Verlockend a Vampir (Vampire of the Norden Folge 1) (German Edition)

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Shaka, their star performer, expresses his frustrations to his coworkers as he sits on display for tourists. Eventually, his protest reaches Shakespearian proportions. Christopher Becks makes films, sounds, installations, and performances. Emmanuel Lefrant lives and works in Paris. Samantha Nell is a South African writer, director, and producer based in Johannesburg. Director and screenwriter Michael Wahrmann was born in Montevideo in Masahiro Tsutani, Inazawa, Japan, no-email email.

Fluctuations in the volume, tone quality, and length of sounds determine the image structures. Movement is created by the relationships between tiny units such as the cells of a mouse brain and the particles of inanimate matter. After dedicating himself to dub, funk, free jazz, noise, and ethnic music, he started working with images, creating live performances with images and sounds as well as experimental films.

His works have been shown at the Berlinale and the Tokyo Experimental Festival, among others. Somewhere between a hip-hop music video and an evangelist ad, this film contemplates the possibility of divinity in the age of technology and globalization. As spirits are replaced with drones, the filmmaker converses with his muse, the fictional painter Chantri, in search of spiritual enlightenment.

He lives in Bangkok and New York. Dalia Huerta Cano Editor: Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing, France, ntrebik lefresnoy. Natalia Trebik, Tourcoing, France, ntrebik lefresnoy. Gerald Weber, Wien, Austria, gerald sixpackfilm. Sixpackfilm, Wien, Austria, office sixpackfilm.

The film walks a fine line between science fiction and documentary, deconstructing the imagery of Maya culture and their identity today. His individual and collaborative works have been shown at various festivals and exhibitions internationally. He is part of the artist collective Astrovandalistas, and currently an artist fellow at Le Fresnoy in France.

A photographic landscape starts moving to the rhythm of crickets chirping. It jumps forward and back, undergoing mutations caused partly by the cinematic and partly by the digital medium. Siegfried Fruhauf was born in Grieskirchen, Austria, in After training as a commercial manager, he went on to study experimental visual design at the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz, where he has been a lecturer since In addition to his own film, video, and photo projects, he also organizes film and art events.

His works have been shown at Cannes, Sundance, and the Berlinale, among other festivals. Is this a morally questionable pleasure? Hayoun Kwon, Paris, France, hayoun. Kim, a former soldier in South Korea, talks about his military service, which took him to the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. Hayoun Kwon is a multimedia artist and documentary director from South Korea, who lives and works in France and Korea.

She graduated from Le Fresnoy in France. Her films have received several awards and screened at a number of film festivals, including Rotterdam International Film Festival. Cosimo Santoro, open theopenreel. Camilo Restrepo, Paris, France, contact camilo-restrepo-films. Alle anderen sind ausgezogen und ihr Mann erscheint nicht wie versprochen zum Umzugstermin.

Sie muss dort raus. Eine junge Frau macht sich auf die Suche nach ihrem Vater, den sie nie kennengelernt hat. Unterwegs zeichnet sich ab, dass er bereits tot ist. With a small child and an absent husband, Raquel is the only one still living in a building in danger of collapse in Olinda.

Everyone else has moved out and her husband fails to show up as promised. She has to get out. A young woman sets off to find her father whom she never met. Along the way, she discovers that he is dead. In his dissertation, he studied the construction of spatial experience in film. This short film is his first work as a director and screenwriter. Beide lieben Frauen, beide stossen an gesellschaftliche Grenzen und finden Wege, diese auszuweiten.

Two women write each other letters across continents and cultures. Both love women, both are faced with social constraints and find ways to push the boundaries. A film about gender and social norms, between documentary and fiction. His work has also been included in group exhibitions at numerous institutions, including the Guggenheim Museum New York.

He was named a Guggenheim Foundation Fellow in Kabir Mehta, New Delhi, India, kbrmehta gmail. Ein ehemaliger Sadhu ist kein Asket mehr, sondern Fahrer in Mumbai. A former sadhu and ascetic is now a driver in Mumbai. He wants to become famous, which is why he agrees to appear in this film. Kabir Mehta studied economics at Delhi University before working on avant-garde cinema in Mumbai with filmmaker Ashim Ahluwalia.

He has since gone on to produce and direct his own work. Kabir seeks to explore media consumption, social engineering, and the nature of filmmaking through his work. Margarida Moz, Lisboa, Portugal, portugalfilm indielisboa. Man kann nicht sagen, dass sie unsichtbar sind, da sie kaum unbemerkt bleiben. They cannot be said to be invisible, as they hardly go unnoticed.

Carlo Francisco Manatad Script: Carlo Francisco Manatad Photography: Carlo Francisco Manatad Sound: Victoria Mostoles, victoriabmostoles gmail. The first space shuttle of the Philippines is launched. An ordinary old suburban couple is trying to go about their life on this strange day. One of the most prolific editors in the Philippines today, he has collaborated with numerous filmmakers on independent and mainstream projects.

Fanny Zaman, Antwerp, Belgium, tropeeditions gmail. Bild und Ton, Optimismus und Angst prallen aufeinander.


Images from the Expo in Brussels exude faith in modernity, the future, and the possibilities of technology. The soundtrack is from the s, when a series of attacks unsettled Belgium. Sound and image, fear and optimism collide.

Fanny Zaman is a visual artist working in Antwerp. Since , she has made and produced four shorts and two medium-length independent essay films. Alexei Dmitriev, Saint Petersburg, Russia, alexei. The most beautiful paintings are the ones you dream about when you lie in bed smoking a pipe, but that you never paint. His previous found footage works were shown at numerous festivals. Juan Camilo Olmos Editor: Battered by incessant winds, the community welcomes Antonia with a ritual, disclosing the stories she embodies. Jorge Cadena was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, in Laurence Bonvin, Berlin, Germany, focus laurencebonvin.

A young woman is searching for spirituality and inner balance on the Internet. In his videos, for which he composes his own electronic soundtracks, he likes to play with the relationship between image, sound, and rhythm. Special attention is given to users and passersby, to their gestures and ways of appropriating the spaces for their own needs. Laurence Bonvin is a documentary photographer and artist whose work deals with landscape, architecture, public spaces, and urban transformation.

She has extensively exhibited her work in Switzerland and internationally since Niels Vije, Winterthur, Switzerland, niels zweihund. Rob, ein Kriminalpolizist Mitte vierzig, kann seit mehreren Monaten nicht mehr schlafen. He hopes to regain sleep with the help of a monotonous lifestyle. But he only finds micro-sleep while spending hours circling roundabouts with his VW T1.

He has been working as a freelance director of TV commercials and corporate videos for various production companies since Fulvio Balmer Rebullida Script: Fulvio Balmer Rebullida Photography: Vom Meer kommend, wandern zwei junge Sportlerinnen mit ihrem Kanu auf den Schultern durch eine weite Ebene. Coming from the sea, two young sportswomen are carrying their canoe across a vast plain. They meet some of the inhabitants, whose activities and narratives evoke a human story of their own.

Fulvio Balmer Rebullida b. Nur wer die neuen Technologien beherrscht, hat eine Zukunft. Eine Gruppe Senioren versucht, den Anschluss ins digitale Zeitalter zu finden. Ihr Problem ist unseres: Only those who master the new technology have a future. Their problem is ours: He works as a post-production assistant and freelance editor. Ein Eisbergkoloss kratzt am Meeresboden. A colossal iceberg is scraping the seabed. The sound is unfamiliar, peculiar, and impressive — for the listener at the surface as much as for the traveller in the frozen Antarctic underwater world. Oettli, she produces various film, theatre, and dance projects with the company flimmern GmbH.

Der Film zeigt das Leben und die Organisation im Lager und beleuchtet den Kontrast zwischen dieser ephemeren Mikrostadt und ihrem mystisch-wilden Umfeld. A documentary about the Everest Base Camp, which is set up for two months each year, housing about guides, cooks, government officials, and guests.

As of , he works part-time in the multimedia department of a company, while also developing new personal projects. Er ist heimlich in Khanya verliebt, die seit Jahren seine beste Freundin ist. Themba, a young teenager, lives in the South Durban Basin near the local oil refinery with his father. He is secretly in love with Khanya, who has been his best friend for years. But Khanya has a new boyfriend, KG, a truck driver who offers her a secure future.

After beginning her film career as an editor, she independently wrote and directed several shorts that won prizes at Locarno and other festivals. Matteo Gariglio, Luzern, Switzerland, info matteogariglio. Diese folgt ihnen auf der Flucht. Pranjani, ein kleines Dorf in Zentralserbien. Einheimische verdienen ihren Lebensunterhalt im Ausland oder als Bauern. So weit, so normal. Two young boys are being pursued after stealing some expensive scarves. She follows them as they flee. Hugo Radi lives between Lausanne and Geneva.

Pranjani is a small village in central Serbia. Locals earn their living abroad or as farmers. So far, so normal.

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He works as a freelance cinematographer and director and was nominated for the Swiss Film Award in the best short film category. He is currently developing his first feature film. In Buenos Aires, the Sepulveda family lives and works in the shadows of the legendary Boca Juniors stadium. They constantly get in conflict with the corrupt police for selling fake tickets to the football games. As her family sinks deeper into the underworld, the mother tries in vain to keep things from falling apart.

Vini reist im Zug durch verschiedene Raum- und Zeitdimensionen und begegnet dabei sich selbst. Katze On a train trip through various dimensions of time and space, the traveller suddenly encounters himself. Mitte Februar , kurz vor der Sperrung der griechisch-mazedonischen Grenze. Mid-February , shortly before the Greek-Macedonian border is closed. The last part of a long journey on the Balkan refugee route leads along the Sava. Previously, he trained as a chemical lab technician. Walker, Joan Fontcuberta und Im Heung-soon vertritt. Emilio Alvarez is the founding director of LOOP, a platform dedicated to fostering artist films, video art, and gallery-based moving-image productions.

Findlinge der Zeit

Walker, Joan Fontcuberta, and Im Heung-soon. She specializes in world cinema fiction, documentary, and short films, and is active at top festivals and markets worldwide. Kathleen is also the personal publicist of actor Bill Pullman and the corporate publicist for Abramorama. Milja studied film theory at Brunel University London and visual journalism at the University of Tampere.

However, belonging to the disappearing species of old-school projectionists, her true roots are in cinema work. In den er-Jahren wurde er international bekannt durch seine Fotografie, in der er die Eigenheit des Mediums und die Beziehung zwischen Fotografie und Malerei auslotete was bis heute sein Forschungsgebiet ist. In the early s, he gained international recognition for his photographic work, in which he explored the specificity of the medium and the relations between photography and painting — which is still his field of research today.

From until , he has been based in Paris as a documentary commissioning editor at the European cultural channel ARTE, seeking out new narrative forms with the aim of keeping alive independent, innovative filmmaking.

One Blood, One Eye! #8 Medieval Vampires - Rimworld Intense Let's Play Gameplay! Beta 18

Film critic Neil Young b. Each year, he attends more than 20 film festivals around the world in various professional capacities. Ebenfalls im Rahmen der Preisverleihung So The Shortrun Award for a promising script is also announced during the awards ceremony Sunday, All Swiss films selected for the International Competition qualify for nomination consideration for the Swiss Film Prize.

Zweifellos haben die nordischen Nationen viel Grossartiges vollbracht und damit ist nicht die Entdeckung Amerikas durch die Wikinger ums Jahr gemeint. Schweden gilt weltweit als Vorzeigebeispiel einer weit entwickelten Gesellschaft, wo in allen sozialen und beruflichen Aspekten Gendergleichheit herrscht. Die skandinavischen Fernsehkrimis sind internationale Kassenschlager. Aber ist der Norden wirklich so makellos? Trotz Gleichstellungspolitik fehlen dem nordischen Langfilm offenbar noch immer die schillernden Regisseurinnen.

Auch im Norden machen sich Rechtsrutsch und radikalisierte Gruppierungen bemerkbar, die der Islamisierung und angeblichen Bedrohung nordischer Werte nationalistisch entgegentreten. Es werden aber Aspekte. Island, das kleinste Land im Grossen Fokus, bringt uns u. Diese Bedenken werden in unserem Grossen Fokus ebenfalls aufgegriffen. Nordic Countries In times of European crisis, of the Brexit vote, and a reawakening of nationalism — manifest in the shift to the right in many parliaments — one idea appears solid as a rock: Developed in Sweden in the s, this model peaked in the s, leading to comprehensive sociopolitical reforms such as unconditional social security, gender equality policies, and a politics of consensus , not just in Sweden, but in other Nordic countries, too.

Granted, not everyone supports the idea of the Nordic welfare state today, and many problems, such as those caused by population ageing, remain unsolved. Nevertheless, many Central Europeans still have this image of the Nordic model as a perfect social order. What are the reasons for this fascination with the five countries of the North — Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland? Why, according to the latest studies, are the Danes the happiest people on the planet? Where does the global enthusiasm for Nordic design and Swedish pop music come from?

Sweden is considered a model of a highly developed society, with gender equality in all social and professional spheres. Norway, Iceland, and Denmark also rank high in this respect. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark still have kings and queens as figureheads representing democratic governments with royal kitsch.

Cine 5 : Film-Archiv

With view to global warming, Denmark is the most innovative country in the field of renewable energy. The Scandinavian TV thrillers are international hits. Directors such as Thomas Vinterberg and Lars von Trier are world stars today. But is the North really so flawless? Despite a politics of gender equality, Nordic feature film apparently still lacks outstanding female directors.

In the North, too, there have been shifts to the right, and radicalized groups oppose Islamization and the supposed threat to Nordic values with nationalism. Despite the historically strong linguistic and cultural ties, the Nordic countries are five independent nations that all employ their individual solutions and tactics internationally, and that are worth being considered as independent countries and film nations in this programme focus.

The programmes present films whose stories are set in Nordic countries and that are all made by Nordic filmmakers. We are well aware that this selection of individual approaches cannot draw a complete picture, but it addresses aspects that have influenced and preoccupied Nordic filmmakers in their work again and again. Finland, which lies outside of Scandinavia geographically and linguistically, offers captivating, sometimes absurd insights into the soul of Finnish individuals.

Denmark is represented with compelling artist films that attempt to reinvent cinema. And Iceland, the smallest country in the Main Focus, juxtaposes Viking behaviour with contemporary models of masculinity, among other things. The significance of nature and the woods is at issue in Take a Walk on the Wild Site, whereas Nordic Presents is a tongue-incheek ode to the achievements of the North. The two programmes This Is Us and This Is Me probe the conflicts between Nordic supranationality, national pride, and individual identity.

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Policies of equality and consensus have achieved equal pay and working conditions for men and women, and a high level of social security. The system is intended to let everyone be who they are. These issues are also addressed in our Main Focus. Nevertheless, at the end of this Nordic journey of discovery, we will find that these five nations can serve as a model for us in many if not in all respects.

Der altnordische Einfluss auf die englische Sprache sei hier vermerkt: The Old Norse influence on the English language should be noted here: The films in this selection thus offer gifts or presents from the Nordic countries to the rest of the world. They exemplify some of their most impressive achievements. They started out in By , they ruled the charts worldwide. To this day, young people all over the world dance to the music of the phenomenon that is ABBA. Turn up the volume — Mamma Mia, here we go again! He is best known for directing music videos, which are often mock forms of movie trailers and short films.

Taking us on a journey back to our recent futuristic past, this film tells of the rise and fall of the plastic Futuro House, a space-age utopia that almost became a reality. The Futuro leisure home designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen is not only a product of its time, but also a fine specimen of Nordic design. Martin Radich, Julian Schwanitz Editor: Ein Mann sucht verzweifelt nach jemandem, mit dem er sein Leben verbringen kann.

Diese Geschichten sind auf einzigartig absurde Weise miteinander verbunden. A recently separated couple are arguing over custody of their son. A man is desperately looking for someone to share his life with. These stories are linked in a uniquely absurd way in this film created through intuition, association, and confidence — confidence that the intuitive process would lead to an entertaining and meaningful result. Music for One Apartment M.

Six burglars in an apartment are making music with furniture and household appliances. Finland , 1'00", digital file, colour, German with English subtitles, Exp Director: Numminen und der Chor der Arla Sauna Production: Kinoproduction Oy, Helsinki, Finland Distribution: Numminen singt in der Sauna.

Finnish underground artist M. Numminen is singing in the sauna. Mauri Antero Numminen, known as M. This Is Us Das sind wir. Darauf sind wir stolz. Davor haben wir Angst. Das sind die anderen. Die sind anders als wir. Die Ausgangslage ist durchaus vergleichbar: Aus den gleichen Ausgangsfragen haben sich letztlich zwei formal sehr unterschiedliche Programme entwickelt. This Is Us This is us. These are the others. After all, it is never the simplistic statements that define a country, an association of countries, a nation, a people, or a region, but the way they search for answers.

The Nordic countries have a special position in this respect, as they cultivate a fellowship that defines part of their identity, while at the same time trying to maintain their own national identities. This Is Us is about bizarre national holidays, about wanting to belong, about typical activities, collective fears, and failed integration.

The two programmes This Is Us and This Is Me ask the same questions at the level of the community and the individual, respectively. The point of departure is, of course, comparable: Ultimately, the same questions have resulted in two programmes that are very different formally. While This Is Me unites films featuring something like a typically Nordic narrative style, the works in This Is Us all find their own individual approaches.

The five films in this selection highlight different aspects of the issues sketched above. In order to avoid the trap of simplistic — and wrong — answers, the works thoughtfully employ forms and genres, ranging from classic fiction through documentary and experimental film to mockumentary. Whether with laconic humour or affectionate sincerity, in a roundabout or direct way — all of these films attempt to find out: Nils Jakob Langvik Cast: Hummelfilm, Oslo, Norway, Elisabeth Kvithyll, elisabeth hummelfilm.

Elle, 78, ist in den Bergen Lapplands mit der Kultur der Samen aufgewachsen. Doch davon will sie nichts mehr wissen und davon soll auch niemand erfahren. Officially, Norway is celebrating its independence, and thus itself, on this day. Unofficially, Birger 10 is not in the mood for parades, Konrad 90 is not in the mood for speeches, Carina 18 is only interested in love, and Ola 46 is on a mission of self-discovery.

This film is based on real emergency calls and radio signals. The fears of an entire nation manifest themselves in these messages. Who are we in the face of an overwhelming darkness? Hannes Vartiainen born has a background in film. Pekka Veikkolainen born has worked in the fields of animation and illustration since The two started their own production company in Elle, 78, grew up in the mountains of Lapland, with the culture of the Sami people.

But she wants nothing to do with her roots anymore, nor does she want anyone else to know about them. Who is she if two possible identities want nothing to do with each other? She graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in Wir sind auch die anderen. Als die Winterolympiade in Lillehammer stattfand, arbeitete Kaveh in der Kebabbude seines Vaters.

Das Mockumentary dekonstruiert die Vorstellung vom integrierten Migranten. We are the others, too. This mockumentary deconstructs the notion of the integrated immigrant. Director and screenwriter Kaveh Tehrani studied at the University of Oslo. He is currently developing his first feature film project. Visitors as if from another planet suddenly appear in the misty swamps of Northern Finland.

The strangers seem harmless, but their presence confuses the local population. A look at identities in a globalized world. This Is Me Das bin ich. Das bin ich inmitten der anderen. Und das verlangt nach Kommunikation. Die Filme zwingen uns, zwischen den wenigen Zeilen zu lesen. Beide Nordic Identities Programme definieren sich nicht nur durch die Inhalte, sondern auch durch die Form. So vereinigen die Filme vieles, was das nordische Kino auszeichnet: In langsamen Schritten schleicht sich dieses Programm von hinten an und zieht uns mit komischskurrilen Filmen in seinen Bann.

So lasst uns denn zwischen den Zeilen lesen und in die Geschichten aus dem Norden eintauchen! This Is Me This is me. This is me among the others. While the programme This Is Us shows films addressing the issue of collective identity, This Is Me explores the question of how individuals define themselves within a group. That, in turn, requires communication, which is addressed here in its various shapes and with all its pitfalls. With Nokia and Ericsson, two companies from the North dominated mobile communication for a long time, suggesting a certain talkativeness, a focus on verbal communication.

However, that is precisely what often proves difficult. The films in this programme force us to read in between the few lines. It is the form as well as the content that defines the two Nordic Identities programmes. While This Is Us features a remarkable variety of aesthetic and narrative approaches, some commonalities emerge in This Is Me. The films unite several characteristics that are typical of Nordic cinema.

The unconventional, quietly narrated stories celebrate anti-heroes rather than supermen or superwomen. The stance towards political correctness is ambiguous, and while social critique is often implied, the focus is on human weaknesses. These are depicted laconically, with a sense of irony and some of that grotesque humour that is so typical of the North. With their penchant for the absurd, the narratives play with established aesthetics and genre conventions.

This Is Me is a programme that will slowly sneak up on us and draw us in with quirky films. Let us read between the lines and immerse ourselves in these Nordic stories! Publicly, yet anonymously, she tells the world: Her films combine animation, archival materials, and live action. Jakob Juul Toldam Sound: As a minimalistic black comedy, this Danish animation ponders existential questions regarding loneliness and the contact with others in the North.

Helena Frank is a Swedish illustrator based in Copenhagen. Wir und die Dinge: Aber immerhin lenken die Dinge die beiden voneinander ab. This might not be the case for the Norwegian couple in this movie, but at least the stuff distracts them from each other. Maria von Hausswolff Editor: Julius Krebs Damsbo Sound: Julie Waltersdorph, Copenhagen, Fredriksberg, Denmark, julie masterplanpictures. Studio Marja Helander, Helsinki, Finland, marja. Eine Frau in Samentracht, ein Trampolin, viel Schnee.

Das bin ich, und ich springe mitten im Schnee auf einem Trampolin — ob euch das passt oder nicht! A woman in traditional Sami dress, a trampoline, and lots of snow. Video artist and photographer Marja Helander b. In , she graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. She has presented works in solo and group exhibitions all over Europe, in Africa, and in Australia.

Her work explores issues of identity with regard to her indigenous Sami background. Wer sind wir als Familie? Wer bin ich innerhalb dieser Familie? Oft sagt das Verhalten mehr als Worte. The Dvergsnes family gains a new daughter-in-law and buries their grandmother. Who are we as a family? Who am I within this family? Often, actions say more than words. In recent years, Even has been making short films, commercials, and music videos. Er ist umgeben von sieben Booten. Eine einzige schwarz-weisse Grad-Einstellung wirft Fragen auf: Wer sind die anderen?

Was haben die mit mir zu tun? On the open sea, a man is fighting for his life. He is surrounded by seven boats. The film raises questions in a single, black-and-white, degree take. Who are the others? What do they have to do with me? Can I count on them? Antti Heikki Pesonen Script: Antti Heikki Pesonen Photography: Helsinki-filmi, Helsinki, Finland, miia. Der Arbeitgeber glaubt nicht an ihn. Und er glaubt nicht an den Arbeitgeber. Wer bin ich, wenn ich meine Berufsrollen hinter mir lasse? Who am I when I leave my professional roles behind?

Antti Heikki Pesonen b. He sometimes finds humour in unpleasant things and in the fact that he is writing his own biography in the third person. Sie ist seit dem Einfach PM an mich. My shelf is in German, but if you are interested in any books or have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. Sollte ich mal auf eine PM nicht innerhalb von einer Woche antworten, ist sie wahrscheinlich nicht bei mir angekommen.

Schreib mir dann einfach auf meine eMail-Adresse: Kann ich Buch XY haben? Auf Bookcrossing aufmerksam geworden bin ich schon irgendwann oder durch einen Bericht im Fernsehen, hab aber dann doch noch bis Oktober gebraucht, um mich endlich anzumelden. Meine derzeitigen Lieblingsautoren sind: Trotzdem sollte man mir im Grunde mit Historien-Romanen und Liebesschnulzen lieber fern bleiben. Ich werd dich nicht vergessen. Horvath eBook abgebrochen Hawke eBook abgebrochen Liebe geht durch den Magen!

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Verlockend a Vampir (Vampire of the Norden Folge 1) (German Edition) Verlockend a Vampir (Vampire of the Norden Folge 1) (German Edition)
Verlockend a Vampir (Vampire of the Norden Folge 1) (German Edition) Verlockend a Vampir (Vampire of the Norden Folge 1) (German Edition)
Verlockend a Vampir (Vampire of the Norden Folge 1) (German Edition) Verlockend a Vampir (Vampire of the Norden Folge 1) (German Edition)
Verlockend a Vampir (Vampire of the Norden Folge 1) (German Edition) Verlockend a Vampir (Vampire of the Norden Folge 1) (German Edition)
Verlockend a Vampir (Vampire of the Norden Folge 1) (German Edition) Verlockend a Vampir (Vampire of the Norden Folge 1) (German Edition)

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