Oathbound: Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae

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Bestselling Series

Do you want to find out what happens next? Spellbound is available from Amazon. The trilogy is complete, and the sequels Icebound and Oathbound released as well. Also available is a limited hardcover compilation edition of all three books in the trilogy get paperback and Kindle editions of the compilation on Amazon. Originally published on moderndayhitchhiker.

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New Release Mailing List Click to sign up for my no-spam, new-release-only, times per year email list. Find Me On Facebook! There are zombies, vampires, giant monsters and other surprises. There is horror, suspense and even a little comedy thrown in for good measure. We believe there is a story within these pages for any horror fan — probably more. If you like any of these story tellers, we believe you will also enjoy our stories.

We feel as did Alfred Hitchcock that what is a little horror without some comedy thrown in. Thus, while the stories may deal with some dark themes, the mood will occasionally be lightened by a little comedy. That way, we can lay it on a little thicker.

If you want a audio sample of one of the stories, you can get that here. Two ebooks books out from Daverana: Fraker the Axe is a legend who has ruined kingdoms and defeated entire armies. But what happens between the epic feats, quests, and world shaking events?

Tales of the Axe follows Fraker as he follows the commands of his powerful liege or stumbles across complex plots that could change everything. Fraker has nothing but his wits and battle prowess to keep the entire Six Worlds safe from evil. Opposing him is Kynyr, an idealistic young guardsman with secrets of his own, trained by the greatest armsmaster of all time.

Two lives, one love, one destiny. Jeren and Shan have finally made a home together, but they are not forgotten. An assasination attempt drives Jeren to make a stand against her brother. Meanwhile Shan struggles against the darkness inside him. When Jeren delcares her intention to go to war, Shan make a single mistake which changes everything. Their destiny is written. How can it be changed again?

As the Neuces Kid, all Johnny Hardin had to dodge was bounty hunters, but when he tried to bring peace to a country smoldering with the fires of a range war, nesters and cowmen alike fought for the chance to pin down his hide with screaming lead! Caught in the middle of a canyon burning with rage, an old enemy stands between the Neuces Kid and a life free from gunfighting. Johnny Hardin has to fight cowmen, outlaws and his past if he wants freedom. And he wants it bad. After his mother dies, Jake Wheeler returns to his birthplace of Dark Springs, West Virginia, seeking solace among his kin.

Ax-wielding clan patriarch Dallas Pike and his band of renegade followers have decided upon a violent plan to increase the dwindling food supply. Why wait for your next meal to die naturally if you can hunt it down instead? With the survival of the entire clan at stake, Jake wages war against madman Pike.

He also battles an even more terrifying opponent. The Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane is a grand and terrible building. Abandoned over forty years ago, there now sound in rooms and halls where tortured screams once rung only the tread of urban explorers as they marvel at its ruined grandeur.


I self published via Amazon not too long ago. It was an interesting experience. I have had minor success with it. I think it is a good, you should check it out if you like germaphob stories. And if you like it, write a review! Good, retro fun for family. What if everything you thought you knew about yourself and the world turned out to be wrong? For Davi Rhii, Prince of the Boralian people, that nightmare has become a reality. Ancient enemies of the Boralians, enslaved now for generations, the workers of Vertullis live lives harder than Davi had ever imagined.

Whatever he decides is sure to change his life forever. One of the dead cops was his girlfriend. The investigation grinds to a halt when he discovers that the young murderers have fled to Somalia to fight in the rebel army. Bleeker and Mustafa form an uneasy alliance, teaming up to help bring the boys back home to stand trial. But little do they know what Somalia has in store for them. Murder, warfare, piracy, love, betrayal and revenge. All the Young Warriors is an epic thriller that will have you white-knuckling your eReader all through the night. Double-glazing salesman Alan Slater is in trouble.

His wife rightly suspects him of playing around. His best mate Les Beale has turned into a bigoted, boozed-up headcase. Roy is a film fan. He loves the cinema. Maybe he loves the cinema a little too much. Lately, things have been going wrong. No matter the film — The Graduate, Brief Encounter, The Magnificent Seven — he finds himself sucked from his seventh-row seat into the heart of the action on the big screen. Playing lead roles in dozens of classic movies. A fantasy come true?

Or a living nightmare? On a remote desert highway in Nevada, a classified military convoy transporting nerve gas for incineration is hijacked by a group of Middle Eastern terrorists. In San Francisco, Homeland Security investigator Matthew Drake is assigned to put one of the suspects under surveillance. Now mobs are rioting in the Bay Area — fighting among themselves, jumping out of windows, creating utter chaos. Locked up in a FEMA camp as the United States descends into madness, held prisoner in a secret Continuity of Government facility miles under the Utah desert, they struggle to survive a conspiracy gone wrong — a sinister plan to achieve total control over the human mind.

Barney Thomson — awkward, diffident, Glasgow barber — lives a life of desperate mediocrity. Shunned at work and at home, unable to break out of a twenty-year rut, each dull day blends seamlessly into the next. However, there is no life so tedious that it cannot be spiced up by inadvertent murder, a deranged psychopath, and a freezer full of neatly packaged meat. The Journal of Woody Peska: Much to his dismay, however, people care about him and attempt to thrust him into happiness.

As Woody struggles to cope with the people around him and adapt to the lives they lead, he fails to connect with anybody and he learns nothing. Influenced by Lovecraft and Barker, this collection tells the story of the rise The Great Maurr, the ant-headed old one, his enslavement of the human race, and the pockets of survivors in the City of Hell itself or Moskow, London and Hong Kong, the only remaining cities.

Find it on Amazon and more info here inlcuding other formats. Also, ready for release is of Altered States, volume one. These short stories are brought to you by a collective of 13 international writers, who for the second volume will be teaming up with illustrators, photographers and graphic designers to bring you full colour visual and written fiction. The collections cover a range of genres all with the common of Altered States theme; all the stories focus on change after conflict and how humanity deals with trials, tribulation and the unknown.

More info on the project here. Captain John lands the first manned mission to Mars with his robot sidekick Asimov, only to find out that they are out of fuel, food and patience with each other! There are two printed collections you can get on this page: Or, you can buy inexpensive digital versions http: The books are written under the unifying pseudonym Jack Tunney, but feature established authors who love the genre such as myself — Paul Bishop — and Mel Odom in the first two books, with upcoming entries from Eric Beetner, Robert Randisi, Gary Phillips, and others.

His elite crew of detectives known as The Hat Squad is his blunt instrument — dedicated, honest, and fearless. And his fists are going to give him the chance. Thanks so much for doing this, John! Forever Material A romantic comedy by Athena Grayson. After making a fool out of herself too many times over bad boys with no responsibility and nothing but heartbreak on their minds, Barbara Whitehall developed a philosophy to help women like herself get over the bad boys and find good men.

But those legs are nothing next to her lethal tongue. Is there love story? Does Joaquin have sex? Does he hang around with the wrong people and someone ends up dead? My name is Paul Comstock, and I have twelve science fiction and fantasy short stories and noveletes available as ebooks on Amazon. They are stories involving inner space, outer space, magic, and memories. Stories of the unusual and impossible. Stories to excite and thrill. Stories of imagination and delight. All are listed at Amazon individually and also bundled into anthologies.

Some are also available for free on Smashwords and would make great free stocking stuffer ebooks for an ebook reader you may be buying as a gift for someone. Nalena Maxwell, known as The Waste at her school, has received a sign. So when she offers her old friend poetry professor Mick Thooft some help in his impending divorce, he smells an ulterior motive.

Just when Mick and Octavia are on the cusp of victory, it all goes terribly wrong. This week marked 78 years since Prohibition Repeal Day Dec 5, Also for your consideration, may I offer the ultimately politically incorrect blending of religion and politics, The Cenacle Scroll. Jennifer Goodwyn, a Cornell University graduate student, inadvertently returns home to sleepy Ithaca, N. The ossuary is found to contain several pieces of early first century stoneware, and a mysterious, tiny scroll.

But soon, all hell breaks loose. While the State Department is aggressively seeking its return to Israel, a nationwide political movement starts rising up around the relic. And Jennifer soon discovers that the storied artifact is causing sickness and even death among those who remain too long in its presence. Rather than face the prospect of having to put the entertaining, talkative parrots to death, he secretly places them with a retired bird breeder, safely removing them from the public eye. More detailed descriptions and opening chapters for all of the books can be found at my website, http: So if a classmate asked you to help him get rid of a phantom in his closet, would you run screaming into the night?

Or would you arm yourself with knowledge and wade right into the ghostly fray? Stevie-girl, the 12 year old heroine of The Phantom Pilot, decides to wade. Only then does she realize that once the paranormal closet door gets opened, getting it shut again may be impossible. You may order at annswann. Stellar Ranger Devon Ardel aims to avenge the death of her best friend Hap, killed by a new alien race known as Votainions, bent on destroying the Federation.

Her vengeance leads her to join the Starforgers, a new interstellar division of the military, at a time when the Federation is on the verge of the first galactic war.


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The Starforgers are woefully under manned and out gunned; they are forced to make deals with cutthroat pirates and civilian merchants to protect the Federation in its hour of need. The civilian leaders of the Federation are locked in bitter political debates about their future and the future of sentient androids known as Silicants.

The Silicants want freedom from their human masters and are willing to make secret alliances to buy their freedom. His actions start a war that will rage for a thousand years and have far reaching implications. Ebook available now on Kindle , Nook and Smashwords. The mountain kingdom Teldine has been protected from ancient enemies for a thousand years by an impenetrable fog wall and by the power of the gods-given Cobaltine Flower. The outcome of the duel devastates Rydan and sends him on a journey of redemption in an increasingly unstable kingdom.

When the magical protections deteriorate, Natena and Rydan combine forces as intrigue, murder, and betrayal threaten the tiny realm. Please check out http: This book has heart and deserves a much wider audience. Buy this book and then go buy the sequel. The National Association to Protect Children www. Garcia, Susan Gibb, Nancy A. Join us and make a difference while you read 30 great stories genres by writers from the U.

Kindle and Paperback at Amazon: I have a self-published short story for Kindle. Caldera of Trouble is a short historical horror story with mystery elements. It is set in Santorini, Greece, in Two young men touring the Mediterranean encounter the dreaded vrykolakas. We live in difficult times. Political gridlock at home. Where can you turn for relief? How about another universe? For your entertainment and edification, the Alternate Reality News Service [ARNS] sends reporters into other dimensions and has them report back on what they find there.

Are You an Author?

People in other universes die too, right? There are currently two collections of Alternate Reality News Service articles in print: Both books are available for purchase though Amazon. Or on the coffee table.

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Anywhere people might pick it up to leaf through. Find it on Amazon Find it on Smashwords. No one knows how the mistake made its way into the most widely used map in the world. GeoMaps promises to remove the anomaly but yet, it persists. Finally, Matt can resist no longer. He persuades his friend and flatmate Charlie to drive them both to Lancashire to find the non-existent town.

Direct links to all these Kindle stores are listed on my website, Chocolate and Vodka , where you can also download it, for free, in a variety of formats. A perfectly formed novella, it mixes elements of mystery, thriller, SF and even a little romance into a tight, easy to read package. When Adam bursts in on his wife, Moire, being murdered by a monster, he tries to save her but is slaughtered as well. On his way to the other side, Adam is given a choice: Move on alone, or go back to earth and seek vengeance.

Without Moire, there is no choice for Adam. He forfeits his soul and goes back to hunt. Yet, deals with the Devil are never what they seem. Even though Adam is gifted with new powers and abilities, he is also afflicted with a carnal hunger that runs wild if not fed. To find the murderer, Adam must search the streets of a Scranton very different than the one he knows. It will take all of his new abilities and more to survive Demon gangsters, hellhounds and The Catholic Church itself.

Even then, will Adam be able to slay a creature that already killed him once? My two newest books are really tools to help authors. The first book is a small notebook that allows an author the ability to organize their new book in progess with sections for plot, characters, setting and notes. I read about books to my boys every night and they kept wanting me to change the story.

So I made a simple book that allows the child to draw their own pictures and write their own stories in a book that can be kept forever.

Oathbound - Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae (Paperback)

The print versions, published through Amazon in both paper and Kindle formats, contain retail-only bonus stories that dig deeper into the universe of the series. So, you decide your own level of readership; enjoy the series, or OWN the series and then some. Like all my fiction projects, I post drafts-in-progress as I go, and invite reader comments which I take into account when doing final revisions.

This has really helped my writing process, and it means readers regularly have new material to enjoy, right on the cutting edge of the project. Irish Horse Productions is pleased to present the work of up-and-coming new author J. Cummings, available through Amazon. The Clans Saga, books one and two, chronicle the adventures of Tobyn Reyes, an unwilling vampire and the first of his kind.

Now that he has been Made, how will he and his new Clan of vampires, the Kris, carve out their place in the night? If short stories or poetry are your thing, we can satisfy that craving, too, with collections by Ms. Compassion with an edge. Worse, it was a suicide pact. She had leapt off a cliff, hand in hand with her secret lover — with a video camera set up to record the event as their final artwork.

Devastated by this, at first Jason contemplates killing himself too. However he finds himself compelled to discover just what Catherine meant by the cryptic comments she made to the camera just before she jumped. Jason starts on a journey that will take him both across London and back through the memories of his past relationship with Catherine in the hedonist art world of the nineteen-nineties as he unearths the many hidden lives that she has led.

Available in paperback and kindle on Amazon http: Further links and more details here: Dig Two Graves by Eric Beetner — a revenge crime novella. This is a collection of some of her best stories. Harvest of Ruins by Sandra Ruttan — a dark police procedural with a touch of the supernatural. Speedloader — an anthology of six very dark crime fiction stories. John, thanks so much for giving an opportunity such as this to fellow authors.

North American Federation Navy Commander Evan Gabriel was dishonorably discharged after losing his covert team on a far off world called Eden. Interstellar action and political intrigue mix with one-on-one battles on the surface of a frozen planet in this exciting tale of salvation. On the far-off icebound planet of Poliahu, North American Federation Navy Commander Evan Gabriel suffered the loss of several team members in order to free a native species and save his brother.

Now he is being called away on a new mission by a friend in trouble, and by a name from his distant past. He and his surviving team must again travel across the galaxy to the planet where he lost his naval command, and his original team, so many years ago: Evan Gabriel must face three distinct threats on Eden: Reckless Runaway at the Racecourse In a dramatic encounter at the racecourse Fliss Merrick erupts into the calm, orderly life of racehorse trainer, Luke Caldecott.

Now, if only he can work out how to persuade her to stay. Reckless Runaway at the Racecourse is a 41, word novella. Until she fell in love with him and he married someone else. Now Guy needs an enormous favour from his old friend and Emily has a chance to see if love can strike twice. Its topics are geared to readers interested in the world of PIs, including fiction writers, researchers, investigators and those simply curious about the profession. A supplement to the book is a chapter from How to Write a Dick: Packed with details and insights. The United States military hides a secret: The Army has known they exist for over a hundred years, and has been quietly and expertly keeping the secret.

His hometown destroyed, with everyone he has ever known dead and gone, the sole survivor of the massacre at Fall Creek joins a secret military group to combat the single greatest threat our world has ever faced. Unfortunately, his help may come too late. Even as victories over the walkers mount, the seeds of our ultimate doom are sown from within, and at the last, only a brave few may survive to carry on. End is on sale for the entire month of December in print format , Kindle and Nook. Mad genius, that guy. The first is Bad Radio, which is about a man who tried to save the world at the end of WW2 and wound up the immortal vessal of a ravenous god for his troubles.

He gets a second chance in present day Wyoming, providing he can outsmart a man who has been planning this reunion for the last sixty years. And who happens to have an army of enslaved townspeople on his side. Out in both ebook and print editions. Find out more here. He is immediately captured by a ruthless group of people who use Walkers like him to control all of the known worlds.

Shackled with a restraint bracelet, constant surveillance, and superhuman captors, he must outsmart an overwhelmingly powerful enemy and seek freedom in the one place that is left to him, a new world that only he can reach. Find out about it here. My stubbornness kicked in. They called me a lesbian not true , and a lush mostly not true , set honey traps using both sexes, constantly sent me out for drug tests, stalked me with cameras I thought that was funny , flattened my tires not funny , cancelled work without telling me, put scorpions in my office as if! Oil was poured on my car from an overpass, but I was quick.

They flooded the factory with poisonous gas, there were no alarms, and everyone else was quietly removed. I was still stubborn, and brought in the IRS to get the creeps off my back. Finally, they threw up their hands and eliminated my job. This is fiction smiling coldly. It is currently free for all readers of Whatever because I want you all to read my book. The thing is, he could be right.

Sylvia has just a few weeks to prove that she can fly as well as any man. Free to you and no DRM to read or give-away: You Fly Like a Woman. The offer is available for this week only. By the way, the awesome cover art is by Dixon Leavitt. This year, digital publisher Hukilau released an expanded electronic edition of my book Collect All 21! The original paperback edition is still available, too.

These immersive stories involve aliens with three sexes—male, female, neuter—who can switch between them twice in their lives; there are no humans in this universe, and the stories explore gender, identity and loss and the consequences of living in a harsh environment that leaves the breeding sexes prone to stress-related strokes. You can check those out some of them are free! Thank you so much for creating this opportunity for self-published authors and micropresses.

Tales is a romantic comedy set in a fantastical near-future universe, but more specifically set in a supermarket. The novel follows the travails of several afternoon shift employees as they deal with problematic customers, company training, employee romance, and no small amount of corporate strife. Tales can be read online for free at http: A hard copy of the book can also be purchased from amazon through the link on my site.

From the author of the 1 best-seller, Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, comes a new mystery genre: Or more specifically, a car-load of tough-talking, poker-playing, metaphor-spewing clowns. Jacobs, My Life as an Experiment. In Top Town, a ghetto full of washed-up circus lifers in the shadow of a big city, audiences come every night for cheap thrills, both wholesome and not. Fire eaters perform for gin money. Gypsies reveal the future and for a sawbuck can make it happen.

Daredevils cheat Death time after time, but once. And witness to it all is one of the most loved and notorious figures in Top Town, a tough joey with a deadly past and a nose for picking all the wrong fights: Rex Koko, private clown. Like Raymond Chandler before him, Garner explores the seedy underbelly of show business.

Every time Rex comes close to finding her, however, other aerialists come to gruesome and spectacular ends. Is Rex really cursed with bad luck? Why is he being followed by those red-headed roustabout bastards, the Redd Brothers? Revenge, corruption and murder headline the bill in Top Town, where life comes 3 balls for a nickel. Also available in FREE podcast episodes: Told in the year WikiLeaks took subversive geek politics into the mainstream, Barefoot into Cyberspace is the ultimate guided tour of the hopes and ideals that are increasingly shaping world events.

Will the internet make us more free? Or will the flood of information that courses across its networks only serve to enslave us to powerful interests that are emerging online? You can buy the book on Amazon. It is not about the end of the world. And a computer, Cel, who falls in love and spends the novel trying to do the right thing. And a dirty jump rope rhyme. For more reasonable information, go to Cel and Anna. It is the story of two homicide detectives Tony and Julia who have been partners for more than twelve years.

Julia is killed in the line of duty, comes back to haunt him, and they team up again to solve crime. Together they face one of the biggest challenges of their careers, the capture of a sadistic serial killer. The story combines gritty police drama with a paranormal twist, interspersed with laugh out loud moments. Galloway has certainly succeeded in crafting a haunting and chilling debut with a heady mix of suspense, touching characters, and even at times quirky humor with the bantering between Tony and Julia. Succinctly, what we have here is a thoroughly upsetting yarn that firmly exposes the workings of a crazed mind in all of its complexity while retaining the page-turning pleasures of a genuine thriller with a paranormal twist.

Just as the law enforcement officers are clueless, so too are her readers, which commit them to finding out what happens next and leaving them constantly tense on the edge of their seats. Click here to purchase: Before long she finds herself head over heels for her charming suitor. Before the Midnight Bells is a fresh look at the Cinderella story, with humor, intrigue, and a healthy dose of passion. I cannot count how many times I stopped reading to recount parts to my roommate just because the laughter needed to be shared.

Do you like epic fantasy adventure? We have self-published the first two novels in the series, and the third is in the works. They are available for sale from Amazon. Here is the blurb for the first book: Spellbound is about the adventures of two young people, twin sisters who have known community and family their entire lives. Along the way, they befriend a mysterious stranger who has been alone for as long as he can remember.

After strange events touch all their lives, the three find themselves drawn together and then embroiled in a plot to overthrow the Kingdom of Illyander by an ancient enemy long thought dead. As they journey through the world of Aronshae on their quest for answers, even more questions are raised as they find out more about each other, themselves and their strange emerging powers. I could sum up the plot Zombies! His use of tone and narrative structure are miles ahead of most who work in the genre. The first complete collection from international bestseller Jeff Carlson, this ebook is 80, words and packed with artwork from award-winning illustrators such as Frank Wu and Billy Tackett.

Readers can find free fiction, videos, contests, and more at http: Disillusioned with the Alliance and its subjugation of its citizens, Maarkean, a former naval pilot and supporter of the Alliance, has become a smuggler. Now, Maarkean must decide where his loyalty lies, and will either spark a rebellion or crush the spirit of democracy once and for all. Written in the spirit of heroic space adventure, Aristeia; Revolutionary Right is the first book in a series that explores the essence of resistance, loyalty and friendship.

Available on Amazon, BN. That was the link to the Amazon UK print edition! With bookstores disappearing from around us, we risk losing those moments in which we connect to each other in person by sharing what we read. Online threads like this one may fill some of the void, but the warmth and thrill of turning others on to books and music. My latest book, 19th Nervous Breakdown: As my publisher wrote: The end of the firm comes right on the heels of the publication of his book 19th Nervous Breakdown: It is an example of what is being lost as bricks-and-mortar bookstores fade from the landscape.

You can buy 19th Nervous Breakdown here , with links both to the usual major retailers and to IndieBound. Support your local bookseller! Hungry For You by A.

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It takes no prisoners. It chews you up and spits you out and leaves you for dead.

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Love is, you could say, very much like a zombie. In this haunting short story collection, anything is possible—a dying musician turns to tea for inspiration; a police sergeant struggles with a very unusual victim; a young wife is trapped in a house hiding unimaginable evil…. With Hungry For You, A. Harte explores the disturbing and delightful in an anthology that unearths the thin boundary between love and death. Harte writes with such beautiful subtlety that I really needed to pace myself reading Hungry For You… This is a brilliant collection that I recommend to any zombie lovers, those of us who like our fiction on the dark side, or for readers who love love, no matter what it does to you.

More information and sales links at http: In the area that today is called Ontario two technologically advanced societies, Nova Gaia and the United Grid Regions, hang on around the old hydroelectric plants. The rest of the area is referred to as the Dark Lands and has a roughly s technology. The Nova Gaians have what they call their tinker program where they send Doctors of General Applied Technologies out into the dark lands to help them boot-strap themselves back to energy abundance through the use of wind, wave, solar energy, etc, all the things that would have prevented the collapse in the first place.

One of these tinkers is doing his wrought when he comes to the town of Guelph and finds that a couple of farmers have stumbled across an abandoned bio-research facility, gone into it to loot it and accidentally brought out a plague. Now the tinker must try to deal with the plague with his limited medical training while the United Grid Regions and Novo Gaia fight a cold war battle about how to maintain the quarantine and how much aid to give into the plague zone. Mean while, the people in the quarantine area just want to get out of the plague zone so they behave like gits.

If you like you can read the first chapter on my website for free: Review by Faye — on goodreads 5 stars. Wow what a gripping story, loved every page. Andromeda Strain crossed with the Postman with a little bit of I am Legend thrown in no zombies …. This book is worth getting if you love PA sci fi.

A photographer, a young violin student, a former Marine, and a physician all find themselves in Morocco with their own problems when danger forces them together. Several secrets, in fact. She is not, as her traveling family believes, safely ensconced in the Metan Seminary for Young Ladies. Oh yes, and Miss Andrews is a magician, the most dangerous secret of all.

In the world of Aerope women are believed to be incapable of magic, and all magicians must be certified and licensed by law. Then her quiet idyll is shattered by a sudden massive magical attack — and a mysterious stranger arrives who is impervious to all her spells of illusion and misdirection. Is this the danger Oron warned her of, in his cryptic final words? Is this Dominic Kermarec a mere penniless, out-of-work tutor as he claims, or a spy?

Then she learns Oron bequeathed her more than his chateau—and she must travel to the ends of Aerope to stop a magical plot amid political intrigue, betrayal, and echoes of an old war that has not truly ended …. The Last Mage Guardian is set in a world where magic and science coexist, with a steampunk flavor. Moses McGuire a suicidal strip club bouncer is out to avenge the death of one of his girls.

From his East L. Just like one of the hard asses in his own books. The man knows what to do with paper and ink. Read the damn thing. You can learn more at: With the addition of her fearsome Shadow Walker assassins, able to traverse the Void, and her Shadow Drakes, the Ice Queen has now become a threat to all of Aronshae.

With the rise of adversity so too champions are born from its conflicts. Two young people, twin sisters, who have known its community and family their entire lives befriend a mysterious stranger, who has been alone for as long as he can remember. After strange events touch all their lives, the three find themselves drawn together and embroiled in the Ice Queen's plot to claim the world as her own empire that would mirror the horrors festering in the dark caves below her glacial fortress.

As the three youths journey throughout the world of Aronshae on their quest for answers, even more questions are raised as they find out more about each other, themselves and their strange emerging powers.

Oathbound:  Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae Oathbound: Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae
Oathbound:  Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae Oathbound: Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae
Oathbound:  Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae Oathbound: Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae
Oathbound:  Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae Oathbound: Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae
Oathbound:  Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae Oathbound: Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae
Oathbound:  Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae Oathbound: Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae
Oathbound:  Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae Oathbound: Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae
Oathbound:  Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae Oathbound: Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae
Oathbound: Book Three of the Chronicles of Aronshae

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