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Weeks following TC's breakdown in the surgery room, he is placed on a suspension, but returns to the hospital after he and an old Army colleague find an injured young hiker. The Night Shift welcomes a new trauma surgeon, Dr. Topher returns to work following his life threatening injury. Ragosa also returns to work following brain cancer surgery, but he finds he can no longer tolerate his job as head of The Night Shift.

Jordan needs Scott to put a man trapped by an elevator car on a heart bypass machine to get him safely to the hospital, and she gets Ragosa to sign off on it. When a hospital director confronts Ragosa about the expensive field procedure, Ragosa angrily resigns. He later tells Topher he wants to focus on going back to school to be a doctor. TC returns to the hospital following his brief suspension, then deals with a woman who was accidentally shot by her husband and was later pronounced dead upon arrival.

Ragosa starts his new job as a physician's assistant, while Topher and Jordan butt heads for Ragosa's old job. Kenny helps a star high school football player deal with the fact that his injuries will likely mean he can't play contact sports anymore. Drew has complications with his relationship that involve trying to get the doctor to sign for Rick to get a prosthetic.

Meanwhile, Krista and Joey seem to connect, much to Kenny's annoyance. The Night Shift staff tend to victims of a multiple car pileup. One victim, a young pregnant woman, is distraught when she goes into labor, saying she promised her now-dead father she would get married before the baby's birth. This causes the team to try to locate her fiancee, who is serving in Afghanistan.

Another victim, a year-old girl who had just returned from marrying her boyfriend in Arkansas, is visited by her distraught father D. The father is a war veteran who returned from a tour only to find himself being a single father after his wife left. TC tries to help the man deal with his issues when the daughter goes into a coma.

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Meanwhile, TC begins to get along with Scott while they tend to the girl, and Jordan appears to mend fences with Scott. Jordan later sees Scott kissing a female companion. Paul tries to come to terms with still being an ER doctor while his father has bigger plans for him. Later on, the young pregnant woman survives and is married to her fiancee via Skype. Elsewhere, Ragosa continues to struggle with the job change. After Drew scolds him for repeatedly missing important patient information by not reading charts, he decides to pull a prank on Ragosa that will teach him a lesson, but learns something he never knew.

The staff have a busy night ahead of them when a female college student comes to the ER and faints on the floor. Paul finds a tampon that the girl forgot was inside her, and he suspects Toxic Shock Syndrome. Tests also show semen on the tampon, leading the girl to believe she was drugged and raped at a recent frat party she attended. While dealing with that, they have a skydiver who landed on a bus, and while treating him, Topher informs them that the skydiver has signed a DNR, which the girlfriend has no knowledge of, leading them to believe that the jump the skydiver made was intentional.

Soon, the mom and children also come down with illnesses that have different symptoms such as vomiting and collapsing on the floor.

Why The Night Shift shouldn’t have been cancelled after just four seasons

Ragosa acts as interpreter for the Spanish-speaking family, and later finds evidence in the father's truck that his family has been working on a farm that uses illegal pesticides. Later, Drew's boyfriend comes to the hospital to treat his ankle he sprained trying to change a light bulb and complains of pain in his prosthetic leg. Feeling depressed, he tells Drew he doesn't feel like the same person anymore, and suggests they break up. The ER is put on lockdown when a patient comes in after being exposed to caesium radiation at his welding job, which also puts Paul in danger as he made first contact with the patient.

Jordan is being stalked by a former patient, a man she saved after he had tried to commit suicide.

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TC's sister-in-law, who has never gotten along with Jordan, comes to town. Chavez does an emergency open heart surgery to save a patient's life, with Krista's assistance. When the shift ends, Chavez says he is off-duty and not her boss at the moment, and the two kiss. Kenny witnesses the kiss and is despondent. An extreme fog rolls through San Antonio.

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Returning from a training session, Jordan, TC and Paul discover a truck crashed down an embankment. They discover the truck was transferring human trafficking victims, some of whom have been injured in the crash. They are forced to think on their feet when the fog delays helicopter rescue. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Krista and Chavez work to save a year-old girl who was caught in a flash flood, while Drew and Topher attend to the girl's older brother who dove into the water after her.

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While treating the boy for hypothermia, Topher is plagued by memories of an Afghani man being waterboarded, whom he couldn't save. TC finds his sister-in-law unconscious after a fall down the stairs. Meanwhile, Jordan discovers that she is pregnant, but finds it difficult to tell TC due to them butting heads regarding his sister-in-law's drug addiction.

Also, the team is called to a campsite where a child has fallen down a well, and his mother, who went down after him, may not be as okay as she first seems. Meanwhile, Topher consoles Drew, who is falling deeper into a depression, and using his own methods of trying to distract himself that are unhealthy and gets him punched by the boyfriend of one of the guys he slept with, and almost costs a patient that he misdiagnosed his life. Ragosa's daughter visits the hospital, and Kenny blows off Krista after seeing her kissing Chavez. The hospital is put on high alert following a building explosion that sends numerous casualties to San Antiono Memorial.

At the explosion site, Drew and TC meet a man who has helped several victims, though he is not a licensed paramedic. They find that the guy was an Army medic, like TC and Drew, but has not been able to get help from the VA to pursue a career back home. Paul's famous surgeon father James McDaniel visits the hospital and begins taking control, annoying Scott and several other workers.

TC and Jordan grow closer as they make plans for the arrival of their new baby. At the end of the episode, Paul thanks his father for offering to get him into a surgical program at Johns Hopkins , but says he wants to stay in town and pursue a career in pediatrics. The shift starts off when Drew and Krista attend a veterans' gala for the promotion of Drew's Army friend, Javier. During the gala, a party goer shoots Javier's colonel, with a stray bullet striking Javier's wife.

Both are rushed to San Antonio Memorial. Later on, it is revealed that Javier's wife has a brain hemorrhage caused by a condition that existed even before the shooting, and she requires emergency surgery. TC, Jordan and Topher treat a young female patient with an unknown psychological disorder that resulted in her striking her father and an arresting officer, while also hurting herself.

The arresting officer wants to put the girl in either jail or an institution after she recovers. Topher and TC believe something physical may be causing the girl's psychosis, but have trouble diagnosing it. Elsewhere, Paul wants desperately to help a nine-year-old patient with cystic fibrosis when he has trouble breathing, but the medication is very expensive and not covered by the boy's Medicaid. Paul takes Kenny's ID badge to get the medication from a locked room, which puts Kenny's recent promotion in jeopardy.

Following his heroic actions at the veterans' gala, Drew's private life is put in the spotlight, leading to public backlash and a negative encounter with a patient during his shift. Having seen the story on the news, Rick returns to support Drew. TC Callahan 45 episodes, Jill Flint Jordan Alexander 45 episodes, Brendan Fehr Drew Alister 45 episodes, Robert Bailey Jr. Paul Cummings 45 episodes, JR Lemon Kenny Fournette 45 episodes, Alma Sisneros Topher Zia 35 episodes, Scott Wolf Scott Clemmens 35 episodes, Tanaya Beatty Shannon Rivera 23 episodes, Jeananne Goossen Michael Ragosa 22 episodes, Trina E.

Edit Storyline A group of doctors from the Army return to work the night shift at a hospital in San Antonio. Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know? Goofs A recurring plot point is the tension between hospital administrator Ragosa and doctor TC. In fact, no hospital administrator would work from 7 PM to 7 AM as shown. Administrators interface between the medical staff and the hospital board, and a board also does not work overnight. A similar error takes place with a psychiatrist that works the same hours.

A position of that nature would be on-call in the event they were needed.

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  5. This was proved true when beginning in Season 2 neither position was shown as working the night shift. Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Audible Download Audio Books. TC Callahan 45 episodes, Jordan Alexander 45 episodes, Drew Alister 45 episodes, Paul Cummings 45 episodes, Kenny Fournette 45 episodes, Topher Zia 35 episodes, Scott Clemmens 35 episodes,

    The Night Shift The Night Shift
    The Night Shift The Night Shift
    The Night Shift The Night Shift
    The Night Shift The Night Shift
    The Night Shift The Night Shift
    The Night Shift The Night Shift
    The Night Shift The Night Shift
    The Night Shift The Night Shift
    The Night Shift

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