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Thus, mundane con artists and temptresses have no power over the Stargazer. The solar plexus chakra stirs, allowing the character access to powerful energy and strength which can greatly aid Kailindo maneuvers. This lasts for one scene. The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-Kama-Rudra. Among the Stargazers this is not a philosophy, this is fact. Once someone realizes that suffering is the dominating force within the universe, he can move past it onto a fuller, richer life — or so the theory goes.

This Gift is taught by both pain- and rain-spirits. The target is incapacitated for one turn per success rolled as she is afflicted by terrible sorrow and sobbing. The subject may defend if attacked, and she also may take action if circumstances are putting her own life at risk. As the arbitrators of the Garou Nation, the Philodox have developed an attunement with the precarious forces that balance the world and the individual alike.

This Gift allows the user to detect an overabundance of any of the prime forces of the universe, whether Wyrm, Wyld or Weaver. It can point out a Bane manifestation at an industrial plant or mental instability in a packmate. The Gift requires the expenditure of one Gnosis point.

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Wyrm manifestation feels dense and oily, Weaver presence feels cold and unyielding and Wyld energies feel warm and trembling. Such manifestations are more subtle than ones detectable through Gifts such as Sense Wyrm. The Philodox must focus and be at peace for this Gift to work properly. Distractions, such as combat or exhaustion, disrupt any benefits of the Gift — the Garou can find only her own imbalance in such instances.

Depending on the effectiveness, the target could be completely immobilized by her new, fascinating train of thought. A computer-hacking Glass Walker might try to discover the last digit of pi, while a Bone Gnawer might try to reason why, indeed, did the chicken cross the road. The number of successes indicates the complexity of the problem and the extent to which the target is distracted.

Each Willpower point the target spends reduces the effectiveness of this Gift by 1. The Garou spends one Gnosis point, attuning himself to the body of his foe. One or two successes on this roll cause the opponent to keel over helpless for the next turn. Three or more successes paralyze the foe for the entire scene.

This Gift inflicts no actual health levels of damage. This Gift grants the ability to see through fog, pitch darkness and even recognize illusions or invisibility. A wind-spirit teaches this Gift. What it does do, however, is effectively increase the tautness and tension of her muscles, making her a light and powerful adversary. She can move quickly, jump to obscene heights, and land safely. This Gift is taught by any bird-spirit. Trance Runners are known for being notoriously light. It allows them to run quickly over almost any surface. The Trance Runner is able to run upon almost any surface without penalty.

A Stargazer may use weapons, but most need none.


Somewhere along the way, this Gift was concocted to aid in this tradition. This Gift can be taught by either a mockingbird spirit or an avatar of Raven. Each success allows for up to two minutes of recording to occur. If the Stargazer wishes to chronicle more, the player must make another roll. If the roll botches, the Stargazer using this Gift loses her voice for a single day. The character can cut through any falsity, illusion or bullshit with a few choice words.

The words cannot be profane and must come in the form of a short haiku poem or koan.

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This Gift is taught by a crow-spirit or a Chimerling. Any illusion designed to fool others is revealed as such — even Bastet Den-Realms can be discovered with this Gift. In addition, anyone attempting to He at that moment is revealed as a liar — his words instead speak his true intent. The Stargzer can walk through Weaver realms without attracting attention. Pattern Spiders will ignore her and go about their business. The character must chant a mantra through sub-vocalization mouthing it silently. This Gift is taught by various Enigmatics. However, if the Stargazer takes direct action against any Weaver minions, the effect of the Gift is canceled and the spiders will come.

The heart center stirs, opening the Garou up to normally unseen perceptions concerning others. She can sense what they are feeling and know the best way to make them listen to her although they cannot be coerced into acting against their wills.

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For the rest of the scene, the Stargazer can sense the surface emotions anger, frustration, joy, etc. The Stargazer can also attempt to avert any angry action against herself in such ways. The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-Hana-Daha. Rage, like fire, is an uncontrollable, all-consuming entity. It cannot be leashed or tamed, and can leave much damage in its wake.

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The Stargazers, as a rule, are not opposed to using Rage, but they understand that it can run rampant — and unmitigated Rage is a terrible weapon to behold. This Gift allows a Stargazer to punish other Garou for attempting to access this unmanageable source of power needlessly. Any opponent of the Stargazer feels the anger literally sear their flesh.

This Gift remains active for two turns per success rolled. Any Garou within ten yards of the Stargazer who spends Rage takes an automatic, unsoakable level of lethal damage per Rage point spent.

If the roll to use this Gift botches, the Stargazer loses all of her temporary Rage points. The Garou becomes the ultimate example of passive resistance. She becomes unable to attack an opponent, but she is also unable to be hit, allowing her opponents to exhaust himself in the attempt.

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A mongoose-spirit teaches this Gift. For the duration of the scene, the opponent cannot strike the Garou, no matter how many successes he achieves on the roll. This Gift will work on multiple opponents, but the player must spend a point of Willpower and make a new roll for each opponent. A falcon-spirit teaches this Gift. The effects of this Gift are permanent, but they do not apply to powers that sway emotion. This penalty applies even if the Garou cannot see the attack coming. The effect lasts for one scene.

The Stargazer can chant a mantra to banish Banality from the area and awaken Glamour. During the chanting, he must imagine the area as being inherently magical, seeing the rocks, stones and buildings as living things — he must pretend to dream while awake. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling. If successful, any Banality is banished for one scene.

In addition, any fae are revealed in their true forms. With this Gift, the Stargazer can dodge the wheels of fate for the moment. Through a preternatural connection between herself and the universe, she avoids certain disaster. A cat-spirit teaches the Garou this Gift. Once per scene, the player can spend a Gnosis point to reroll any failed roll. A long time ago, the Stargazers of Tibet made a pact with an ancient tribe of mountain spirits called the Chu-Mong snow goblins.

The pact was one of mutual protection, and a Stargazer using this Gift can reawaken the usefulness of the pact, at least temporarily. It summons the spirit of a Chu-Mong to help protect the Stargazer in question. Only a Chu-Mong can teach this Gift. The warmer the temperature, the harder it is to summon a Chu-Mong.

A Chu-Mong is a small creature like a primate in size and appearance covered in fine white hair with long claws and a lower-jaw needled with yellow fangs. This Gift takes its name from an ancient Stargazer tradition. They do not have a kernel of the celestial substance of cosmos within them, as the Garou and the other Fera do.

But many Stargazers still wished to show mortals or others unable to access the Umbra the hidden truths and puzzles found only in the Mirror Lands. Once, Stargazers could purify others with a silken cloth, rubbing them with it, so that they may enter the Umbra together. Now, that ability has been made into a Gift. This Gift lets a Stargazer bring one other human or otherwise Umbra-banned individual with her when she Steps Sideways. This Gift is taught by an Engling. The player must make two stepping sideways rolls: If the roll to bring her guest across botches, the poor soul is lost somewhere in the Umbra — even someplace as horrible as the Abyss or the Atrocity Realm.

The throat chakra stirs, allowing the character immense control over his voice and breath. He can halt others with a bellow or command them to heed his words. For the next scene, anything the Stargazer says has a commanding quality to it. Each success on the roll lowers the difficulty on any roll to command others, and he may even ask them to act in ways contrary to their nature although not acts which will directly harm them.

In addition, he may issue a resounding Ki-ai at any time, a bellow meant to scare opponents and give the Stargazer the initiative in combat. A Ki-ai may be effective against a single opponent only once per scene. The Umbra, also called the Mirror Lands, is a void empty of true matter and built of little more than the ephemeral whorls of spirit substance. Many Garou are reliant upon hard travel within the Umbra. They must find their destination and get to it via moon paths or sniffing out spirit tracks. Stargazers using this Gift have a somewhat easier time getting somewhere in the Mirror Lands — provided that another Garou or spirit is already there.

Using this Gift takes the werewolf directly to the location of the chosen individual, no matter where they are at that moment. The Stargazer must be in the Umbra to use this Gift. It is taught by a shadow-spirit. The Stargazer utilizing this Gift must speak the mantra while actually in the Umbra. In the case of traveling to a specific spirit, the Stargazer can only travel to spirits she has literally battled with. The difficulty for the roll is reliant upon the location of the target individual. If the target is in the Near Umbra, difficulty 7.

In the Deep Umbra, difficulty 8. And finally, in the Dark Umbra, difficulty 9.

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  4. Wind Loading of Structures, Second Edition.

This Gift can be taught by an owl-spirit. By gazing into the night sky for an hour, the Stargazer can find the answer to almost any question among the stars. A Chimerling teaches this Gift. If successful, the player can ask any one simple question of the Storyteller and expect an honest answer. The clarity of the information depends on the number of successes, and it is rare to gain a complete and straightforward answer. Stargazers with this Gift can redirect the effects of their Rage and Gnosis.

By attaining this higher control over their inner selves, they influence the world around them in their favor. This Gift is taught by an Enigmatic spirit. After learning this Gift, the Stargazer can spend her Rage or Gnosis, instead of Willpower, to receive one automatic success on a roll. The greatest Stargazers have no fear of fighting even a horde of opponents.

The werewolf must be in close combat, or must be attacked in a firefight by two or more foes. Each success enables the Garou to avoid and redirect one attack. This Gift counts as an action. The Stargazer may not use this Gift multiple times in one turn or spend Rage the same turn although he may take multiple actions in the standard manner. For example, a Stargazer with a Wits 4 and Dodge 4 is fighting six foes, each with Wits 2. The player rolls eight dice against a difficulty of 5. He gains four successes, and the Stargazer redirects four attacks.

Two of the foes would strike normally, but the Garou could still dodge their attacks had the player set apart any multiple actions…. The wisest of Stargazers understand that all divisions of the flesh are mere illusion. But even then, the great forces of the universe are connected. Drawing upon this wisdom, the Garou banishes the boundaries dividing the mind and body of man from the power of the werewolf. An avatar of Gaia herself teaches this Gift.

The player spends one Gnosis point. For the next day, the Stargazer enjoys the physical Attribute bonuses and regenerative powers of the Crinos form while in Homid. This Gift is proof of that. The few Stargazers with this Gift are not only able to plumb the depths of the ancestral memories for help, but are literally able to become one or many of their ancestors for a short time. The Stargazer glows with a pale nimbus of light and actually exhibits the physical traits altering her appearance of one or several of her ancestors. For a time, the Stargazer may also tap into the wealth of knowledge and ability of her forebears and use that to enhance her own actions for a time.

The player spends three Gnosis points. The Stargazer exhibits a number of ancestral traits equal to the dots in her Ancestors Background. Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Delicious: Emily's True Love Delicious: The Adventure of Derek Demon Hunter: A New Chapter Demon Hunter 3: Revelation Demon Hunter 3: Revelation Collector's Edition Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition Department The Mystery of the Nine Dependable Daisy: The Wedding Makeover Deponia: Banker's wife Detective Agency 3: Ghost Painting Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper Detective Quest: Sherlock's Heritage Detective Riddles: Sherlock's Heritage 2 Detective Stories: Hollywood Diamond Drop 2 Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract Diamon Jones: Flo Through Time Diner Dash: Hometown Hero Diner Dash: Dark Mystery Revealed Donna Brave: And the Deathly Tree Donna Brave: And the Strangler of Paris Donna Brave: At the Boardwalk Dora the Explorer: Daisy Pet Vet Dr.

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The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening
The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening
The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening
The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening
The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening
The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening The Stargazer Chronicles - The Awakening

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