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Although I did some slight modifications to the story of the novel, for example the fact that the Soviets lasted longer then I expect they did in the novel and the swap of the A-Bombs drop zones. Well, anyway, to be honest, your Fatherland AAR is the one that inspired me to make this.

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If it wouldn't be for you reminding me of this great mod, I doubt I would of even have it on my computer anymore On a different note, I'm trying to come up with a good contrast and saturation for the pics to match the atmosphere of the time. Feb 26, Messages: I will follow that! Sep 20, Messages: That simple graphics modifying looks so cool!

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How did you do it? I have to try this with my Photoshop. Reclaim your rightful lands and save Tibet while you're at it! Sep 13, Messages: Who will be the first target of the Soviet union? Hope to see more updates soon. Tommy4ever , Apr 12, Jun 25, Messages: Viden , Apr 12, Photoshop is for wusses, Paint. Unfortunately, I fucked up Paint.

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  5. The America is my fatherland. My motherland is in India, and America is my fatherland?
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Jan 27, Messages: Id take out primorsk first just to eliminate a potential rival. Primorsk won't be a powerful rival, considering I only spot 2 divisions at my border. But, I'll leave them for later once I take out one of my main rivals. Primorks has the dumb luck of obtaining the islands once belonging to the Union and one of them has a VP. And I can't do the take all provinces, peace, Dow, annex trick since I can't take an extra 8 dissent afterward. May 3, Messages: Good luck restoring the Soviet Union- it looks like you'll need it with the mess Stalin made of things.

Several consequences follow from this substitution: But this essentially neurotic displacement acquires, not only for Savarkar, a poisonous, escalating autonomy.

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There is little need here to rehearse all the moves that are necessitated by this strategic substitution: There are desperate strategies of exclusion whereby an entire population that is demonstrably indigenous is sought to be delegitimised — the whole punyabhoomi fiddle, i. Burdened with the inescapable, and now unnameable, guilt of that clemency petition, Savarkar invents an elaborate retrospective justification for his silence about colonialism. So, saddled with a male, martial and ferociously anti-Muslim ideology of the fatherland, we are a long way from the gentle Bharat Mata of Abanindranath Tagore, but one must resist the urge to psychologise this transformation too much.

Joseph Alter, in Moral Materialism: Sex and Masculinity in Modern India, has written about the peculiarity of the Indian notion of masculinity.

Wide is My Motherland

This masculinity is not defined in relation to any notion of femininity but is, rather, constructed around the notion of celibacy — specifically, non-relation. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with Indian notions of yoga and brahmacharya and the promised rewards of semen-retention — the kundalini rises, no less! Because this is truly a tragic, inexpressible masculinity. Then again, the shift that seems to be taking place, may also be connected with the particular stage of national development in which we find ourselves.

The America is my fatherland. My motherland is in India, and America is my fatherland.

What’s the difference between a motherland and a fatherland?

Conversations and Morning Walks. You should read the French. Retrieved from " https: Facts about " The America is my fatherland. My motherland is in India, and America is my fatherland ".

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My Motherland My Fatherland My Motherland My Fatherland
My Motherland My Fatherland My Motherland My Fatherland
My Motherland My Fatherland My Motherland My Fatherland
My Motherland My Fatherland My Motherland My Fatherland
My Motherland My Fatherland My Motherland My Fatherland

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