, two medium sized, and two narrow ones.

The stitch patterns are not all reproduced, since they are more difficult to draw and can be figured out easily from the photograph. Plates of embroidery on filet clear enough to stitch from, also could be used for cross stitch or filet crochet work. Astrological and mythological motifs, Louis IV era designs, playing card designs, borders, floral motifs.

Many plates illustrating embroidered net; most of the plates are clear enough to use as charts for filet crochet, cross-stitch, etc. Borders, squares, scenes from fairy tales, myths, tarot cards, heraldic devices. Borders, scenes from Aesop's Fables, animal and mythological motifs, quaint and exotic scenes.

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Stunning "Venetian" crochet motifs flowers, birds, baskets, leaves and patterns for collars, table linens, elaborate edgings, fringes. More lovely "Venetian" crochet motifs flowers, birds, leaves and patterns for collars, bags, elaborate edgings, pillows,. Embroidery, needle laces, crocheted and beaded purses and bags, drawn work, fashion. Needle lace stitches to be used on their own or with braids or netting; washing instructions for the completed laces. Scans donated by Digital Archive, reedited Judith Adele. Page 29 is unreadable in the pdf; the second pdf contains a separate page Ropes, knots, hitches, bends, ties, lashings, fancy knots, splacing, cordage, hammock making, wire ropes.

Corner and borders in five shades of blue, showing Dutch landscapes. The mill in the corner circle is shown in mirror-image: Cupids, fables, Greek gods and goddesses, the Tapestry de Bayeux, all in monochrome patterns suitable for filet, but also for crochet and cross-stitch. Scans donated by Tamara Tiekstra, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Charted by Franciska Ruessink. Dimanche 7 Janvier Redactrice et chef Baronne de Manonville.

Weekly periodical with various types of needlework, a tatted doily on the front cover. Religious motif for tulle embroidery, initials, Richelieu embroidery. Dimanche 28 Janvier Weekly periodical with various types of needlework, a cross-stitch pattern on the front cover, round or square depending on execution.

A large Battenberg lace design, whitework embroidery, initials M, and a smaller G and S, and three pages with text and advertisements. Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches, and illustrations and patterns for lingerie and linens. Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches, and illustrations and patterns for lingerie, linens, baby clothes. Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches, and illustrations and patterns for lingerie, linens.

Ten plates from an unknown church embroidery publication. No staples or holes; likely a looseleaf collection of plates. Berlin, [Heinrich Kuehn, c. Colored cross-stitch charts for art nouveau borders, birds and flowers, alphabets. Single sheet of embroidery tracing patterns for church vestments and altar cloths. Embroidered and beaded neck pillow, around Pattern looks familiar but it's not been identified yet.

Large single page with embroidery patterns - lovely stylized floral spray and ivy wreath. A collection of paper cutouts to be used for theatres in shoeboxes and displays. Complete with coulisses and little paper actors. Permission to publish images donated by ebay seller chaos! Photograph of executed cross-stitch and beadwork sampler, religious centre motif, chalice, cross, and palm, a guirlande of roses around the edges, and a beaded motto. Transylvanian-Saxon cross-stitch borders, medallions, alphabets; some wonderful birds. Charted patterns for heavily embroidered panels and bags, and some examples of Serbian jewelry.

Dazzling stylized tapestry or cross stitch designs - charts for cushion, bag, chair back. Large foldout templates for a chased metal clock, embroidery and painted decoration. Articles on art collecting, painting in oils, watercolors and on ceramics, home decoration, metal working. Large foldout templates for wood carving, embroidery. Articles on art collecting, pen, crayon and charcoal drawing, painting on glass, metal working, ceramic painting, plaster casting, metal etching. Large foldout templates for 16th C wood carving, plate decoration, embroidery, and embossed leather.

Articles on art collecting, theatre arts, oil painting, silver working, pyrography, needlework, leather work. Large foldout templates for wood carving and leather or wood pyrography. Articles on art collecting, drawing, color, modelling in clay, pastels, metal working, wood carving, ceramic painting. Complete alphabet for whitework, given as promotional material by the sewing thread factory in Goggingen. Being a collection of instructions for Knitting or Crocheting some seventy odd articles, with an advertisement for Columbia Yarns. A Complete Medical Guide for Women.

Embroidery, crocheted purses and bags, knitted lace, needle laces with manufactured cord. Instructions in Silk Embroidery, Knitting and Crocheting, Illustrated with cuts, half tones and color plates. Exquisite silk floral embroidery patterns, plates, illustrations and instructions. Making, gilding, covering, mounting, hanging and packing frames for a variety of purposes. Scanned by Seya Wijnsma, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Instructions and illustrations for making bobbin lace; patterns for a variety of fine lace borders. Advertising material; tatting pattern for insertion. Scans donated and edited by Sytske Wijnsma.

The test piece has been tatted by Marja Wijnbergen, who also wrote out the instructions. Dozens of Teneriffe circle motif designs, with some unusual ones, and suggestions for doilies, centerpieces, collars and cuffs. Fanciful motifs for padded, sculptural Irish Crochet laces, including butterflies, tennis rackets, unusual flowers, a lizard. Manufacture Parisienne des Cotons L. Instructions for Irish Crochet stitches; traditional and fanciful simple motifs. Instructions for Irish Crochet stitches; elegant little sprigs, flowers and leaves.

Embroidered net designs - squares, medallions, heraldic, hunting, classical motifs. The plates are clear enough to use for cross-stitch, filet crochet, etc. Excellent instructions on preparing and couching the lace patterns, which are then covered with fine buttonhole stitches, and Reticella, using pre-made braids. The patterns in back are on special soft black paper with white tracings. Enormous and beautiful needlework catalog, a wonderful reference for early 20thC needlework, with many illustrations.

Materials, beating and sewing, covering, colouring, marbling, gilding, lettering, finishing book bindings. Filet charts for crochet, beading, embroidery on net, etc.. Formal and floral designs, birds, mythical creatures, church motifs, Japanese inspired scenes, in edgings, large squares for centerpieces. Termali - Via Curtatone N. Introduction and 45 pages of needle lace patterns, combined with embroidery, also known as Punto Antico. Needlework and tape lace, stitches explained, then motifs, then items with combination of motifs.

Complete tatting instructions, with some complex techniques. Patterns for edgings, insertions, medallions, yokes, doilies, collars, cuffs, baby caps and trimmings. Laces made by drawing threads out of woven fabric and stitching with needle lace techniques - simple knotting, wrapping and buttonhole that can build to quite complex designs. A velvet chair seat with a single embroidered stripe down the seat, showing how the many border patterns of Berlin woolwork were used in common household items. Light green background, colors best seen at the back of the embroidery. Instructions for making net, and the stitches to embroider over it, to make elaborate squares and borders.

Plates with bird, flower and geometric designs. A book about tape lace, more or less like the Wolf Dupeyron albums, with 36 pages of patterns and 4 pages of patterns that could be bought separately. Also included a page about types of tape for sale. Stitch instructions for a dozen or so different crocheted spider pattern squares, and patterns to use them in edgings, corners, and camisole yokes.

Needlecraft Practical Journal No. Tatting instructions, patterns for edgings, insertions, medallions, doilies, collar and cuffs, baby cap, bag, alter lace. Fabulous early pattern book about Venetian lace, from a series of unfortunately very rare books. A small book, Roman Catholic, about the life of St. Francis of Assisi, and miracles attributed to him during and after his life.

Ten illustrations by F. Very good and useful instructions on ornamental woodcarving. Dover has a reprint. Detailed embroidery stitch instructions, exquisite color plates. Leaves, flowers, borders, fruit, fish, birds, animals, doilies, baby items, collars, cuffs, bags, and crocheted ties, suspenders and bedroom slippers.

More embroidery instructions, including smocking, eyelet and netting. Stunning patterns and plates for fruit, flowers, birds, dolphins, butterflies, fish, for doilies, bags, including a woven bag, crocheted tango girdle, and tatted cushion top and bags. Stylizing and applying natural shapes in flat ornamentation. Originally a loose-leaf folder with separate plates and explanations, from This second edition contains a text section followed by a plate section with the same plates and explanations from the earlier edition bound together. Very nice floral and animal stylized designs.

Permission to scan donated by Antiquariaat Kleinood, Amsterdam. Wonderful early 20th C Irish Crochet motifs for collars, doilies, jabots, edgings, insertions and trimmings. The instructions are sketchy; this is for the advanced crocheter. Colored plates of simple floral, garden, alphabet and border block patterns, with suggestions for materials and use. Excellent advice on filet crochet, directions for pillows, doilies, edgings, bedspreads.

Many charts, including peacocks, heraldic dragons and lions, hunting and mythological scenes, alphabets. King's Needlecraft and Lace Studio, , 31 pgs [p missing]. Colored cross stitch charts - charming alphabets, borders and stylized flowers to embroider. Edgings, medallions, squares and camisole yokes, including spider and filet patterns. Crocheted table linens, doilies, filet charts, chair backs, baby bonnets and booties, edgings, medallions and insertions. Dozens of crocheted laces of all difficulty levels, and many of them are unusual and beautiful.

Also filet charts, Irish Crochet motifs, and patterns for crocheting with manufactured braids and rickracks. Scanned and edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Another version in the catalog, 6-PG, contains the OCR text and plates of the edition, identical to this one. A history of 17th and 18th century embroidery, with 28 plates that are detailed enough to recreate the stitches and patterns. Filet edgings and insertions with instructions - formal and floral designs, an unusual seafood table linen pattern with lobsters and crabs, butterfly and bee insertions, birds, animals, alphabets, japanese motifs.

Advertising catalog with drawings of stamping patterns for a wide variety of laces, embroidery and other needlework, and many stencil patterns. Instructions, patterns and charts for woven, knit, crocheted, and canvas embroidered beaded bags, purses, belts, jewelry. Colored plates of simple fruit and flower block patterns, and suggestions for their use. This is a must-have for crocheters who want to learn how to make Irish crochet lace. Excellent instructions, patterns for a wide variety of flower, fruit and leaf motifs, a few grounds and edgings, instructions for hats, collars, cuffs, yoke, jabot, opera bag, edgings, doily.

A continuation of Book No. Excellent instructions for making the lace from loosely woven linen with patterns for table linens, cushions, cases, lampshade, collars, etc. Some beautiful designs are shown, but without tracing patterns. Bearbeit fur Textilschulen und zum Selbstunterricht von Prof. Fachschule fur Textilindustrie in Wien. Exhaustive explanation of the technical side of Jacquard weaving, and how patterns are translated to the punch cards used by Jacquard looms, as well as more general explanations of weaving techniques. Highly popular needlework book in its time, and reprinted by at least three different publishers since.

Enormous variety of crocheted edgings, some using manufactured braid; most are not difficult to crochet.

Tokyo Amigurumi (La Case De Papel)1-BÖLÜM

Art deco cross stitch charts of stylized floral borders and corners, alphabets and a wonderful steamship. Dresser cover, "Love Bird" pillow and sofa cover, work bag, altar cloth edgings, tea cozy, cake cover. A Text-book for students and workers in glass. With diagrams by two of his apprentices and other illustrations. Lethaby, with a charming dedication to the authors apprentices and assistants. Last page of the index is missing, will be added later. Exquisite tea cosy, baskets, lampshade, collars, lace baby afghan, opera bag, doilies, pillows, slippers, motifs, edgings and insertions.

Boston, Needlecraft Publishing, , 40 pgs. Now printed in the authorised version and illustrated after drawings by F. First book of the Bible, famous edition among book lovers, mainly because of the limited edition and beautiful illustrations. Advertising insert that contains several good beading instructions for bags and necklaces. It was scattered through and glued into my copy of Priscilla Crochet Book Edgings and Insertions by the bookseller, who ran a yarn and bead shop near Boston Common.

Cross stitch charts and embroidery tracing patterns - beautiful art nouveau designs of alphabets, borders, flowers, animals and rural scenes. Filet lace for collars, inserts, edgings, table cloths, etc. Traditional, floral, fruit bird, Colonial America patterns. Knitting and crochet instructions, hook sizing graph, patterns for babies, hats, shawls, vests, mittens, gloves, stockings, blankets and a fabulous tea cozy. Charming aprons, boudoir caps, curtains, pillows, rag rug, doilies, napkin rings, and a "Monkey Face Portier".

Gorgeous early 20th C design in Irish Crochet, "plain crochet", filet crochet. Household linens, collars, baby hats, slippers.

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Duplicate in box Edgings, insertions, and squares for doilies, curtains, bedspreads, napkins and household items. How to do Hardanger, from simple patterns to exquisite complex designs, and many unusual cross-stitch charts. Crocheted shawls, baby items, yokes, collars, edgings, pillows. Knitted child's items, tatted doilies. Crocheted knitted, and embroidered baby, men's, girl's, household items for holiday gifts. Lavish laces for piano and library scarves, collars, pillows, doilies, lingerie.

Crocheted laces to imitate a French bobbin lace that typically has leaf or petal shapes connected by bars. Marie Antoinette later published under the name Hees. Third album about filet lace, beautiful designs and illustrations. Italian manual describing the technique of Milanese lace, a combination of tape lace and needle lace fillings. Beautiful illustrations, quite rare publication. Single sheet, probably from "La Mode de Fillette", filet crochet pattern of a chicken.

Lavish laces for household and clothing, some unusual, includes new Irish Crochet motifs and filet charts an ostrich! Interesting combinations of needlecrafts. Cross stitch and other embroidery charts for traditional and art deco alphabets. Crocheted lace curtains, table scarves, cushions, doilies, edgings, insertions, medallions, collars, bags,. Crocheted lace edgings, insertions, backgrounds for bags, medallions, table linens, doilies, fringes, tassels. About six dozen different doilies, some simple, some like the roll stitch pineapple doily for the advanced crocheter.

Starting with the basic embroidery points employed in this work, and building on that with simple projects, quickly progressing to rather involved looking work. A rare Priscilla publication. There exists another Priscilla book on Italian cutwork. From the collection of Folva Miller, donated by her grandson Charles Kite.

Needle lace, beautiful designs by famous author. Baby cap, tea towels, edges and insertions, bed covers, altar cloths, pillow covers. No explanation of basic stitches and techniques. Photographs of finished items and three pattern pages. Some designs suitable for other techniques. One of the very few books about Casal Guidi embroidery, a 3D figurative embroidery.

More description from the cover: Many filet charts - church motifs, peacock, animals, birds, flowers, cherubs, fruit, motifs for children, formal borders and corners, the Selkirk Grace lunchcloth, and Tallyrand coffee cloth. Delicate lacet, filet, Torchon, Cluny , hairpin lace, and other crochet stitches for negligees, boudoir caps, and bedroom table items. Collars, doilies, baby caps, booties, filet patterns, yokes, edgings, insertions, bags. Beautiful bedspread motifs, filet patterns, baby blankets, leaf and Irish Crochet patterns, cobweb and spider patterns.

Crocheted edgings, medallions, for some lovely doilies and library scarves. Panels, edgings, insertions - some nice ones with animals and people, doilies, yokes, and an alphabet chart. Filet, tasseled edgings, slippers, doilies, edgings, motifs, cross-stitch embroidery, bags, baby blanket, tennis belt, nut baskets, baby rattle, marine sofa pillow, baby bonnet, alphabet chart.

More classic edgings, insertions, medallions, squares, doilies, and fringes, including spider patterns and a wonderful grape border. Lovely Cluny-type crochet edging for a large doily. Note that the instructions for round 12 are missing, but the illustration is clear. Explanations for the crochet stitches and terminology used in Needlecraft magazine. Delicate and lovely art nouveau filet and irish crochet patterns, along with practical advice on working and applying the laces. Gros Crochet and Filet Crochet edges around fabric centerpieces, table centerpieces entirely of filet crochet.

Bought in in the USA by a sailor, who gave it to his sister. His granddaughter, who wants to remain anonymous, sent the book to us. Beautiful and unusual large doilies, including several Cluny patterns, a pineapple doily done in roll stitches and a few that use novelty braids. Crocheted baby hat with roll stitches bullion and "bean stitch" clusters that make a flower and shell motif.

Three designs of drawn thread lace and Hardanger embroidery for table sets or curtains. Exercise book for various German scripts. Very thin paper, probably transparant when new. A leaf with lines was included. Filet Crochet patterns for yokes, and patterns for small gifts such as hot roll napkins, aviator towels, bread tray covers, tidies, and babies caps. Filet portiere, Cluny-type door panels, edgings for table and bed linens, crochet ball holders, doilies, medallions, fitted vest. Illustrated instructions on how to tat, over a dozen original edging patterns, a butterfly motif, doilies, collars, yokes, a tatted bag, and tatted baby dress and hat.

Exquisite lingerie laces; including an unusual grape and leaves motif in Richelieu Crochet. Circular tatted yoke with Irish lace-type roses that could also be used as a deep edging for a doily. Seven original crocheted doily patterns, one filet and several with Irish Crochet elements. Crocheted and tatted patterns for lingerie yokes many would be good for modern blouses and collars , including Maltese hairpin crochet and filet charts. Also squares, doilies, boudoir caps, and a stunning brassiere of crocheted medallions with manufactured braid.

Beautiful nightgown yokes, sacques, boudoir caps, bags, corset cover, lamp shades, desk set, table scarfs, pillow, baskets, bedspreads, hats, towels, filet charts, hairpin lace. Catalog of paper decorations for parties, costumes, parades, etc. Crocheted, tatted, and embroidered bags for many purposes Filet alphabet in the back. Filet illustrations for squares, medallions, edgings, - geometric and classical designs, with photographs of their use as inserts in household linens. Patterns for crocheted vanity box, slippers, yokes, hat trim, fasteners, collars, sweater, buttons, silk bag, cushion, edgings, motifs, doilies, napkins and napkin rings, baby hats and slippers.

Tatting instructins, edgings, insertions, medallions, collars, yokes, baby cap, alphabet. Yokes, table runner, boudoir cap, slippers, doilies, fringed edgings, and some unusual crocheted flowers. Basic knitting and crocheting instructions, and a wide variety of patterns for sweaters and accessories, some for full figures, many of which are surprisingly modern.

Also baby and children and men's patterns. The hats are fabulous. Crocheted boudoir caps, slippers, yokes, filet charts, scarves, pillows, baby and child items, edgings, lunch set, table cloth, parasol,. From the collection of Sytske Wijnsma, charted from photographs. Text book scanned by Seya Wijnsma-Spek. Some of the sweaters are surprisingly modern. Crochet and knitting patterns for edgings, table and bed linens, doilies, tablecloths, filet charts, yokes, baby bonnets, knit sweater collar, cuffs, curtains, Irish Crochet motifs, doll's sweater, bedspreads. Nightgown yokes, corset covers, Irish Crochet collars and cuffs, boudoir caps, purses, bags, baskets, beautiful Venetian stitch and Cluny lamp shades, doilies and table linens, edgings, pillows, baby booties and bib.

Lovely useful articles such as a militaire coat, a liberty coat, a coat, an infants crocheted set, aubomobile helmet, sailors beanie, and many more. Starts with advertising Corticelli yarns, then the basic knitting stitches, and then straight into the patterns. Some items look modern even now. Knitted clothing, sewn leather and heavy fabric clothing, bags and belts, crocheted and knitted neckties.

Birds, cupids, winged horses, flower urns, Jeanne d'Arc, rural activities in the four seasons, fairytale scenes, dancers, mythological animals, all decorating a variety of objects. Collars, purses, curtains, portieres, doilies, lace caps, and of course lots of Birds, cupids, winged horses, flower urns, Jeanne d'Arc, rural activities in the four seasons, fairytale scenes, dancers, mythological animals, all decorating a variety of objects. Collars, purses, curtains, portieres, doilies, lace caps, and of course lots of borders, corners, and medaillons. Needlecraft Publishing, , 26 pgs [some advertising pages omitted].

Wartime era patterns, baking recipes, and general needlework advice: Doilies, bags, block pattern towels, laces, collars, baby hats, bedspread squares and blocks. Pretty crocheted yokes, corset covers, boudoir caps, brassiere, doilies, buffet scarf. Clever and easy crocheted star motif that can be joined as you go to make coasters, doilies, centerpieces.

Unusual Japonica, cyclamen, honeysuckle, violets Irish Crochet motifs, many filet crochet patterns, sturdy edgings for table linens, Irish Crochet edgings, easy edgings for beginners, Venetian Crochet squares, Irish Crochet point lace, and three interesting baby hats. Delicate crocheted blouse, edgings, doilies, insertions, yokes, Irish Crochet, bags, hats, slippers, men's ties, and a lampshade. Filet charts, including church lace and alphabets.

Tatted edgings, motifs, doilies. A Mary Card filet crochet pattern for the Statue of Liberty, embroidery, tatting , knitting, crochet, recipes. See excerpts in this catalogue in OCR format. Crocheted and knitted sweaters, edgings, lamp shades, hats, yokes, men's vest, scarves, cushions, slippers, baby items, filet charts.

Basic crochet instructions and filet crochet floral charts for yokes, insertions, edgings, collars and corners. Crocheted yokes and caps, "Grecian", Billie Burke", filet charts, Cluny scarf edging, doilies. Lovely description with illustrations of fringes, divided in crocheted fringes, macrame fringes, venice lace fringes, and bobbin lace fringes.

Transfers for embroidery patterns. No color indication or technique, just the line drawings. Scans donated by Judith King, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. Patricia Voss edited the pdf that will be added later: Faboulous rare Wolf Dupeyron album for initials and monogrammes. Several complete alphabets as well as many examples of monograms easily adaptable to other initials.

No date given, looks a bit like it's a later album, although not the latest - Filet Ancien 10 11 and 12 are not mentioned in the list of earlier publications. The original colors are dark brown on cream. This is from the collection of Iva Innocenti, who scanned it and donated us the images. Tatting instructions and patterns for borders, insertions, flowers, baby cap and booties, collars, doilies, bags, jabots. Delicate lace yokes, interesting stitches, filet patterns, and embroidery over filet. Bulgarian embroidery - dozens of illustratios of brilliant borders and fields, with instructions for materials and thread colors and illustration of unusual stitches.

Colorful Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian embroidery. Stitch instructions and materials, and color plates. A wide variety of mostly geometric or stylized floral designs in gorgeous colors, with tracing patterns at the back of the book for pricking the designs onto cloth. Carefully researched patterns and stitches from museums of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia - lavish flat stitching. Embroidery on netting - instructions with excellent illustrations and many plates showing squares and fields and borders. Cross stitch patterns for art deco alphabets, fields, borders, animals and sceneries, including wonderful insects, fish and birds.

Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches, and illustrations and patterns for linens, girls' and ladies' lingerie, baby items. Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches, and illustrations and patterns for linens, girls' and ladies' lingerie and clothing, baby items, church vestments. Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches and illustrations for household linens. Album contenant des Modeles d'Alphabets classiques et modernes et de Monogrammes pour la Lingerie et le Linge de Maison. Historical craft articles, embroidery, fiction by Eleanor H.

Porter, knitting, bobbin lace, netting, quilting, crochet, fashion, recipes, housekeeping tips, paper crafts for children. Theatre Arts Monographs No. Wonderful description of technical requirement of live theater stages and buildings, with photographs and floorplan illustrations. Wonderful filet pattern book with hundreds of charted designs that will work for cross stitch, filet crochet or any charted needlework.

Exquisite crocheted vests, gowns, filet charts, boudoir jacket, yokes, slippers, cap, church laces, shawls, sweaters, table runner and chair back. Crochet stitch instructions, including more complicated stitches such as roll stitch and star stitch. Clothes etiquette, body types, ages, coloring, color wheel, sewing machines, hand sewing, other equipment.

Materials, trimmings and how to sew them on, patterns, brassieres, chemises, drawers, bloomers, nightgowns, petticoats. Complete layette, materials, trimmings, stitches, pattern making, darts, finishing. Cutting, different coat styles and their construction, working with heavier fabric, linings. Instructions for the embroidery and needle lace stitches, and plates illustrating geometric borders, grounds, linens, fringed edgings, pillows, collars, apron, bags, blouses.

Instructions for the embroidery and needle lace stitches, and plates illustrating geometric borders, grounds, fringed and knotted edgings, pillows, bags and an apron. Yokes, edgings and bedroom caps, baby caps, tray cloth, monograms, cluny lace doilies. The filet patterns include a large butterfly, a peacock and patterns for Elk Lodge, Modern Woodmen of America, Shriners.

Victorian-style designs, including cherubs and church patterns, for embroidered net, with netting and stitch instructions. Large charts, good for filet crochet and cross-stitch, are in the second pdf file. Instructions and illustrations for flatstitch embroidery, with many charted patterns for curtains, pillows, tablecloths, aprons, bags, belts, child and baby clothes. How-to tatting instructions and lovely patterns for motifs, edgings, baby bonnets, bag, doilies, collars, cuffs. Collection of Crochet Patterns: Over Edgings, Doilies, Insertions, etc. Simple charted designs to use with a variety of needlework techniques, which are also illustrated and described Italian Cutwork, point lace, netting, filet lace and filet crochet, drawn thread work.

An interesting tassel design for a bag.

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Charming set of embroidery patterns of scenes of traditional fables, with instructions. In French, with much supplemental information in English added by the editor see notes at the back of the book. Roaring Twenties fashion that is still modern and wearable. Sweaters, dresses, hats, scarves, baby items, with some color illustrations. Beautiful Norwegian white-on-white openwork, with excellent instructions and patterns ranging from simple embroidery to complex laces.

Framingham Massachusetts, Dennison Mfg Co. Instructions for making 28 flowers. Wonderful silk lampshade patterns and instructions, filet charts, medallions, squared, corners. Small text booklet and 32 postcard sized woolwork patterns no. Clear illustrations of the special embroidery stitches, many of which create spaces between the fabric threads to create a lace.

Plates show traditional patterns, including church motifs. Hardback childrens book about a crow captured as young bird, who made the life of his owners so miserable that they passed him from hand to hand, and eventually decided to drown him, but the attempt failed and the crow joined his family again. Each page illustrated, with the text worked into the illustrations. A well-known book about Armenian knotted lace, starting with a simple tutorial, progressing to beautiful doilies, edgings, and even lace flowers.

Armenian lace and the other knotted laces around the Mediterranian show a strong family resemblance when it comes to techniques, but the Armenian products are completely recognizable as Armenian. Donated by Charles Kite, from the collection of his grandmother Fulva Miller. The duplicate page in the middle of the pdf is included deliberately. How to make Hundreds of Dainty and Practical things of Ribbons. Illustrated in Colors with Detailed Instructions. Fifty pages of ribbonwork, from lingerie to pincushions - volume 1 of a well-known series on ribbonwork, on which numerous modern publications are based.

Embroidery for household linens and clothing - illustrations and some large tracing patterns at the back of the book. Stunning book of knitted, crocheted, woven and needlework beaded bags, with instructions and charts. Excellent description and instructions for Hardanger embroidery, with illustrations and plates - squares, edgings and inserts.

Tatting instructions, patterns for edgings, beadings, medallions, doilies, yokes, baby caps, and descriptions of tatting stitches such as: Complete and simple directions for making with photographs and charts. Twenty three beaded bags, with photos and descriptions.

Colorful Bosnian, Herzegovine, Dalmation, and Montenegro embroidery. A wide variety of stylized floral, bird and abstract designs in gorgeous colors, with tracing patterns at the back of the book for pricking the designs onto cloth. Complete instructions on how to do filet crochet, with simple and lovely patterns and a few filet charts.

Directions for drawn thread embroidery - exquisite lace. Slav, Italian, Reticella openwork, Spanish openwork, cut stitch designs, and a ground with rosettes resembling Teneriffe. Illustrations and tracing patterns for a wide variety of embroidery and needlelace for household linens. Some of the bird, butterfly, and exotic scene designs are wonderful. For the Use of Beginners with a rudimentary treatise on the art, practical directions for its exercise, and examples taken from illuminated mss.

Excellent instructions for a variety of techniques, with instructions, including flower smocking and Bulgarian smocking, and stitch pattern charts to use as transfers. The last book in the series about weaving with small looms. Explains the basics of weaving with a small loom, up to eight shafts, double harness, and many different patterns.

Eight colored plates and many monochrome illustrations. Scans donated by Tamara Tiekstra. A smart, up-to-the-minute dress cut out, completely made, all ready to put on within an hour! The author of this leaflet demonstrated that this was possible. A famous booklet on how to make a simple dress in many variations. Assisi work and other Italian embroideries, instructions, illustrations and charts, including a wonderful acorn and dragon pattern. Cross stitch charts - fanciful peacocks, florals, mythologys, ship, castle. This publication also has all of the embroidery patterns included in the Portfolio donated by Sytske Wijnsma, not included in this pdf file.

Embroidered cutwork lace, Point Lace, with many pattern drawings, cross-stitch and filet charts. Bed covers with putti, curtains, figurative crochet. Lovely patterns, especially the horse chestnut. Cross stitch and filet instructions in vol. Italian openwork embroidered lace, worked on fine open weave linen, instructions and illustrations. Moroccan and Moorish design with a discussion of needlework styles in different regions. Instructions for the unique stitches, gorgeous color plates, pattern tracings and charts.

Cross stitch, flat stitching, ground stitches. Cross-stitch charts, wonderful children's, church, war, animal motifs, alphabets. Gros crochet, 14 figurative patterns, birds, leaves, flowers, mostly meant for home decoration. Florentine tapestry embroidery, cross-stitch, Deruta Work, Italian hemstitching. A page catalogue of needlework projects, for patterns, materials, pre-cut fabric, and ready-made items.

Many illustrations are clear enough to execute the pattern from. Inspiration for many hours of needlework. Donated by Charles Kite, from the collection of his grandmother Folva Miller. Lettervormen en letters in hun practische, ornamentale en decoratieve toepassingen, benevens afbeeldingen tusschen den tekst.

Transferred to Rijksmuseum Research Library. Embroidery designs for church vestments and alter linens, with instructions, plates showing the embroidery and some tracing patterns. Advice on how to sell, and a request to readers to write in advice about how to sell. Scans donated by M.

Hot dish mats, Parade of the Nations China , Silhouettes, Cornhusk bags, crochet mat and napkin rings, One piece crochet dress, Hen and chickens tatted edge. The Silhouette patterns have been duplicated, one outline and one filled in. Crocheted poinsettia, bright mittens, shell stitch crocheted tie, baby bibs, Parade of the Nations Arctic , string holder.

Lacy jiffy blouse, crocheted collar and cuffs, Parade of the Nations: Baby outfit, Russian blouse, yarn flowers, embroidery stitches, shoe holder, bear toys, Parade of the Nations Holland , calico cats from scrap. Only 6 pages, but one of them double size and three of them quadruple size. Most space is taken up by the All-State quilt, complete with explanation. The Parade of the Nations block has Ireland as subject. Knee pad in shape of a turtle, crocheted edges for round and pointed scallops, shamrock insertion and edge, crinoline lady quilting block, curtain tiebacks, embroidered State flowers, Parade of the Nations: More State flowers, a one-piece crochet dress, what to do with old hats, painting rugs and linoleum, quilt pattern Grandmother's flower garden, knitted bathing suit, Parade of the Nations: Lacy crocheted dress, quilt pattern Trip Around the World, final State flower embroidered blocks, Parade of the Nations: Crocheted tie and scarf, quilt block Spring Blossom, knitted blouse and skirt.

Turnip and carrot pan holders. Quilt block Delectable Mountains and a flower embroidery pattern. Puppets with a pompom head and a crocheted body. Advice on binding Workbasket issues. Lily Beverage Set, Dogwood Quilt, washable toy duck, chick, and rabbit, and a crocheted bag for your knitting. Beautiful simple motifs and some large floral filet motifs. War relief knitting patterns for walking cast toe sock, adult and child sweaters, cap for bandaged head, simple afghan, gloves, muffler, socks.

Most in a single color, the Pastel pattern has different colors.

  1. LA NAVIDAD DE LAURA (Spanish Edition).
  2. BWL. Basiswissen in 50 x 2 Minuten. (Sofortwissen kompakt) (German Edition)!
  3. ;
  4. .
  5. Fashion catalog pages, wonderful drawings of mid-century corsetry and clothing construction. Lily Book 42 Items of beauty and lasting quality Illustrated Various crochet items, baby clothes, purses, trim, table runners and tablecloths, doilies, placemats, an apron, and even a pincushion. Men's knitted socks or anklets, Morning Glory square quilting pattern, crocheted toy elephant, bow and flowers to decorate a dress.

    Crocheted Afghan, Snowflake quilt, crocheted insertion and lace. Transferred to Rijksmuseum Research Library Permission to publish given by "Vrouwen van Nu", successor of the "Nederlandse Bond van Plattelandsvrouwen". Square crocheted motif with combination pineapple and spider web for scarves, bedspreads, etc.

    Various table runners, placemats, tablecloths, and complete sets for the table. Mostly crochet, some applique. Colorful laces, including butterfly and flower girl insertions, and drinking glass jackets. Nr 1 of a series of handbooks about antique needlework techniques. This book is about open-work and darning.

    This is the 4th book in a series of 7 about traditional Dutch needlework. This book covers marking letters and darning stitches, such as are used in antique samplers.

    1. Is the Quran the Word of God?!
    2. Protestantisme Pour les Nuls (Le) (French Edition).
    3. !
    4. Song Tune in C Major, II?
    5. The last volume in a series of 7 about how to do antique needlework. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of open-work embroidery, and a design for an openwork sampler with 16 patterns. Interesting knitting stitches, excellent illustrations with minimal instructions, in Italian. Mostly in black-and-white, photos and pattern descriptions of crocheted table linen.

      Patterns have a name and a number. Most are small elements joined to form the tablecloth, but some are really large filet patterns.


      Patterns in crochet, tatting and hairpin lace. Protect your hands, brighten your kitchen, prolong the life of your potholder.. And in addition to the utility value, they make such colorful and practical gifts.. Edgings for handkerchiefs and such, made by various techniques. It must have been quite a popular book at its time, because it is still frequently on offer online. Crochet book about table cloths, placemats and such. Preceded by the flyer which announced the publication. From the collection of Mary Fennema, published by kind permission of the copyright holder, Vrouwen Van Nu.

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      Publications by date By decade of publishing. From the estate of Frans Wijnsma, edited by Sytske Wijnsma. English Crewelwork 18th Century piece of crewelwork. Beautiful embroidery, very instructive detail illustrations of flower motifs. Images donated by ebay seller extreme-orient2. Wicht Berlin bei Carl F. Penelope Magazine embroidery plates. Scans donated by Sytske Wijnsma, edited by Judith Adele. Beijerinck, , 16 pgs. A Lady The Wreath or, Ornamental Artist; containing instructions for making flowers of wax, rice-paper, lamb's wool, and cambric, with a great variety of articles: Gaugain's, , pgs.

      Scans donated by Isabel Gancedo, edited by Isabel Gancedo. Lowell, Massachusetts , pgs. Scans donated by Hope Wright, edited by Hope Wright. John Murray, , pgs. Scans donated by Judith Adele, edited by Judith Adele. Miland, , 96 pgs. Crochet Book, The London: Simpkin, Marshall and Co.

      The mermaid is 4". Easy to read pattern includes instructions for the wire frame. Custom designed filet crochet pattern of a dancing fairy. Available for immediate download, in pdf format, with free shipping and handling. Losing your first tooth is a big thing. That is why every child needs a pillow pouch and comfort blanket. Tooth Fairy Set Pattern is an adorable winged tooth fairy Description. I found this This fairy doll pattern is for intermediate how to make a chain, triple crochet, crocheting two together and decreasing. This pattern makes a bright and cheery fairy This is a simple pattern of single crochet and chain stitches.

      The pattern for the wings is I was just doing a little google search for crochet fairies and. Wouldnt these make great take-along toys for those special little ones over 3 years old? Shop for E-books, Sewing Patterns and Sewing Items fairy tale castle br br computer generated crochet afghan pattern br br sale sale sale br br buy two patterns on the same invoice receive pattern free br br buy.

      Little girls are transformed into magical fairies when they don these otherworldly wings stitched in featherweight lace. Check out the crochet abbreviation chart. Tooth This listing is for a pdf crochet pattern to make the lovely Woodland Fairy Doily pictured, not the finished item. The fifth in my series of Lovely. We moved this winter to the UK. It's great to see the spring coming.

      FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern. FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern.
      FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern. FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern.
      FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern. FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern.
      FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern. FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern.
      FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern. FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern.
      FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern. FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern.
      FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern. FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern.
      FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern. FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern.
      FAIRY PRINCESS DOLL - A downloadable vintage 1951 crochet pattern.

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