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Flirtation makes us feel special, sexy, wanted and approved of. It stimulates sexual appetites and builds bonds. Knowing this, why would you ever stop? Use shy glances, playful games and steamy touches to keep your man interested. For more help with flirting, check out these flirty texting games you can play with him.

Dudes are people too, and they appreciate a random act of kindness as much as anyone. It can be as simple as making the bed or doing the dishes before he gets home, or as elaborate as surprising him with dinner out or organizing a trip together to Vegas. Whatever your budget and level of free time, the most important thing is to do something nice purely for the sake of being nice, without any expectation of reward or payback. This is one of the best ways to go about it, hands down.

Men are more than willing to ask for sex, but one of the hottest things you can do is initiate it. Guys love feeling wanted too! If you need to learn some new sex tips then you should check out these insider sex tips.

As we age, even in our twenties and thirties, the world starts to weigh on us. We lose that childlike ability to play for hours with nothing more than the rocks and branches that used to entertain us throughout long afternoons. Guys like simplicity, though, so hearkening back to the pure pastimes of your youth will help keep him around. Make up the rules to games, refuse to be bored and laugh easily.

Another important aspect of staying young is remembering to never stop flirting. It reminds him exactly why he likes you so much. A little jealousy never hurt anyone. In almost all cultures, men often have a hard time expressing themselves and feeling as though they can show emotion.

7. Slip a Surprise

But people tend to lose the knack for it over the weeks, months and years as they become more comfortable with someone. It happens to guys too, they forget about looking sexy.

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Lean toward your man intimately, touch him softly on the arm or shoulder or cheek, lower your head and look up at him from underneath your lashes. Everyone loves to feel special, and using sexy body language is one method of making your man feel that way. This is how your man should feel about you. Addiction is a simple matter of being likeable, lovable, desirable and fun. Keeping these 18 tricks in mind will keep your relationship strong and your bond addictive … to both of you! Once you spoil a man through fabulous sex , you essentially become irreplaceable.

Very few women are good at pleasing men sexually — they hardly do anything. Moreover, the shame men and call them perverts when they reveal their fantasies and secret desires. Focus on your love-making skills and you will literally have men at your mercy. Men like women who look good. You can either fight it or accept it. I suggest that you accept it and work on getting in the best shape of your life.

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Working out will make your healthier — you will feel better and live longer. Also, get a fashion makeover.

Top 10 Sex Tricks That Drive Men Wild

Look stylish whenever you go out — especially when you go out with him. When a guy has a dazzling woman by his side, he feels masculine and proud. Work hard to achieve your dreams — both professional and personal. If you actually have a life outside of your relationship — you become very attractive to him. Reward him for being good and punish him when he is mean and unpleasant. A smart woman always makes sure that her man leaves the home with a full stomach and empty balls.

Top 5 ways to make your man happy in bed.

Your email address will not be published. It feels like a hand is gripping me. The said exercises involve the clenching and unclenching of the pubococcygeus muscle that surrounds the opening of the vagina.

Tricks... to Please a Man

Mirror Image All men—yes, even the ones with love handles and hairy backs—seem to relish the idea of watching themselves having sex. As Rob, 28, an advertising executive, reveals: But then again, you have to be very careful about doing such a thing. Do It Yourself Rather than get offended when chicks take matters into their own hands, men get hot watching women pleasure themselves.

It appeals to their voyeuristic side. Many—if not all—of them find it unbelievably sexy.

Tricks to Please a Man by Jay Wiseman

Down Under For a lot of men, a blow job is the Rolls-Royce of sexual moves. In fact, some men admit that they found it hard to come through oral alone. Another useful piece of advice is this: Jake, 31, an engineer, recalls the best blow job he ever got: The Magic Number A surprise re-entry from this neglected classic, the Guys love the idea of being able to give you oral pleasure while simultaneously returning the favor.

Tricks... to Please a Man Tricks... to Please a Man
Tricks... to Please a Man Tricks... to Please a Man
Tricks... to Please a Man Tricks... to Please a Man
Tricks... to Please a Man Tricks... to Please a Man
Tricks... to Please a Man Tricks... to Please a Man

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