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The editors have succeeded in offering chapters via a number of the top specialists within the box whereas nonetheless maintaining a cohesive and hugely obtainable kind. The booklet balances motives of suggestions with transparent and invaluable dialogue of the most program parts. Reviews of first edition: Completely up-to-date bankruptcy at the Verification of Spatial Forecasts taking account of the wealth of recent study within the area New separate chapters on Probability Forecasts and Ensemble Forecasts Includes new bankruptcy on Forecasts of utmost occasions and Warnings Includes new bankruptcy on Seasonal and weather Forecasts Includes new Appendix on Verification Software Cover picture credit: Policy, Planning, and by Julian Agyeman This targeted and insightful textual content deals an exploration of the origins and next improvement of the idea that of simply sustainability.

Environmental Philanthropy for Saving the world's natural world, specially high-profile examples resembling chimpanzees, whales and the tropical rain forests, is enormous enterprise. Stephenson by Steven 4. Kann die Kommission in Zusammenhang mit der Empfehlung alternativer Anwendungen sicherstellen, dass den Landwirten auch in Zukunft Wahlfreiheit in Bezug auf gentechnikfreien Anbau garantiert bleibt?

Valutazione da parte dell'EFSA dei rischi dei neonicotinoidi. Nel corso dello studio sono stati esaminati gli effetti di tali sostanze sulle colonie di api. Sulla base di tali informazioni, la Commissione ha avviato immediatamente un dibattito circa il divieto di queste sostanze. Come valuta la Commissione le lacune presenti nei dati forniti, in ragione delle quali gli studi dell'EFSA non risultano rappresentativi per tutta l'Unione europea?

Si tiene conto del fatto che nel corso di questa valutazione non sono stati considerati gli studi scientifici precedentemente conclusi relativi all'esame di queste sostanze, corredati da risultati concreti e proposte di azione? In alcuni Stati membri il settore dell'apicoltura e quello agricolo hanno intrapreso una stretta collaborazione, attuando misure che hanno condotto a chiari risultati. La mancanza di dati messa in luce dall'EFSA solleva preoccupazioni nella misura in cui evidenzia diversi fattori di incertezza in certi ambiti della valutazione del rischio che non consentono di concludere che il rischio sia basso.

Coerentemente con la richiesta della Commissione l'EFSA ha tenuto conto di tutti gli studi disponibili precedentemente valutati a livello nazionale a sostegno delle autorizzazioni esistenti di prodotti fitosanitari. Gli agricoltori possono coltivare colture GM, ad esempio colture GM resistenti agli insetti, a patto che queste abbiano ricevuto un'autorizzazione alla commercializzazione UE previa attenta valutazione del rischio che dimostri che essi non hanno effetti nocivi per la salute umana e animale e per l'ambiente. La legislazione sugli OGM stabilisce che gli Stati membri possono implementare misure specifiche per assicurare la coesistenza di colture GM, convenzionali e biologiche sul loro territorio.

The effects of these on bee populations have been established and the results obtained identified a number of risks for bees. In some cases the risk assessment could not be completed, owing to a lack of data and because of time pressure. In response, the Commission raised the question of a ban on these active substances. The wide-ranging economic and environmental impact of such a decision gives rise to the following questions:. Is account being taken of the fact that earlier, completed scientific studies concerned with evaluating active substances and which contain specific results and recommendations for action were not included in this assessment?

Measures have been taken in some Member States with close cooperation between beekeepers and the agricultural sector which have produced clear results. Have these been taken into account? In many Member States the incidence of invasive pests such as Diabrotica virgifera Western corn rootworm is causing an increasing number of failed harvests. Will there be an assessment and a recommendation for alternative methods in the fight against harmful insects? With regard to recommending alternative methods, can the Commission ensure that farmers will continue to be able to exercise free choice in the matter of GMO crops?

The assessment done by the European Food Safety Authority EFSA represents the best state-of-the-art scientific assessment currently possible with the available experimental data. The data gaps highlighted by EFSA raise a concern insofar as they highlight numerous uncertainty factors in certain areas of the risk assessment, which do not allow concluding on a low risk. Consistently with the request of the Commission, EFSA took into account all available studies previously evaluated at national level in support of existing authorisations on plant protection products.

The Commission is not aware of any missing information that should have been integrated in the assessment. A wide call for data was launched and all submitted data, studies and information were considered in the assessment. The Commission is aware of the importance of alternative solutions such as crop rotation, in case certain uses of neonicotinoids would not be available in the future. Farmers can grow GMO crops — e.

The GMO legislation provides that Member States can implement specific measures for ensuring the coexistence of GM, conventional and organic crops cultivations on their territory. Disoccupazione giovanile in aumento nell'area dell'euro. Nell'ambito del Semestre europeo vengono anche promosse riforme strutturali per affrontare la segregazione del mercato del lavoro e ridurre la disoccupazione giovanile. In the light of the above, can the Commission say how it thinks these policies concerning the reduction of youth unemployment in the euro area can be implemented in relation to the proposed cuts to the latest European budget?

Nevertheless, the European Council also recognised that the emphasis put by the Commission on the critical need to address youth unemployment was right. Through the European Semester, structural reforms are also promoted to address labour market segregation and reduce youth unemployment. The European Commission will assess Member States' measures to boost growth and jobs and propose, where needed, country-specific recommendations regarding youth unemployment.

Accordingly, the Commission states that the precautionary principle may only be invoked when the following three preliminary conditions have been met:.

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The Commission also stated that it was evaluating the potentially adverse effects in conjunction with the WHO, with a particular focus on a recent peer-reviewed report, which found that wind turbines do have a negative impact on human health. Therefore, all three of the preliminary conditions needed to invoke the precautionary principle have been met. In the light of this information, can the Commission clarify how European consumers can demonstrate the danger associated with a procedure or product? Given that those citizens whose health is affected by living close to industrial wind turbines are rarely, if ever, represented by associations, how does an individual inform the Commission that the product is having a negative impact on their health?

Every citizen has the right to write to and get a direct answer from the Commission. Noise from individual wind turbines and defining local measures that might be required is in the competence of the national or local authority concerned. Employing people over the age of 55 has become a serious problem in the European Union, particularly as the economic crisis affects Europe. However, there are considerable discrepancies between the Member States: It is obvious that the main problem now is the high level of unemployment in almost all EU Member States and in particular, youth unemployment.

However, we should also not forget older people. What steps is the Commission taking or intending to take to ensure that those countries, where discrimination on the grounds of age is most widespread, create conditions which are more favourable to employing older people? If people have been discriminated on grounds of age they may take the legal remedies available in their national Member State. The Commission is closely monitoring the correct transposition and application of the prohibition of age discrimination as laid down in directive in the Member States and will not hesitate to take the necessary steps to ensure that the directive is correctly transposed and applied at national level.

According to the Greek organisations representing those concerned, the direct or indirect use or misuse of registered Greek designations for example, feta and the use of trademarks or other insignia on labels, implying that the products in question for example, yoghurts are of Greek origin, is assuming alarming proportions on third country markets. How will it ensure that, for the purposes of trade within the Union and export to third countries, Member States will refrain from dealing in products which encroach on registered PDOs or PGIs?

For many years, the Commission has therefore striven to improve the protection of Protected Designations of Origin PDO and Protected Geographical Indications PGI in third countries through multilateral negotiations and through an increasing number of bilateral agreements with our trade partners, either through stand-alone agreements or as part of wider Free Trade Agreements.

Afghans feel enormous anxiety as the deadline for withdrawing international combat forces from Afghanistan looms and powerbrokers jockey for position. Wie soll weiterhin der Zugang zu Bildung aber auch Chancengleichheit gesichert werden? EUR zu diesem globalen Fonds geleistet. There has been a significant improvement in Afghan women's rights since the fall of the Taliban. Many girls and women have gained access to education, which we Europeans both regard as the greatest asset and take as a matter of course.

In its report, the organisation Human Rights Watch summarises the situation for Afghanistan as follows:. How will the rights of young girls and women continue to be strengthened and protected? How will access to education and equal opportunities continue to be guaranteed in the future? The future assistance will be oriented towards Afghanistan's own National Priority Programmes, including the one on Education. Afghanistan must take its own responsibilities both for development and for security.

The EU will continue to press the Afghan authorities to implement their commitments in full, in particular in the field of human rights, including the rights of women and girls, for whom access to education will be an important element. In the EU-Afghanistan Cooperation Agreement currently being negotiated, the human rights dimension will be an essential element and the Agreement will contain a number of core provisions on women and children.

This includes the education sector where a number of EU Member States are actively involved. Afghanistan also benefits from the Global Partnership for Education, coordinated by Denmark in case of Afghanistan. The EU will increasingly follow the principles of division of labour as foreseen in the Agenda for Change and the Action Plan on strengthening the EU's presence in Afghanistan, so as to target funds where they are most needed and with the greatest possible impact. The overall security situation will, however, be a key factor in determining how EU assistance can be implemented.

Does the Commission believe that an organisation which receives such a large proportion of its funding from public-sector sources can be accurately described as an NGO? Does the Commission agree that it would have been better if the leaflet distributed by. For its work, the European Commission has identified a few characteristics normally shared by these entities, such as independence of government. EU funding is allocated on the basis of the applicable legal base and the financial regulation without any condition which would limit the beneficiaries' independence.

Thus the Commission considers that the registration of. The Commission and the European Parliament have set up the transparency register to respond to such concern and offer a data base with all this information as it is the case for. The Honourable Member is thus invited to use this instrument when she wishes to check on an organisation engaged in lobbying activities. In implementation of this regulation, the Commission organises yearly open calls for proposals in which Transport and Environment has been selected for co-funding of its activities.

Diese Genehmigung hat die Kommission derzeit noch nicht erteilt, obwohl die alte Fassung seit dem 1. Um die seit dem 1. L vom 9. However, in order to prevent distortions of competition in the internal market, this requires approval from the Commission. New rules on tax relief for cogeneration plants have therefore been adopted in domestic law; in Germany these rules are to be found in Sections 53a and 53b of the Energy Taxation Act.

However, the new domestic law rules will only enter into force after the necessary approval under state aid rules has been granted by the Commission. If so, what changes may be expected? As a consequence, the Commisison had to make a new, complete assessment of the German tax relief for energy products used in cogeneration plants under the current state aid rules. Aus welchem Grund wurde die Exekutivdirektorin nicht bis zur Ernennung eines neuen Exekutivdirektors durch den stellvertretenden Direktor ersetzt?

Die amtierende Exekutivdirektorin wurde am 1. Im Jahr hat der Verwaltungsrat ihr Mandat bis zum They included breaches of public procurement rules, and missions and travel expenses not accounted for. However, the current Executive Director has remained in charge, despite her questionable management of the agency, instead of being provisionally replaced by the Deputy Director. How much will her pension be upon completion of her current contract as Executive Director of the European Environment Agency?

Would other pension rules apply if she were to leave before the end of her contract? Why was the current Executive Director not replaced by the Deputy Director until a new Executive Director had been appointed? The rules governing the calculation and settlement of the retirement pension are set out in the Staff regulations. The same rules apply to temporary staff who leave at the end of their contract and those who leave before the end of that contract.

The Management board, who is entrusted with the power to appoint the Executive Director of the Agency, did not decide to terminate the contract of the Executive Director before the natural term of office. Therefore, there was no justification for the Deputy Director to replace the Executive Director in her functions. Following the recent ingredients scandals affecting Ireland, the UK, Poland, France and probably other Member States, does the Commission intend to take action? With the free movement of goods and services — brought about by the Maastricht Treaty — easier than ever before, is the Commission of the view that better traceability is needed, as well as minimum sentences for those involved in food crimes?

Does the Commission think that minimum pricing and profit returns for farmers would eliminate the race to the bottom, in terms of quality, by large supermarket chains such as Tesco, Dunnes and Aldi, which demand low-cost goods from suppliers? Does the Commission feel that more should be done to let hard-pressed consumers know that what is packaged as nice healthy food can actually be full of unhealthy ingredients? Does the Commission feel that, as a general rule, the public needs to be better informed about the risks of eating processed foods?

What will the Commission do to ensure that regular DNA testing is carried out on food products? Can the Commission state what obligations Member States are under in terms of testing? There is an extensive body of Union rules to ensure that food is safe. Traceability is compulsory for food business operators at all stages of the food chain. These existing traceability systems made possible that the extent and origin of the recent fraud has been revealed.

Member States are responsible for the enforcement of Union law and shall verify, through official controls, compliance by the operators. However, no mandatory DNA testing of meat is required by Union legislation. Member States are also entitled to determine the level and type of penalties to be imposed for infringements of food legislation. However, minimum pricing and profit returns for farmers would not avoid fraud. Die Kommission hat diesen Bedenken bei der umfassenden Datenschutzreform ebenfalls Rechnung getragen.

Can the Commission confirm that this is true? These laws may be in breach of international law and may affect the fundamental rights of individuals in the Union. It is primarily for national authorities, in particular the independent data protection authorities, to monitor compliance with data protection rules and investigate any violation thereof. The Commission also duly took into account these concerns in the comprehensive reform package of data protection rules.

Kosten der Pensionierung von EU-Beamten. Wie hat sich das Durchschnittsalter der pensionierten EU-Beamten in den Jahren , und entwickelt? Wie haben sich die gesamten Versorgungskosten der pensionierten Beamten der Kommission in den Jahren , und entwickelt? Wie entwickelten sich diese Verbindlichkeiten in den Jahren , und ?

Im Zeitraum sind Bedienstete in den Ruhestand getreten. Der Wert der Verbindlichkeit zum How many former EU officials from Germany and Austria are currently in retirement? How did the average age of EU officials in retirement change in , and ? How did the overall costs relating to retired Commission officials change in , and ? How did these liabilities change in , and ? Currently there are 1 former staff members with German nationality and 47 former staff members with Austrian nationality in retirement.

As noted in the EU annual accounts note 2. The value of the liability at How many EU officials aged between 50 and 55, 56 and 60, 61 and 65 and over 65 retired in , and ? Five of them had German nationality and one had Austrian nationality. The average retirement age of all officials who retired in was How many officials were granted early retirement due to invalidity between and ?

How have the costs relating to EU officials granted early retirement due to invalidity changed between and ?

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How has the average age of EU officials granted early retirement due to invalidity changed between and ? This represents an amount which is stable at 2. The average age of staff members at the moment when they were granted the invalidity allowance has increased from 52 in to 53 in Untersuchungen gegen Beamte oder Bedienstete der Kommission.

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Sind die verbleibenden 12 Untersuchungen inzwischen abgeschlossen? Wenn ja, welche Ergebnisse ergaben die Untersuchungen? Wenn nein, wie viele Untersuchungen sind mittlerweile abgeschlossen, und welche Ergebnisse gab es bei den bereits abgeschlossenen Untersuchungen?

Wenn ja, wie viele und gibt es dazu bereits Ergebnisse? Have the remaining 12 investigations now been completed? If so, what were the findings? If not, how many investigations have been completed and what were the findings in those cases? What follow-up measures have been taken in the cases completed since the beginning of ? Has OLAF opened any more investigations into officials or other staff members of the Commission for corruption since the beginning of ?

If so, how many?

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Are the results available? Have the guidelines drawn up by the officials or other staff members concerned and the decisions that they have taken been subjected to scrutiny and, where applicable, reassessed in order to ascertain or correct the influence of corruption? In relation to the 9 investigations that OLAF has concluded, for 2 no recommendations were issued while for the remaining 7 cases both disciplinary and judicial recommendations were adopted.

In one case the official concerned was retrograded, the other cases are still ongoing both from the disciplinary and criminal sides. According to the information given by OLAF, OLAF has opened no new investigation concerning allegations of corruption of Commission officials and agents in and one coordination. Assessing the impact of any irregularities identified is generally part of an investigation. Even during an investigation, where OLAF finds that the misconduct being investigated might continue to produce effect, it may recommend precautionary measures to the service concerned to avoid this.

Following an investigation, OLAF may recommend not only a penal or disciplinary follow-up, but also a financial follow-up, namely the recovery of monies unduly paid Finally, OLAF may also make administrative recommendations to a service following an investigation, to ensure that any systemic weaknesses identified in the course of an investigation are addressed, in order to avoid a recurrence of the irregularities and to protect the financial interests of the Union. Beamte mit Hauptwohnsitz in Luxemburg. Die Kommission teilt dem Herrn Abgeordneten mit, dass sich die Zahl der Statutsbediensteten der Kommission mit Dienstort Luxemburg in den letzten vier Jahren wie folgt entwickelt hat: How many Commission officials had their main residence in Luxembourg in , , and ?

What was the cost of missions from Luxembourg to Brussels in , , and ?

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What was the cost of missions from Brussels to Luxembourg in , , and ? The Commission informs the Honourable Member that the number of statutory Commission staff based in Luxembourg had evolved over last four years as follows: The Commission is not in the possession of calculations of how many of Luxembourg-based officials travelled to Brussels on mission once or more than once, and what is the cost of missions from Luxembourg to Brussels and vice versa. Production of such calculations would require extensive resources. The Commission can provide the following information as regards the data requested for Commission premises in Brussels.

As regards the data requested for Luxembourg and other places where the Commission has offices, the Commission needs more time to collect the information it needs to answer the question, as the responsibility for granting access to Commission premises outside of Brussels is decentralised over different Commission services. The Commission will communicate its findings as soon as possible.

This surface area is in fact reduced by the increased use of shared offices and open space offices. Die Kommission bedauert, dass die Beantwortung der Anfrage mehr Zeit als geplant in Anspruch genommen hat. How much did the Commission pay for the provision of consultancy services by external firms in , and ?

How much did the Commission pay per directorate-general for the provision of consultancy services by external firms in , and ? What are the names of the 10 firms which received the highest consultancy fees from the Commission in , and respectively? How much did the Commission pay per firm for the provision of consultancy services by external firms in , and ? The Commission is collecting the information it needs to answer the question. It will communicate its findings as soon as possible.

A set of detailed breakdowns of payments made to external consultancy services in , and in total, per directorate-general and per firm, as well as the names and amounts of the 10 firms which received the highest consultancy fees, is provided in Annex to this reply. The Commission regrets that the compilation of the reply has taken longer than foreseen. For the sake of coherence, consultancy was defined as services provided by external firms with a primary purpose of giving expert advice.

Wie hoch waren die Kosten, die durch den Krankenstand von Beamten des Rates in den Jahren , , und entstanden? Wie viele Tage befand sich ein Beamter des Rates durchschnittlich in den Jahren , , und im Krankenstand? Die durchschnittliche Zahl der Krankenstandstage Kalendertage, d. Zu den Kosten, die durch den Krankenstand von Mitarbeitern des Rates entstanden, liegen keine konkreten Daten vor. What was the cost of sick leave taken by Council officials in , , and ?

The average number of days of sick leave calendar days, i. There are no specific data available concerning the cost of sick leave taken by Council staff. Wie hoch waren die Kosten, die durch den Krankenstand von Beamten der Kommission in den Jahren , , und entstanden? Wie viele Tage befand sich ein Beamter der Kommission durchschnittlich in den Jahren , , und im Krankenstand?

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Auch langfristige Krankheitsurlaube sind in diesen Angaben enthalten. What was the cost of sick leave taken by Commission officials in , , and ? The absence rate remained stable through out the period at 3. Long term sick leaves are included in these figures. Von Energiesparlampen ausgehende Gefahren.

Wie beurteilt die Kommission diese neuerlichen erschreckenden Ergebnisse? Haben nicht solche Stoffe, die im Verdacht stehen, Krebs zu erzeugen, in Energiesparlampen nichts zu suchen? Wie beurteilt die Kommission dies? Die Kommission hat keine Kenntnis von neuen Informationen, wonach Energiesparlampen krebserregende Stoffe freisetzen. Da die Emissionen von Energiesparlampen kein Risiko darstellen, rechnet die Kommission nicht mit negativen Auswirkungen auf das Vertrauen der Verbraucher.

Now, fresh research by an approved laboratory has shown that energy-saving lightbulbs made by a well-known manufacturer release, when in use, toxic vapours that are suspected of being carcinogenic. Expert opinion is that many of the substances identified, such as phenol, should be scrupulously avoided in indoor spaces.

Apart from the issue of mercury and the problems of disposal, it now turns out that energy-saving lightbulbs may also be a source of harmful indoor emissions. Surely, substances suspected of being carcinogenic have no place in energy-saving lightbulbs? Do the latest findings not further undermine consumer confidence in energy-saving lightbulbs? What scientific opinion is available, including on the presence of mercury vapour, to prove that energy-saving lightbulbs are not harmful?

If the Commission is unaware of any such scientific opinion, could it commission an expert report on the subject? The Commission is not aware of any new information indicating that energy saving lamps emit carcinogenic emissions. The UBA came to the conclusion that the measured values were not realistic and would have needed to be divided by a factor The UBA concluded that the VOC-emissions from energy saving lamps were negligible and did not represent any risk to human health.

The Commission is committed to ensuring the highest level of protection of consumer health and safety required by the Treaty, including with regard to carcinogenic chemicals. The emissions from energy savings lamps were however considered not to present a risk to human health, as referred to above. Since the emissions from energy-saving lightbulbs do not represent a risk, the Commission does not expect any negative impact on consumer confidence. The Commission has indeed commissioned several expert reports on the subject.

The EU does not have a specific rule whereby goods purchased in army stores are not subject to import duty; however the rules above-referred for consignments of negligible value and consignments sent between private individuals apply. Gibt es schon Zwischenberichte, ob bzw. The worldwide trade in illegally sourced timber, which is increasingly centred on China, is worth billions of dollars.

It is virtually impossible for end-purchasers to determine whether wood has been illegally sourced. Products such as floor coverings and mass-produced furniture are increasingly making their way onto markets in the West. Are interim reports available on the impact, if any, of the measures taken at EU level to curb the illegal sourcing of timber?

Is the Commission aware of a decline in demand for RoLa, or of the closure of loading yards, in other Member States? If so, are there moves to adjust the targets set in the white paper — perhaps even to reflect a change of approach at EU level? It is currently not aware of similar effects on other corridors due to changes in national policies, but follows possible developments very closely.

The accompanied combined transport accounts only for a very small fraction of the total combined transport market in Europe. Die Kommission wird ihre Anstrengungen weiterhin entschlossen fortsetzen, u. Technological progress is resulting in the rapid demographic masculinisation of society, particularly in areas where the birth rate has fallen and people are now having only one or two children instead of six.

It has previously been assumed that women's status in society would improve if women were scarce. However, if it is hard to find a woman, men will do anything to get one. In practice, this has led to even more women being kidnapped or forced into marriage or prostitution. As a rule, male-dominated societies have more problems with crime.

To what extent does EU development policy take account of gender-specific abortion? To what extent is this highly dangerous social trend being addressed in pre-accession talks e. The Commission is committed to pursuing its efforts, including through awareness raising campaigns, to ensure full respect for fundamental rights in general and women's rights and gender equality in particular.

Nach einer ersten Analyse der technischen Unterlagen der italienischen geografischen Angabe g. Italy has issued a decree to the effect that, in future, grappa must be filled into bottles in Italy. Up to now, Italy has exported grappa in tanks and barrels to countries such as Germany, where the spirit is made ready for consumption and marketed by specialised firms. Mandatory bottling in Italy would also have significant ecological consequences, because the increased weight of bottles would result in higher CO2 emissions in transport. What stage has been reached in the legal checks being carried out by the Commission?

The Commission asked in particular to outline the reasons that led Italy to the establishment of such measure and to provide evidence that such measure is necessary to protect the quality and reputation of the geographical indication and based on objective and non-discriminating criteria. Italy sent recently a reply, which is currently being translated.

The legal analysis of this issue, by the Commission services, will only be possible in the light of the clarifications received. The Commission remains at the disposal of the Honourable member for any additional information following the examination of the Italian reply. What further immediate measures does it intend to take in order to investigate, together with the Turkish attorneys, whether the Turkish judiciary can be considered to have acted with impartiality and efficiency?

Why does the Commission not press the Turkish Government to free the thousands of detainees in the country — peaceful Kurdish political activists, journalists, human rights defenders, trade unionists and students — and to ensure that an end is put to such unfair sentences? Is this a feasible measure to take in a country that is top of the list in terms of violations of articles of the European Convention on Human Rights? The Commission continues to be fully informed about the specific case and the sentencing of Pinar Selek to life imprisonment.

The Commission underlines the importance to respect the right to a fair trial within a reasonable period of time, enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights. All court proceedings must be in line with the international standards set out by the European Convention of Human Rights, to which Turkey is a signatory.

Any instance in which these standards are not met is a cause for serious concern. The Commission will continue to monitor the case closely and to reiterate the importance of respect of the right to a fair trial. Nitrogen dioxide is a significant pollutant and is especially associated with respiratory problems. Also, a public consultation on a broad range of policy options to reduce the impacts on air pollution has been recently carried out.

Based on the responses, and on the outcome of an on-going impact assessment, the Commission will determine the most appropriate for proposal before the end of As this definition shows, the directive applies to the sale and purchase of goods by an agent but not to the sale and purchase of services. Does the Commission recognise the importance of protecting agents specialising in the sale and purchase of services as well as those involved in the sale and purchase of goods? Given the current economic climate and the fact that in Ireland, for example, many such workers have lost their jobs, does the Commission believe that more needs to be done to offer these workers protection, for instance by ensuring that they receive redundancy pay if they are laid off from work as a commercial agent?

If so, what does the Commission intend to do in this regard? At present, the Commission is not aware of any reasons which would plead in favour of extending the directive to self-employed sale and purchase of services. In what year did the Commission begin to realise that many consumers book their holidays themselves online? Is there a timeline? Two of the most significant changes since the adoption of the existing directive in are the introduction and expansion of Internet as a distribution channel and the emergence of low cost air carriers which both have contributed to a change in the way consumers organise their holidays.

In order to address these changes, the Commission has assessed the package travel market thoroughly, including potential policy options for a response to these changes. A second public consultation was conducted in early In the Commission carried out a study to test a Package Travel Label and consumer behaviour when purchasing dynamic packages.

Recently, there have been discussions with consumer organisations and the Commission also debated the issue with business leaders. A formal impact assessment process is under way and includes different options for the way forward, for instance a repeal of the directive, keeping the status quo or a modernisation of the directive. This would be expected to enable the Commission to announce its decision for the way forward in the course of this year. Does the Commission know how many travel agencies closed down in Ireland and each of the Member States last year , and between and inclusive?

The access to the profession of travel agent through registration or licensing is a decentralised competence of the Member States or their regions. The relevant legislation differs from one country to the other and makes the compilation of data on closure of travel agencies very difficult.

Moreover it is difficult to distinguish between closure due to bankruptcy, consolidation, or to regular business closure. At the end of , Ireland was recorded to have travel agents. In Austria, over the period , a steady increase in the number of travel agencies was registered from 2 travel agencies in to 2 in On the contrary, in Germany, over the same reference period, the number of travel agencies has slightly decreased, mainly due to consolidation, from 11 travel agencies in to 10 in Can the Commission provide data as to how many consumers are involved in this practice?

The Commission is aware of the growing popularity of the Internet booking of holidays by consumers. Is the Commission aware that males in Ireland who buy private health insurance are often forced to buy packages which include items such as maternity benefits? The Commission does not have specific information on the private health insurance packages offered in Ireland.

Costs related to risks of pregnancy and maternity should therefore not be attributed to the members of one sex only. There is only one EU organic logo. It symbolises the marriage of Europe the stars derived from the European flag and Nature the stylised leaf and the green colour. This logo is registered as a collective mark. However, the organic logo is not exclusive on the packaging: All operators are in particular subject to controls at least once a year by specialised inspectors from the nationally appointed control bodies and control authorities.

The recent findings confirm that the systems of official controls and enforcement established in the Member States are capable of identifying and handling food concerns arising along the food chain. The Commission has been active — at both the political and technical levels — in coordinating the pending investigations in the Member States concerned to identify the prevalence of the fraud at issue as soon as possible.

Phenylbutazone is a veterinary drug which is banned for use in food-producing animals. The Commission agrees that best practice sharing among Member States is very important, also in cases like the present one, where close cooperation among Member States and the Commission is being deployed to tackle the issue at hand. Can the Commission confirm that when sulphites are present in wine, this must be stated on the label?

Can the Commission state whether or not wine producers have to provide information as to the levels of sulphites present in a particular wine? If not, why not? Allergens must be labelled in the list of ingredients of the food, with a clear reference to the name of the allergic substance. The level at which allergens are present in foods is not required to be indicated on the label.

There is currently no consensus on the threshold doses for food allergens eliciting adverse reactions and analytical methods for detecting and quantifying the presence of allergens have not been agreed at Union level. For those reasons, the indication of a level of allergens present in foods could be misleading. For the time being, the Commission is not considering to change existing legislation on the matter. Pur riconoscendo che i disordini alimentari sono una vera e propria patologia, tuttavia la Commissione non organizza attualmente campagne di informazione e prevenzione a livello dell'UE.

Tramite il Settimo programma quadro la Commissione ha finanziato finora 10 progetti legati ai disturbi del comportamento alimentare per un totale di circa 18 milioni di EUR. The age of onset of these diseases has lowered, with an increasing number of children and pre-adolescents showing abnormal eating behaviour. While recognising that eating disorders are a true disease, the Commission is not currently organising any information campaigns or prevention at EU level. Can the Commission clarify whether there will be any other sources of funding for projects concerning eating disorders in the future?

Eating disorders can lead to serious health problems, often having their onset in young age. Eating disorders are also addressed by a number of past and present projects supported by EU Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development. Apart from these targeted projects, the Commission does not support awareness raising campaigns on eating disorders at the national level.

At present, it has no plans to conduct prevention and information campaigns on this issue. This is likely to provide opportunities for research on food related diseases and diabetes. It is too early to ascertain the specific research issues addressed. I passeggeri di quel volo erano convinti di viaggiare su un aereo dell'Alitalia e non erano stati informati fino a quel momento di essere a bordo di un aeromobile Carpatair.

La Procura di Civitavecchia ha aperto due inchieste: Questo incidente ha fatto luce su un fenomeno che si sta pericolosamente diffondendo tra le compagnie aeree europee. Come spiegato nel precedente paragrafo 2, tali contratti commerciali sono di uso corrente e sono consentiti dalla vigente normativa unionale.

Spetta al locatario in questo caso, Alitalia decidere il marchio commerciale dei servizi offerti. The passengers had believed they were travelling on an Alitalia aircraft and were not informed until after the event that the aircraft was in fact owned by Carpatair. The only information contained on their tickets was an alphanumeric code, which failed to provide clear information regarding the service, while the aircraft, although it belonged to Carpatair, bore Alitalia insignia.

The Civitavecchia prosecution authorities have opened two inquiries, placing the Romanian pilots under investigation for criminal negligence and Alitalia for commercial fraud. This incident has brought to light what is becoming an alarmingly common practice among airlines, which frequently contract out certain routes to low-cost carriers without clearly identifying them on the tickets. Does it know whether any other airlines make use of outside carriers without this being made clear to passengers when they book their flights? Does it consider that the national civil aviation authorities should be called on to resolve this problem without delay, ensuring that passengers on any given flight are clearly informed as to the identity of the carrier?

Does it consider that in this case Alitalia effectively defrauded its passengers by failing to provide them with sufficient information, given that the aircraft, bearing Alitalia insignia, and its crew, wearing Alitalia uniforms, were in fact Romanian? Does it consider that the passengers are accordingly entitled to compensation? EU airlines use commercial wet lease arrangements with other EU airlines as part of their normal operating practices. Because the operator conducting the actual flight i. The commercial branding of the services provided is for the lesee to decide in this case Alitalia.

The use of third parties to provide services under the umbrella of a particular brand is common practice in the aviation sector. Il decreto di recepimento italiano n. Va ricordato che sono i giorni con cui in media lo Stato italiano paga i fornitori con punti di oltre giorni in alcune regioni italiane a fronte di una media UE di 65 giorni, con alcuni paesi nordici che arrivano anche a Inoltre, i debiti pregressi in Italia ammontano a circa 90 miliardi di euro.

A tutt'oggi 17 Stati membri hanno notificato le loro misure nazionali di recepimento:. La Commissione prende atto della nota n. Gli Stati membri che presentano ritardi di pagamento stanno affrontando il problema a seconda della loro situazione particolare.

Can the Commission provide an overview of the transposition of the directive in the Member States? Can the Commission provide an up-to-date overview of how long it takes public bodies to pay suppliers in Europe? Can the Commission investigate the possibility of establishing a system which would make it possible for debt arrears owed to businesses by States to be excluded from the calculation of public debt, and thus from the constraints imposed by stability parameters?

The verification of these measures is ongoing. The Member States that have payment arrears are dealing with them according to their own situations. The liquidation of commercial debt will be reflected in a corresponding increase in the Maastricht debt. This may conflict with the debt reduction benchmark recently introduced in the SGP.

Nel l'AMA S. Vale la pena ricordare che da questo trattamento viene separata la frazione secca, che viene trasformata in CDR combustibile derivato dai rifiuti , dalla parte umida, che viene trattata per produrre FOS frazione organica stabilizzata. But the site was then converted into a sorting and treatment plant for waste from non-segregated waste collections in Rome, even though it lies behind heavily populated built-up areas. The Italian judiciary opened an inquiry after the regional environmental protection agency Arpa Lazio carried out tests, inspected the piles of refuse at the Via Salaria site and determined that all was not as it should be.

It is worth noting that the treatment involves separating dry waste from wet waste and then converting the former into RDF refuse derived fuel and the latter into SOF stabilised organic fraction. The stench emanating from the plant has grown even stronger and become more persistent, causing enormous inconvenience and health risks for both local residents and workers on the site itself.

Such plants reduce the amount of waste to be landfilled and thus implement the waste hierarchy. I progetti relativi al turismo sono cofinanziati dal Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale FESR nel quadro di un Piano integrato di sviluppo urbano sostenibile nel rispettivo comune. Pisa ha partecipato a progetti di cooperazione culturale supportati dal programma Cultura.

In the light of this, can the Commission:. Provide the data and percentages for the direct and indirect EU funds available to Pisa and how they have been used? Give an overview of the funding to which the municipality of Pisa could have access to promote activities and projects in the field of tourism, culture and sport?

Give an overview of the funding to which the municipality of Pisa could have access to promote agricultural activities and farming-related business ventures? State whether and how the municipality of Pisa could make use of the funds currently being discussed in relation to the TEN-T Guidelines? State whether, and how, the municipality of Pisa could use the funds currently being discussed with regard to the new regulations that fall under the cohesion policy, for the development and revitalisation of urban areas?

The Commission does not have aggregate data on the use of funds managed under either the shared or centralised management modes direct and indirect at the municipal level. Pisa was involved in cultural cooperation projects supported by the Culture programme. For , the Connecting Europe Facility Regulation proposes to concentrate funding on the core network. Pisa is situated along the core rail and road network, which will be eligible for such funding. Its airport is not part of this but could possibly benefit from the deployment phase of the European air traffic control infrastructure modernisation programme.

The proposed legislative framework is offering several possibilities to support integrated urban development using European Structural and Investment Funds. This means that businesses have to comply with the Danish rules on plugs and sockets in order to sell plugs and sockets on the Danish market. The Danish rules require socket-outlets with side-earth to be connected to an effective protective conductor and covered by automatic disconnection of supply using an HPFI circuit breaker.

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  3. EUR-Lex - C/E/01 - EN - EUR-Lex.
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Alternatively they may be protected by a separate circuit. Can the Commission state whether Danish plug-and-socket prices are at the same level as in other EU countries? The EU decided that it did not conflict with EU legislation, since the Danish special rules were designed with safety interests in mind. Can the Commission state whether there are fewer injuries and accidents involving plugs and sockets in Denmark than in other EU countries? If there are no fewer injuries and accidents involving plugs and sockets in Denmark, can the Commission state whether the Danish special rules still comply with the principle of fair competition between the Member States?

The Danish authorities reacted by incorporating a clause allowing installations of plugs and socket-outlets complying with safety standards equivalent to the national ones. With regard to the specific questions related to the potential effects of the standard DS D1: Does the Commission consider it reasonable that there are major differences in the designation of watercourses between the submitted watercourse classifications north and south of the Danish-German border that have to meet the objective of good ecological status?

The assessment showed that there are gaps to be closed on biological monitoring and classification — these and other issues will be followed up bilaterally with the Danish Authorities. Consequently further measures — than the ones currently included in the RBMPs — will likely be needed to achieve good status of all water bodies. In terms of comparison between Denmark and Germany, there may be differences in the type and scale of measures put in place to meet the objectives of the directive, due to differences in pressures and the availability of cost effective measures to achieve the objectives of the WFD.

I de danske vandplaner jf. Danmark har udviklet et nationalt klassificeringssystem for de biologiske kvalitetselementer. Water Framework Directive Guidance Document 2 states that river basin management plans should cover all significant bodies of water.

Conseils d'un apiculteur pour débuter l'apiculture - LADP #3

Can the Commission state whether this classification is in accordance with the directive? This environmental target is a purely Danish phenomenon with no counterpart in the Water Framework Directive or, for example, the German river basin plans. Does the Commission think that the Danish intercalibration exercise was carried out correctly, and in particular does it consider that the fauna in soft-bed watercourses are capable of achieving the DVFI 5 environmental target? For an example of a straightened watercourse included in the Danish river basin management plans, see p.

Can the Commission state whether Member States are required to follow this guidance and thus to classify straightened watercourses as heavily modified? Denmark has developed national classification methods for the biological quality elements. For rivers, Denmark has only completed the intercalibration for benthic fauna and macrophytes, not for fish fauna and macrophytes. Denmark, has committed to filling the remaining intercalibration gaps by Guidance documents are to guide Member States, but there is freedom to use them provided Member States fully implement the directive.

Sie blieben bisher aber offensichtlich ohne Ergebnis. Welchen Spielraum zur Befreiung bzw. Vereinfachung haben die Mitgliedstaaten in diesem Punkt? Polish and German VAT rules on cross-border passenger transport services provided by foreign companies differ significantly. According to my information, in order to comply with tax law when providing services in areas near the Polish-German border taxi companies are required, inter alia , to be registered with the tax authorities in Warsaw, to have a Polish bank account and to have secured authorisation from a Polish tax office.

The very credibility of the idea of European integration hinges on such practical everyday issues. Bilateral talks have been under way for many months now in an effort to resolve this matter, but clearly no headway has been made. What scope do Member States have to grant derogations or simplify arrangements in respect of such services?

Uniform arrangements for granting derogations in border areas combined with simplified provisions for firms would certainly contribute significantly to European integration on the ground. As a general rule, it should also register for VAT purposes in Poland in order to pay the VAT relating to the part of the service performed in Poland and thereby comply with its VAT obligations in that country. The VAT Directive does, however, leave some room for manoeuvre for Member States concerning the detailed rules for putting these provisions into practice, in particular when a taxable person is not established within their territory or in the event of the occasional supply of services there.

It is for Poland to decide whether and how, where appropriate, to adapt certain obligations laid down by the VAT Directive, within the limits provided for by the directive. In the communication, the Commission stated its intention of proposing a more neutral and simpler VAT framework for passenger transport activities. Dieses, so Kapersky, habe seit dem Jahr wirtschaftlich oder sicherheitspolitisch kritische Einrichtungen wie Regierungseinrichtungen und Forschungsinstitute ausspioniert. Erfolgreich war die Spionage laut dem Unternehmen unter anderem bei deutschen und amerikanischen Botschaften.

According to Kapersky, since it had been spying on key economic or security facilities, such as government agencies and research institutes. According to Kapersky, it has successfully spied on German and US embassies, inter alia. Does the Commission know whether EU institutions have also been targeted by these espionage activities? If so, does it know whether this spying on EU institutions or EU staff has been successful? The competent Commission services analysed the Kaspersky report and the information provided therein.

This analysis did not show that the Commission IT had been affected. Gefahren von pestizidverseuchtem Grundwasser in der Donau. Verseuchung von Korneuburger Grundwasser. Um eine weitere Ausdehnung der Kontaminationsfahne zu verhindern, wird Grundwasser aus der Fahne in die Donau gepumpt. What impact does the Commission expect this will have on the water supply and health situation in cities along the Danube, namely Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade?

In the Commission's view, how big a risk does groundwater contaminated with clopyralid and thiamethoxam in Korneuburg pose for the public? In the Commission's view, how big a risk does groundwater contaminated with clopyralid and thiamethoxam pose for flora and fauna in Korneuburg? The human toxicological evaluation of the impact of water contaminated with plant protection products did not indicate any verifiable risk to humans. However, for precautionary reasons the use of the contaminated water as drinking water should be avoided.

In the analyses of harvesting products no residues of the substances in question were found. In order to prevent a further expansion of the pollution plume, groundwater is pumped from the plume into the Danube, but due to the very high mixing ratio between the pumped water and the flow of the Danube, none of the pesticides can be detected in the monitoring system established in the Danube. Therefore there are no transboundary impacts identified. Klacht van het verbond van zonne-energieproducenten bij de Commissie.

Het verbond van zonne-energieproducenten heeft bij het Directoraat-generaal Concurrentie van de Commissie een klacht ingediend inzake het mechanisme voor de terugbetaling van variabele kosten. Deze klacht wordt zorgvuldig onderzocht door de diensten van de Commissie. Zodra aanvullende feiten worden aangevoerd die de beweringen staven, krijgt Griekenland de kans om te reageren op de beschuldigingen en zijn argumenten uiteen te zetten. According to SPEF, this practice constitutes unlawful state aid, the result of which is an artificial deficit for the compensation account of RES, which have been driven to the brink of bankruptcy.

This complaint is being examined carefully by the Commission services. Once additional facts supporting the allegations are provided, Greece will be given the opportunity to comment on the allegations and put forward its arguments. On that basis, it is too early to take a definitive view as regards the application of state aid rules to the Variable Cost Recovery Mechanism. What is their budget and take-up rate? Are they the same as the thirteen programmes mentioned above, which, according to the Greek Government, are already being implemented?

What are the new programmes which, according to the government, will soon be implemented?

Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition) Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition)
Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition) Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition)
Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition) Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition)
Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition) Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition)
Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition) Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition)
Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition) Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition)
Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition) Lapiculture écologique de A à Z (Résurgence) (French Edition)
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