Higher Education and the New Society

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Higher Education and the New Society was published in , a year after his death.

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Keller thinks that many critics of higher education are exaggerating the stubbornness of his beloved institution. He backs this up by summarizing the last hundred and fifty years of American history, and pointing out how higher education has responded to the dramatic changes in society. Keller concedes that while higher education has been changing, those changes have been incremental.

He concludes with three proposals for change.

My Notes Higher education is not an institution that exists in isolation. Educational systems change in response to society.


Keller's Higher Education and the New Society by Willem de Ruijter on Prezi

In order to critique the current state of higher education, one must also understand what changes in society have happened. Major transformations in society: Younger generations are influenced by friends and the media. Older generations are influenced by community leaders, and familial elders. Changing Demographics A plummeting fertility rate means that the population is aging The elderly are wealthier than ever. The nuclear family is crumbling.

We learn self-sacrifice as we learn so many other things — in small, managable steps, starting close to home. Two-parent families serve as a bank and venture capital fund for their children. Illegitimacy and divorce are responsible for essentially all the growth in poverty since Interracial relationships are increasing, which means that the current system of classifying students by race will break down as racially ambiguous students become the norm.

The internet might fundamentally change education, but that remains to be seen — the same was said about television in The s were a golden age.


The US government was flush with money, and compassionate liberals poured money into federal aid and research universities. In the s, the economic boom eroded. It was a decade of deterioration and disruptive change. High quality goods from Japan and Germany led to the US becoming a net importer. The outbreak of global terrorism resulted in the formation of a costly department of homeland security.

US leaders could not rein in the spending that started in the s and doubled taxes instead. Watergate happened, and the news media became more hostile and adversarial. Polls revealed that the public had a widespread new contempt for authority.

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The globalization of trade caused the US to transition into a knowledge economy. American companies farmed lower-skill manufacturing out to other nations and refocused their efforts on inventing new technologies, making scientific advances, and innovating in marketing.

Higher Education and the New Society of Third Millennium*

Scientifically educated and internationally attuned people were now in high demand, causing disciplines like History to fall into decline. The US has performed admirably in the new global economy. More wealth has been created since than in the previous years. Colleges were the primary producers of high level skills.

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  • More students hoped to go to college and study a professional field rather than the liberal arts. The new economy lifted the best professors to new heights of affluence, influence, and importance. There are four major types of universities Research Universities. These prestigious universities are a copious new source of new ideas, scientific findings, and discoveries. Small Liberal Arts Colleges.

    Higher Education and the New Society

    The most sentimentally revered segment, they train students holistically for leadership and public service. State colleges, polytechnics, proprietary schools, and small private colleges. These institutions provide the country with essential middle-range workers. Two-year community and private colleges that enroll 40 percent of all students in higher education. They prepare people for vocational tasks.

    The United States has made much progress towards equal opportunity for all.

    HIGHER EDUCATION TODAY - New Zealand Society

    This has led to sometimes ironic results. The already high degree of individualism in the US has increased. Aspiring Adults Adrift Richard Arum. In recent decades, sociology of education has been dominated by quantitative analyses of race, class, and gender gaps in educational achievement. This book takes that problem seriously, considering the way the field has developed since the s and arguing powerfully for its renewal.

    The sociology of education, the contributors show, largely works with themes, concepts, and theories that were generated decades ago, even as both the actual world of education and the discipline of sociology have changed considerably. The moment has come, they argue, to break free of the past and begin asking new questions and developing new programs of empirical study.

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    Both rallying cry and road map, Education in a New Society will galvanize the field. Skrentny and Natalie M. Hammack, New York University. Education in a New Society is ushering in a new understanding of education for the discipline of sociology, and is a must-read for all scholars and every graduate student interested in education. Maia Bloomfield Cucchiara, Temple University. The ambition of this volume and the stature and insights of its contributors should generate a lively debate in the field about the core concerns of the sociology of education and what lines of theory and research could be most fruitful.

    Higher Education and the New Society Higher Education and the New Society
    Higher Education and the New Society Higher Education and the New Society
    Higher Education and the New Society Higher Education and the New Society
    Higher Education and the New Society Higher Education and the New Society
    Higher Education and the New Society Higher Education and the New Society

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