Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World

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THE HORDE ISSUE #2: Monkey in The Middle

Paperback , pages.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Dimce rated it liked it Mar 04, Timothy Deliyannides added it Nov 04, Telkomek added it May 30, Andrew Bulthaupt added it Jul 30, David added it Aug 23, Adam Green added it Sep 15, Something tells me that while the comic Testament, whose 22 issues were recently condensed into the fourth and final part of a collection, comes from the same school of subversive thought as many of Alan Moore's works, it is, in its disgust for the state of our culture and humanity, much more of a morality tale download.

The following 10 pages are in this category, out of 10 total. Illustrated by Charles Mozley http: The Hernandez brothers are masters of community building. They tell the stories of so many members of the Palomar community as their lives progress over generations, away from Palomar and within it.

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It has helped our students meet the challenge put forth by NCTE to critique, analyze, and create compositions that utilize multiple channels of communication , source: Grimm Fairy Tales 83 http: It is not unusual to read a novel by a Japanese author one week and one by a black writer from West Africa the next , e. Their Loves and Lives http: Electroplating Engineering download here Electroplating Engineering Handbook. She is briefly seen topless, though the scene is rather chaste and she is drawn with little detail , cited: The Secret Loves of Geek read here http: Horatian satire tends to ridicule human folly in general or by type rather than attack specific persons Alice In Wonderland 1 http: And readers of literary fiction will expect deep characterization, word-perfect writing and a philosophical exploration of theme at the expense of such a fast-paced plot 2 B R 0 2 B [Epic Audio Collection] 2 B R 0 2 B [Epic Audio Collection].

While only two volumes appeared in print, all three are available as ebooks via OverDrive.

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One Man Making a Difference. The right would not call him a hero. Working with Talon in exchange for Gifts, as a member of the 'Wunderliga'. Wunderkind A teen hero of genius intellect, a true child prodigy, using a variety of gadgets and tools to fight street-level crime in Berlin. Not the most experienced or physically toughest of heroes, but certainly possesses will and determination to put others to shame.

A member of the 'Wunderliga'. Defeated and captured by the villain Khukuri and relegated to a support role after her rescue. In her civilian identity, she is Johanna Dunst, an eager Scout and exceptional student, burdened both by the loss of her mother and the mental illness of her father, as well as the indifference of her new guardians. Oskar Emil Seeger An industrial magnate, nationalist sponsor and an associate of the secretive Organisation Consul. Seeger maintains an upright and righteous front despite his involvement in the assassination attempts on the Talon and on Walther Rathenau.

Launched a malicious newspaper campaign against the Talon and supported Consul's assassination plan in With no evidence linking him to these acts, however, Talon was forced to leave him to the police's uncertain investigations rather than take action himself. Geist A superhuman of which very little is known.

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This 'ghost' appears to hold the power to be imperceptible, slipping through others' senses as if they weren't even present. They worked with Organisation Consul in an attempt to kill the Talon, but were not caught. Their current whereabouts are unknown. King Diamond A war veteran and crime lord by the name of Erich Havener. Involved in a wide variety of vices, ruthless in taking over Berlin's criminal underground. Employs many fellow veterans of the War as his enforcers.

Obsessed with gemstones of all kinds, but especially diamonds. The great jewels of his empire are his clubs and cabarets, which serve as fronts for his illegal activities.

THE WORLD OF QUEST by Jason T. Kruse

Defeated by the Eagle and Talon in a daring raid on the club Cathedral. Unfortunately, his connections and the shakiness of the vigilante-provided evidence have led to him walking free once more. His new empire of crime threatens to engulf the entire city in its grip - the efforts of his new lieutenant, Khukuri, making themselves known.

Khukuri A disgraced Gurkha turned criminal enforcer, proficient with his namesake weapon and utterly fearless in battle. Khukuri came to Berlin seeking employment under King Diamond. After defeating all other comers, he found it. Learning that Berlin's heroes intended to move against his employer, Khukuri executed a daring plan where he captured Wunderkind and defeated the Talon in a show of fearsome skill with his blade. Captain Brandt An infamous Freikorps captain recruited to capture the government on behalf of the conspirators during the Kapp Putsch.

Merciless in the face of weakness and quite willing to sacrifice his own men for the cause. An expert in exploiting weak points and delivering crippling or even paralyzing strikes - defeated Talon in a grueling battle, prevented from killing the hero only by the intervention of the freed cabinet. Returned to Berlin in to assassinate the Talon. Was defeated and is set for a life behind bars.

A self-styled bohemian and artist leading a coterie of Weimar artists and outcasts in pursuit of the sublime and esoteric. Does not let the absence of public acknowledgement or success demoralize him. Runs a struggling newspaper on the side, 'Die Fakten'. Has graciously granted his friend and hero the loft of his gallery-slash-home-slash-club as an apartment. In Theo's absence, has taken on a large share of the family store's work. Elena and Albert Schmidt, Theo's parents, respectable middle-class shopkeeps. Elena, Theo's mother, is a Christian, and the match caused quite a stir among their families back in the day.

Have, if somewhat reluctantly, accepted Theo's choice of career - and perhaps even support it.

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Gustav Schmidt, Theo's uncle and accomplished chemist, who infected young Theo with a liking for the sciences. Runs his own laboratory and is fairly well known in academic circles. Anna Steidle A young nurse who offered her discreet services to the Talon in the aftermath of Doc Pox's attack. Quite the fan of the dashing vigilante ever since seeing him in action in the Kapp Putsch.

Zweihander A young Bavarian man of noble birth turned powerful hero, Zweihander discovered a dormant magic sword and was trained in the arcane arts in an otherwordly Realm. The Human Bullet The first superhuman opponent faced by the Talon, Wilhelm Weiss or the Human Bullet was a circus daredevil with criminal leanings until he used a stolen super-serum on himself and was granted inhuman powers. Now, the Human Bullet makes his living as a superpowered mercenary, taking any job as long as the pay's good enough.

The Bullet is capable of accelerating to incredible speed, but only in bursts of 'charges'.

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He cannot stop himself or change his direction once he shoots out, and so must rely on there being some kind of obstacle at the other end of his charge - usually, his unlucky target. The Bullet is seemingly invulnerable to harm while in this charge state, but an ordinary if skilled human outside it. The speed and power of his attacks makes him an extremely hard-hitting opponent, if not necessarily the most accurate one.

Weiss is a hedonist, easily bought with money, drink and women. He doesn't believe in causes or ideals that don't benefit himself, and is a survivor at heart, placing his own life before anything else.

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Fought the Talon in Berlin in as part of a Consul plot to assassinate the hero, but ended up accidentally firing himself straight into space. Returned after a lucky collision with the moon, resolving to stay away from Berlin. The Amazing Anzimee A phenomenally skilled hypnotist and stage magician, the Amazing Anzimee came into Talon's life attempting to rob an entire club while the incognito hero was in the audience.

Though Talon thwarted the malicious mesmerist's plans, he was himself trapped under the villain's spell. In the process, Anzimee learned Talon's identity as Theo Schmidt - a secret she has promised to keep for reasons of her own. She got a taste of Talon's Gift and remains hungry for more. Together with the Eagle, Talon persuaded Anzimee to abandon her life of crime and use her skills to help people - and to rob rich criminals - from there on.

It remains to be seen if this change of heart is a permanent one, or if she'll return to her criminal ways soon enough Ended her pact with the Talon in , apparently going on to work for German intelligence instead Watchman One of the first superhumans to emerge in the world, businessman Sven Strand gained incredible powers of intellect and perception from an experimental super-serum invented by his father.

Choosing not to use his new abilities to fight crime or take to the streets but instead to win enormous financial success and to promote his vision of a world without war, united in common security and watched by noble superheroes, Strand chose the name 'Watchman' for himself - perhaps to signify his self-assumed role as a sentry against dangers to the world and peace in our time. Invicta The second superhero to emerge after the Talon, Invicta possesses incredible strength, toughness, the ability to fly and to heal with a touch.

She has thrown herself into fighting crime and injustice in her home country of Albania and beyond with burning devotion, barely seeming to rest. Panthera An enigmatic heroine operating in her homeland of Mexico and across Central America, hunting the corrupt and the unjust with both tremendously powerful attacks, speed and agility, and seeming control over the big cats of the jungle. Little is known about her, but her conflicts with her own government have left her a controversial figure. One of the first superhumans to emerge. Doc Pox Once a brilliant French biologist and military doctor, Jacques Leclair lost all hope and sanity in the War, faced with the death and suffering of so many under his care.

He disappeared and was thought dead - only to emerge after the war as Doc Pox, a murderous villain with a vision of an apocalyptic new Plague that will overtake the planet. After a string of devastating attacks on remote French villages with poison and plague, Doc Pox moved on to grander targets.

Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World
Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World
Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World
Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World
Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World
Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World
Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World Quest Issue #1 A Pox Upon the World

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