The Solomon Temple Conspiracy

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Part of a series on Freemasonry Overview. Freemasonry and the Religious Right.

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The History of the Knights Templars: The Temple Church and the Temple. Whalen, in his essay The Masonic Religion , available on the ewtn. Right-wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort. Robertson resuscitated the Freemason conspiracy The Knowledge of Good and Evil Volume One - A Reckoning.

Nation and Race Archived at the Wayback Machine.. He becomes the owner, or at least the controller, of the national labor force. To strengthen his political position he tries to tear down the racial and civil barriers which for a time continue to restrain him at every step.

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Hiram Abiff

To this end he fights with all the tenacity innate in him for religious tolerance-and in Freemasonry, which has succumbed to him completely, he has an excellent instrument with which to fight for his aims and put them across. The fact is that the teachings of the ancients as revealed through the stories of Solomon and Sheba were actually a working-through of a psychological process of inner balance. They gave us this teaching in the only way they knew, through analogy and symbology built around their own worldview.

It's not a Concpiracy anymore! THIRD TEMPLE brings END TIMES-CHRISTIAN, ISLAMIC & JEWISH Prophecies

The research for my book, Gnosis: Megiddo, Gezer and Hazor and Jerusalem were in reality more like villages The objects reveal a material culture, which, even by the standards of the ancient Near East, could not be judged sophisticated or luxurious. The Bible from Myth to History , claiming that the temple could not have been built at that time:.

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A temple of the magnitude described in religious texts would have had to be an archaeological miracle, impossible to achieve in the era of its supposed construction. Ruins of a massive edifice with all its fabled, magnificent surroundings have never been discovered. Excavations have turned up only simple structures in humble hamlets. Even the location of the temple is hotly debated - it simply cannot be found. If he hears you denying its existence there, he will never again take you seriously.

Temple denial - Wikipedia

My advice to you is never again raise this issue in his presence. According to Gold, in the wake of Arafat's remark at Camp David, Temple denial "spread across the Middle East like wildfire", and even "subtly slipped into the writing of Middle-East based western reporters". In , in a book entitled From Jerusalem to Mecca and Back; The Islamic Consolidation of Jerusalem , Yitzhak Reiter describes the growing tendency of Islamic authorities to deny the existence of the Jewish Temples on the Temple Mount, characterizing it as part of a campaign to increase the status of Jerusalem and the Temple mount in Islam as part of the effort to make Jerusalem a Muslim city under Arab governance.

According to Reiter, this narrative "reflects the mainstream in many Islamic communities around the world", and is promoted by "religious figures, politicians, academics and journalists". Not all Islamic scholars accept Temple denialism.

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According to Palazzi, "[t]he most authoritative Islamic sources affirm the Temples". He adds that Jerusalem is sacred to Muslims because of its prior holiness to Jews and its standing as home to the biblical prophets and kings David and Solomon, all of whom he says are sacred figures also in Islam. He claims that the Quran "expressly recognizes that Jerusalem plays the same role for Jews that Mecca has for Muslims".

In October , the New York Times published an article stating that "The question, which many books and scholarly treatises have never definitely answered, is whether the acre site, home to Islam's sacred Dome of the Rock shrine and al-Aqsa Mosque, was also the precise location of two ancient Jewish temples, one built on the remains of the other, and both long since gone.

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The Solomon Temple Conspiracy The Solomon Temple Conspiracy
The Solomon Temple Conspiracy The Solomon Temple Conspiracy
The Solomon Temple Conspiracy The Solomon Temple Conspiracy
The Solomon Temple Conspiracy The Solomon Temple Conspiracy
The Solomon Temple Conspiracy The Solomon Temple Conspiracy
The Solomon Temple Conspiracy The Solomon Temple Conspiracy
The Solomon Temple Conspiracy The Solomon Temple Conspiracy

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