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Ask yourself "how come? Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Or the difference between "repotting" and "changing the potting media material These are the specifics I would like to know more about, specifically for moth orchids l, which are the most widely sold type of orchid in the North EAstern United States, so the book could have included more information specific to the most popular beginner orchids being bought at big box stores and supermarkets etc, as orchid specialty stores are not widely available in most areas of the U.

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I am not a beginning grower but do grow Phalaenopsis and a couple of other varieties under "normal" home conditions and do very well without much fuss. The information about purchasing all those pruning tools, a blow torch, special humidifiers and climate control systems for beginning growers is overkill. Someone new to orchids with just a few plants does not need to go to all that trouble and expense. In the beginning, In the beginning, I thought I needed to do all of that, but learned that my plants were the happiest if I just let them do their thing, watering appropriately, giving them good light and repotting them when they needed it.

As far as sterilizing your pruning tools, use a cotton ball dipped in bleach or the prepackaged alcohol wipes work well. No need to get a blow torch, gloves and goggles in order to repot an orchid. The book was helpful but actually a little confusing. If I had picked this book up when I got my first plant, I never would have gotten another one because I never would have gone to all that trouble.

Growing Orchids For Beginners - Orchid Care Instructions

I agree with someone else who said that the Rittenhauser's books are better. Read this one, but take some of the information presented with a grain of salt. Orchids are not difficult, nor do they require a lot of expense to grow well, as the author may lead people to believe.

I usually look at as much of a book as possible before buying, and sometimes I get a copy from the library to read and decide if I want the book YES, I do buy books even after I've read them. Neither option was available, so I bought this one. I'm rather disappointed, as it doesn't really answer the questions I have about growing orchids. I've been growing orchids for several years, phalaenopsis and oncidium and I still have a lot of questions about growing them.

For example, what do you do with the roots that grow outside the pot, when you re-pot the orchid? Tuck them into the potting mix? What if they're too long? Should you wrap the around inside the pot? Cut the ends off? What potting mix is best for specific orchid species? This book lists all the available and some are not readily available ingredients, but gives no guidance about specific mixes for specific orchids, just 2 recipes.

Alo, how firmly do you pack the potting mis around the orchid? More illustrations would have helped. On the other hand, there was too much about too many species of orchids that the average windowsill grower will never want to mess with. And, if one chooses to try something more advanced, one would then turn to advanced books--not a 'For Dummies'. So, if I'd been able to review the content more thoroughly, I would not have bought this book.

I'm still looking for a go9od book on orchid culture! I'm definitely in need of assistance growing orchids but by the time I read a few pages I gave them away and tossed the ones I didn't think could be revived. These book are always great and provide all the information you need. Not as helpful for details. Very good book for a beginner. See all reviews. See all customer images. These salts burn and damage the delicate roots of the orchids.

Shallow orchid pots are ideal for epiphytes.

Growing Orchids for Beginners

You sometimes find wooden or plastic basket orchid planters which are also suitable. They are great for hanging orchids. These allow air into the potting mix which is ideal for root health. You might have to line these pots with some netting to prevent the compost from washing out when you are watering the plants. Orchids hate to be overwatered! Never ever leave water sitting in the pots! This is the kiss of death for your orchid and the most common reason for failure!!!! The roots will start rotting and the leaves will start yellowing and fall off. Most people water even more because they think the plant does not get enough water.

In most cases, you won't be able to save these plants. The best technique for watering orchids, in my opinion, is to take the plant to a sink. Then hold the pot under a running tap until the water runs out at the bottom. Alternatively, you can submerge the whole pot in water an let the plant soak up the water for minutes.

Always drain the plants off very well afterward before putting them back into their place. Do that about every days during the growth period. Don't water your orchid if the compost still feels moist. It is best to let the orchid compost dry out completely before watering your orchid. After flowering, most orchids need a rest period with a less frequent watering interval. As a beginner with growing orchids it is best to buy a special orchid fertilizer.

These are not as strong as regular fertilizers and formulated to suit the delicate orchid roots. Dilute the fertilizer in accordance to the instructions on the pack. Feed your orchid every third watering.

3 Essential Tips for Orchid Beginners

After bloom care for orchids: Remove any withered flower stems. Some orchids like Phalaenopsis can rebloom on the same stem again.

Orchid Growing for Complete Beginners

Cut them back only as far as they die back. Most orchids need a rest period after the growth season. Signup Login Toggle navigation. Orchids are one of the hottest plants in the United States. Pinterest Facebook Youtube Twitter Instagram. Today's site banner is by plantmanager and is called " Blue My Mind ".

Orchids For Dummies Orchids For Dummies
Orchids For Dummies Orchids For Dummies
Orchids For Dummies Orchids For Dummies
Orchids For Dummies Orchids For Dummies
Orchids For Dummies Orchids For Dummies
Orchids For Dummies Orchids For Dummies
Orchids For Dummies Orchids For Dummies

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