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Spider-Man Web of Shadows - All Four Endings

The generated path is wrong screenshot attached. The path should be generated correctly.

The bug is caused by the Sphere which has NavMeshObstacle. The wrong path occurs when the path is going through the corner point of NavMesh Surface.

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  • The Littlest Stormrider (Stormriders Book 1).

Add comment Log in to post comment. Finally it used to result in quite a comprehensive test case document.

The bad old days of hardcoded paths?

Then it will go through the process of review and few more updates or change of priority etc. Certainly it is a tedious process. A test case which results you in a positive result is a Happy path , for e. A test case which yields no result like entering invalid username and invalid password on a login screen is Sad path.

These test cases will actually will be scenarios which will not take you further. So if you carefully see the 3 paths, they can actually help you filter out the test cases which you would want to deliver to client for UAT testing or will help you prioritize the bugs.

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Bad Paths Bad Paths
Bad Paths Bad Paths
Bad Paths Bad Paths
Bad Paths Bad Paths
Bad Paths Bad Paths
Bad Paths Bad Paths

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