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Start Early

As the bull and bear phases largely coincide with the changes in the stages of an economic cycle, stay invested in your funds for over seven years to make the most from an entire economic cycle. Bull market phases like the current one often tempt many to channel their entire surplus into equity funds. So, invest your monthly surpluses only after making sufficient allocations for your emergency fund and various short-term goals.

Portfolio Management Tips for Young Investors

As market corrections may create attractive buying opportunities in the equity segment, create a market crash fund consisting of short-term debt funds to exploit such buying opportunities. Although many are expecting a steep correction due to the high valuation of equity markets, corrections usually take place when it is least expected. That is the unpredictability of the equity markets. Thus, those staying away from the markets may end up missing the bus if the market continues its current upward trajectory and corporate earnings improve to catch up with market expectations.

Therefore, instead of timing your investments, route your mutual fund investments through SIPs.

By ensuring regular investments on pre-determined dates over a period of time, SIPs eliminate the need for actively tracking the market and enable cost averaging by buying you more units during market corrections. Bull markets have this amazing trait of bringing fresh retail investors to the market.

Investment Management Definition & Example | InvestingAnswers

One or two sectors start registering phenomenal returns, which then makes retail investors to blindly follow them. Two such recent examples would be high investor inflows witnessed in mid-cap and banking funds due to high annualised returns of about 30 percent and 40 percent, respectively over the last one year. However, overexposing yourself to a few sectors or segments comes with significant risk. Take a comparative look at two of the most popular career choices in the financial sector, wealth management and investment banking.

Learn how finding the right asset management firms may be difficult and discover the top five asset management firms to consider for your portfolio in Discover the various ways in which private banking and wealth management services coincide, as well as the significant differences between them.

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We break down key components of analyzing a fund manager's performance so you can find a winner. Technology has had a dramatic impact on the asset management industry over the past decade, from more sophisticated strategies and products, to lower fees. Understand the difference between financial planning and portfolio management, and learn which financial professionals can Find out what role asset managers play in the real estate markets.

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Learn how real estate portfolios are selected and why Too many young people rarely—if ever—invest for their retirement years. Some distant date, 40 or so years in the future, is hard for many young people to imagine. One of the reasons most often given for not investing is a lack of knowledge and understanding of the stock market. But you've got to start investing now; the earlier you begin, the more time your investments will have to grow in value.

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

Here's a good way to start building a portfolio, and how to manage it for the best results. Start saving as soon as you go to work by participating in a k retirement plan, if it's offered by your employer.

Early Higher Risk Allocation

If a k plan is not available, establish an Individual Retirement Account IRA and earmark a percentage of your compensation for a monthly contribution to the account. An easy, convenient way to save in an IRA or k is to create an automatic monthly cash contribution. With more money to invest for many years to come, you'll have a bigger retirement nest egg. The idea is to select stocks across a broad spectrum of market categories. This is best achieved through an index fund.

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Managing Investments Managing Investments
Managing Investments Managing Investments
Managing Investments Managing Investments
Managing Investments Managing Investments
Managing Investments Managing Investments
Managing Investments Managing Investments

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