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He especially hated when his own younger brother was the one to do it. Ever since their father had passed away, he had taken it upon himself to look after Kadar. He ensured to keep him away from dangerous missions, making excuses and pulling strings to keep him at a low rank.

The brothers ducked into the fortress's lower level, seeking out the infirmary. Malik was eased onto a bench as he awaited the healer's attention. Kadar left his older brother, returning to his own studies. Malik continued to stew in his own thoughts, repeating the whole sparring match piece by piece in his mind.

It was humiliating, to be beaten down every time even if he spent countless hours sneaking out of the house at night to practice. The healer motioned for him to remove his robe and Malik gingerly complied. The healer spoke as he gently prodded the new bruising on Malik's sides.

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Always to cripple with temporary pain and shock, but never striking a vital point. You should be thankful for his expertise. Malik scoffed, but remained silent. Be thankful for that selfish, arrogant perfectionist? He would rather dishonor the Creed than be grateful to that man, and he had been loyal to the Creed ever since he had been born into it some twenty two years ago. Unfortunately, so had his rival, born to a close comrade of his father.

It had been years since Malik had been sent on a mission with him, but the stories that he heard from others just reinforced this understanding. Other than that, I only see superficial bruising. Rest easy for a few days and-". The healer only sighed and began wrapping a bandage around his torso.

He knew that Malik would not comply with that little piece of advice, even if he followed the other care to the letter.

Silent Discourse

He stood slowly, muscles complaining loudly, as the healer finished his work. Malik drew his robes on delicately, securing his belt that denoted him as an Assassin in the ninth rank of the Brotherhood. Malik took his time walking down the road into the town from the fortress, not taking his usual cliff leaping route. It would be a number of days until he was well enough to perform at that level.

He soon found himself at the door to his family home, not surprised when he found it destitute of his younger brother. Kadar often stayed out until sunset training with his fellow third rank Assistants. Malik was constantly trying to teach him stealth tactics and discretion, but his younger brother was too enthralled with the prospect of the chase. Malik shook his head as he closed the door behind him, finally able to show how pained he was at his injuries in the privacy of his home. He hissed in a breath and pressed a palm to his side, limping to the chessboard set up in the corner of the room.

He sat himself gently onto the cushions there and continued the game he had started with himself the night before. It was not until after sunset that his brother slipped into the room, a sac of vegetables in his hand. Malik knew his little brother well but did not call him out on his bluff. I do not think I could stand, let alone chop and stir in my condition.

Kadar continued on into the kitchen and began building a fire under the stove. There was a while of silence between them as Kadar prepared their meal. It continued until a bowl of curry was wafted under Malik's nose. He took it gratefully as his brother sat on the cushions beside him.

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The silence burned on until Kadar quenched it. You are good enough with a blade to win against anyone else in his rank. I am subtle while he is loud. I do not agree with his methods, as you know, and I feel the need to put him into his place. His arrogance makes that quite hard to do so. That may have been true, but he still was one rank below the man and they were born in the same year.

Malik could not meet his brother's gaze. Silence reigned once more between the brothers as they ate.

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Talking of death was not uncommon among the Assassins, but they were not untouched by its cold reality and harsh repercussions. When Kadar spoke again, it was in a lighter tone, trying to lift his brother's gray mood. We can put out the flags and see who can collect them fastest. That prospect pulled a tentative smile to Malik's cheeks.

Just the suggestion made the situation all the more outrageous. You mean to play on my strengths. This is beyond childish winning and losing. His methods are dangerous. The younger's expression became stony. Malik knew it was a lot to ask, for his brother to stop looking up to that man. It still had to be done. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. This is how Malik gets roped into being much more than rivals with an egotistical assassin.

Blood in Brotherhood The savage and beautiful ring of steel kissing steel echoed off of the tall gray walls, raised from the hill by generations of Assassins past.

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He would not yield just yet. There was one more move that he could pull. You have gone up in rank twice just in the past year. This struck Kadar and he reeled back. I only meant-" "I know what you meant, Kadar. Oh hey, so I thought I would try my hand at some altmal since I recently succumbed to it. I don't expect it to be very long, but you never know when it comes to my writing. Expect some smut later on, but I won't give it away in case it is a surprise!

So this is your fair warning that there will be smut. Tell me what you think so far! Sassy characters are my favorite to write, so I'm super excited to continue. Blood in Brotherhood 2.

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Assignment in Acrimony 3. Traverse in Torment 4. Information in Irritation 5. Unsubtle in Undertaking 6. Leibniz conceived of a lingua characteristica as a universal pictographic or ideographic alphabet of human thought, complemented by calculus ratiocinator and reflecting ratio embedded in Nature.

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The corollary is that, ultimately, the correspondence between primitive signs and the complex ideas for which they stand is natural, and not simply arbitrary or conventional. Yet the contemporary transference of Leibniz's dream into AI research or analytic philosophy of language has not brought us closer to realizing his project, even when the urgency of understanding the other is paramount for our.

Leibniz's project refers to the injunction of knowledge representation.

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Analytic philosophy presents language as a system of representations a priori distinguished from signs. The representational system presupposes a class of things represented that are not representations themselves, hence outside language and outside thought. A linguistic sign represents transparently or literally. On account of this, poetic language, which "represents" symbolically or indirectly via mediation, cannot be "objective" in describing "reality. Things function like signs--that is, the relationship is analogical and not strictly logical or identical.

For Deleuze, the outside as the dynamic field of forces in action approaching and traversing its own boundaries is "animated by…movements, folds and foldings that…make up an inside: Deleuze presents the logic of multiplicities functioning in accord with "a theory and practice of relations, of the and " Peirce's triadic, a-signifying semiotics. According to the logic of multiplicities, a diagram serves as a mediatory in-between symbol, "a third" ibid.

The diagram "acts as a relay" Deleuze A diagram, or a map, engenders the territory to which it is supposed to refer: Meanings are not given, but depend on signs entering "into the surface organization which ensures the resonance of two series" Deleuze Meaning is identified with the evolution of signs in a diagrammatic process called by Peirce "semiosis," so that "Essence is…the third term [that] complicates the sign and the meaning; It measures in each case their relation. For Deleuze, philosophers, writers and artists are semioticians and symptomatologists: As pertaining to diverse regimes of signs, communication is not limited to a verbal mode.

Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse

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