Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition)

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For it is written: Chorale Acknowledge me, my Guardian, my Shepherd, take me in! From you, source of all goodness, has much good come to me. Your mouth has nourished me with milk and sweet sustenance; your spirit has lavished upon me much heavenly joy. Evangelist Petrus aber antwortete und sprach zu ihm: Evangelist Jesus sprach zu ihm: Jesus Wahrlich, ich sage dir: Evangelist Petrus sprach zu ihm: Choral Ich will hier bei dir stehen, Verachte mich doch nicht! Von dir will ich nicht gehen, Wenn dir dein Herze bricht. Chorale I will stay here with you, do not scorn me!

I will not leave you, even as your heart breaks. When your heart grows pale at the last stroke of death, Then I will hold you fast In my arm and bosom.


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Evangelist Then Jesus came with them to a garden, which was called Gethsemane, and spoke to his disciples: Jesus Sit here while I go over there and pray. Evangelist And he took Peter and the two sons of Zebedee with him, and began to mourn and despair. Jesus My soul is troubled even to death; stay here and watch with me! Was ist die Ursach aller solcher Plagen?

Da ist kein Trost, kein Helfer nicht. Here the tormented heart trembles; how it sinks down, how mis face pales! What is the cause of all this trouble? The Judge leads mim before judgment. No comfort, no helper is there. My sins have struck you down; He suffers all the torments of Hell, he must pay for the crimes of others. Could my love for you, my Savior, diminish or bring aid to your trembling and your despair, how gladly would I stay here!

Evangelist Und ging hin ein wenig, fiel nieder auf sein Angesicht und betete und sprach: Evangelist And went away a bit, fell down on his face and prayed and said: Jesus My Father, if it is possible, let this Cup pass from me; yet not as I will it, rather as you wish. He is ready to drink the Cup of death's bitterness, in which the sins of this world are poured and which stink horribly, since it is pleasing to our loving God. Der Geist ist willig, aber das Fleisch ist schwach. Evangelist Zum andernmal ging er hin, betete und sprach: Evangelist And he came back to his disciples and found them sleeping, and said to them: Jesus Couldn't you then remain awake with me one hour?

Stay awake, and pray, so that you do not fall into temptation! The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Evangelist For a second time he went away, prayed and said: Jesus My Father, if it is not possible that this Cup pass away from me, then I will drink it; thus may your will be done. Choral Was mein Gott will, das gscheh allzeit, Sein Will, der ist der beste, Zu helfen den' er ist bereit, Die an ihn glauben feste.

Wer Gott vertraut, fest auf ihn baut, Den will er nicht verlassen. Chorale What my God wills always occurs, His will is the best; he is ready to help those who believe firmly in him. He gives aid in need, this righteous God, and punishes with measure. Who trusts in God, rely upon him firmly, God will never abandon. Evangelist Und er kam und fand sie aber schlafend, und ihre Augen waren voll Schlafs. Wollt ihr nun schlafen und ruhen?

Jesus Mein Freund, warum bist du kommen? Evangelist And he came back and found them sleeping, nevertheless, and their eyes were full of sleep. And he left them and went away another time and prayed for the third time, and spoke the same words. Then he came back to his disciples and said to them: Do you wish to sleep and rest now? Behold, the hour has come, when the Son of Man is to be handed over into the hands of sinners. Get up, let us go; see, he who betrays me is here.

Evangelist And as he was speaking, behold, there came Judas, one of the twelve, and with him a large troop from the high priest and the elders of the people with swords and spears. And the betrayer had given them a sign and said: Judas Greetings to you, Rabbi! Evangelist And kissed him.

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However Jesus said to him: Jesus My friend, why did you come? Evangelist Then they stepped forward and laid hands on Jesus and seized him. They take him away, he is bound. Open the fiery abyss, O Hell, crush, destroy, devour, smash with sudden rage the false betrayer, the murderous blood! Evangelist Und siehe, einer aus denen, die mit Jesu waren, reckete die Hand aus, und schlug des Hohenpriesters Knecht und hieb ihm ein Ohr ab. Da sprach Jesus zu ihm: Jesus Stecke dein Schwert an seinen Ort; denn wer das Schwert nimmt, der soll durchs Schwert umkommen.

Evangelist Zu der Stund sprach Jesus zu den Scharen: Chorale O mankind, mourn your great sins, for which Christ left his Father's bosom and came to earth; from a virgin pure and tender he was born here for us, he wished to become our Intercessor, he gave life to the dead and laid aside all sickness until the time approached that he would be offered for us, bearing the heavy burden of our sins indeed for a long time on the Cross. Song of Solomon 6: Where has my Jesus gone?

What shall I say to the soul, when she asks me anxiously: Evangelist But after they had arrested Jesus, they brought him to the High Priest Caiaphas, where the scribes and the elders had gathered. Peter, however, followed him from afar to the palace of the high priest, and went inside and sat with the servants, so he could see how it came out. The high priests, however, and the elders, and the entire council sought false witness against Jesus, so that they could put him to death, and found none.

Chorale The world has judged me deceitfully, with lies and false statements, many traps and secret snares.

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Lord, perceive me truthfully in this danger; protect me from malicious falsehoods! Evangelist Und wiewohl viel falsche Zeugen herzutraten, funden sie doch keins. Zuletzt traten herzu zween falsche Zeugen und sprachen: Zeugen Er hat gesagt: Ich kann den Tempel Gottes abbrechen und in dreien Tagen denselben bauen. Evangelist Und der Hohepriester stund auf und sprach zu ihm: Hohepriester Antwortest du nichts zu dem, das diese wider dich zeugen?

Evangelist Aber Jesus schwieg stille. Evangelist And although many false witnesses came forward, they found none. Finally two false witnesses came forward and said: Witnesses He has said: I can destroy the temple of God and in three days build it up again. Evangelist And the high priest stood up and said to him: High Priest Do you answer nothing to this, that they say against you? Evangelist But Jesus was silent.

Recitative T Chorus II My Jesus is silent at false lies, in order to show us that his merciful will is bent on suffering for us, and that we, in the same trouble, should be like him and keep silent under persecution. Wenn mich falsche Zungen stechen. When false tongues pierce. Although I suffer, contrary to my due, shame and scorn, indeed, dear God shall revenge the innocence of my heart. Evangelist Und der Hohenpriester antwortete und sprach zu ihm: Doch sage ich euch: Evangelist Sie antworteten und sprachen: Etliche aber schlugen ihn ins Angesicht und sprachen: Chorale Who has struck you thus, my Savior, and with torments so evilly used you?

You are not at all a sinner like us and our children; you know nothing of transgressions. Evangelist Er leugnete aber vor ihnen allen und sprach: Evangelist Und er leugnete abermal und schwur dazu: Petrus Ich kenne des Menschen nicht. Da dachte Petrus an die Worte Jesu, da er zu ihm sagte: Schaue hier, Herz und Auge Weint vor dir bitterlich. Erbarme dich, erbarme dich! Look here, heart and eyes weep bitterly before you. Have mercy, have mercy!

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Choral Bin ich gleich von dir gewichen, Stell ich mich doch wieder ein; Hat uns doch dein Sohn verglichen Durch sein Angst und Todespein. Chorale Although I have been separated from you, yet I return again; even so your Son set the example for us through his anguish and mortal pain. I do not deny my guilt, but your grace and mercy is much greater than the sin that I constantly discover in me.

Da siehe du zu! Aber die Hohenpriester nahmen die Silberlinge und sprachen: See the money, the murderer's fee, tossed at your feet by the lost son! Daher ist derselbige Akker genennet der Blutakker bis auf den heutigen Tag. Evangelist Jesus aber sprach zu ihm: Da sprach Pilatus zu ihm: Evangelist They held a council, however, and bought a potter's field with them for the burial of pilgrims.

Therefore this same field is called the Field of Blood to this very day. Thus was fulfilled what was spoken through the Prophet Jeremiah, who said: Pilate Are you the King of the Jews? Evangelist Jesus, however, said to him: Evangelist And to the accusations from the high priests and the elders he answered nothing. Then Pilate said to him: On Him we rest, with faith assur'd, For ever and for ever.

And Stephen, full of faith and full of power, did great wonders among the people. And they of the Synagogue were not able to resist the wisdom and the Spirit by which he spaker.

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Then they suborned men who were false witnesses, which said: Did we not enjoin and straitly command you, that you should not teach in the Name ye follow? He hath said, and our ears have heard him: Jesus of Nazareth, He shall destroy all these our holy places, and change all the customs which Moses delivered us Acts VI v.

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Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition) Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition)
Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition) Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition)
Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition) Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition)
Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition) Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition)
Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition) Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition)
Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition) Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition)
Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition) Ein Mann von Ehre (LORDS & LADIES 12) (German Edition)

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