The Potters Odyssey

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Kurtz, Donna and John Boardman. Kurtz and Boardman present archeological excavations of cemeteries and funeral monuments in order to survey Greek burial practices. The first half of the book is chronological, from the end of the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period, and covers excavations in Athens and surroundings. The second half, arranged by subject, brings in information from excavations in other parts of Greece, but always in reference back to Athens.

One chapter on funeral rites is especially useful for students. Illustrations and drawings throughout.

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A Political, Social, and Cultural History. Oxford University Press, Four scholars collaborate in this excellent overview of Greek culture from its mythical beginnings to the Roman conquest. Each chapter presents a particular historical period in sufficient detail to give a thorough grounding in all aspects of Greek culture. The chapter on the Dark Ages is a very usefull introduction to the Greece of Homer. Homer and Tragedy in the Developing City-State.

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This book, which examines the junction of religion and politics and posits the origins of tragedy in rituals that promoted the emerging city-state, is valuable for its examination of the importance in Homeric society of gift exchanges, supplication, and guest-friendship. As tragedy begins to emerge, these are replaced by public rituals.

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Arms and Armor of the Greeks. Snodgrass uses available literary, archaeological, and artistic evidence to piece together a picture of ancient Greek arms and armor from the Mycenaean period through the campaigns of Alexander the Great. He is particularly strong on the development of the hoplite and the use of the phalanx, but for Homeric Greece, the info on Mycenean and Dark-Age warfare is especially useful.

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The book is crammed with excellent illustrations. Annotated Bibliography of Web Resources This digital library contains every surviving ancient Greek and Latin text in the original and in annotated translations. One can search, for example, for vase paintings of a particular character like Achilles or Odysseus, of for photographs of a particular place like Troy or Pylos. But hopefully each piece does have its own mood, its own kind of emotional space. It was an apt apprenticeship. The new record is his first as a leader for influential German label ECM.

Potter was attracted to his source material by its combination of mythic themes and very human stakes. There are all these things that could have happened, and he would have lost his way and that would be it. Mastery of gadgets and quick, tricky how-to-do-it techniques may seem the way to go. But this leaves no place for adventure. This book has good recipes, of course, but it is really for those who will.

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This book has good recipes, of course, but it is really for those who will ultimately create their own new recipes and forms. The motivation is in the mind.

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Guideposts are necessary and they must be visualized. This book is written in the belief that the motivation will find the method.

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I might be a bit prejudiced! Willard Spence presents the technical side of ceramics as poetry. He is forthright sp? There are general statements about the nature of clay, but the refinements include specifics, down to glaze test methodology and glaze formulae.

The Potters Odyssey The Potters Odyssey
The Potters Odyssey The Potters Odyssey
The Potters Odyssey The Potters Odyssey
The Potters Odyssey The Potters Odyssey
The Potters Odyssey The Potters Odyssey
The Potters Odyssey The Potters Odyssey
The Potters Odyssey The Potters Odyssey

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