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HTTP requests are specified using a small, terse language , which pathod shares with its server-side twin pathod.

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That is, we specify the hostname to connect to, followed by one or more requests. Lets start with a simple example:. We can tell pathoc to connect using SSL, in which case the default port is changed to you can over-ride the default port with the -p command-line option:.

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There are two ways to tell pathoc to issue multiple requests. The first is to specify them on the command-line, like so:. In this case, pathoc issues the specified requests over the same TCP connection - so in the above example only one connection is made to google. The output is identical, but two separate TCP connections are made to the upstream server. These two specification styles can be combined:. The request specified here is a valid GET with a body consisting of 10 random bytes, but with 1 random byte inserted in a random place.

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This could be in the headers, in the initial request line, or in the body itself. There are a few things to note here:.

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  • Pathoc has a reasonably sophisticated suite of features for interacting with proxies. The proxy request syntax very closely mirrors that of straight HTTP, which means that it is possible to make proxy-style requests using pathoc without any additional syntax, by simply specifying a full URL instead of a simple path:. This is done with the -c command-line option, which allows you to specify a remote host and port pair:. This workshop is intended for anyone interested in i obtaining a basic understanding of digital pathology, or ii a refresher course on the current state of digital pathology.

    All participants will receive handouts of course materials for self-study and future use.

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    Understand the applications, business cases,and benefits along with advantages, constraints and limitations of digital pathology in the clinical, research and educational environments. Participants will understand the Technology by defining the components that commonly comprise Digital Pathology solutions. This includes scanners, viewers, image storage, image management software, and image management software.

    Tell it like it really is… Amanda Burton has a lot to answer for. OMG, Stuart, that all sounds heavenly!!

    Pathology 101

    Note to self — put an oscillating bone saw on the Christmas list. I like this Ishbel already. Taking the piss out of junior doctors — they so need that.

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    Pathology 101 Pathology 101
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    Pathology 101 Pathology 101
    Pathology 101 Pathology 101

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