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The link to join is on the front of her webpage at www. All six books are filled with erotic, sensual, and exciting story lines and mystery. The characters both the men and women are strong and live up to the title Alpha. If you enjoy reading shapeshifting, mystery, erotic love stories these are the ones to read. I can't wait to read VII. Log In My Wishlist Logout. Currently out of stock.

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They are the hallmarks of the shapeshifting Chanku—although not every member can immediately accept these gifts. Some, like Eve, must learn to love themselves before they can fully embrace their heritage. Eve's journey takes her far from Montana and her mate, Adam. Mei clearly needs Adam's healing touch, yet Oliver, so long in the shadows, also recognizes Mei as the mate for whom he has been searching. Only when Mei is free to lay herself completely bare, can her Chanku destiny be fulfilled. And when she is ready, no matter what the risk, Oliver will be there to indulge her every desire.

Paperback , pages. Published July 1st by Aphrodisia first published January 1st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Wolf Tales VI , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Apr 17, Kerry rated it it was amazing. Love the Wolf Tales series!! Jan 10, Heather Watkins rated it it was amazing. She just was not ready to mate with Adam.

Something just really called in her mind to go back to her hometown, Tampa, Florida. She had been there for a while and she just could not figure out what this calling was-until she went to the store and helped another female, Mei, from stealing. Eve then finds out later that she was in a foster home with Mei and remembered her.

Eve takes Mei under her wing. She feeds her, takes her shopping, gives her a place to stay since Mei is home Eve left Montana.

She feeds her, takes her shopping, gives her a place to stay since Mei is homeless and eventually makes love to her. More time goes by and Eve begins thinking more of Adam.


Eve then makes a call to Keisha in Montana and gives her a bogus statement that someone needs to come after her. Anton then figures the perfect person to be, guess who, Adam. He takes Oliver along with him. Adam gets his love back and Oliver and Mei hit it off really well. Both couples make love and Oliver begins to have feelings for Mei-eventually Mei comes around to feel the same. Only there's one problem, there's something special about Mei they can't quite figure out.

They all head back to Montana so Anton can help figure this out. Anton gives Mei the supplement to shapeshift. Several days go by and she has all of the signs of Chanku but cannot shift. Anton calls for everyone to have a meeting for everyone to mind connect.

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She then shifts but to an utter surprise!!! What will this surprise be? You have to read Jun 14, Rhonda rated it it was amazing Shelves: She stumbles into an old friend, Mei Chen, who is in a bit of trouble, and decides to help her out. The experience leads Eve to believe that Mei might be Chanku, though something seems a bit "off".

Missing her packmates and wanting help with Mei, she calls "home" for help. Adam, the man she left behind, as well as Oliver, jump at the chance to come see Eve again, not knowing that there is another woman in the picture.

Wolf Tales VI

Of course, Oliver is more than ecstatic to meet Mei when they reach Florida. Adam and Oliver agree that they are picking up something different about Mei though. Is she really Chanku? If so, what is it about her that makes her stand out from the rest of the pack? Kate Douglas does a great job at building compelling characters. Adam is one intense guy!

This particular book has some jaw-dropping moments. I really wasn't expecting where Douglas went with Mei Chen's character at all. Let's just say, this book was very full of surprises! Readers will enjoy being able to absorb themselves in the magical world of Wolf Tales VI. It would be amazing to be surrounded by people like the characters in her books every day. But, since that obviously isn't going to happen, I will count on Kate Douglas to keep my fantasies rolling. Review also posted at MonsterLibrarian. Apr 16, Amanda rated it it was amazing. I am left completely in awe and dumbstruck by Kate Douglas' ability to draw me in time and time again with each installment.

Eve, Adam, Oliver and Mei are some of the most breathtaking characters we have encountered yet as readers. Between mind-blowing sensual love scenes, a killer plot line and wonderful romances blooming between the characters, I feel like I've been carried away to a dream world. Kate's depictions of the scenes are so clear I feel like I'm right there with each of the characters. The sex scenes between the characters always make me feel like a voyeur, in a good way of course!

There are some wickedly divine surprises in this book that are going to knock your socks off.

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I was blown away by the twist Kate added. I do strongly suggest, however, that you read all these books in order at some point. You really get a feel for the Chanku world and all its characters this way. You can never go wrong with a Kate Douglas book and I will be telling everyone how wonderful this one was. Reviewed for Dark Angel Reviews Jan 12, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Chanku are very, very, VERY hot shifters!

Be warned, if same sex relationships bother you, stay away. Jun 29, Angel rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. In this story Adam is going after Eve and bringing Oliver along for the ride, however when they reach Eve she's got a surprise for them in the way of Mei Chen. Mei is more different than them they any of them realize, but that doesn't stop Oliver from falling in love with her.

Very lovely story of how even if your different love can keep you together. Feb 23, Stacy McKitrick rated it really liked it Shelves: But then, so far the whole series has been hot. There's probably more sex than story, but then I kind of expected that, so it wasn't a problem for me.

Wolf Tales VI Wolf Tales VI
Wolf Tales VI Wolf Tales VI
Wolf Tales VI Wolf Tales VI
Wolf Tales VI Wolf Tales VI
Wolf Tales VI Wolf Tales VI
Wolf Tales VI Wolf Tales VI

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