A Bunny Screaming

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Vocalisation in rabbits

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The 17 Most Important Bunny Facts of All Time

Loud grinding of the teeth indicates that your rabbit is in pain or stressed, so you should consult your vet. This indicates great alarm or extreme pain. Some rabbits will never scream, but many will do so at least once in a lifetime. If your rabbit screams, offer immediate comfort and stay close for a few hours. Check for any dangers or injuries that may have provoked the outburst.

Catching a Baby Screaming Bunny

If your rabbit wheezes continually, he may have breathing problems and you should visit your vet. She is displaying some normal behaviours now, which is great. I agree with jersey-if she seems okay now she was probably just startled by something.

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  • 1. Bunnies have lots of babies..
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One night a few months ago my bun was in his house and had been for a while as it was bedtime for the humans and all of a sudden screamed. I couldn't see anything in his house or figure out what made him do it but I haven't heard it again since that night.

They can really make a human baby screaming sound. One of the long term members here KokaneeandKahlua said her rabbit did this once also. I believe she was holding Rupert as she needed to clean his bottom once time.

She said he looked at her, let out 2 short screams, then never ever did it again. How is Bambi doing now? You mentioned spiders in one of your other posts.

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The 17 Most Important Bunny Facts of All Time | Save Animals | PETA Kids

She hasnt screamed since then. The spider problem has gotten better, I rarely see a spider now and we're probably going to get stuff to get rid of them once and for all! Just be careful what you use. Especially avoid anything that contains fipronil.

A Bunny Screaming A Bunny Screaming
A Bunny Screaming A Bunny Screaming
A Bunny Screaming A Bunny Screaming
A Bunny Screaming A Bunny Screaming
A Bunny Screaming A Bunny Screaming
A Bunny Screaming A Bunny Screaming
A Bunny Screaming A Bunny Screaming

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