Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition)

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Études sur les romans de la Table Ronde (suite)

L'effet sur George est inverse: William Dean Howells , vers En , William L. Cependant le projet reste lettre morte [ ]. Ernest Hemingway en John Steinbeck en Sinclair Lewis , en Les vues datent de Sur les autres projets Wikimedia: Winesburg-en-Ohio , sur Wikimedia Commons. I went to my typewriter and began to write. It was there, under those circumstances, myself sitting near an open window, the rain occasionally blowing in and wetting my bare back, that I did my first writing I wrote it, as I wrote them all, complete in the one sitting I guess I showed him. I guess I showed him I ain't so "queer" [ Ad 47 ]!

If he prefers that the other be a woman, that is because he believes that a woman will be gentle, that she will understand. The sentiment was a little vague, but it was there, and though the vulgar accused him of pantheism, the initiated could follow him, especially with the aid of the able preface.

After the publication of this work in , Laprade undertook a journey to the Alps. Ch Alexandre, 'Nature made him drunk with her beauties on the high tops of the mountains. Alexandre, 'had made him a poet rustic and domestic, the family,—a poet religions of the past, Provence;—a poet Athenian, but Switzerland made him the poet of Nature. He brought back with him a work of great freshness and force, the 'Odes and Poems' which appeared in January Of this work M. Alexandre says—'Nature had never been sung about, as it was in this book. Weber alone, in music, has this strange friendship for the elements.

It has the whiteness of the marble and the sap of the oak. Alexandre, merely translating as before his French,—'went to enjoy his success at Paris, and make acquaintance with the great masters of the time. In , not being able to see Victor Hugo from the Place Royale, where he had posted himself before the poet's house, he seized a nail and bore it off in triumph as a relic.

He has got it still. It consists of three poems, one of which, 'Rosa Mystica,' shines 'comme une rosace au soleil couchant,' and another, 'Herman,' rings out with the power and sustention 'of an Alpine horn. Laprade and Lamartine are the only great modern poets of France whose works are essentially and eminently pure and religious, and it is remarkable that they both are deeply indebted for the tone of their minds to their mothers, women of prayer, large-minded and self-denying.

The Dream of Lucretia. He has written comedies as well as tragedies subsequently. Charles Coran, born , a friend of Auguste Brizeux, noticed in note to p. He has not written anything during the last fifteen years, and leads the quiet and delicious life of a dilettante. The last of his two published poems is superior to the first, in which he had been, to some extent, groping about to find out his vocation.

He cannot by any means be called a poet of a high order. Love verses, unless very superior, appear ridiculous now-a-days. One can read a chanson by Victor Hugo or Tennyson, but a mediocre love lyric! Still Coran has one great merit. He is thoroughly French. It is on this account rather difficult to translate his poems. They lose their principal charm in the process. The 'duvet' on the peach does not bear to be handled. We do not know if there is an equivalent for piquette in English; it means,—the bad wine pressed out of grapes after they have been squeezed, and water poured upon them.

The Poet's Apology for his Short Poems. Nicolas Martin is deeply imbued with the grand poetry of Germany. He was born at Bonn, and his mother was a German lady—a sister of the poet Karl Simrock, the learned translator into modern language of the old and magnificent Nibelungen , which Victor Hugo considers to be one of the three great epics of the world—the other two being the Mahabharatha and the Ramayana.

Martin's landscapes are very beautiful, and his German leanings have not spoiled his French at all. It is very clear and idiomatic, and as a French critic has observed, it proves 'qu'il est bien des no'res—un vrai fils de la France. Auguste Lacaussade was born in the island of Bourbon about He has published a remarkable translation of Macpherson's Gaelic poems, and was for some time the literary secretary of M. With the melancholy music of Millevoye he unites a force, a passion, a pathos of his own which sets him, not indeed in the first rank of the French poets, but in a position far more elevated than Millevoye's.

They are elaborated with great care. Each is a pastoral picture, or a little drama of exquisite beauty. He has been called, and deservedly, the Petrarch of France. We may simply add here that M. We may give here an extract from an article on M. We use with a purpose the last word, bandied about too lavishly and inconsiderately now-a-days, for M. Soulary does compose , which is a very rare thing with modern poets,—and does compose exceedingly well.

He is wholly bound in the condition of his art, ut pictura poesis. Each of his ideas has passed through and submitted to the operation which transforms prose to poetry. It has been clothed with a body. The Word—we say it not in any irreverence—has become flesh.


A Sheaf Gleaned in French Fields/Notes

The greater part of his sonnets form a little picture, or a little drama, and this with a measure perfect, without ever falling into the theatrical, or verging on the falsely romantic and sentimental. Soulary has two merits in our eyes—two great merits, albeit they be negative. He is not eloquent, and he is not abundant. People have complained under these heads of old, in reference to advocates in politics. How much more had they and have they reason to complain of the poets! Praised be the heavens, M. Soulary's verses do not flow as from a fountain.

That which flows, flows, flows as from a fountain is only clear water, whereas his verses are impregnated with thought. There is not a word which has not its value,—and which has not been carefully and curiously searched until happily it has almost always been found. Soulary is a delicate carver. He is the Benvenuto Cellini of the sonnet. Is there in a carver or chaser the stuff to make a sculptor? But after all, what does it matter?

He does admirably what he does. What has the Perseus added to the glory of Cellini? Let people say if they will, that M. Soulary makes nothing but statuettes. We guarantee that these statuettes will fairly survive many statues that we know. Moreover, he appears to us to have too much sense to let himself be tempted out of his way.

If he comes out of it, it will be in good earnest, and with every advantage, and we shall stand security for his success Soulary's sonnets, it has for us rather a charm. His idea, even then, is always just, and to find it out quite clearly, only a little closer inspection is required. Now, Poesy is a pleasure refined, and we do not dislike to see her, like a goddess as she is, enveloped sometimes in a slight cloud to escape the eyes of the profane vulgar. A Page from the Bible. He has written some pieces about Greece which are admired, but his strength lies in pastoral France.

The Marquis de Belloy was born in Waterloo year. Possessed of great wealth, like his friend and countryman, the Count F. An idea may be formed of his extensive patronage of poor and unknown but meritorious authors by the number of books, good, bad, and indifferent, dedicated to him. De Balzac inscribed his name at the beginning of the best of his contes philosophiques , and thought himself honoured to be permitted thus to hang up his ex-voto to one, who was at once a munificent patron of literature and a poet and scholar of consummate ability.

He has written many sonnets in Italian. The 'Sextine' is something new in English versification. The thought in the piece translated seems rather obscure—remains, as it were, in a half-shadow—and we have not attempted to drag it into clearer light than that in which it was placed by the author. The poems of le Comte de Gramont have a masculine vigour, a loftiness of rhythm and tone, and an austere beauty, which place them in the highest rank amongst modern French poems. Some of his sonnets have almost the trumpet note of Milton. It would almost seem as if the poet had Keats in his mind's eye when he wrote this sonnet.

Fragment of a Jacobite Lay. It would appear from this piece that Le Comte F. To our mind the English poet bears away the palm. His concluding lines are verily magnificent:. A Character of the Olden Time.

Winesburg-en-Ohio — Wikipédia

This character is probably intended for that of the poet's father. The Child on the Sea-shore. Auguste Vacquerie is a very pure poet, pure both in his life and his works. Like Wordsworth, he thinks that a poet's life must conform to his works, otherwise those works can never be sincere; and he is right. It is no disparagement to him to say, that these translations of Shakspeare are far inferior to those of an honoured friend of the present writer, Le Chevalier de Chatelain of Castelnau Lodge, the school-fellow and friend of Victor Hugo; for that is tantamount only to saying they are inferior to the best translations of Shakspeare in the French language,—but they are still by no means common or contemptible translations.

The Sleep of the Condor. Leconte de Lisle, the author of this piece, is a creole born in the Mauritius. A notice of his works by the writer of these pages will be found in the 'Bengal Magazine,' edited by the Rev. Lal Behari Day , for the month of December We append here an extract from the article:. From most of these defects Leconte de Lisle is singularly free.

He is wonderfully vigorous, and very often thoroughly original. Not only is he very well read, not only has he meditated much, but he has that gifted poetic eye which can seize at once and extract poetry from the meanest objects. He has in a word. His language is always noble, decided, strong, without any shrill clamorous note, and also without any false prudishness.

His vocabulary is very extensive, and his arrangement of his words is always remarkable, as framing clearly and distinctly what he has to say. His rhythm has great breadth and certainty, and his instrument has the soft but large and profound accent of what musicians would call the alto. The fields at mid-day,—the desert—the ocean in its magnificence—an animal, say a tiger, in its fury or in its repose—the beauty of a peasant girl in the far, far East,—these are the sort of topics in which he excels.

His other dramas in verse are: He is connected as a contributor with the 'Revue des Deux Mondes,' and was made a member of the French Academy in He distinguished himself early. His first volume, 'Les Cariatides,' was published in , when he was only twenty-one.

Clair de lune de Paul Verlaine (Poetry reading/lecture de poèmes) english sbt.

Since then he has published 'Les Stalactites,' 'Les Odelettes,' 'Les Odes Funambulesques,' and a number of dramas, besides a treatise on French poetry. Gustave Nadaud, born at Roubaix in , is a 'chansonnier. Light, pleasant, often witty, never tiresome, sometimes with a dash of pathos, what more need one require of songs?

Charles Alexandre, commenting upon them, says, 'L'esprit est le fond, le sol de cette muse positive; le sentiment flotte sur elle comme la vapeur bleue sur les montagnes. This poesy, which lives only in the present, cannot wait for the future. The chanson aspires only to a fugitive success, the light popularity of the salons and the streets. And the public is like the Sultan of the Arabian Nights. It must be amused,—amused under any circumstances,—amused under pain of death; and it would never pardon the 'chansonnier' if he were to tire it by poesy pure, or poesy of a high order, or poesy with a moral.

Charles Baudelaire, the author of this sonnet, is a poet and critic of considerable eminence; but he borrows, without acknowledgment, too much from English and German sources. Look for instance at a little piece of his, entitled 'Le Guignon,' consisting of fourteen lines,—not put in the legitimate form of the sonnet.

First you find the line,. Still it turns to a question of dates. Both of them are living poets. Who wrote his lines first? But there is assuredly no question of dates, or question of any kind whatever, immediately after, when you find,. Full many a flower is born to blush unseen And waste its sweetness on the desert air'? Pierre Dupont is the poet of the sorrows and joys of the poor. He is not a scholar, and there is not much art in his poetry, but he has great natural gifts which compensate for all his deficiencies. His 'Chant des Ouvriers' has long been popular, and if the reader reads French at all, he must have come across—.

Lemoyne has not written much, but what little he has written is worthy of high praise. Besides the piece we translate here, there are others which may be read with pleasure, and amongst these we may name 'Ecce Homo' and 'Une Larme de Dante. The readers of Thackeray's 'Vanity Fair' will remember this piece. Its chief charm is in its music; the words are commonplace. The History of a Soul. His poetry is full of thought.

Judging from his style as well as matter, he must have read the English poets a good deal. His mind has many of the traits of Longfel1ow's. Louis Bouilhet is a great poet of the order of Victor de Laprade, only not so religious. The scene is in Rome, the time the reign of Commodius, 'when Roman society had become rotten to the core.

The 'Fossiles' is a work on the creation.

Science enters largely into it, but without spoiling it. The combats of the antediluvian animals classed in the two families of the plesiosaures and the pterodactyles are described with a scientific precision and a poetical vigour which is simply wonderful. Bouilhet has also written two dramas: Both the dramas are strong in situations and characters, and are written with great care in his masterly style, but they never attained popularity.

Between the intervals of these dramas M. Bouilhet published another volume of lyrical poetry under the simple title of 'Poesies.

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The piece we cite here is taken from the 'Poesies. The Plesiosaurus is an antediluvian animal. Although a Frenchman would faint away at the idea of blank verse, which is not allowed in French poetry, we have not hesitated to render this piece in that form as well as some others. Souvenir d'un Vieil Air. Louis Ratisbonne's translation of Dante's 'Divine Comedy,' a work of great ability, was honoured with the approbation of the French Academy.

Sully Prudhomme contributes largely still to the 'Revue des Deux Mondes. He has also translated classical works in verse with great ability. This piece is taken from a book entitled 'Olivier,' published only last year by M.

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Of course it has lost some of its charm taken out of its beautiful setting. La Chanson des Adieux. His poetical pieces, which show a great love for the beauties of nature and a very high talent for description, have also much tenderness and feeling. These pieces were collected together in a volume entitled 'Le Chemin des Bois' in , and received, and deservedly, the approbation of the French Academy.

With one or two strokes a true poet can sometimes give us a picture. Shakspeare's description of evening was. Theuriet is not a Shakspeare, but these five lines are sufficient to show that here we have a poet indeed,—a poet worthy of all honour. A beautiful portrait of M. Victor Hugo holding between his knees his two sons in the blouse of schoolboys, which appeared in the Salon of the Louvre in , obtained the artist a celebrity which he had long before merited. In the sale of Victor Hugo's house and furniture in , another picture of his, allegorically representing the slumber of the poet, drew considerable attention.

Moult est U punz Ions et estreit: N'i a laor mais de plein deit. Treiz perilz i aveit trop granz Desur le punt as trespassanz: D'autre part U punz esteit. Li terz esteit desmesurez , Que li puiz ert si haut levez Del flove , ki esteit ardanz, Mult ert hisdus as trespassanz Qu'il ne chaissent contreval El dolerus puiz enfernal. Visio Tungdali, herausgegeben von A.

Wagner Erlangen, , p. Jonckbloet Leiden, , 2 vol. La chanson des morts qui se chante encore dans le nord de l'Angleterre voy. Grimm, Deutsche Mythologie , p. Insula pomorum quae fortunata vocatur. Insula Avallo -niae , id est insula pomorum ; avalla enim britonice poma inter pretatur latine. On trouve dans toutes les mythologies des contradictions semblables.

C'est probablement une allusion aux mines de houille qui se trouvent dans le Somerset. Il est vrai que cela se passe entre mari et femme. Mes des festes ke tint Ii reis , Del boscheier ne del gabeis , Del donneier e de l'amur Ke demena Ii reis millur Ki unkes fust ne ja mes seit Ne dit gueres l'escrit Davi , etc. Cela n'est pas fort clair: Je me sers du ms. Celui-ci est assez curieux: Quesitum quoque fuit a Campanie comitissa quas dtceat amantes a coamantibus oblatas accipere.

Lui taliter inquisitioni comitissa res-pondit: Amans quidem a coamante llcenter hec suscipere potest , scilicet orarium , capillorum ligamina , auri argentique coronam, pectoris fibulam , speculum, cincu-lum , marsupium, lateris cordulam, pectinem, manichas , cyrothecas, anulum , pisci-dem , species , lav amenta , vascula , repositoria , vexillum causa memorie ; et ut generali sermone loquamur , quodlibet datum modicum quod ad corporis pertinet culturam vel aspectus amenitatem, vel quod potest coamantis afferre memoriam, amans potest a coamante percipere , si tarnen dati acceptio omni videatur avaricie suspicione carere.

Je crois cette attribution vraisemblable: Comitisse Campanie obviare sententie non audemus. La ressemblance est faible. Ces deux vers sont omis dans le ms. Meyer Les derniers Troubadours , p. Brunetto Latino's Ley net og Skrijter, Copenhague, Super hoc articulo non desunt nobis Fraudensis — Flandrensis comitisse responsa. Thomas qui me rappelle ce fait. Il est singulier que le en. Cil qui fist d'Erec et d'Enide, Et les commandemenz d'Ovide Et l'art d'amors en romanz mist, Et le mors de l'espaule fist, Del roi Marc et d'Iseut la blonde, Et de la hupe et de l'aronde Et del rossignol la muance, Un autre conte recommence.

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  3. A Sheaf Gleaned in French Fields/Notes - Wikisource, the free online library;
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  5. Seignor, se avant en disoie, Ce seroit outre la matire: Por ce au defmer m'atire. Ci faut li romanz en travers. Tant com li contes est durez, Tant en a fait ; n'i vout plus metre Ne meins pour le conte maumetre2. C pour quelques 2 G. Or De ce servoit charete lores 1 Dont li pilori servent ores, Et en chascune bone vile, Ou or en a plus de trois mile, N'en avoit a cel tans que une2, Et cele estoit a ceus comune Aussi com li pilori sont Qui traison ou murtre font Et a ceus qui sont champcheu?

    Et as hommes qui ont eu Autrui avoir par larrecin Ou tolu par force en chemin: Qui a forfet estoit repris S'estoit sur la charete mis Et menez par totes les rues, S'avoit puis totes lois perdues, Ne puis n'estoit a cort oiz Ne enorez ne conjoiz4. Tantost a sa voie tenue, Qu'il ne Patent ne pas, ne ore. Tant solement deus pas demore 1 Li chevaliers que il n'i monte 2: Amors le vueut et il i saut, Que de la honte ne li chaut Puis qu'Amor le commande et vueut. Li rois Bademaguz a non. Si puet l'en entrer totes voies Par deus mout perilleuses voies Et par deus mout felons passages.

    Au milieu en est une beaucoup plus belle que les autres, couverte d'une lame que sept hommes forts ne pourraient soulever ; sur la lame on lit: A mains, a piez et a genouz Fet tant que de l'autre part vient. Et sachiez que dit fu lors primes: Seignor, se avant en disoie, etc. Quant Lanceloz vint devant lui Si li dist au premerain mot: Jonckbloet se 29 G.

    PARIS retourne donc contre lui: Toutes les fois que nous trouvons un rapport de ce genre entre une version 33 G. Et lors comencent a huier Si li donoit l'en a mangier. Au vert bois alla le trompeur, Aux murailles de branches des cimes des arbres. Et cette nuit, comme lui, Je voudrais bien grimper en haut.

    A dringo heno, fal hwn, Yn uchel a chwenychwn. Cowell, est ainsi concu dans le texte et la traduction: Astrur fu 'r ffenestr oefdraul, Lie rhoed ; ddwyn lleufer haul: En ceste isle n'ot l'en tonoirre, Ne n'i chiet foudre ne tempeste, Ne boz ne serpenz n'i areste ; N'i fait trop chaut, ne n'i iverne.

    PARIS reine fait le bonheur de son mari et le charme de sa cour 1. Ce fu mestre Diex de la Vache ' Mors est, or ait s'arae pardon 2. Causa conjugii ab amore non est excusatio recta. Amor raro consuevit durare vulgatus. Omnis consuevit amans in coamantis aspectu pa'. In repentina coamantis visione cor tremescit amantis. Probitas sola quemque dignum facit amore. Amorosus semper est timorosus. Omnis 1 amantis actus in coamantis cogitatione finitur. Ces quatre vers manquent dans T. Pour la forme, voy. J porte Bode, mais c'est une faute ; voy.

    Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition) Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition)
    Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition) Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition)
    Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition) Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition)
    Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition) Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition)
    Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition) Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition)
    Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition) Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition)
    Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition) Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition)
    Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition) Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition)
    Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition) Poèmes de prison : Le grand massacre ; LAme endormie (French Edition)

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