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From there it is one wild ride. Plot twists and alliances change and shift, it kept me guessing. I don't even want to give you an idea of what and who I'm talking about because I don't want to ruin the surprises. Just "Trust Me" like what i did there? I can't wait till you guys get to read this book. I can't believe i got to read this book.. Over the last few years I have developed a wonderful friendship with Romily that lives in the book universe. That means I am sometimes lucky to get to beta-read books before everyone else. Romily is such an amazing talent and I feel so lucky to have been able to feel like a part of Find Me's journey, no matter how small and insignificant it may have been.

She is truly a gifted writer and sweet girl and I can't wait to see what she will write next!!!! Nov 16, Anna Bubolz rated it really liked it.

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Personal Response I liked this book a lot. It was interesting the whole time and kept me on my toes. The one thing I did notice was that the author likes the word "leverage" a lot. Considering how an average teenager talks, using the same word over is definitely normal. Plot Wick, the computer hacker, comes home after solving a murder to find a man talking with her mom. The man, who was called Hank, wanted to take Wick to a special place for trouble teens that are computer geniuses.

After getting t Personal Response I liked this book a lot. After getting to the facility Wick was given jobs to improve hacking skills. But, before any jobs were given she needs to pass a test. The test was to hack into a medical device and turn it off and on as many times as Dr. Nordstrom was Wick's counselor who just happened to be the owner of that organization. After passing the test and getting to do jobs that involve hacking there are scandalous things going on. Wick finds that she accidentally killed a judge by turning on and off his pacemaker when taking that "test", her father broke out of prison, and that her boyfriend Milo is Dr.

To top all of her problems she learns that Dr. Nordstrom is running a scam and that Wick's dad took 11 million from her. Wick finds a way to solve everything by turning herself in and with the help of Griff her used to be ex boyfriend. Recommendations I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about scandalous things. This book would probably be for ages 14 to 24 because of mature content and how the book is written. Aug 12, Sally Kilpatrick rated it it was amazing Shelves: I feel like I need to reread before I can give you the best review possible, so consider this a placeholder.

Blessedly, rereading Romily Bernard never gets old because she just keeps getting better. Her prose and pacing fly gracefully, and I love Wick's special blend of snark. I'm normally not a big fan of the love triangle, but Bernard makes it work as Wick has to decide between fellow hacker Milo and bad boy with the heart of gold, Griff. That last one sounds like a cliche. Okay, it kinda is a I feel like I need to reread before I can give you the best review possible, so consider this a placeholder. Okay, it kinda is a cliche, but Griff rises above my inability to word.

Then there's Looking Glass which was quite a fun complication. If you like snark and suspense with a side of romance, then Trust Me is just the book for you. A wholly satisfying conclusion to a trilogy that might just make it to my favorites list. Wick is a fiery character you just can't help but love, despite the flaws that only make her human.

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This book goes from the realm of small-town mystery to government conspiracy without even batting an eye, giving us readers both surprise and delight. Fast-paced, hold-your-breath, and just plain awesome - Trust Me is an incredible ending you won't want to miss. I feel like I waited a long time to read this - but happily it didn't disappoint! I had to keep turning those pages to find out how things were going to shake out Sep 06, Jill rated it it was amazing. There ain't no sugar coating, this is the real deal so get ready.

Aug 01, Brittany rated it really liked it Shelves: This is by far the best book of the Find Me trilogy! The connections between the books are shown and everything comes together to make sense. This book felt like it was more mystery than thriller to me but I still really enjoyed it! I worried about how I would feel about Wick in this book considering she took such a dark turn in the second book. I have to say that she really redeemed herself in my eyes in this book. She didn't make a huge change in her personality or anything but she made the ult This is by far the best book of the Find Me trilogy!

She didn't make a huge change in her personality or anything but she made the ultimate sacrifice in her eyes for the people that she loved. I was also a huge Griff fan in this book. He really showed what he was made of and was brave despite the fear that he felt for himself and Wick. It was interesting for me to see the character growth in this book.

There were a few characters that I found to be weak that surprised me with their strength in Trust Me. I did not see one of the main villains coming in this one but thankfully it all made sense. It felt good to know that the majority of my predictions were correct but the author did manage to fool me on the one villain. I loved that I wasn't able to predict everything. Aug 02, Beth rated it liked it. Wicket Tate's life has never been more complicated, with everything going on she has found herself asking who she can really trust.

Milo, her hacker boyfriend, Griff, her ex, her family consisting of her sister and foster parent, etc; its very confusing for her and it's only going to get worse. In order to escape her demons she is going to have to trust somebody, but how can she. This was a pretty good conclusion to the Wick Tate story. Wick is definite Rating: Wick is definitely the best part of the story, there are many twists, turns, chaos, and trust issues.

I found myself wanting a bit more but overall I was satisfied with the ending. Sep 19, Brandon Kitchen rated it really liked it. Such a good finale to the trilogy. Remember Me was a little frustrating as most sequels are but I found myself turning page after page with Trust Me. Bernard does a great job at making the reader second guess every character, which is appropriate given the title is literally called Trust Me. I think this is the most suspenseful one out of the three. Really enjoyable and filled with twist after twist.

May 13, Victoria rated it liked it. This was not my favorite of the three books but it wasn't all that bad. It was a decent wrap up to this trilogy. I wish some things were done a little differently but overall it wasnt that bad and I'm a little sad to see these characters go. Nov 21, Dee Price rated it it was amazing Shelves: I absolutely loved this series. Betrayals, twists, turns, non-stop action This book answers all of the questions I had throughout the series and it was the perfect ending to Wick's story. Apr 30, Julie Davis rated it it was amazing. I highly recommend this series by Bernard.

They are taut, exciting mysteries that will keep you guessing until the end. I am looking forward to reading more from this talented author. Oct 17, Kayla rated it it was amazing. Jun 25, Dark Faerie Tales rated it it was amazing Shelves: Gripping mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Is it still kidnapping if your mom lets them take you? Wick Tate has had trust issues pretty much her entire life. She was raised by a father who was a con man and her mother was always afraid to stand up to him. The only good things that came from her crappy childhood are her amazing little sister and her ability to hack into computers.

She is a very accomplished hacker and she has been able to use her talents to make her some extra cash she may need in the future. Then Wick is offered the chance of a lifetime. Looking Glass is an organization that specializes in helping wayward children, who happen to have amazing computer skills work in a safe environment. They can use their abilities legally and start to build resumes that will eventually allow them to get good jobs doing something they are passionate about in the future.

From the very first moment I met Wick I instantly adored her and my love for her has just grown through each book. She is obviously wicked smart and extremely resourceful, but she is also just a young girl trying to figure out how to live her life. For years she was forced to work for her horrible father and in some ways that blurred the lines between right and wrong for her.

It was interesting to see her outlook on life and how her experiences have shaped her as a person. She is actually a very compassionate person and she would do anything for the people she loves, but she also has a dark side to her personality. Milo is one of the love interests in the book and I really like him. In many ways he is just like Wick but I felt like he had less guts then Wick. Deep down I believe he is a good person, but it was harder for him to stand up to others.

He would rather take the easy route versus doing the right thing. His relationship with Wick was sweet and in many ways they were really cute together. But I felt like they had a slightly destructive relationship because they tended to bring out the worst in each other. Griff and Wick have known each other for a long time now. They grew up in the same neighborhood and have always been friends. He came from nothing but he has built a life for himself and he just projects his all around goodness onto everyone he comes into contact with. His relationship with Wick is complicated but so amazing.

They also have great chemistry together. Trust Me is a suspenseful, action packed mystery that will keep you turning the pages until you are finished. I loved the first two books in this series and this one was just as good as its predecessors! The pacing was spot on, the plot was very intriguing and full of surprises. The romance was developed perfectly and totally swoon worthy. The mystery was gripping and definitely keeps you interested. The characters are loveable and easy to relate too!

As you can tell I have loved this entire series and I am so sad to see it come to an end, but thankfully Bernard did a wonderful job tying up all the loose ends. I really look forward to see what she comes out with next. If you are a mystery or thriller fan you MUST pick up this series. I guarantee you will love every minute of it! It would be a mistake because I could never trust him again.

HarperTeen provided me with a copy of Trust Me. Shocked by this, she does the only thing she can do; she reports it. But, being as it was live-streamed, the video is gone and with it, any evidence of its existence so the police are pretty much powerless to do anything, even if they believed her, which she suspects isn't the case. She does however have connections and it is to Freddie and Nas she turns to help her. They are supposed to be carrying out their own assignments into missing persons' cases but hey, never one to stick to the rules, Freddie's interest is piqued enough to muddy the waters of her position within the Police to try to help.

As with the previous books we have the chalk and cheese pairing of Nas and Freddie. Both with very differing agendas and ways of seeing things but complementing each other perfectly. They are united in their working situations both being rather precarious even if for vastly differing reasons.

But, at the end of the day, both being eager for justice. Just at differing costs and in different ways. As the story progresses, the action ramped up to almost frenetic proportions, culminating is what was for me an extremely exciting and thrilling conclusion. I've already mentioned my fears regarding internet security and privacy but this series exposes the evils of technology whilst also keeping the balance by highlighting the good it does too. If the author isn't herself a technology guru, she definitely does her research as all the techno parts of the book come across as completely credible and, for luddites like me, very well explained.

Characterisation was, as always, pretty spot on. I am already familiar with most of the main players through the previous books and am happy to report that they are all developing nicely and consistently. Maturing well like fine wines really! I am especially impressed with Freddie as she strives to find her way in life. Pacing is also excellent throughout, the story full of action both physical and cerebral in manner which increases nicely throughout until, as already mentioned, the thrilling finale which to be honest left me a bit gobsmacked but totally satisfied. All in all a good addition to what is shaping up to be a great series.

Roll on book four. My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book. Sep 29, Vicky-Leigh Sayer rated it really liked it. Trust Me is the third novel in Angela Clarke's social media series, and as always this author manages to send a chill down my spine when I consider what could happen to anyone who partakes in social media of any kind on a daily basis. Kate is watching videos being live streamed online when she witnesses a horrific sexual attack on a young girl that culminates in violence. Kate is horrified and does what she considers to be the right thing by reporting the crime to the Police.

However by the time t Trust Me is the third novel in Angela Clarke's social media series, and as always this author manages to send a chill down my spine when I consider what could happen to anyone who partakes in social media of any kind on a daily basis. However by the time the Police arrive, the video has been removed from the internet without a trace left behind.

No other witnesses have reported a similar offence and Kate is forced to let the matter lie, shocked that the Police have questioned her own judgement after spotting a glass of wine on her table. She knows what she saw. Could one of the gang members be behind this? Could the missing girl be the girl in the video? Previous readers of this series will know that Freddie's mind, much like her mouth runs at a million miles an hour, and she is admirably keen to help Kate.

But as always doesn't put an awful lot of thought into her actions before she carries them out. Inevitably this leads her to trouble, but Freddie isn't afraid of a little trouble if it means getting the Police the right result and the criminals bought to justice. As always Nas is on hand to try and help her friend, but not if it involves breaking the rules. Could Freddie have gone too far this time? If so, just who will be there to back her up when it all goes wrong? Jun 12, Claire Reeder rated it it was amazing. Kate sees a horrific murder - witnessed live via a live video stream but the police don't seem to believe her and when the police eventually arrive the idea has disappeared.

Nas and Freddie are working on a missing persons case and even Kate contacts them, they wonder if the cases could be linked. This book is tense and fast paced. I read it in just over a day and was drawn in from the first page. Nas and Freddie are great characters and work extremely well together. Along with a great plot line, this is the fabulous third book in the brilliant social media murders series and is definitely worth 5 stars.

Jun 05, Rosie Amber rated it really liked it Shelves: Trust Me is book three in the social media murder series set in London. It opens with a young girl, running scared. Late one night, Kate stumbles across something shocking via a live video upload on the internet. She reports the incident to the police, but when they follow it up, the video has been deleted; the incident is filed.

Concerned no one is taking her seriously, Kate makes contact with the media and does a live interview. Cyber-crime chasers, Nasreen and Freddie, are working on a gang rel Trust Me is book three in the social media murder series set in London. Cyber-crime chasers, Nasreen and Freddie, are working on a gang related case when they are named as police contacts by Kate in her TV appeal. More witnesses to the video come forward; now, the case is taken seriously. Freddie uses her investigative journalist and social media skills to search for leads.

Not afraid to bend rules, she is the polar opposite of Nasreen who does her police work by the book, in this race-against-the-clock plot. They make snide remarks about civilian Freddie being in their midst, but she holds her own with sharp one liners that leave them verbally beaten, and I gave her a few mental thumbs up. There are a lot of characters to keep track of in this book, especially if you are new to the series. The pace is kept brisk with brief use of descriptive detail, enough to allow the reader to create their own pictures. There are several other threads running through this book, with hints at romance for more than one character.

Done it again Yet another great book. Strong characters and a good story line. Characters are developing nicely. Hope there is a book 4. Jun 02, Karen rated it really liked it Shelves: While undertaking some online research for her work, Kate stumbles upon a live video which is seemingly showing a young woman being murdered. After calling the police, she discovers that the video has disappeared and that people are reluctant to take her seriously. How can she prove that this was not a figment of her imagination and that, somewhere, is a girl in need of help?

Meanwhile, Sergeant Nasreen Cudmore and her friend Freddie Venton are working on a missing persons case - could the two i While undertaking some online research for her work, Kate stumbles upon a live video which is seemingly showing a young woman being murdered.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Nasreen Cudmore and her friend Freddie Venton are working on a missing persons case - could the two incidents be connected? This time the spotlight is on Periscope and how people, anywhere, can watch video clips that are put online. It is, in many ways, a modern retelling of the Agatha Christie classic, The 4.

In Trust Me, we see a different side to Freddie's character in that she is struggling to come to terms with feelings she has never felt before. This angst does not stop her impulsiveness, however, and she is soon infuriating her friend, Nas, who is more adept at playing by the rules. There are times, though, when we see Nas acting without thinking, showing that the friends' personalities are beginning to rub off on each other.

One of the things I liked most about this book was that, although it is a police procedural, it is not a traditional whodunit. The naming of the culprit is secondary to the actual investigation and the police search for the girl in the video. It is still a fast-paced story, though, especially in the last fifth of the book when one of the characters is placed in mortal danger. I've enjoyed reading all of the books in this series so far and I hope that Angela Clarke has some more in the pipeline!

Jul 22, Gordon Mcghie rated it really liked it. First the housekeeping, it is book 3 of a series so there are some references to past events. The author ensures that new and forgetful readers will not be disadvantaged when previous events are discussed as she nicely outlines events from earlier books and ensures you have the pertinent detail to enjoy Trust Me. To the book…it is generally accepted that you can find anything on the internet but one evening Kate comes across a Periscope feed which is streaming the attack of a young woman.

Kate is compelled to watch the feed as she realises that the woman is initially incapable of refusing the sexual advances of her assailant.

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When the attack becomes increasingly violent Kate is convinced the girl cannot have survived the incident. She contacts the police but they seem unable to help — she cannot find the video again, there is no sign of a victim and Kate does not even know where the incident took place. Freddie has her own problems to contend with — her role with the police is in jeopardy due to funding problems. There is a potential solution but Freddie will need to change her role and undergo some training if she is to remain attached to the police.

Meanwhile Nas is also battling to recover her status amongst her colleagues as past decisions are still casting a shadow over her place within the squad. As Trust Me unfolds we are treated to the frustrations of Freddie, the problems with investigating an incident with little evidence and a potentially unreliable witness and we see loyalties tested under extreme circumstances.

I don't think that's particularly fair. If I really had to justify my differentiation it would be because the previous two, especially the first, were so very different.

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Different because of the characters introduced, especially Freddie. And different because of the Social Media angle. By book 3, neither of these aspects are new and surprising. And, yet, part of the enjoyment of reading a series is how the characters develop through not just one book, but several, covering a greater time period. I'm dwelling too much on detail, here. The thing is, this is the third book in the series. If you haven't read Follow Me and Watch Me , please go back and do so. And, assuming you enjoyed them, you'll enjoy this. Clever device - social media - and quirky character aside, there are so many strengths in the writing of this writer.

Never get sniffy about crime novels. There are people who believe that the 'literary' genre is far superior to any other. Far too much 'literary' fiction is centred on the shallow - or self-centred - lives of relatively privileged people and rather too many domestic noir books are, to be fair, excepting the incident that makes them 'noir'.

It's only really police procedurals and similar that are shedding light on our society. This book highlights depravity on a deprived estate and provides a contrast with the rather nice families of the two rather middle class boys and the Tory MP. If I were to issue a criticism of this book and many other excellent books like this, it perhaps oversimplifies life on crappy sprawling estates.

If I was working class and lived on such an Estate I would be mightily annoyed. However, it would be ludicrous to think that, somehow, there aren't these problems. A lot of people prefer not to think about them, or pretend that they only happen to other people.

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So, basically, I think that, despite my caveat, this sort of book - and I happen to think Angela Clarke is outstanding - actually acts a vital document of society, deprivation and depravity in this decade. And it also happens to be a thrilling read. Well written in several different ways. I'm not one for 'I couldn't put this down' but it was definitely a book I pondered between reading sessions, and one that made me eager to start another session.

As series books go, this one would probably work quite well as a standalone; I just think it's worth reading the series in order. Jul 22, Chrissi rated it really liked it. This is the third book in the Social Media Murders series, and I swear the books are getting better and better. It centres around Kate, Nasreen and Freddie. Kate was watching live videos on the internet and saw someone being sexually assaulted and then stabbed. There were no repor This is the third book in the Social Media Murders series, and I swear the books are getting better and better.

There were no reports from anyone else and the account seems to have disappeared after the assault. Freddie believes Kate from the start and after a while Nasreen comes around. I thought this book was really gripping. I thought it was incredibly well paced. I have really enjoyed getting to know Nasreen and Freddie better throughout the series. I definitely think both characters have got more likeable over time. I love that in books! I like to be kept guessing and for me Trust Me did exactly that.

Jun 24, Clare rated it it was amazing Shelves: One night school teacher Kate is watching a live video stream on Periscope. She is shocked to see a young woman in an empty room with two males. A voice in the background shouts 'like this post, get this to one thousand likes'.

Then the young woman is glassed in the face and raped by one of the males, the other male can be heard in the background shouting 'hey'. Kate calls the police but they do not be With thanks to Netgalley and Avon books for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review. Kate calls the police but they do not believe her when she can't tell show them the webcam footage, name the victim of tell them the location.

The website is owned by a London gang. One of the members of the gang Paul Robertson has gone missing along with his daughter Amber. Kate goes to see Freddie who instantly believes her. Nasreen is unwilling to investigate due to lack of evidence. Annoyed Freddie advises Kate to go to the press. The gamble pays off when another 3 witnesses come forward, 2 teenage boys and a MP. This series is going from strength to strength. I loves the differences between studious but boring Nasreen and wilful, sassy Freddie. In this book Freddie is living with a man but is unwilling to commit and leaves him.

Nasreen still feels strongly about her boss DCI Jack Burgone after their one night stand in the last book. There is a funny scene with Freddie and her boyfriend that makes Nasreen infuriated. When Nasreen does not keep Freddie up to date, she puts her life in peril. The plot was ingenious, it was fast paced and the story never dragged. There have been a few instances of attacks being filmed on mobiles and then posted on Facebook. It certainly makes you aware that the internet is a force for bad and good. Jul 08, Stephanie rated it really liked it.

Trust Me is the third book in the social media series by Angela Clarke. Each of the novels have focused on the more worrying sides of social media. In this book, the site featured is Periscope. It is another that I have never used but one that I do understand. This is a series that I am up to date with, an unusual occurrence for me with all the books that are published.

I have enjoyed getting to know the characters, seeing them settle into their roles and changing their views as they lear Trust Me is the third book in the social media series by Angela Clarke. I have enjoyed getting to know the characters, seeing them settle into their roles and changing their views as they learn. I have seen all their strengths and many faults, these police officers are more human than some that are seen in fiction. That was a stupid story line to me. And it was lame that Skye and David were saying they were in love when the author continuously reminded you that they were never able to pursue their relationship since David was so torn feeling he should return to his wife.

So, when did this so called "falling in love" happen? There didn't seem to be any opportunity. So that was a bit trite. And the author never mentioned Skye missing her period to even think she could be pregnant. They had sex, and she took a test a few days later. Most tests suggest missing a cycle first before taking it. Being a woman, the author should know that. And how can you have the ex wife plot Skye's murder but then never tell what happened to her? Did she do time? I also had no emotion toward Skye's relationships with her two partners at her work.

They claimed to have this deep rooted bond but that didn't come through in the writing. And if the author would have spelled out "The Last Stand" one more time, I would have thrown my tablet across the room. I swear it felt like a plug every time it was mentioned. It didn't seem casual but felt more forced, like the author really just liked that title of the company and was proud she came up with it. Felt the need to repeat it over and over. I will say that I'm glad that Oliver's death was not a long drawn out scene like so many authors tend to do. You knew it was coming and I was just glad it was over quickly.

Jul 28, Kris - My Novelesque Life rated it really liked it. Oliver Burke hasn t forgotten that her testimony cost him his reputation--and his freedom. And that s a promise. What I found interesting about this book is that is about survivors looking out and making other survivors stronger. It's heartbreaking to see survivors having to become "victims" again. Dec 12, A little birdie told me I especially liked that it wasn't completely predictable. Transitions between characters were not smooth. It seems to me that if one is going to play the omniscient third person card, making it easier to jump between the minds of characters, with maybe some visual to let the reader know it's time to make the shift, would be a priority.

Additionally, if one is going to advertise a book as a romantic suspense, there should be a bit more romance than this book contained. The romance w I liked this. The romance was glossed over, which wouldn't have been terrible if romance hadn't been advertised. In fact, the few romantic bits were very un-romantic. However, lack of romance aside, wow. The writing was flawless and flowed beautifully. Novak seems to have researched sociopaths quite well and understands how to write them to make them believable. This is the second book I've read by this author, and it won't be the last.

Jan 04, Donovan Adams rated it it was amazing. Trust Me is the first novel in the Last Stand series by Brenda Novak and I found the plot as enthralling the other two books in the series. I read the other two, Stop Me and Watch Me , awhile back and found them completely exciting and real page-turners; this book did not differ in that aspect. Although I read them out of order, they aren't the kind that you need to necessarily read in order; they make just as much sense when read in random.

The different subplots kept me engaged in the action I Trust Me is the first novel in the Last Stand series by Brenda Novak and I found the plot as enthralling the other two books in the series. The different subplots kept me engaged in the action I won't say what they are to avoid spoiling , but the fact that they all tied in with each other and even influenced the actions of others was very entertaining and created surprise twists that left me wanting more. The language used was great and I felt like I was actually experiencing the emotion and the events.

I now can't wait to read the other three books in the series. I would definitely suggest this book and the others in this series. La trama de suspense impresionante de principio a fin. Me ha encantado como refleja los sentimientos de todos los personajes ya sean principales o secundarios. No pude evitar conectar con cada uno de ellos. May 06, Jennifer rated it it was ok. I've read several of Brenda Novak's books now. Mostly her Whiskey Creek books. Her life is incomplete without one or both of these things. The woman kills one man, but instead of having lingering issues over that, she stresses over being pregnant after ha I've read several of Brenda Novak's books now.

The woman kills one man, but instead of having lingering issues over that, she stresses over being pregnant after having unprotected sex with a man who refuses to commit? I liked this book, Skye and her friends took their really bad situations and instead of being victims they became survivors. Despite what happens to them they are strong independent woman. The twists and turns throughout the book kept me interested without completely confusing me.

The bombshell towards the end made me have one of those "oh no she didn't" moments. Towards the character not the author. The writing had a good I liked this book, Skye and her friends took their really bad situations and instead of being victims they became survivors. The writing had a good rhythm to it and kept the book moving forward without being to rushed or slow. There was some violence in the book, but it wasn't overly descriptive and did not overwhelm the rest of it. Jan 11, Karla Cabcam rated it it was amazing. Fuera de eso, el personaje de Oliver y el suspenso en general estuvo muy bien.

The infidelity part of this book made me a little squicky, but it all turned out good in the end. I'm looking forward to reading about the other ladies of The Last Stand. Aug 07, Laurie rated it it was ok. I really tried to enjoy this book but it repeated itself so many times I could barely finish it.

It may suit some people but for me it was a real disappointment. Jun 06, Anita rated it liked it Shelves: Not that there ever is any harm in spending more time than necessary reading… ever. And the beauty of it was, aside from the story concept, telling, and progression, the rest of the book was actually just mediocre. These are definite page turners. Skye Kellerman was attacked in her home by a prominent man in society nearly three years ago, a dentist from a well-respected home named Oliver Burke.

Though she managed to defend herself and escape by stabbing him with a pair of scissors and testify at trial to put him in prison, she soon learns that Burke is now being released early on parole. David Willis, the detective who had investigated this case, is convinced that Burke is still a danger to society and has yet to be linked to the rape and murder of three other women--obviously no one else has connected that no other women seemed to be murdered or attacked since Burke was incarcerated, but lack of evidence is always a pisser in investigations. Unfortunately for David and Skye, Oliver Burke is a master of enigma and so long as he continues to assume his innocence and persona of a good, genteel man, no one believes he is a monster capable of the deeds we readers become privy to the truth early on in the book.

His side of the story is that Skye had lured him to her place and her bed, then went crazy while on drugs, and then attacked him for no reason. And the barrage of reactions are interesting to observe: So the way in which the story panned out as well as other secrets and mysteries on the side were what was most important in this book. You already knew what was going to happen; now we sit back and watch it unfold in its suspenseful, page-turning glory, counting down to the moment when Burke is released from prison, all secrets come to light, and all hell breaks loose.

And it was quite entertaining. Despite the fact that she still tortures herself over the events of being attacked three years ago, she managed to pull herself together and take measures to ensure that she would never so easily be victimized again.

Trust Me (Social Media Murders, #3) by Angela Clarke

And so I especially like her relationship with her partners at The Last Stand and the concept of a charitable organization to help victims of violent crimes is intriguing--it was nice that few other cases were inserted into the background as a kind of introductory to what The Last Stand does for people. The rest of the characters were pretty typical, though I found it hard to like Jane Burke despite her gradually pitying state as she goes from believing in her husband a hundred percent, to a slight niggling of doubt, to the horror of realizing her husband is the monster that Skye and David kept telling him he was.

The fact that she so easily falls into bed with his brother is telling of how weak their marriage had been to begin with despite her outward appearances of devotion. For instance, when the fact about the affair between Jane and their older son, Noah Burke, came to light, you could tell that they blamed her more than Noah because, when push came to shove, whe was always going to be the outsider. Otherwise, his own personal life is a shambles of his own doing, and no matter what, the way he handles it is kind of anger-inducing.

Even after Skye deliberately tells him to leave her alone so she can move on with her life, he continues to hover around her, and giving her hope that they could have a relationship of some kind. My goodness, it was a simple equation. How does that even make sense? Heck, her self-defense instincts and her gun saved her life twice! And you know… where were you Detective Willis? And he practically oozes male possessiveness around her when she tries to move on with her life… but at the end of the day, they both know that his plans for the future only include getting back together with his ex-wife in order to give his son a complete family.

He just has no idea how to handle anything outside the realm of police investigations. A page-turning suspense novel with a frustrating romance angle. Entertaining and exciting nonetheless. May 02, Hazel Hanford rated it it was ok. I was so annoyed by the wishy washy attitude of Det. Willis that I found it hard to enjoy this book.

Even at the end, when she tried to kill Skye, what does Det. I mean, grow a pair, dude! Not the right way at all. Speaking of the villain, he was major creepy, and a total nut job. The whole sex stuff in prison was a whole lot too descriptive for me. I gave this 2 stars but it was barely that.

She was a tough woman and I liked that. What a page turner. Skye was attacked several years ago and recovered physically but not mentally. She is now running an agency to help victims like her self get justice.

Trust Series

She finds out from the detective David Willis who was on her case previously that her perpetrator Oliver is getting early release. So starts this book about how she is going to cope knowing he is being let out of jail and possible targeting her again to finish what he started. This book had it all there is the storyline of Skye What a page turner. This book had it all there is the storyline of Skye and Detective Willis who has had a thing for since meeting her years ago but keeps fighting their attraction due to the fact he may reconcile with his ex-wife Lynnette and bet with his son.

Theres the going in the mind of the killer Oliver who they believe kill previous women before he attacked the Skye but they cannot find the proof to get him. Theres Oliver's wife Jane who start to wonder about her husband innocence and theres the going on in the last stand organization where we meet Sky friends and co-workers who are fighting for victims. A truly wonderful read. It was a good read and I couldn't put it down. A lot of twists and turns that kept you surprised. Brenda Novak's book are always entertaining. I just start reading her suspense books and will continue.

This was about about Skye who was attack in her own home, fought the intruder, and sent him to jail. David was the divorced detective who had developed feelings for Skye after being there for her after the attack. Three years later, the rapist is released from jail and plans revenge on Skye.

Trust Me (The Me Series Book 3) Trust Me (The Me Series Book 3)
Trust Me (The Me Series Book 3) Trust Me (The Me Series Book 3)
Trust Me (The Me Series Book 3) Trust Me (The Me Series Book 3)
Trust Me (The Me Series Book 3) Trust Me (The Me Series Book 3)
Trust Me (The Me Series Book 3) Trust Me (The Me Series Book 3)

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