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It also pointed out that the Murder Mystery is a feature film, not a television show. Meanwhile, Justin is co-starring on a series titled, Maniac in which he will be co-starring alongside Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Gossip Cop further notes that the Woman's Day report is filled with "an astounding amount of misinformation.

  • Margaret Atwood and Jennifer Baichwal on Their Documentary, ‘Payback’, and the Nature of Debt.
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After filing for divorce from Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston is not planning any kind of revenge on him. As earlier reported by People, Aniston does not even talk about her estranged husband anymore and "doesn't keep up with what he does. Apparently, this is not the first time when rumours have surfaced about the private lives of Jennifer Aniston.

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  4. Prior to these claims, there were reports that she is reportedly planning to go on a vacation with Brad Pitt in Italy. The claims were soon debunked by their spokesperson, as earlier reported. As of now, Jennifer Aniston is focusing on her upcoming projects and is reportedly not dating anyone or planning any sort of revenge, despite reports. Recently, a tabloid reported that the reason behind Aniston's working on the Netflix film is because she is reportedly getting a payback on her estranged husband Justin Theroux By: Isha Ambani's wedding was a star-studded event, and these pictures prove it!

    Earth Keepers

    Beverly Hilton hotel's mesmerizing way of preparing for the Golden Globes. Producer Dinesh Vijan's throws a lavish cocktail party after his wedding to Pramita Tanwar. Syrian fighters' brutal training drill will have you drop your jaw! Angelic looking Catriona Gray takes the crown. But I did want them to open up what you were looking at — adding that layer was tricky. On the aesthetic side, the camera creeps at times through a specific environment, stopping to focus on certain visual details, like the flies hovering around an iron door handle in Albania, or peering through bars at an old penitentiary.

    How do these little moments fit into your creative headspace around debt, and even filmmaking?

    I deplore a subordinate relationship between visual and textual language in documentary. Yet for me, it has to have a life of its own. I wanted to have that [visually represented] in the film. A lot of people jump to conclusions about him as an authority. But really his perspective is as a person who has gone through the justice system, just like Paul Mohammed. I thought it would be interesting to juxtapose these two extremely different experiences, people who have led very different lives and grappled with what paying your debt to society means.

    Zeitgeist Films :: PAYBACK :: a film by Jennifer Baichwal

    Whereas with Paul, you could ruminate quite extensively on what debt society owes him, given his story. You found creative ways to illustrate concepts that Atwood examines in her book. How did you choose where and whom to shoot?

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    We went on two long trips there. It took me a year to write the treatment, and I read so many books about finance, which was deathly [laughs], as well as all the 19 th -century literature Margaret writes about — novels that seems to be about love but are actually about money.

    The Pushback and the Payback!

    We went to Albania and visited a number of families. What I found interesting about that blood feud is that I could see both sides of the argument. That was a wonderful example of someone paying back. It was extraordinary because of the repercussions that had on the industry in Florida. It is crazy, totally appalling. The BP oil spill happened as I was writing. The idea that there could even be a language of financial reparation around something like that was so absurd, and still is.

    I find it interesting that an author of myths and fairy tales and speculative fiction would turn her attention to a construct—debt—that seems a bit more abstract, though political and economic.

    Payback: A film's courageous attempt to wrestle with debt

    Do you see a connection between her storytelling style and poems and her work as an environmental activist? Her father was a scientist — a biologist, I think. She grew up in very remote places where he was studying.

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    She lived quite close to the ground, in some respects. When you think about speculative fiction, you think about going off into other worlds, right? Maybe she imagines these other worlds because she can imagine what the destruction of ours will look like, certainly in Oryx and Crake. Yet everything she writes about feels possible.

    Act of God

    Nobody can teach you how to make a documentary film. You have to live in a weird place between structure and anti-structure, having a plan and being ready to abandon it at any moment. There is no question about the power relationship in a doc between the filmmaker and the subject. Kindness is the best way to explain it. Living with uncertainty and making sure that your ethical position is the right one are the two most important things to me.

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    Jennifer - Payback Jennifer - Payback
    Jennifer - Payback Jennifer - Payback
    Jennifer - Payback Jennifer - Payback
    Jennifer - Payback Jennifer - Payback
    Jennifer - Payback Jennifer - Payback
    Jennifer - Payback Jennifer - Payback
    Jennifer - Payback Jennifer - Payback

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