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Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!

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Oh, fear the Lord, you His saints! Each and every day, the Lord loads us with benefits! He is a lie from the pit of hell! You better make a lie out of the devil right now, my brother!


The human brain is loaded daily with 34 GB of information

You shake off that shoddy solo right now, my sister! Are you activating your blessings by blessing the Blessor, my brother? Are you approaching the throne of your Father with gratitude overflowing from your heart, my sister? Praise your blessings down, family!

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The size of your load is directly proportional to the level of your praise! In truth, your praise report determines the size of your pay loader! Your circumstances better not determine the level and frequency of your praise! If they do, then you have it backwards. Your praise determines your circumstances!

Whether you have one egg in your refrigerator or a dozen eggs, your praise should be the same. Whether you are driving a Buick or a Bentley, you better be praising Him like you drive a Bentley. Whether you have air in your car on a 96 degree sweltering summer day or not, you better be praising Him like you do! I speak from experience!

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Been there, and done that! And I will continue to bless my Blessor regardless of whether I have much or I have little.

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Five summer hours is therefore not exact, but could indicate a time of approximately six modern hours. They then progressed to the "faster step" or "full pace" [3] and were required to complete 24 Roman miles Training also included some forced marches of 20—30 miles, often followed by the construction of basic defences for an overnight position. In some cases, each member of a Roman unit marched with a sudis , to aid the construction of defences.

In the British Army , loaded marching is considered a core skill and is tested annually in a Within each arm, more demanding units exist such as close support, commandos and parachutists and have their own internal standards and tests. Special forces also use their own tests. This is because injuries to the legs are common during basic training tabbing. The British Army slang term tab has its roots in an acronym , being an abbreviation of Tactical Advance to Battle.

Loaded marches have been particularly important in the British Army since the Falklands War. Many British commanders felt that British success in the war was linked to the British soldiers' ability to march across the difficult Falklands terrain with their kit.


TONGA have named a full-strength preliminary squad for their historic clash with Australia next month. Coach Kristian Woolf has named a man squad which will be cut down in early October before the team embarks on a ten day camp to prepare for the match. The Tongans have also named Broncos powerhouse Tevita Pangai Junior amid speculation Australian would try and poach him for the match.

Tevita Pangai Jr

Daily Loaded! Daily Loaded!
Daily Loaded! Daily Loaded!
Daily Loaded! Daily Loaded!
Daily Loaded! Daily Loaded!
Daily Loaded! Daily Loaded!

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