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Her husband had died when the girl was still very young. If Aftermath asked h …. Long ago a man called Kofi Amero lived in a village called Amero Kopfhi. The village was named after him because in those days he was the wealthiest man in the whole area. Because of that all her husbands kept leaving her. One day she was feeling so sad, miserable and lonely that she decided to go and see a witch doctor, for him to help her have a baby.

Once upon a time a hyena was out foraging in the bush. It was a fine sunny day and he was looking forward to catching some morsels to eat. But as he was sniffing around, he fell into a hidden trap set by a hunter. He found himself at the bottom of a ho …. Mr Spider, who is popularly known as Ananse, is renowned to be a man of tricks.

Have you ever asked yourself why he is bald? This is the story of how this came about.

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One afternoon, after Mr spider had enjoyed his lunch, he sat down in his yard to rela …. Once upon a time, in the distant past, there was a great war between the animals who live in the sky and those that live on the ground. Nobody now remembers how the war started or what it was about, but it was a terrible time. Many animals on both sides were wounded or killed, and eventually somebody said that if they carried on like this, there would be no animals left on the earth.

So some of the sky animals and some of the ground animals had a meeting, and as nobody could recall what they were fighting each other for, it was agreed that a truce should be called, and peace declared.


African Folktales

A very long time ago, before man came along to upset the natural balance, all animals lived together peacefully. But in those days, none of the animals had heads of their own, except the elephant, who was the King of the animals. He had a large collection of heads in all shapes and sizes, which he kept stored in a large cave.

Now and then he used to give a big feast for the people, but though everyone knew the hippo, no one, except his seven wives, knew his real name.

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If no one can guess my name, you shall all go away without your dinner. After some time, as no one could guess his name, they reluctantly prepared to leave. But before doing so, the tortoise stood up and asked the hippopotamus what would happen if he told him his name at the next feast?

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The hippo replied that if the tortoise discovered his name, he and his whole family would leave the land, and for the future would dwell in the water. Now, the tortoise knew that it was the custom for the hippo and his wives to go every morning and evening to the river to wash and have a drink. The hippo used to walk at the head of the line, and his seven wives followed behind. One day, when they had gone down to the river to bathe, the tortoise dug a small hole in the middle of the path, and then hid himself behind a nearby bush and waited.

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When the hippo and his wives returned, two of the wives were some distance behind the others, so the tortoise came out from where he had been hiding, and crawled into the hole he had dug, leaving the greater part of his shell exposed. Isantim, my husband, I have hurt my foot. As soon as all of the hippos were out of sight, the happy tortoise went home.

At the next feast the hippo reminded his guests that they could not eat unless someone knew his name. When the feast was over, the hippo and his seven wives, in accordance with his promise, went down to the river, and they have lived in the water from that day till now. And although they come ashore to feed at night, you never can find a hippo on the land in the daytime.

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This tale of trickery demonstrates determination in the turtle and arrogance in the hippo. The hippo, thinking more highly of himself than his guests made himself susceptible to the ploys of his challenger. The victor of this tale was willing to plan, get in the mud, and suffer injury and bodily harm to achieve his objective. Often times one cannot see the determination in others because he focuses on his vanities.

These rewarding tales are vital to the communities in which they are shared and to the world at large. By exploring and appreciating African and African-American folktales one obtains information, which supplies moral, cultural, social, and historical perspectives about the world. His photography has appeared in Source , has been contracted by Capitol Records, and has been on display at the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston.

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Shattering the Myth by Zane. A Novel by Omar Tyree. A Blueprint for Life by Kevin Powell. The Biography of a Philosophe r by Leonard Harris.

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In the stories, animals often have human characteristics, for instance. Other stories are origin stories, such as explaining why fish live in water. Suggest a tale Do you think the best tale is still missing? Paste in a link and let us now. When subscribing to the Fairtalez. To unsubscribe from our mailing list you are free at any time to click the unsubscribe link which will appear on all email correspondence.

Folktales from Africa Folktales from Africa
Folktales from Africa Folktales from Africa
Folktales from Africa Folktales from Africa
Folktales from Africa Folktales from Africa
Folktales from Africa Folktales from Africa
Folktales from Africa Folktales from Africa
Folktales from Africa Folktales from Africa

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