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I am retiring my blog. It may seem like a bit of a surprise for you guys but, to tell you the truth, this is a decision I have been struggling with for the better part of a year. I KNOW this is the best decision for me, my health, my sanity and my family. The purpose of Thrifty Thursday is to pick a book which was free at some point. Saw this over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and fell in love with it.

Are You a ‘Yummy’?

Isn't is just SO true?! Rating System I loved, loved, loved this book! I will definitely read it again and recommend it to anyone who will listen! A yummy trip, I guess you could say. Especially the chocolate part. That was really yummy. Oh, and the beer was good, too. Swiss beer passed the test. I was more focused on the calorie laden food, as usual. We were there to celebrate our anniversary. The wonders of Photo Shop. We were there, we saw it, we have the proof. Let me tell you, the Matterhorn is a beautiful sight!

Saw breathtaking scenery all over that beautiful country.

Men convicted in ’94 murder of 11-year-old speak out for first time

Ate cheese and chocolate--we had to. Marveled at the cowbells that cows in Switzerland actually do wear—who knew? The Swiss love their cows and cowbells. Back to Switzerland, we also, Bought watches and Swiss Army knives—we had to. They looked like this in my drive-by-through-the-window photo note the grey, stormy sky: Cheers to The Yummy Life!

Have you ever gone on a vacation where it rained the entire time? Posted on Wednesday, September 1st, Share with a friend. They have done 20years for this crime. Tell now is not going to lessen or give back any time already spent. The law enforcement know there where others involved do you really think they care. They were happy that someone got time for the murder.


Until our young people fear jail from those incarcerated, it is the only thing that can now get through their thick skulls! The gangs had structure back then, and follow orders. These young boys out here now have no clue!

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At just 11, he had a long rap sheet…are you kidding me!! Had his parents done their job, he might be alive today. Hopefully they have accepted their part in all this.

I pray that a lesson was learned , just know Jesus died for us because of sins but u have to forgive to be forgiven amen ,best wishes,. We all grew up together , never seeing or acknowledging the path we were taking. Some took life more serious than others, had to help out without doing any harmful things, but by working!!!!

Shavon was my 7th grade class mate at van v Like two student next to each other in a row that was a wild feeling…year around school…. Just because they may not go back to their old neighborhood does not mean a whole heck of a lot. That which once was only feared may now also become revered! They have lost the chance at a decent life as well, but did they ever really have a fair chance to begin with?

Though probably heavily influence and as soft as clay at the time. I dont think its proper to say such a thing. This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Sizzling on the grill - yummy! - Picture of Man Soo Korean BBQ, Los Angeles - TripAdvisor

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The Yummy Man The Yummy Man
The Yummy Man The Yummy Man
The Yummy Man The Yummy Man
The Yummy Man The Yummy Man
The Yummy Man The Yummy Man
The Yummy Man The Yummy Man
The Yummy Man The Yummy Man
The Yummy Man The Yummy Man

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