Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition)

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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Message Posted 1 Sep by tullio Post: I am a pensioner. My first job was to help build and calibrate a bubble chamber at the Physics Department of the University of Trieste. I had to go and fetch a CO60 gamma-ray source from an subterranean room and use it to generate neutrons by irradiating a beryllium target, this to calibrate the bubble chamber. This without any safety protection. I also had to modify the chamber electronics by using the first Germanium transistors instead of vacuum tubes.

This when I was still a student. The physicists were using vacuum tubes in their equipment and told me that the transistors had no future. On weekends I climbed mountains. Message Posted 31 Aug by tullio Post: One dat doctors say is good for you, another that is bad. The same for alcohol. There was a recent study saying that three millions people will die after drinking alcoholic beverages, but a study on "Nature" magazine demolished this article's statistics.

Message Posted 30 Aug by tullio Post: Etna is peacefully erupting for the joy of tourists, like Stromboli. The real danger is Vesuvius. Yes, but I mostly run Quantum Chemistry tasks which run only on Linux. But it was and is an Open Source software. Hats off to SUN! There is a link to that article in the message board thread Atlas at LHC home. Einstein home tasks run at 73 C and complete successfully. Tullio I forgot to add climate prediction. Message Posted 28 Aug by tullio Post: Italian cafe Message Posted 26 Aug by tullio Post: It is running Leap I am running it both on my Windows 10 and Linux hosts.

Its main drawback is the time needed to run the tasks, but there are no deadlines. Message Posted 23 Aug by tullio Post: ESA Aeolus has entered orbit. Its laser beams will be in the optical range, green, while Aeolus uses UV beams. Infinity in mathematics was theorized by Georg Cantor. Later one mathematician said: Was he David Hilbert? Message Posted 22 Aug by tullio Post: I am listening to a Shostakovic cello concert. What if ETIs use music as a means of communication? I remember a film where the Martians,after having invaded Earth, are destroyed by a song which is deadly to them.

Writer, mountain climber, photographer Fosco Maraini who spent part of his life in Japan, also in Japanese jails because he did not adhere to the Fascist Government after September , divides the world in two "broths". Of this last broth we Mediterranean know very little but it existed always and is becoming very important. You are forgetting the Hindu Veda texts. I found in my street two books published by the Orange people in Sanskrit with a correct Italian translation and they are amazing. A completely different cosmology. I quote only a prayer I found in one of them. I am translating from the Italian translation.

O almighty Lord, I don't want wealth, I don't want beautiful women and I don't want disciples. I want only to engage in your unconditioned love service, life after life. The following tsunami destroyed the Minoan Crete fleet and let it unharmed it had no fortresses to the Greek invasion, which destroyed the Minoan culture. In what is left at Santorini a buried city was found, Akrotiri , with beautiful Minoan paintings under meters of ash. Message Posted 21 Aug by tullio Post: If we accept the hypothesis of the Ancient Aliens, like it seems Chris has done, builders of huge monuments, I have only one questions.

Why they did not they leave any written document? Have they not discovered any alphabet? Or maybe they left one and we are unable to understand it, like the Linear A of Crete, which is still not deciphered. Italian cafe Message Posted 21 Aug by tullio Post: Today I received a mail from HP. Recently it received firmware updates from HP.

La nuova fabbrica dei sogni. Miti e riti delle serie tv americane

The first two months are gratis and I shall be charged only after that. Message Posted 20 Aug by tullio Post: I don't think HAL was a neural network. But people using neural networks say that although seeing valid results of their computations they don;t understand how the neural network reached them. There is something in them that escapes our logic. Almost all comments of that film say that the computer HAL had gone mad. I have a different interpretation. In its artificial intelligence it had arrived at the concept of "sacred" and thought that the mission was a sacrilege and deliberately sabotaged.

It reminded me of " A Space Odyssey" and its black monolith. Message Posted 19 Aug by tullio Post: I shall add only a small note on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. In the Fifties of last century he conceived the idea of a"noosphere" or sphere of knowledge, encompassing both the geosphere and the biosphere.

His "noosphere" is our World Wide Web. This is not the place to start a discussion about the existence of God. He was a scientist and discovered the remains of the "Peking man" which were unfortunately lost in the war. Another book of his I have is "The appearance of man", Colllins, He died in and is buried in New York. Once a missionary priest in Africa who was living with the Bushman people,that are considered as monkeys by other African people, eating their food which he offered to his African Bishop who almost excommunicated him, asked a Bushman chief who had become his friend and whom he was not trying to convert.

Do you believe that God exists? And the Bushman replied "God exists because I exist"'. Italian cafe Message Posted 18 Aug by tullio Post: At the end, a spokesman of the Islam Community of Genoa said a prayer and was cheered. Message Posted 18 Aug by tullio Post: I think we should rally against the militarization of space apparently sought by the Great Powers, here or elsewhere. The banned Russian volunteer wrote that Russia will build a military space station. No one reacted salvo myself, a pensioner. ESA is about to launch Aeolus, a satellite conceived in capable of measuring wind velocity by emitting UV laser beams and recording their backscatter.

It cost million dollars but, according to a meteorologist cited by "Nature" it cold allow saving of billion dollars due to better meteorological forecasts. I am speaking of a Space treaty and it belongs here. Message Posted 17 Aug by tullio Post: I objected that ESA and other international institutions will not cooperate with a military station, and he did not reply. There is an international Treaty against putting weapons in space but maybe Putin and Trump think of treatises as "pieces of paper", like Mussolini. Italian cafe Message Posted 17 Aug by tullio Post: No, the quake was in the Molise region.

It looks like there are no casualties. The mountain regions are not heavily populated. Thanks for your sympathy, we are dealing with the Genoa bridge tragedy which is man made, like the Vajont dam tragedy of where I was a voluntary member of the Alpine Rescue Corps.


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Vesuvius seems to be sleeping, Tullio. I agree that manned missions to Mars are needless. We can explore Mars with robotic missions. It seems that Opportunity has been blinded by a dust storm and has no power. But it was planned to last three months and has lasted ten years. Basic science seems useless but sometimes it gives useful results. Radio astronomy has produced the algorithms now used in Computerized Axial Tomography scans and the research on particle accelerators has produced the hadronic accelerators now used in cancer therapy.

My daughter was working on this subject for her laurea thesis, and the accelerator was to be built in Milano in Abbazia Mirasole, a Benedictine monastery, then it went to Pavia for political reasons but it is working and curing people. Italian cafe Message Posted 16 Aug by tullio Post: But I mostly used the train, for economy reason. Also a I have a brother, a retired sea captain,living in Pegli. I would take the train from Milano to visit him. C'era un sito chiamato Photobucket dove scaricavo le foto e da li' era facile scaricarle su un post.

Poi e' diventato a pagamento e non l'ho piu' usato. Operating system question Message Posted 15 Aug by tullio Post: I loaded it also on a USB stick. Italian cafe Message Posted 14 Aug by tullio Post: A concrete bridge on the A10 autostrada from Genoa in westward direction collapses for a meters length, falling on the Polcevera valley and river. Deaths are given as 37 but probably they are more.

Traffic from Genoa to the Riviera di Ponente is interrupted. It was built in Tulliio The remaining two pylons 90 meters high are in danger of falling down. About people are being evacuated from their homes by firemen. Io ho un Samsung del ma non e' uno smart TV. Comunque il Samsung funziona anche come monitor di un PC con Windows Italian cafe Message Posted 13 Aug by tullio Post: Dicono che entro il dovremo cambiare i televisori perche' la frequenza su cui lavorano oggi e' stata assegnata ai telefoni cellulari. Science that doesn't make sense Message Posted 13 Aug by tullio Post: String theory hypothesizes a number of particles.

Enzo Biagi - Interviste sul futuro della televisione 4/5/2001

Dark matter should consist of weakly interacting massive particles. We are flying blind. Maybe they should read Isaac Newton.

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I need some help. Message Posted 13 Aug by tullio Post: Physicists have many different opinions on this and other subjects. It is only when an experimental evidence is available than on can say "physicists think". Italian cafe Message Posted 12 Aug by tullio Post: L'Italia in nuoto e tuffi ha fatto otto medaglie d'oro, di cui tre di Simona Quadarella, una ragazza di 19 anni di Roma,che ha vinto i , e metri stile libero, prendendo cosi' il posto di Federica Pellegrini, 30 anni.

Ma non sanno che in Italia il ciclismo e' uno sport nazionale e il golf e' praticato da pochi ricchi? Message Posted 12 Aug by tullio Post: Bergmann, a coworker of Einstein, which explains gravitational waves without recurring to mathematics. If you understand mathematics, my reference book on General Relativity is the biography of Einstein "Subtle is the Lord" by Abraham Pais. Both books were written before the actual detection of GW. In I published on the Mondadori Yearbook of Science and Technology an article by Bergmann on whose front page I put a photo of Joseph Weber and his aluminium detectors, and was severely scolded by Antonino Zichichi because I had written in the caption that Weber had detected GW.

He was right, of course. LHC has discovered the Higgs boson, not gravitational waves. It is on its way to the Sun. When should you not use a GPU for processing? Message Posted 11 Aug by tullio Post: But the GPU tasks do not crash and go on after a reboot,with no errors. RAM is 22 GB, so it should be sufficient for all tasks. Maybe a sociological inquiry on SETI home could find a reason.

Something similar was done for Einstein home users, although no one of them found any gravitational wave. But they found many pulsars, both radio and gamma-ray, the latter in data coming from the Fermi space telescope. It has also an onboard GPU which is now not used. Science that doesn't make sense Message Posted 11 Aug by tullio Post: Physicists have learned to treat infinities in quantum electrodynamics by a method called renormalization. Maybe they got it wrong and it was actually 10 exp No, I don't have a new number, but I think this is all a fancy show.

The LHC, which has sent me a polo shirt to thank for my contribution, has not found any particle foreseen by springs theory. Tullio No, Le Scienze was right,it was me that got it wrong. Maybe I was thinking of the Lord having to create a number of universes. At a recent meeting in Japan of string theory experts String it was said that multiverses are much less than the allowed by the theory, since many of them are impossible. None of the particles associated with them has been found by experiments,so far.

Science that doesn't make sense Message Posted 10 Aug by tullio Post: Yes, equations do work in our watches,tablets,computers and so on. But their interpretation is still a matter of discussion. A wave function in Schroedinger picture is something physical or simply a mathematical expression? And what makes it collapse to a particle when we measure it? There is a theory by three Italian physicists, Ghirardi, Rimini and Weber which puts forward a mechanism that is also cited by Roger Penrose in his book "Shadows of the mind".

The author of the book reviewed seems to ignore it. A good example could be the two slits experiment, as recently narrated in "Nature". Sorry, I cannot link it. But if you can get access to "Nature" please read it. It is contained in a book review. Tullio The "Nature" issue s that of August 7 and the title of the review is "Two slits and one hell of a quantum conundrum" by Philip Ball.

Message Posted 10 Aug by tullio Post: But I still think that credits are like money,the more there is the less it is worth. Message Posted 9 Aug by tullio Post: Relativity, both special and general, has survived so far all experimental tests. Since it is based on the idea that c is an upper limit for all speeds, unless we find an example of something carrying both mass and impulse going faster than c we must accept it. Chris, you cannot simply add velocities in special relativity.

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On the other hand, I don't know of any galaxy moving away at speed greater than light. Message Posted 8 Aug by tullio Post: Tullio, I was reading a good biography on Einstein Isaacs , and came across the contributions to the notion of curvature tensors. Einstein was not a mathematician and knew little about tensor analysis. See Abraham Pais, "Einstein", pag. They were all mathematicians of Padua University. Space is not void but it is filled with particle-antiparticle pairs which exist for a very short time according to Heisenberg's rules.

But if one of them is engulfed by a black hole the other remains and makes up what is called Hawking radiation. If the particle-antiparticle pair are entangled, do they remain entangled if one of them falls in a black hole? He answered that my question was very subtle and wrote a long answer which unfortunately I have not downloaded and printed. I like printed paper, perhaps because I was a Physics and Astronomy editor for 12 years at Mondadori Scientific.

I wrote of gravitational waves in following the results published by Joseph Weber on Physical Review Letters and was severely scolded by physicist Antonino Zichichi. But Weber's principle was correct, you get a real signal only if two or more detectors, in different localities register an event at the same time.

Too many trucks on Italian roads. People use the Web to spread idiocy. Italian cafe Message Posted 6 Aug by tullio Post: I was not printing anything and I saw the small screen of the printer lighted. It said it was downloading and warned not to shut it down, like a Windows 10 upgrade. I then read on theregister. Evidently HP knows the address of my printer. Italian cafe Message Posted 5 Aug by tullio Post: Flying Message Posted 5 Aug by tullio Post: The flight was a holiday pleasure flight.

Message Posted 5 Aug by tullio Post: I hope it landed well in he Pacific and was found by ship. The ISS consists of 42 modules. It would not be easy to transfer them to a Moon orbit. Better to leave it where it stands and use its capabilities as long as possible. The Cold Matter experiment brought to the ISS by the Dragon spacecraft has produced a Bose Einstein Condensate of Rubidium atoms for a time much longer than on Earth due to its low temperature and the absence of gravity.

Physicists are excited at this new instrument's capabilities. Message Posted 1 Aug by tullio Post: Giancarlo Ligabue is an amateur archaeologist who make money by catering for ships and my brother, a sea captain, gave the book to me. It is heavily illustrated and makes a good reading. Italian cafe Message Posted 1 Aug by tullio Post: It seems that in order to be appreciated Italian scientists have to go outside Italy where too often you make a career only if you are connected to a leading political party.

Fusion power on the grid within 15 years? Message Posted 31 Jul by tullio Post: But they give people a purpose to live and do research which may or may not produce something useful. ITER may lose the American support ad financing too. But it is better to spend money on them instead of new military aircraft like the American F35 and its European counterparts. I just received a polo shirt from CERN with thanks for my ten years contribution!

Chris I am a Catholic and I never insulted anyone because of his creed or the color of his skin. Unfortunately many Italians have voted for a party, the Lega, which is racist and people are being insulted, beaten or even killed because they are blacks or Rom. I am deeply ashamed for this behavior of Italian citizens who enjoy all the rights provided by the Italian Constitution which was made by Communist, Socialist, Catholic and liberal politicians.

Then Italian politics degraded itself to money making and we live dark times. As I wrote in another thread, the first to propose an expansion of the universe was a Catholic priest, Belgian Abbe' Lemaitre in So the Catholic Church is no longer opposed to science and can accept aliens, if they ever appear. The accelerated expansion is proved by the red shift of supernovae in distant galaxies. Since we know the luminosity of a type 1a supernova called a standard candle if we measure its red shift we can infer its velocity.

All this is based on a constant called the Hubble constant should be called the Hubble-Lemaitre constant by the name of the priest who first proposed that the universe is expanding. There are two different values of the Hubble constant, measured by two different methods, so there is some uncertainty. R is the distance. Einstein did not know radio astronomy, X ray astronomy, gamma ray astronomy and IR astronomy. But you cannot see the gravitational waves too, that he theorized in and were detected in I cannot understand why this thread was blacklisted.

Anyway a Grand Unified Theory is only a dream. General relativity has had new confirmation in the vicinity of giant black holes. Maybe neutrino physics will tell us something new but much was already conceived by Bruno Pontecorvo with his oscillation model, that was confirmed. The search is on for sterile neutrinos, which go back to Ettore Majorana,. Nihil sub sole novi. Message Posted 30 Jul by tullio Post: There was an Italian movie "un marziano a Roma" which narrated the ramblings of a Mars citizen in a "Dolce vita" city. He was rather confused and longed to go back to Mars.

What is most power efficient SETI compute platform, for scaling? This question comes up all the time regularly. We always refer everyone to Shaggie76's often updated graphs. But they may depend on Windows I download the nVidia drivers using Geforce. Message Posted 29 Jul by tullio Post: There is a famous photo of Enrico Fermi having written it wrong on a blackboard , maybe as a joke. All tasks fail on my Android 7. Italian cafe Message Posted 29 Jul by tullio Post: Nibali shall be operated next week, I hope he can recover and take part.

Message Posted 28 Jul by tullio Post: It was attended by at least people who believe that aliens have already visited Earth , built the Pyramids and the Maya temples. Among the invited guests was the author Erich von Daniken I hope I spell him right who wrote books spreading this thesis. No SETI search was mentioned by the enthusiast attendance. Italian cafe Message Posted 28 Jul by tullio Post: Bravo Chris, I hope they cheer you in Paris.

Italian cafe Message Posted 27 Jul by tullio Post: Italian cafe Message Posted 26 Jul by tullio Post: Italian cafe Message Posted 25 Jul by tullio Post: The Tour will be decided by the clock race of Saturday. Mountains can count little.

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In with Fiorenzo Magni leader the Italian national team was retired by Gino Bartali a Just among the Nations because of the French public behavior towards a foreign team. Sky may retire its team too, depending on what happens now. Italian cafe Message Posted 24 Jul by tullio Post: They were simply searching for their 15 minutes of celebrity. We shall see more of this, also because the Manager of the Sky team has said harsh words about France and Frenchmen. Italian cafe Message Posted 22 Jul by tullio Post: Italian cafe Message Posted 21 Jul by tullio Post: Geraint Thomas always in Yellow jersey.

Italian cafe Message Posted 20 Jul by tullio Post: Message Posted 20 Jul by tullio Post: My father did not speak much about his Russian experience. He was probably shamed about what the Germans did. But he told me that once he saved the life of a girl that was starving by feeding her with Italian army food. The girl's father thanked him with a written note I have seen. It started with the words"'cher capitaine".

Nibali is out because of a broken vertebra. Italian cafe Message Posted 19 Jul by tullio Post: Italian cafe Message Posted 18 Jul by tullio Post: Well,Aksel Munthe ran from Finland to Messina to help the survivors of the quake and tsunami, like he narrates in his book "Story of San Michele". There was an article on La Repubblica Friday magazine about today's Capri and its problems with too many tourists. Munthe was not mentioned.

Italian cafe Message Posted 15 Jul by tullio Post: Italian cafe Message Posted 14 Jul by tullio Post: Italian cafe Message Posted 13 Jul by tullio Post: Message Posted 13 Jul by tullio Post: But I am not against the Russian people, my father had to go to Russia as a soldier during last war and when he came back in and refused to join the Fascist army he spoke to me about the qualities of the Russian people in harsh times.

ISS is an international space station and has welcomed people and experiments fro many countries,excluding China due to a stupid American decision. Will the Russian space station do the same? And will it launch from Baikonur, Kazakhstan? Is Russia planning to build its own space station? China is certainly planning one in the Tiangong series launched by Long March rockets.

As for the ISS, it is made up of 42 modules, 37 of which were orbited by the Shuttles, 5 by Russian rockets. It will fly back to Earth in August carrying scientific instruments and other loads. You say it is obsolete, but no Progress cargo rocket can do this. Oumuamua Message Posted 12 Jul by tullio Post: NASA has discovered a 2 asteroids system, which rotate around their center of mass.

They were detected by using Arecibo as a planetary radar and Green Bank as a telescope which received the radio waves reflected by the asteroids. You can read about this on the NASA site. With the help of the Fermi Large Area gamma-ray telescope in orbit and other telescopes in the EM spectrum its source was identified in a blazar active galaxy with a huge black hole in its center at a distance of 3. The discovery has been reported on "Science" magazine. Message Posted 12 Jul by tullio Post: It will be launched by the Space Launch System. SpaceX is a commercial supplier, not a Government agency, same as Orbital Sciences Corporation which also has demonstrated the capability to land a first stage.

One should not make the mistake of confusing commercial suppliers with US Government agencies. Italian cafe Message Posted 12 Jul by tullio Post: Greg Van Avermaet,Belgium, leads. Italian cafe Message Posted 11 Jul by tullio Post: Francesco Gaviria and Peter Sagan win two Tour stages. Camila Giorgi loses to Serena Williams at Wimbledon. Italian cafe Message Posted 9 Jul by tullio Post: After the Tour stage I saw a recorded part of a Giro Rosa stage in Piacenza,with girls cycling and falling like men. Now they will ride mountains, but I don't have a map. Tour de France 3d stage teams clock race Standings 1.

Greg Va Avermaet 2. Tejay Van Garderen 3. Soren Kragh Andersen 9. Oumuamua Message Posted 8 Jul by tullio Post: I have a book by astronomer Paolo Maffei titled "La cometa di Halley" which covers most comets since early times up to All comets described, many by Chinese astronomers, had tails.

They are mostly spherical objects with a tail, sometimes two tails. I also think that Oumuamua was not a comet. You can add this: Italian cafe Message Posted 8 Jul by tullio Post: Qui ogni famiglia deve pagare circa 20 euro al mese per accedere a notizie, sport, intrattenimento e molte altre cose. Dall'anno scorso il Canone RAI e' incluso nella bolletta elettrica, perche' molti, specie al Sud non lo pagavano.

Italian cafe Message Posted 7 Jul by tullio Post: E' vero che i teams ottengono soldi dalle TV, che poi si rifanno sui loro abbonati. Mediaset si e' presa la Champions League per tre anni, ma ha trasmesso i Campionati mondiali in chiaro. Sky si e' preso il Campionato Italiano. Italian cafe Message Posted 6 Jul by tullio Post: I giornali dicono che Cristiano Ronaldo e' della Juventus. In cambio Gigi Buffon va al Paris Saint Germain per chiudere la carriera e guadagnare qualche soldo in piu'.

La Marmolada e' tutta del Trentino, secondo un recente decreto. La Regione Veneto e' furiosa, perche' ha costruito impianti di risalita funivie che portano alla cima a metri e ora la stazione d'arrivo e' in Trentino.

Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition) Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition)
Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition) Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition)
Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition) Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition)
Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition) Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition)
Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition) Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition)
Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition) Storie e culture della televisione (Oscar saggi Vol. 925) (Italian Edition)

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