Maggies Spell- The Dharken Awaken

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When th' sky stretches aght blue an breet, An th' heather's i' blossom all round, Makkin th' mornin's cooil breezes smell sweet, As they rustle along ovver th' graand. When aw sit under th' shade of a tree, Wi mi book, or mi pipe, or mi pen, Aw think them at's sooary for me Had far better pity thersen.

When wintry storms howl ovver th' moor, An snow covers all, far an wide, Aw carefully festen mi door, An creep cloise up to th' fire inside. A basin o' porridge may be, To some a despisable dish, But it alius comes welcome to me, If awve nobbut as mich as aw wish. Mi cloas are old-fashioned, they say, An aw havn't a daat but it's true; Yet they answer ther purpose to-day Just as weel as if th fashion wor new.

Let them at think joys nobbut dwell Wheear riches are piled up i' stoor, Try to get a gooid share for thersel' But leave me mi snug cot up o'th' moor. Mi bacca's all done, soa aw'll creep Off to bed, just as quite as a maase, For if Dolly's disturbed ov her sleep, Ther'll be a fine racket i'th' haase.

Aw mun keep th' band i'th' nick if aw can, For if shoo gets her temper once crost, All comforts an joys aw may plan Is just soa mich labour at's lost. Jewels, an gold, an silken frills, Are things too heigh for me ; But wol mi harp wi vigour thrills, Aw'll strike a chord for thee. Poor lassie wan, Do th' best tha can, Although thi fate be hard. A time ther'll be When sich as thee Shall have yor full reward. At hauf-past five tha leaves thi bed, An off tha goes to wark ; An gropes thi way to mill or shed, Six months o'th' year i'th' dark. Tha gets but little for thi pains, But that's noa fault o' thine ; Thi maister reckons up his gains, An ligs i bed till nine.

He's little childer ov his own At's quite as old as thee; They ride i' cushioned carriages 'At's beautiful to see; They'd fear to spoil ther little hand, To touch thy greasy brat: It's wark like thine at makes em grand- They nivver think o' that. I' summer time they romp an play Whear flowers grow wild an sweet Ther bodies strong, ther spirits gay, They thrive throo morn to neet. But tha's a cough, aw hear tha 1 as, An oft aw've known thee sick ; But tha mim work, poor little la. Aw envy net fowks' better lot — Aw shouldn't like to swap.

Aw'm quite contented wi mi cot ; Aw'm but a workin chap. If we live wol to-morn aw shall make her mi wife, An we'll donee to a rollickin measure, For we booath are agreed to begin wedded life, As we mean to goa throo it, wi pleasure. Then we'll donee an be gay, An we'll laff care away, An we'll nivver sit broodin o'er sorrow, An mi Dolly an me, Ax yo all to a spree ; Come an donee at awr weddin to-morrow.

Awst be bashful awm sewer, aw wor ne'er wed befoor, An aw feel rayther funny abaat it ; But Dolly aw guess can drag me aght o'th' mess, An if ther's owt short we'll do baat it. Mi mother says " Sol, if tha'll leave it to Doll, Tha'll find shoo can taich thee a wrinkle, Shoo's expectin some fun befoor it's all done Aw can tell, for aw saw her e'en twinkle. We've a haase to step in, all as smart as a pin, An we've beddin an furnitur plenty; We've a pig an a caah, an aw connot tell ha Monny paands, but aw think abaat twenty.

If ther's owt At a child shouldn't do, He mun try, Or know why, Befoor th' day's getten throo. Awm his mam, — That aw am, But awm ommost worn aght, A gooid lick Wi a stick, He just cares nowt abaght. Thear he goes, Wi a nooas Like a chandler's shop! Aw may call, Or may bawl, But th' young imp willn't stop.

Thear's a cat, He spies that, Nah he's having a race! If a cat's abaght th' place. But if aw Wor near by, Awd just fotch him a seawse! Come thi ways into th' haase! If he touches awr Fred, If aw live Aw'll goa rive Ivvery hair off his head! What's th' lad done? Tried to kill yor old cat? Well suppooas At he does! He's mi own, Flesh an' booan, An aw'll net have him lickt ; If he's wild, He's a child, Pray what can yo expect! Let's ha nooan o' them skrikes Nowty man! Why he can Kill a cat if he likes. Hush a bee, hush a bye, Little Freddy munnot cry. An awm havin a smook set oth' stile, Jenny, But this bacca's uncommonly strong.

Aw wonder if thy heart like mine, Jenny, Finds its love-burden hard to be borne ; Do thi een wi' breet tears ov joy shine, Jenny, As they glistened an shone yestermorn? Ther's noa treasure wi' thee can compare, Jenny, Aw'd net change thi for wealth or estate; — But aw'll goa nah some braikfast to share, Jenny, For aw can't live baght summat to ait. Like a nightingale if aw could sing, Jenny, Aw'd pearch near thy winder at neet, An mi choicest love ditties aw'd bring, Jenny, An lull thi to rest soft an sweet. Or if tli' wand ov a fairy wor mine, Jenny, Aw'd grant thi whate'er tha could wish ; — But theas porridge are salty as brine, Jenny, An they'll mak me as dry as a fish.

A garland ov lillies aw'd twine, Jenny, An place on thy curls golden bright, But aw know 'at they quickly wod pine, Jenny, I' despair at thy brow's purer white. Them angels 'at fell bi ther pride, Jenny, Wi' charms like thine nivver wor deckt ; — But yond muck 'at's ith' mistal's to side, Jenny, Aw mun start on or else aw'st get seckt.

Varry sooin aw shall mak thi mi wife, Jenny, An awr cot shall a paradise be ; Tha shall nivver know trubble or strife, Jenny, If aw'ra able to keep 'em throo thee. If ther's happiness this side oth' grave, Jenny, Tha shall sewerly come in for thi share ; — An aw'll tell thi what else tha shall have, Jenny, When aw've a two-or-three moor minnits to spare. It's th' only world aw've ivver known, An them 'at grummel soa, An praich abaat a better land, Seem varry looath to goa. Ther's some things 'at awm apt to think, If aw'd been th' engineer, Aw might ha changed, — but its noa use, — Aw connot interfere.

We're foorced to tak it as it is ; What faults we think we see ; It mayn't be what it owt to be, — But its gooid enuff for me. Then if we connot alter things, Its folly to complain ; To hunt for faults an failins, Alius gooas agean my grain. When ther's soa monny pleasant things, Why should we hunt for pain, If troubles come, we needn't freeat, For sunshine follows rain. If th' world gooas cruckt, — what's that to us? We connot mak it straight ; But aw've come to this conclusion, 'At its th' fowk 'at isn't reight.

If ivverybody 'ud try to do Ther best wi' th' means they had, Aw think 'at they'd agree wi' me, — This world is nooan soa bad. What insults an snubs they've to tak! What bowin an scrapin's expected, If a chap's a black coit on his back. As if clooas made a chap ony better, Or riches improved a man's heart ; As if muck in a carriage smell'd sweeter Nor th' same muck wod smell in a cart. Give me one, hard workin, an honest, Tho' his clooas may be greasy an coorse ; If it's muck 'at's been getten bi labor, It doesn't mak th' man onny worse.

Awm sick o' thease simperin dandies, 'At think coss they've getten some brass, They've a reight to luk daan at th' hard workers, An curl up ther nooas as they pass. It's a poor sooart o' life to be leadin, To be curlin an partin ther hair ; An seekin one's own fun and pleasure, Nivver thinkin ha others mun fare.

It's all varry weel to be spendin Ther time at a hunt or a ball, But if th' workers wor huntin an doncin, Whativer wod come on us all? Ther's summat beside fun an frolic To live for, aw think, if we try ; Th' world owes moor to a honest hard worker Nor it does to a rich fiy-bi-sky. Tho' wealth aw acknowledge is useful, An aw've oft felt a want on't misen, Yet th' world withaat brass could keep movin, But it wodn't do long withaat men. One truth they may put i' ther meersham, An smoke it — that is, if they can; A man may mak hooshuns o' riches, But riches can ne'er mak a man.

Then give me that honest hard worker, 'At labors throo mornin to neet, Tho' his rest may be little an seldom, Yet th' little he gets he finds sweet. He may rank wi' his wealthier brother, An rank heigher, aw fancy, nor some ; For a hand 'at's weel hoofed wi' hard labor Is a passport to th' world 'at's to come. For ther's one thing we all may be sure on, If we each do awr best wol we're here ; 'At when th' time comes for reckonin, we're called on, We shall have varry little to fear. An at last, when we throw daan awr tackle, An are biddin farewell to life's stage, May we hear a voice whisper at partin, " Come on, lad!

Tha's haddled thi wage. Aw'll simply call her Peevish Poll, That name suits to a dot ; But if shoo thowt 'twor meant for her, Yo bet, aw'st get it hot. Shoo's fat an fair an forty, An her smile's as sweet as spice, An her voice is low an tender When shoo's tryin to act nice. Shoo's lots ov little winnin ways, 'At fit her like a glove ; An fowk say shoo's alius pleasant, — Just a woman they could love. But if they nobbut had her, They'd find aght for a start, It isn't her wi' th' sweetest smile 'At's getten th' kindest heart.

Haivver her poor husband lives An stands it, — that licks doll! Aw'st ha been hung if aw'd been cursed Wi' sich a wife as Poll! Her children three, sneak in an aght As if they wor hawf deead They seem expectin, hawf ther time, A claat o'th' side o'th' heead. If they goa aght to laik, shoo storms Abaat her looanly state ; If they stop in, then shoo declares They're alius in her gate. If they should start to sing or tawk Shoo tells 'em, "hold yor din!

When its soa swelterin an hot They can hardly get ther breeath, Shoo'll pile on coils an shut all cloise, An sware shoo's starved to deeath. Whativver's wrang when they're abaat, Is their fault for bein thear ; An if owt's wrang when they're away, It's coss they wornt near. To keep 'em all i' misery, Is th' only joy shoo knows ; An then shoo blames her husband, For bein alius makkin rows. Poor chap he's wearin fast away, — He'll leeav us before long ; A castiron man wod have noa chonce Wi' sich a woman's tongue. And close beside the corner There stood an old stone well, Which caught a mimic waterfall, That warbled as it fell.

The cat, crouched on the well-worn steps, Was blinking in the sun ; The birds sang out a welcome To the morning just begun. An air of peace and happiness Pervaded all the scene ; The tall trees formed a back ground Of rich and varied green ; And all was steeped in quietness, Save nature's music wild, When all at once, methought I heard The sobbing of a child. I listened, and the sound again Smote clearly on my ear: Striving to soothe his sister's grief By giving her a toy.

Come tell me, little man," I said, " Come tell me, and be brief. Mi sissy wants her porridge, An its time shoo had 'em too ; But th' foir's gooan aght an th' mail's all donc- Aw dooant know what to do. An O, mi mammy's varry cold — Just come an touch her arm: Aw've done mi best to hap her up, But connot mak her warm. Mi daddy he once fell asleep, An nivver wakken'd moor ; Aw saw 'em put him in a box, An tak him aght o'th' door.

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He nivver comes to see us nah, As once he used to do, An let me ride upon his back — Me, an mi sissy too. An if they know mi mammy sleeps, Soa cold, an white, an still, Aw'm feeard they'll come an fotch her, sir; O, sir, aw'm feeard they will! Help me to rouse her up! An if shoo wants her physic, See, — it's in this little cup. Aw know her heead wor bad last neet, When puttin us to bed ; Shoo sed, ' God bless yo, little things!

Aw saw a tear wor in her e'e — In fact, it's seldom dry: Sin daddy went shoo alius cries, But nivver tells us why. Aw think it's' coss he isn't here, 'At maks her e'en soa dim ; Shoo says, he'll nivver come to us, But we may goa to him. But if shoo's gooan an left us here, What mun we do or say? When I heard the woeful tale ; I gazed a moment on the face Which death had left so pale ; Then clasping to my heaving breast The little orphan pair, I sank upon my bended knees, And offered up a prayer, That God would give me power to aid Those children in distress, That I might as a father be Unto the fatherless.

I bore them in my arms by turns — Their tears had made me strong. I took them to my humble home, Where now they may be seen, The lad, — a noble-minded youth, — His " sissy," — beauty's queen. And now if you should chance to see, Far from the bustling throng, An old man, whom a youth and maid Lead tenderly along ; — And if you, wondering, long to know The history of the three, — They are the little orphan pair — The poor old man is me: And olt upon the grassy mound 'Neath which their parents sleep, They bend the knee, and pray for me; I pray for them and weep.

Aw wor nivver soa capt sin th' day aw wor born! Aw neer saw sich a seet at a fair. There's a maase made its nest Reight i'th' craan o' mi new Sundy bonnet! Haivver its fun its way into this chist, That caps me! Aw'm fast what to mak on it! It's run reight under th' bed! What's these little things stirrin? If they arn't some young uns 'at th' gooid-for-nowt's bred, May aw be as deead as a herrin! But what does ta say? But its rayther too bad, just to mak her hooam thear; For mi old en's net fit to be seen in ; An this new en, awm thinkin '11 luk rayther queer After sich a rum lot as that's been in.

But shut up awr pussy, an heed what aw say ; Yo mun keep a sharp eye or shoo'll chait us ; An if shoo sees th' mother shoo'li kill it! An pray What mun come o' these poor helpless crayturs? Whativver'd come on us aw wonder? We should nooan on us like to be turned aght o' door, Wi' a lot o' young bairns to take care on; An altho' awm baght bonnet, an think misen poor, What little aw have yo'st have't share on. That poor little maase aw dooant think meant me harm, Shoo ne'er knew what that bonnet had cost me ; All shoo wanted wor some little nook snug an warm An a gooid two-o'-tbree shillin its lost me.

Aw should think as they've come into th' world born i silk, They'll be aristocratical varmin ; But awm wastin mi time! If we try Awm weel sure we can easily spare 'em, But as sooin as they're able, awl mak 'em all fly! Nivver mind if aw dooant! We've lived a long time i' this world an we've seen, A share of its joys an its cares ; Tha wor nooan born baght wit, an tha'rt net varry green, Soa let's hear what tha thinks of affairs.

This smookin an drinkin — tha knows tha does booath, It's a sad waste o' brass tha'll admit ; But awm net findin fault, — noa indeed! But aw want thi to reason a bit. An if th' childer are noisy, tha kicks up a shine, Tha mud want 'em as dummy as wax ; An if they should want owt to laik wi' 'at's thine, They're ommost too freetened to ax. Awm nooan baan to try to catch thi! Aw've noa dogs wi' me to worry Thee poor thing, — aw like to watch thi.

Did ta think aw meant to tak thi?

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Well, awm fond o' rabbit pie. Aw dooan't want th' world to misen, mun, Awm nooan like a dog i'th' manger; Yet still 'twor happen best to run, For tha'rt th' safest aght o' danger. An sometimes fowks' inclination Leads 'em to do what they shouldn't ; — But tha's saved me a temptation, — Aw've net harmed thi, 'coss aw couldn't. Aw wish all temptations fled me, As tha's fled throo me to-day; For they've oft to trouble led me, For which aw've had dear to pay. An a taicher wise aw've faand thi, An this lesson gained throo thee; 'At when dangers gether raand me, Th' wisest tactics is to flee.

They may call thi coward, Bunny, But if mine had been thy lot, Aw should fail to see owt funny, To be stewin in a pot. Life to thee, awm sewer is sweeter, Nor thi flesh to me could prove ; May thy lot an mine grow breeter, Blest wi' liberty an love. ET others boast ther bit o' brass, That's moor nor aw can do ; Aw'm nobbut one o'th' workin class, 'At's strugglin to pool throo; An if it's little 'at aw get, It's little 'at aw need ; An if sometimes aw'm pinched a bit, Aw try to nivver heed.

Becoss they can't keep sarvent men, An dine off silver plate ; Aw think they'd show more gradely wit To listen to my creed, An things they find they connot get, Why, try to nivver heed. Ther's some 'at lang for parks an halls, An letters to ther name ; But happiness despises walls, It's nooan a child o' fame. A robe may lap a woeful chap, Whose heart wi' grief may bleed, Wol rags may rest on joyful breast, Soa hang it! Th' sun shines as breet for me as them, An' th' meadows smell as sweet, Th' larks sing as sweetly o'er mi heead, An th' flaars smile at mi feet. An when a hard day's wark is done, Aw ait mi humble feed; Mi appetite's a relish fun, Soa hang it, nivver heed.

But come thi ways to me, an sit o' mi knee; For it's shockin to hearken to th' words 'at tha says ; — Ther wor nooan sich like things i' thi gronfayther's days. When aw wor a lad, lads wor lads, tha knows, then ; But nahdays they owt to be 'shamed o' thersen ; For they smook, an they drink, an get other bad ways ; Things wor different once i' thi gronfayther's days.

Aw remember th' furst day aw went cooartin a bit, — An walked aght thi gronny ; — aw'st nivver forget; For we blushed wol us faces wor all in a blaze ; — It wor noa sin to blush i' thi gronfayther's days. At that time a tradesman dealt fairly wi' th' poor, But nah a fair dealer can't keep oppen th' door ; He's a fooil if he fails, he's a scamp if he pays; Ther wor honest men lived i' thi gronfayther's days.

Ther's chimleys an factrys i' ivvery nook nah, But ther's varry few left 'at con fodder a caah ; An ther's telegraff poles all o'th' edge o'th' highways, Whear grew bonny green trees i' thi gronfayther's days. We're tell'd to be thankful for blessin's 'at's sent, An aw hooap 'at tha'll alius be blessed wi' content ; Tha mun mak th' best tha con o' this world wol tha stays, But aw wish tha'd been born i' thi gronfayther's days.

But judgin bi th' fuss an rejoicin, It's happen as weel as it is; For they could'nt mak moor ov a hoilful, Nor what they are makkin o' this.

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He's heir to ther titles an riches, Far moor nor he ivver can spend ; Wi' hard times an cold poverty's twitches, He'll nivver be called to contend. Life's rooad will be booarded wi' flaars, An pleasur will wait on his train, He can suck at life's sweets, an its saars Will nivver need cause him a pain. Aw cannot help thinkin ha diff'rent It wor when awr Dooady wor born ; Aw'd to tramp fifteen mile throo a snow storm, One bitterly, cold early morn.

Aw'd to goa ax old Mally-o'th'-Hippins, If shoo'd act as booath doctor an nurse ; — An God bless her! But we'd health, an we loved one another, Soa things breetened up after a while ; An nah, that young lad an his mother, Cheer mi on wi' ther prattle an smile. Them at th' Hall, may niak feeastin an bluster, An ther table may grooan wi' its looad ; But ther's one thing aw know they can't muster, - That's a lad hawf as grand as awr Dooad.

For his face is like lillies an rooases, An his limbs sich as seldom are seen ; An just like his father's his nooas is, An he's getten his mother's blue ecu. Soa th' lord an his lady are welcome, To mak all they like o' ther brat ; They may hap him i' silk an i' velvet, — He's net a bit better for that. I' life's race they'll meet all sooarts o' weather, But if they start fair on th' same rooad, They may run pratty nearly together, But aw'll bet two to one on awr Dooad. As nearer they coom he sed, " Bless mi life! What means all this hullaballoo? If they dooant stop that din they'll sewer get run in, An just sarve 'em reight if they do.

I'th' front wor a woman who walked backards rooad, Beatin time wi' a big umberel, An he sed, " Well, aw'll bet, that licks all aw've seen yet, What they'll do next noa mortal can tell. If a chap had done that aw'd ha knocked him daan flat, But wi' yo its a different thing; But aw'm thinkin someha, th' same law will aliaa Me too smook, at allaas yo to sing.

Then Rueben drew near, an he sed in her ear, As he lifted her onto her feet ; " Sometimes its as wise when we start to advise, To be mindful we're net indiscreet. If yo'd been intended to walk backardsway, To save yo from gettin that bump, Dame Natur, in kindness, aw'll ventur to say, Wod ha planted a e'e i' yor bustle. Aw know at mi day is nah passed, An life's twileet is all at remains; An neet's drawin near varry fast, — An will end all mi troubles an pains.

Aw can see misen, nah, as a lad, Full ov mischief an frolic an fun; — An aw see what fine chonces aw had, An regret lots o' things at aw've done. Thowtless deeds — unkind words — selfish gains, — Time wasted, an more things beside, But th' saddest thowt ivver remains, — What aw could ha done, if aw'd but tried. Aw've had a fair share ov life's joys, An aw've nivver known th' want ov a meal; Aw've ne'er laiked wi' luxuries' toys, Nor suffered what starvin fowk feel. But aw'm moor discontented to-day, When mi memory carries me back, To know what aw've gethered is clay, Wol diamonds wor strewed on mi track.

Aw can't begin ovver agean, Maybe its as weel as it is, Soa aw'm waitin for th' life 'at's to be, For ther's nowt to be praad on i' this. When deeath comes, as sewerly it will, An aw'm foorced to respond to his call; Fowk'll say, if they think on me still, — " Well, he lived, — an that's abaat all. Aw'm sewer shoo must ha guess'd it, But shoo nivver gave a sign ; Shoo drummed at that peanner ; — A'a! Aw'd ha chopt it into matchwood, — Aw'd ha punced it into th' street, It wor awful aggravatin, For shoo thumpt it ivvery neet. Aw'd getten ommost sickened, When one day another chap Aw saw thear, an he'd getten Mary Hanner on his lap.

Aw didn't stop to argyfy, — But fell'd him like an ox; An Mary Hanner tried to fly On top o'th' music box. But he wor gam, — an sich a job Aw'd nivver had befoor, We fowt, but aw proved maister, An aw punced him aght o'th' door. Aw had to stand an tak her blows, Until shoo'd getten winded ; "Tha scamp! Awr Jack had nobbut coom to pay, Becoss he's bowt th' peanner, An nah tha's driven him away! He paid her th' brass, then fotched a cart, An hauled away th'peanner; — We're wed sin then, an nowt shall part, Me an mi Mary Hanner. Through the thick mist of past years aw luk back, Vainly aw try to discover the track Buried, alas!

Sleep little beauty, Angels thee keep, Grondad is watchin, Sleep, beauty, sleep. Smilin in slumber, — dreamin ov bliss, Feelin in fancy a fond mother's kiss; Richer bi far nor a king on his throne, Fearlessly facing a future unknown. What wod aw give could aw once agean be, Innocent, spotless an trustin as thee ; May noa grief give thee occasion to weep, Blessins attend thee! W'M turned o' sixty, nah, old lass, Yet weel aw mind the time, When like a young horse turned to grass, Aw gloried i' mi prime. Aw'st ne'er forget that bonny face 'At stole mi heart away; Tho' years have hurried on apace: We had some jolly pranks an gams, E'en fifty year ago, When sportive as a pair o' lambs, We nivver dreeamed ov woe.

When ivvery morn we left us bed, Wi' spirits leet an gay, — But nah, old lass, those days have fled: Yet we've noa reason to repine, Or luk back wi' regret ; Those youthful days ov thine an mine, Live sweet in mem'ry yet. Thy winnin smile aw still can see, An tho' thi hair's turned grey ; Tha'rt still as sweet an dear to me, Tho' sixty, turned, to-day.

We've troubles had, an sickness too, But then in spite ov all, We've somha managed to pool throo, Whativver might befall. Awr pleasurs far outweighed the pain We've met along life's way ;.

An losses past aw caant as gain, — When sixty, turned, to-day. Awr childer nah are wed an gooan, To mak hooams for thersels ;. But we shall nivver feel alooan, Wol love within us dwells. We're drawin near awr journey's end, We can't much longer stay; Yet still awr hearts together blend, Tho' sixty, turned, to-day. Then let us humbly bow the knee, To Him, whose wondrous love, Has helpt an guided thee an me, On th' pathway to above.

His mercies we will ne'er forget, Then let us praise an pray, To Him whose wings protect us yet ; Tho' sixty, turned, to-day. W'VE nowt agean mi naybors, An aw wod'nt have it sed 'At aw wor cross an twazzy, For aw'm kind an mild astcead. But ther's an end to patience, E'en Job knew that aw'm sewer ; — An he nivver had noa dealins Wi' that lad 'at lives next door. It wod'nt do to tell 'em What aw think abaat that lad, One thing aw'm sarten sewer on, Is, he's ivverything 'at's bad.

He's nivver aght o' mischief, An he nivver stops his din, — He's noa sooiner aght o' one scrape, Nor he's another in. If he wor mine aw'd thresh him, Wol th' skin coom off his back ; Aw'd cure him teein door-snecks, Then givin th' door a whack. Aw'd leearn him to draw th' shape o' me Wi' chalk on th' nessy door, An mak mud pies o' awr front steps An leeav 'em thear bi th' scooar.

But here's his father comin, He's lukkin awful sad, — Noa wonder, — aw'st be sad enuff If aw had sich a lad. Aw nivver thowt 'at aw could feel Sich sorrow, or should grieve, But little Dick is varry sick, They dunnot think he'll live. Aw'd nivver nowt agean him! Aw liked that lad aw'm sure! Pray God, be merciful, an spare That lad 'at lives next door. Th' Sundy schooil wor ovver, An th' rain wor teemin daan An shoo had nowt to cover Her Sundy hat an gaan. Aw had an umberella, Quite big enuff for two, Soa aw made bold to tell her, Shoo'd be sewer to get weet throo, Unless shoo'd share it wi' me.

Shoo blushed an sed, " Nay, Ben, If they should see me wi' thi, What wod yo're fowk say then? We booath felt rayther shy; But then aw'm sewer 'twor noa disgrace, To keep her new clooas dry. Aw tried to tawk on different things, But ivvery thowt aw'd had, Seem'd to ha flown as if they'd wings, An left me speechless mad. But when we gate cloise to her door, Aw stopt an whispered, " Jane, Aw'd like to walk wi' thee some moor, When it doesn't chonce to rain. Aw cared net if all th' world should blame, Aw meant to pleas misen, For shoo wor th' grandest lass i'th' schooil An th' best, — noa matter what ; — Aw should ha been a sackless fooil, To miss a chonce like that.

Soa oft we met to stroll an tawk, Noa matter, rain or shine; An one neet as we tuk a walk, Aw ax't her to be mine. Shoo gave consent, an sooin we wed: An monny a time aw say to Jane, If things luk dull an bad; — Cheer up! Pride o' thi mother an joy o' tin dad! Two little hands 'at are seldom at rest, — Except when asleep in thy snug little nest. Two little feet 'at are kickin all day, Up an daan, in an aght, like two kittens at play.

Welcome as dewdrops 'at freshen the flaars, Soa has thy commin cheered this life ov awrs. What tha may come to noa mortal can tell; — We hooap an we pray 'at all may be well. We've other young taistrels, one, two an three, But net one i'th' bunch is moor welcome nor thee. Sometimes we are tempted to grummel an freeat, Becoss we goa short ov what other fowk get. Poverty sometimes we have as a guest, But tha needn't fear, tha shall share ov the best.

What are fowks' riches to mother an me? All they have wodn't buy sich a babby as thee. Aw wor warned i' mi young days 'at weddin browt woe, 'At labor an worry wod keep a chap low, — 'At love aght o'th' winder wod varry sooin flee, When poverty coom in at th' door, — but aw see Old fowk an old sayins sometimes miss ther mark, For love shines aght breetest when all raand is dark.

Ther's monny a nobleman, wed an hawf wild, 'At wod give hawf his fortun to have sich a child. Then why should we envy his wealth an his lands, Tho' sarvents attend to obey his commands? For we have the treasures noa riches can buy, An aw think we can keep 'em, — at leeast we can try ; An if it should pleeas Him who orders all things, To call yo away to rest under His wings, — Tho' to part wod be hard, yet this comfort is giv'n, We shall know 'at awr treasures are safe up i' Heaven, Whear noa moth an noa rust can corrupt or destroy, Nor thieves can braik in, nor troubles annoy.

An this thowt oft cheers me, tho' fortun may fraan, Tha may yet be a jewel to shine in His craan.. HEN but a little toddlin thing, I'th' heather sweet shoo'd play, An like a fay on truant wing, Shoo'd rammel far away ; An even butterflees wod come Her lovely face to scan, An th' burds wod sing ther sweetest song, For bonny Mary Ann.

Shoo didn't fade as years flew by, But added day bi day, Some little touch ov witchery, — Some little winnin way. Her lovely limbs an angel face, To paint noa mortal can ; Shoo seemed possessed ov ivvery grace, Did bonny Mary Ann. To win her wod be heaven indeed, Soa off aw went to woo ; Mi tale o' love shoo didn't heed, Altho' mi heart spake too. Aw axt, " what wants ta, onnyway? Thinks aw, well, aw'll be man enough To leeav thi to thisen, Some day tha'll net be quite as chuff, Aw'll wait an try thi then. For nah shoo's wed an lost yo see, But oh!

Ha its raand speckled face, craand wi' sprigs o' green holly m Seem'd sweeatin wi' juices ov currans an plums; An its fat cheeks made ivvery one laff an feel jolly, For it seem'd like a meetin ov long parted chums, That big Christmas puddin, — That rich steamin pud- din, — That scrumptious plum puddin, mi mother had made.

We'd rooast beef an mutton, a gooise full o' stuffin, Boil'd turnips an taties, an moor o' sich kind ; An fooamin hooam brewed, — why, — aw think we'd enuffin, To sail a big ship if we'd been soa inclined. An then we'd that puddin — That thumpin big puddin — That rich Christmas puddin, mi mother had made. Sam sat next to Mary an Jim tuk awr Hannah, An Kitty ov coorse had to sit next to me, — An th' stuff wor sooin meltin away in a manner, 'At mi mother declared 't wor a pleasur to see.

They wor nowt could be mended, we sed when it ended, An all seem'd as happy as happy could be ; An aw've nivver repented, for Kitty consented, An shoo's still breet an bonny an a gooid wife to me. An aw think o' that puddin, — That fateful plum pud- din, — That match makkin puddin mi mother had made. WD rayther face a redwut brick, Sent flyin at mi heead; Aw'd rayther track a madman's steps, Whearivver they may leead ; Aw'd rayther ventur in a den, An stail a lion's cub; Aw'd rayther risk the foamin wave In an old leaky tub. Aw'd rayther stand i'th' midst o'th' fray, Whear bullets thickest shower ; Nor trust a mean, black hearted man, At's th' luck to be i' power.

A redwut brick may miss its mark, A madman change his whim ; A lion may forgive a theft ; A leaky tub may swim. Bullets may pass yo harmless by, An leeav all safe at last ; A thaasand thunders shake the sky, An spare yo when they've past. Yo may o'ercome mooast fell disease ; Mak poverty yo're friend ; But wi' a mean, blackhearted man, Noa mortal can contend. Ther's malice in his kindest smile, His proffered hand's a snare ; He's plannin deepest villany, When seemingly mooast fair. He leads yo on wi' oily tongue, Swears he's yo're fastest friend ; He get's yo once within his coils, An crushes yo i'th' end.

Old Nick, we're tell'd, gooas provvlin aght, An seeks whom to devour ; But he's a saint, compared to some, 'At's th' luk to be i' power. An th' childer weshed, an fairly dressed, Wi' health an happiness are blest ; An th' youngest, tho' aw say't misen, Is th' grandest babby ivver seen. Aw've friends, tho' humble like misen, They're gradely, upright, workin-men, They're nooan baght brains oth' sooart they're on ; — They do what's reight as near's they con. Aw tak small stock i' politics, For lib'ral shams an tooary tricks, Have made me daat 'em one an all ; — Ther words are big, but deeds are small.

Aw goa to th' chapil, yet confess Aw'm somewhat daatful, moor or less, For th' chaps at cracks up gloory soa, Ne"er seem in onny haste to goa. To me, religion seems quite plain ; — Aw cause noa fellow-mortal pain, Aw do a kind act when aw can, An hooap to dee an honest man. Aw hooap to live till old an gray, An when th' time comes to goa away, Aw feel convinced some place ther'll be, Just fit for sich a chap as me.

Green fields, an trees, an brooks, an flaars, Are treasures we can all call awrs, An when hooam is earth's fairest spot One should be thankful for his lot. Aw'm nooan contented, — nay, net aw! Aw nivver con be tho' aw try ; But aw enjoy th' gooid things aw have, An if aw for moor blessins crave, It's more for th' sake o'th' wife an bairns.

To spare them my life's ups an daans. Well, yo may laff, an sneerin say, Aw'm praad an selfish i' mi way; — Maybe aw am, — but yo'll agree, Ther's few fowk better off nor me. To fancy 'at th' nook 'at we fill, Wod be empty if we worn't in it, 'At th' universe wheels wod stand still, If we should neglect things a minnit. She has a book on the go in every room in the house and always one in her bag. Aubrey is as at home in a tent deep in the woods in Maine as she is in the penthouse suite high above Las Vegas, and anywhere in between. Having never met a stranger, you are likely to find her looking over your shoulder at your favorite book store or talking to strangers about their wildest fantasies.

She lives to hear the stories of all those around her. Her adventurous nature both in and out of the bedroom has given her a wide variety of experiences to share. She also loves food and cooking She has a huge collection of both erotic favorites and cookbooks on her shelf. Cooking for people is both her joy and an honor and treasures having friends around. Aubrey isn't happy unless there are dogs on the bed at night, and her favorite tequila stored in the bathroom with the candles and the ever present books.

She reads voraciously - usually in the tub and finds any excuse she can to spend time there. At Aubrey's house you will always find a few trademark things Good food, a luxurious hot bath and icy cold tequila Come on over and pull up a chair Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The Dharken Awaken leads us into the world of the Dharken Lords.

A former Queen's guard that refused to serve the wicked female who killed the Queen and took her place. For their refusal the Dharken Lords were cast into a spell of a dark limbo where the only way out is through the speaking of a spell, and intense sexual relations. Justice, the young wizard manages to get the words to the spell into the hands of a lively redhead and the Lords are then able to come into the real world for a time. Gere also owns several bars, nightclubs and restaurants that have been used for filming locations, celebrity appearances, and charitable events.

Plot Maggie Carpenter Julia Roberts is a spirited and attractive young woman who has had a number of unsuccessful relationships. She's left three men waiting for her at the altar on their wedding day all of which are caught on tape , receiving tabloid fame and the dubious nickname "The Runaway Bride". Ike is fired for not verifying his source, but is invited to write an in-depth article about Maggie in a bid to restore his reputation. He travels to Hale, Maryland, where he finds Maggie living with her family a Farrah Leni Fawcett ; originally spelled Ferrah; February 2, — June 25, was an American actress, model, and artist.

A four-time Emmy Award nominee and six-time Golden Globe Award nominee, Fawcett rose to international fame when she posed for her iconic red swimsuit poster — which became the best selling pin-up poster in history — and starred as private investigator Jill Munroe in the first season of the television series Charlie's Angels — In , she was ranked No. During the s, she appeared in numerous television series, including recurring roles on Harry O — , and The Six Million Dollar Man — with her first husband, film and television star Lee Majors.

The Mothman Prophecies is a U. Based on the book of the same name by parapsychologist and Fortean author John Keel, the screenplay was written by Richard Hatem. The story follows John Klein Gere , a reporter who researches the legend of the Mothman. After a lengthy detour he has no memory of, he finds himself in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where there have been sightings of an unusual creature and other unexplained phenomena.

Many of the sightings remind him of his dead wife. As he becomes increasingly drawn into mysterious forces at work, he hopes they can reconnect him to his wife, while the local sheriff Linney becomes concerned about his obsessions. The film claims to be based on actual events that occurred between November and December in Point Pleasant, as described by Keel. It was shot in Pittsburgh and Kittanning, Pennsylvania and was released to mixed reviews. The Benefactor originally titled Franny is a American drama film written and directed by Andrew Renzi.

But their friendship takes a dark turn when he grows obsessed with the couple. Sam Matthew and Michael Daisher as Toby Christopher John Grace ; born July 12, [1] is an American actor. OBG is an American provider of engineering, construction, and operational services for: They are headquartered in Syracuse, New York and have regional offices in 24 cities throughout the United States. Gere, and Glenn D. The company was established in Central New York and its headquarters remains there today.

American male television actors

Services OBG offers a variety of services: Municipal, Industrial, Higher Education, and Federal. Written by Allison Burnett, the film follows a successful middle-aged restaurateur and womanizer who falls in love with a sweet young woman who is terminally ill. Charlotte Fielding Winona Ryder is a free-spirited, year-old woman brought to Will's upscale restaurant by her grandmother and friends to celebrate her birthday.

Will notices her immediately and her grandmother, an old friend of his, introduces them. Will admires the hats she made for the occasion and is surprised to learn that Charlotte is the daughter of one of his old girlfriends, Katy, who died in a car accident. The next day, Will calls and asks Charlotte to make a hat for his date to an upcoming benefit dinner. A few days later, she delivers the h Die Hard is a American action thriller film. Arnold Schwarzenegger declined to shoot the film as a sequel to his action film Commando, and Fox reluctantly gave the role to Willis, then known as a comedic television actor.

The film's success created the Die Hard franchise, which includes four sequels, a number of video games, and a comic book, and l Peter Hayden Dinklage ; born June 11, is an American actor and film producer. Dinklage studied acting at Bennington College, starring in a number of amateur stage productions. His film debut was in Living in Oblivion and his breakthrough came with the comedy-drama The Station Agent Prince Caspian , X-Men: Since shooting the pilot episode in , Dinklage has portrayed Tyrion Lannister on the HBO television series Game of Thrones, for which he won three Primetime Emmys from seven consecutive nominations.

He also received a Golden Globe for the role in The untitled Richard Gere series is an upcoming American drama web television series, based on the Israeli television series Nevelot created by Dror Sabo, Daphna Levin, Lee Yardeni, and Aviram Buhris, that is produced by Apple's worldwide video programming division.

Their lifelong regrets and secrets collide with their resentment of today's self-absorbed millennials, and an act of self-defense snowballs into a tragic series of events.

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Tyler began a career in modeling at age She later decided to focus on acting, and made her film debut in Silent Fall It was released on October 28, The film garnered a negative reception from critics. Plot Two FBI agents are conducting surveillance at a warehouse. The agents rush to the scene to find the man dead. However, they could not identify the assassin as he committed the murder in darkness. Later, CIA officers arrive on the scene and take charge.

Geary reasons that Cassius is the assassin due to his signature throat-slitting garrotting method. Written by Robert King, the film is about an American businessman who ends up wrongfully on trial for murder. His only hope of exoneration and freedom is a female defense lawyer from the country. Before the deal can be finalized, Moore is framed for the murder of a powerful Chinese general's daughter, and the satellite contract is instead awarded to Moore's competitor, Gerhardt Hoffman Ulrich Matschoss. Sommersby is a American romantic period drama film directed by Jon Amiel from a screenplay written by Nicholas Meyer and Sarah Kernochan.

The film stars Richard Gere and Jodie Foster in the lead roles. Lee Ermey are featured in supporting roles. Set in the Reconstruction period following the U. Civil War, the story is adapted from the historical account of 16th century French peasant Martin Guerre. In the film, John Gere is presumed dead after he fails to return from the Civil War.

Editorial Reviews

His wife, Laurel Foster , is set to marry her neighbour, Orin Meacham Pullman , but John mysteriously returns after six years. The film received generally positive reviews from critics who praised the performances and chemistry of its lead actors as well as the musical score although the ending received some criticism. Awakening and Underworld: The film, which is a loose remake of the film The Day of the Jackal, involves the hunt for a paid assassin. In retaliation, the mobster hires an assassin known only as the "Jackal" to kill an unidentified target.

Meanwhile, the MVD capture one of the mafia's henchmen. During interrogation, the henchman reveals the name "Jackal". As the Jackal begins his preparations for the assassination—utilising a series of disguises and stolen IDs in the process—the FBI learns of one person who can identify him. King David is a American epic historical drama film about the life of the second King of the Land of Israel, David. The film stars Richard Gere in the title role, alongside ensemble cast such as: King David was released by Paramount Pictures which was also the production company, on March 29, , while in other countries it was released in and Upon release, the film received mostly negative reviews aimed for its screenplay writing, pace, some of the acting and the action sequences.

However, Gere's performance and the cinematography were praised. Garait is a commune and the prefecture of the Creuse department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in central France. Geography A light industrial town, the largest in the department, with a big woodland and a little farming not far from the town centre. Paul, dating from the thirteenth century. This building, of Gothic style, was constructed in the fifteenth century by Antoine Allard. It is now the headquarters of the General Council of the Creuse. It can be visited during public holidays. The Presidial, dating from the seventeenth century.

This building houses the town hall. Partly built in eighteenth century, the building served as the residen Howard Robard Hughes Jr. December 24, — April 5, was an American business magnate, investor, record-setting pilot, engineer,[4] film director, and philanthropist, known during his lifetime as one of the most financially successful individuals in the world. He first became prominent as a film producer, and then as an influential figure in the aviation industry.

Later in life, he became known for his eccentric behavior and reclusive lifestyle—oddities that were caused in part by a worsening obsessive—compulsive disorder OCD , chronic pain from a near-fatal plane crash, and increasing deafness. As a maverick film tycoon, Hughes gained fame in Hollywood beginning in the late s, when he produced big-budget and often controversial films such as The Racket ,[5] Hell's Angels ,[6] and Scarface Later he controlled the RKO film studio.

Hughes formed the Hughes Aircraft Company in , hiring numerous engineers and designers. He spent the rest of the s and much of the s se Avril Ramona Lavigne ; French: Her debut studio album, Let Go , emphasized a skate punk persona in which she has since been often referred by critics and music publications as the "Pop Punk Queen", due to her achievement and impact in the industry. It is located in the Norte region, in the northwest of Portugal, specifically in the districts of Viana do Castelo, Braga, and Vila Real.

The park was created on 8 May due to its national and international scientific interest, with the aim to protect the soil, water, flora, fauna, and landscape, while preserving its value to the existent human and natural resources. Education and tourism are also goals of the park. Hackford went on to direct a number of highly regarded feature films, most notably An Officer and a Gentleman and Ray , the latter of which saw him nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director and Academy Award for Best Picture. After graduating, he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia, where he started using Super 8 film in his spare time.

Alicia Christian "Jodie" Foster born November 19, [1] is an American actress, director, and producer. For her work as a director, Foster has been nominated a Primetime Emmy Award. A child prodigy, Foster began her professional career as a child model when she was three years old, and in , she made her acting debut in the television sitcom Mayberry R. In the late s and early s, she worked in several television series and made her film debut with Disney's Napoleon and Samantha Following appearances in the musical Tom Sawyer , and in Martin Scorsese's comedy-drama Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore , Foster's breakthrough came with Scorsese's psychological thriller Taxi Driver , in which she played a child prostitute; at age 14, she received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Her other praised roles as a te

Maggies Spell- The Dharken Awaken Maggies Spell- The Dharken Awaken
Maggies Spell- The Dharken Awaken Maggies Spell- The Dharken Awaken
Maggies Spell- The Dharken Awaken Maggies Spell- The Dharken Awaken
Maggies Spell- The Dharken Awaken Maggies Spell- The Dharken Awaken
Maggies Spell- The Dharken Awaken Maggies Spell- The Dharken Awaken

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