Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery)

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Jabbing his cigar, he looked mad enough to pick Mama up and toss her off the set himself. Just then, a woman stepped up to him with a cell phone in one hand and a sandwich in the other. She whispered in his ear. He handed her his cigar, took the cell phone, and jammed half the sandwich in his mouth. Then he began shouting into the cell. I'll have your ass in the courtroom faster than you can say breach of contract. As he left, little missiles of what looked like roast beef launched from his mouth.

I pitied the person on the other end of the call. Even though the woman was almost a head taller than him, she had to run to keep up. The assistant director scolded Mama through tightly pursed lips: This is your first - and last - warning. Next to us, the behemoth in the ball cap still loomed. He's the movie's executive producer, but he thinks he's God.

The scene is supposed to look like something bad happened to one of the kids in the family. The horse is spooked, so it races off alone. The horse, in contrast, plodded along with no whining at the end of a lead rope. He seemed happy to be heading back to the movie's corral. The Hollywood folks were in Himmarshee doing a film about the early days of cattle-ranching in Florida.

But I'd peeked at a script, and cows were about the only thing it had in common with the book.

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Supposedly, the new working title was Fierce Fury Past. Hired to handle the horses, I was using up vacation time from my real job at a nature park. It was a good chance to make some extra cash. Since the film was the most exciting thing going on in our little slice of middle Florida, Mama nagged me until I got her on the set, too. After her embarrassing interruption, we'd done five or six more takes of the galloping horse.

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Bored, she'd wandered off to find somewhere she wouldn't get yelled at for talking. Now, we'd met up again, and were about to have lunch. But first I had to return the horse. Still smarting over the producer's dressing down, Mama was uncharacteristically quiet. Saddle leather creaked as we walked through a pasture.

The horse's hooves thudded on a sandy path cut through a blanket of Bahia grass. A mockingbird sang from an oak branch. Killer Crafts and Crafty Killers. I Love You, Ruth B. Oh, how I love to see all five of those little gold stars filled in on Amazon's ''Average Customer Review. What's that I hear? Must be the sound of a champagne cork popping. Of course, only one reader has thus far reviewed Hitched. The book just came out officially July 1. Thank you, Ruth B. Others will invariably weigh in.

I finally got to have my say in a real interview with another famous mama from literature, Anna Belle Watson. If you haven't heard of her yet, she's a real pistol. We had a great time sitting down and talking about our headstrong daughters, my mystery-solving Mace, and her Sophie Mae Reynolds. We also got to bi You can check out our little chat at Mystery Gal today that snippy author's blog.

Maybe you've heard writers say the people they put in their books ''speak'' to them. In some cases, the characters demand to be heard. They allowed two particularly insistent characters from their series to sit down for an interview. To have their say. It's an honor to get t. Well, y'all, we had to wait all year, but Ms. I wouldn't have done it exactly the same way, understand, but she's still learning about the Wide World of the Web and all.

Take a gander, and let me know what you think: Mama Finally Finishes Her Newsletter. Here's the link for the newsletter, I hope: My Wedding's Going to the Dogs. Dear Mama, I don't know where else to turn. I'm getting married soon, and my groom is getting on my last nerve. I want everything to be perfect, but he's thisclose to ruining my Special Day.

Mama, he wants his Rottweiler in the bridal party. I've tried to tell him this is just too tacky for words, but he won't budge. He says it's the only request he has, and that if I don't honor it, it's a bad omen for our married life together. First of all, Bear smell.

I shopped for wedding doo-dads today.

Not favors for my OWN wedding, understand. Favors for a woman who doesn't really exist, and a ceremony that won't ever happen. The things authors do for their fictional characters! And why wouldn't I? I just spent a year writing a mystery novel set around the Wedding of the Century in tiny fictional Himmarshee, Fla. My Mama character loves. Facebook, Ye Hardly Know Me. I keep reading all this angst over how Facebook is mining details of users' personal lives.

Amazing miniature world - Sir David Attenborough's Life in the Undergrowth - BBC wildlife

The social networking site is supposedly studying its zillions of 'bookers with cyber-microscopes, all the better to target us with smart-bomb niche marketing. Well, I have proof that Facebook doesn't really know me after all. An ad just popped up on my profile page from a company offering discounts in Fort Lauderdale. They got it half right: I do live in Fort Lauderdale, and I d. Dear Mama, I'm at a big mystery novel convention outside Washington, D. Suppose I heard something about you -- something negative. Would you want to know? Or, is gossip best left unrepeated? Just let me say that I don't for a minute believe this woman who's going around claiming how well she knows you.

She says you did a stint in jail. A Himmarshee, Fla, Sunday School teacher, in the slammer? Working Without a Net. Have you ever had a moment where you just knew you were going to screw up? It happened to me the other day, at a presentation at the St. The event was at the Digital Domain Stadium A. Mets Field, where the New York Mets hold spring training. I was scheduled to speak at 1: The day was warm, and a brisk wind whipped through the upper breezeway of the ballpark, where the authors were.

Just as I took the microphone, the wind gu. We've Got a Winner! I never go back on my word, y'all. That's why I've let Miss Author take over my space one more time.

Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery, #4) by Deborah Sharp

I second that, Molly. Hope you like MY story. Honey, You're too Pushy! Well, the shoe's on the other foot again, y'all. I need your advice, and fast. I know this author, let's say her name is Deborah S. A little while back, she took over this advice column of mine, here on the Wide World of the Web. Normally, I address the pressing concerns of folks needing help with all sorts of problems. But there she was, yammering on and on about some award or the other. She put up a bunch of pictures The Monkees?? Always one to elevate the tone of literary discourse, I did a radio essay today about cow patties.

Yep, you can count on me to really step right up SQUISH and reveal the truth about the glamorous life of book-touring. Check it out if you have a minute Two minutes and 11 seconds, to be exact. Here's the link, from my favorite NPR station in Tampa. Too Close to His Mama. I put out the word a while back that what with planning my own wedding and all, I'd be glad to take your ''wed-iquette'' questions. I just got my first letter, and I sure have something to say: Dear Mama, I'm supposed to get married next summer, but I'm having second thoughts.

His mother wants to be involved, which is all fine and good, but she wants to be a little too involved, in my opinion. Instead of me walking d. Which Are the Lies? I will tell you one thing: Picturing her on that nude beach in her birthday suit on her 50th is enough to ruin my dinner. I worked as a street mime in Paris the summer after high school. Well, I just tallied up the friends that snippy author has on her Facebooks.

I'm no math genius, but even I can see she's way ahead of me. How is it that the most popular person in Himmarshee, Fla.


I think that smart-aleck Deborah Sharp has done something to sabotage me. I bet she crossed the wires on the Wide World of the Web so that when people try to sign up to be Friends of Mama, they wind up on her page instead. It's just not fair, y. I don't know whether to take this as a compliment or a dig.

Why don't you tell me? But look what's crossed out: What to do with a Dead Caterer. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. When a film crew comes a'callin on little Himmarshee, Mace snags a job as animal wrangler. Mama is sure this cowboy flick will be her own ticket to Hollywood. The Left Coasters are out of their element: No vanilla lattes or yoga studios.

Hotter outside than a Santa Ana. Mosquitoes as big as Gulfstream jets. The locals think the film folk are nuttier than squirrels at a pean When a film crew comes a'callin on little Himmarshee, Mace snags a job as animal wrangler. The locals think the film folk are nuttier than squirrels at a peanut festival.

But make-believe turns to murder when Mace finds the movie's producer shot and strung up at the horse corral. Mama's role might be miniscule, but her head swells to superstar proportions. When evil starts stalking the cast, Mama might just become one dead diva.

Paperback , pages. Published September 8th by Midnight Ink first published September 1st A Mace Bauer Mystery 4. Himmarshee, Florida United States. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Mama Sees Stars , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Oct 01, Paula rated it it was amazing. The best one so far. Jan 16, Jacqueline Corcoran rated it really liked it.

Mama Sees Stars is the fourth book in the series set in a fictional rural town in Northern Florida. When the director is killed, motives for his murder abound among the celebrities and other luminaries making the movie. The tension with the love interest, Ca Mama Sees Stars is the fourth book in the series set in a fictional rural town in Northern Florida. The tension with the love interest, Carlos, continues, although some of the misunderstandings between them seem a little forced. For example, the ex-boyfriend keeps appearing and making a mess of things at the most inopportune moments, as does the celebrity who comes on to Carlos.

The murder on the movie set premise may be a little stale as a lot of other mysteries have used this as their basis. One of the problems with this kind of mystery is the difficulty in creating credible celebrities that are not real but are based on celebrities that the reader can recognize as certain types.

Further, Mace seems to become part of the celebrity crowd more easily than I could accept, and soon the stars were confiding in her, and she was offering them advice. The ending to the romance subplot was more satisfying, although I did wonder how the author would pull this off in future books since their push-pull tension has been since a running thread in the series thus far.

Hardback Editions

Murder mysteries within a series, where a whole new cast of characters are introduced are my least favorite; I figure out who's who in a series and then suddenly I have another passel of characters to figure out and keep straight. Usually this happens when the main character of a series encounters murder and mayhem on vacation, at a conference, etc. But hollywood setting up shop in Himmar 3 stars because I'm just not a fan of the premise - a murder on a movie set placed in the middle of Florida. But hollywood setting up shop in Himmarshee results in the same thing. I love these sisters although Mama was just too ditzy and narcissistic.

I guess her narcissism can be excused though, as Hollywood was there to bring out her worst. The drama between Mace and Carlos started to feel exhausting and I just wanted to yell at the book "sit down and have a damn conversation with each other instead of stomping around! The mystery wasn't quite as well done as in books past; I guessed the murderer pretty early on. The author left holes in this plot as well what was up with the whole Raccoon thing?

I do not like reading about animal death in any way, shape, or form. VERY unappreciated in a cozy mystery, although I will say these deaths were not due to abuse, or characters otherwise taking joy in harming the animals. All in all, not the best book in this series, but the series still shines as a very funny, entertaining look at a side of Florida few people experience and I am looking forward to September's new release. Oct 11, Suspense Magazine rated it really liked it. Hollywood has come to the small southern town of Himmarshee, Florida.

Mace Bauer has been hired as animal wrangler for the movie shoot. Naturally, where Mace goes, her five-time married Mama is right behind her, along with sisters Marty and Maddie.

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Mama is determined to become Hollywood royalty — or, at the very least, to score a speaking part in the movie. Mace finds herself drawn into the murder investigation, headed by her on-again off-again love, Carlos the police detective. The more she gets to know the people involved in the movie, the less she trusts most of them.

Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery) Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery)
Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery) Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery)
Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery) Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery)
Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery) Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery)
Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery) Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery)
Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery) Mama Sees Stars (A Mace Bauer Mystery)

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