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There are ideas that Manson was used to help pillory the nascent hippie movement. The guardian angel that Charlie had somewhere kept him on the streets when anyone else would have been back in the joint quickly. Well, it seemed like after we knew what was going to come down we tried talking to leaders, you know, black leaders, and we saw that they were stalling.

Now, you say that you talked to some black leaders. And starting — starting it was that — to just start killing people. Odd that nobody followed up on that tidbit. Who is this John? Why was she so convinced he was in the government? Had Charlie told her that or was it just evident? Van Houten also uses the term Black muslims frequently, interchangeable with the term Black Panthers.

To Terry Melcher, Rev. The Oriental came there wanting to fight. I ducked him and ran out behind the barn. Somebody else fought him. I [ended up] putting [a canvas bag] over his head. I [can] take your life right now. He caused some trouble. He almost got some other people killed.

Some people put their life on the line because of Terry Melcher. No one ever told him about it. A lot of that poison goes under the bridge. I just forget it, and let it go. The time is done. The crimes are over. It went through the changes. I honestly do not know what he is referring to there, but the details seem too specific for Charlie to be talking off the cuff about nothing.

Some of this sounds like Manson could be speaking allegorically, speaking of Melcher. Yet the mention of Melcher specifically in the story seems to contradict this argument, and it honestly seems like he is speaking about something that did happen. It remains something little discussed, like many details of this tale. Legendary researcher Mae Brussell immediately suspected we were not told the truth about the Manson story, and immediately started investigating.

Her unerring ability to ferret out government involvement suspicious events led her down some interesting avenues. She asked some important initial questions in an October radio interview:. I realized that it was going to be stopped in some way, because it was taking hold; It captured the basic good that is in people. What happened was that the police had to go to where the Manson Family lived. And what did they find there? They found what the newspaper described as a ritualistic killing done by self-confessed hippies, in what they called a military-style commune.

First, the news media should define the word hippie. They have to call it a military-style commune. Now what did they have in the commune? They had shacks with lookout points; they had telescopes; they had walkie-talkies; they had military field telephones; they had collections of knives and shotguns; they had four-wheel drive [dune buggies].

The neighbors turned them in for threatening them. Now we go to Charles Watson: This was a clean-cut boy who did these murders. He came from Texas. And the questions are: Where was he approached? How did he get into this case? Was it of his own volition? Last week on the Monterey Peninsula there was an article in the paper that a boy was picked up as a hitch-hiker in Santa Cruz. He was thrown out of the car near the highlands, and we talked about that a littler bit on this show. He was almost killed. So I went to Community Hospital to discuss with this boy. This boy attended five years of College and the American system of education.

He was about to go into the Peace Corp and go to the Philippines the next week. He was almost dead out at Community Hospital after just going down our beautiful coast and being picked up and roughed up by somebody who claimed to be from the Manson Family in Texas. Let us pause to remember Sunshine Pierce had headed back to Texas, and that the Family had taken the bus to Texas before. But seriously, a Manson Family in Texas? Likely this would be street kid bravado to freak out someone during a bit of ultra-violence, but with Charles Watson being so Texas connected, it does leave it to interesting speculation as to who the hell those people were.

Tex was noticeably kept out of the murder tale, but Brussell had actually noticed that considerable efforts were made to keep him away from Manson and his image:. When Charles Manson was arrested, a law firm sent two lawyers who went to Texas to see this particular boy, Charles Watson. We want to see him. He called a press conference at a Dallas Hotel, and DeLoach said this at the press conference: DeLoach said his own background was that he was a Republican candidate for the State Assembly in , and he was chairman for the Young Republicans.

At the jail to keep Mr. And they fought the extradition for eight months. Prior to meeting Manson, he was not involved in any kind of violence or altercation. I have seen no record, publicly, that Mr. Watson had a traffic violation or any kind of problem he had a single marijuana conviction in actuality. This twenty year-old boy needed an attorney from the Young Republican Committee forty times. I know what the expenses are to meet with any attorney, even for one hour. People use attorneys or public defenders if they have small altercations.

But to go to a prominent law office of a man named Mr. When you study this, it is intriguing how much Tex Watson shows up-not in the headlines-but consistently in the background of too many tales. He came and went freely, owned his own wig shop, and was well funded and well connected as soon as he arrived in California. His final return in spring seems to coincide with the sudden paramilitary training the family went under.

Then the thesis that this was intentionally done, and the plan would to be to kill the hippie movement begins to make sense. Brussell collected headlines at the time:. Check out the verbiage there. And these are headlines, mind you, not pieces or quotes from articles. Middle America would be strongly influenced by this, and hitchhiking hippies would no longer be flower children, they would be potential knife wielding psychotics. In the bigger picture, yes these kids were dangerous, but not in any way that is portrayed above. No need to save up to buy a house and keep the real estate industry afloat.

No need to buy a car and keep the automotive industry afloat. No need to buy a washer and dryer to keep the aluminum industry afloat. Hell, no need for money. We can live together in crappy housing or even the desert, we can wash our clothes in streams. We can hitchhike anywhere across the whole country for free. We can grow weed and trade it for things. This would be considered a very real social threat to the powers that be, and would be the beginnings of not only the destruction of the economy, but the whole monetary system itself.

Mae Brussell was on top of it right away. Now whether Manson was set up to mastermind this thing? Yes there is evidence this could be true. But either way, random acts of violence and madness or premeditated chaos with some government hand pulling strings-the folks in the media at the behest of the powers that be knew how to take advantage of the situation and got maximum mileage from the tragedy, and essentially killed the flower power ideal of the utopian hippy movement.

The little discussed mutiny at the Presidio San Francisco military base in October certainly got attention within the upper circles of the government-soldiers turning hippie and refusing to obey orders? This stuff needed to be stopped before the government was swept out of power, like the waves of youth dissent flowing though Europe that summer. There certainly were many reasons to actively discredit the hippie movement. Ironically, it was moving to the Barker Ranch deep in the desert trying to avoid unwanted attention that got them caught. Burning a new and expensive Michigan Loader on Federal land got some police attention right away.

Charlie incorrectly thought it was there to dig trenches in the ground as traps to get him to crash his dune buggy and demanded it be zapped. With obvious car stripping workshops in the desert, there was law enforcement attention, which should have been expected. Cops had finally had enough with their unwanted and almost intentional hell raising going on, and went out to get them.

They bagged some Manson Family members little mentioned: Ten women were found with sheath knives strapped to them: Those who smelled a rat needed to look into this one a little deeper. On a quick read, this could be interpreted as a case of a defendant getting lied to and misdirected by someone assigned from the prosecution team to suddenly be asked to defend them, a seeming conflict as the whole case hinged on her statement. The large legal fees that high power attorneys like Caruso would incur make one doubt that he and Caballero were doing pro bono work-the book deal money would seem to have lined their pockets in the main.

Her confession was splashed all over the headlines before the trial, including the LA Times. Where were their heads? Can it be compromised so easily by the fictitious right of the public to be entertained?

Six Shooter Sally

What does the phrase mean? Even if the Times could somehow prove that its confession did Manson absolutely no harm, what right did they have to take the risk? An impartial trial was going to be difficult. Another new Family member, Barbara Hoyt is someone else who also was instrumental in turning states witness against the Family. She was a short term fringe member of the family, but was one of the few willing to testify especially after the Family had tried to kill her with an LSD laden burger in Hawaii , so she was also presented as an insider. This time coincides with Tex being in Hawaii, something never mentioned anywhere.


Her stories mirror the tale of Helter Skelter as presented by Bugliosi, and there are some marks of coaching in her statements. Her testimony in the Shorty Shea murder was demonstrably incorrect, yet was accepted at face value, and was one of the key components in the conviction. She continues to speak against any consideration of parole at all Manson family hearings to this day. In view of what had been written across the country, the verdict was a foregone conclusion even before it started.

Not without some interesting moments that Rolling Stone was witness to:. Threw the Constitution in the trash can. All he was asking for was a simple answer to whether or not he would agree to the substitution of attorneys for Susan Atkins. One thing that clearly had to be hidden was…. In reality, nobody was really unknown to each other in this case. This is usually little discussed. Hollywood film people knew Manson. Rock stars certainly knew Manson, he rubbed elbows and partied frequently with many of them.

He lived near them. He supplied drugs to many of them. Young gave Manson a motorcycle as a gift. They partied at the Frank Zappa mansion, the Log Cabin. Manson and Tex Watson had been to the Cielo Drive before multiple times. Manson had said that he had been to the Cielo Drive house at least five times. Manson girls came over to party at the main house and use the pool there right before Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski moved in, and after. Members of the family were very familiar with the guest house, main house and layout of the whole property.

Although it was unoccupied by the couple at that point, it was furnished and was broken into many times as a temporary crash location for couples from next door looking to hook up away from prying eyes. Eventually the True house was empty after all the party crew had moved out, leaving an abandoned Manson-known party house next door to Leno and Rosemary at the time of the murders. It was difficult for the prosecution to dance around the fact that the victims and the suspects were more than well aware of each other.

Two people who rarely get mentioned were the initial suspects in the Cielo Drive murders. Billie Doyle was the dealer that was subjected to the whipping and buggering at Cielo Drive only days before the murders. The results of the autopsy were muddled and contradictory-you can read up on her strange death here. Right before her death, she told a friend that she had overheard that her new boyfriend had been paid to be with her.

This enigmatic and troubling comment has never been explained, nor was the new boyfriend ever identified. His name was Charles Manson. Oh, and Mama Cass had thrown Manson girls out of her parties at her house before. One final example would be Mrs. Charlene Cafritz, frequent friend and lavish benefactor of Manson and his brood—she was friends with Sharon Tate and Terry Melcher. Strangers these circles were not. Did Susan Atkins kill Sharon Tate as she originally said?

She recanted that part later. Did Beausoleil kill Hinman? Who killed Shorty Shea? Shorty had beaten the living shit out of Manson in the Gresham street days, and his supposed snitching might not have been the only reason for his murder. Did Tex kill everyone at the Polanksi house and LaBianca house? Steve Parent was the first one killed at the Polanski house. He is often never mentioned in stories about the massacres, which is consistently odd. He had been visiting Garretson, the lone survivor, in the caretaker house. He was shot by Tex Watson as he was leaving in his car and Watson, Atkins and Krenwinkel were entering the property.

He was unlucky by a matter of mere minutes in timing his exit. William Garretson is a tale all by himself. Another teenager like Parent, he was the only survivor of the Cielo Drive massacre and was the first and most obvious suspect. He claimed he had the stereo on and heard nothing. When questioned a little deeper, he mentioned that he saw the handle on the front door had been tried. His initial testimony was puzzling and it seemed like he was on some kind of drug, but results were inconclusive. His lie detector test was also inconclusive, especially on the point of what he had heard and whether he had left the guest house at any point.

Gunshots literally outside the door, horrifying screams on the lawn outside his window? Later, Bill eventually admits that despite his original testimony, he saw and heard plenty. He admitted that he had looked out and had seen one of the victims on the lawn getting stabbed, and that he might have left the guest house and hid in the bushes to avoid detection by the invaders. And then some very weird stuff too-read his initial police interview here and listen to his very strange interview here.

The interview is in four parts, and are podcasts numbers in the menu at the top of the page. Re reading this, his general demeanor with the police when arrested at the time, and the honestly fantastical events he relates in his last interview make me wonder if belladonna was involved. Many of the things he said and said he saw are not inconsistent with the drug. On the other hand, why not just kill him? This is something that Bugliosi entertained as a motive, but pressed forward with Helter Skelter instead.

According to this, as soon as Bobby Beausoleil called the ranch and said he was under arrest for the Hinman murder, the girls formed a plan to commit copycat murders Tate. According to Manson, his only concern was that these whacked out chicks were going to get him sent back to jail with hare brained schemes like this. Beausoleil had kept the murder knife on his belt sheath, every day after, horrifying biker Danny DeCarlo, who was privy to the murder details-and was ordered while fleeing north at a rest stop to remove the knife by a local policeman, putting it in the trunk where it was found later.

On the surface, the Family was dirt poor, eating garbage. But they spent money like it was going out of style. Rent on Gresham street. Where did the funds come from? Acid just seemed to show up in bulk. Soon he had a schoolbus and access to gasoline credit cards to travel thousands of miles. One wonders whether there was some funding from unnamed sources at the outset. Some members brought money in. Manson had given thousands of dollars to George Spahn for various reasons, mostly associated with keeping the Family safely living at the ranch.

Manson had a more than one rich patroness donates who donated mucho moola. One tale out there is of a mountain plane crash near the desert ranch of Vegas gambling junket-when found, the occupants were in the plane, but someone had stripped Vegas plane of all cash and valuables. Was this crash a large source? Fancy cars, fancy motorcycles. One noted rich benefactor-Charlene Cafritz in particular-unloaded a ton of cash on the Family through Manson. When Charlie visited her in Reno Nevada where she was setting up residence for a divorce for a couple of weeks, she took several motion pictures of Charlie and his girls, yet another thing that was immediately hushed up and not discussed or seen by anyone.

One strong reason would be that Cafritz was a friend of Sharon Tate, Terry Melcher and other main players on the Polanski side of the tale, so there may be films of Polanski, Tate, Manson and the girls together out there still. Oh and in December , right after the Family was busted, Cafritz was arrested for selling heroin to undercover police in September Was this a set up, or was this 23 year old lady just falling apart at the seams?

The date of arrest is convenient in that she would be essentially silenced in the upcoming trial. Going even further back into , several sources say Abigail Folger was kicking in money towards the Family in the early days. One thing you never see discussed is where did the Manson family get two semis? Semi like tractor trailer 18 wheelers. One was used to haul equipment, one was used as headquarters at Spahn as they prepared to move into the desert permanently.

Paul Watkins is very clear in his book that they had two of these, yet they seem to appear out of nowhere. This would not be an easy purchase, but no one seems to have mentioned them or have asked where these came from? Here is a sampling of a few of the dozen or so murders alluded to by the family that have not been solved.

There are more if you dig:. Despite the gun being completely full, police accepted the Russian roulette story and ruled the death a suicide. Pittman and Cooper got five years for the murders. Lauren was buried under the house and had supposedly died playing Russian roulette. James Sharp and Doreen Gaul, age 15 and 19 were young Scientology students. Doreen was said to be girlfriend of Bruce Davis. Some said they also ran with members of the Process. They were stabbed over 40 times, November 7, , and their murders were never solved.

The much traveled Bruce Davis had gone to London to investigate something, unload a coin collection and stay with both Scientologists and the Process at their London headquarters. Charlie supposedly had sent him on a mission never spoken of. He may have been there to infiltrate the Process for Manson…He also may have gone to eliminate…. Joel Pugh, long time prospective fiancee of Manson girl Sandra Good.

Bruce Davis was in London and so was Joel. His wrists and throat were cut, and there were strange and cryptic writings in mirror writing around him, but not well recorded in the police report. LAPD strongly suspected Davis of this murder, but to this day it remains a suicide on the books. Four murders in three weeks.

The timeline makes it seem like there was a concerted effort at silencing anyone who knew some of the truth, with the family as the prime movers and shakers in the effort. He had asked to go to Texas with the Beach Boys as an adviser. An acid dispensing hippie guru going by the name of the Preacher with a carload of hippie girls had rolled into town just before the murder. Sure, there were plenty of preacher type hippies rolling through the backroads of America, but this one is a little weird.

Some claim attorney client privilege keep them sealed. This is not true as that expired long ago. The only reason given is they are evidence of unsolved murders under investigation. Many suspect that his version of the tale as told on tape explodes the Helter Skelter myth, exonerates Manson and some of the girls and would result in a mistrial of everyone involved, allowing their immediate release. The fight to get these tapes released is ongoing to this day. This is a weird one. Were they long time friends?

Did she set up her parents to get their inheritance? Why was she seen with a moving truck cleaning out her parents house before police arrived? Weirdness abounds on the little told LaBianca side of the murder tale. Was the whole LaBianca murder a set up by Susan and Tex so she could grab what she could and inherit the rest? It is not a large leap of logic to see the likeliness that Struthers and Dorgan had crossed paths with some elements of the family before, and the LaBiancas and the Manson crew through Struthers were not the complete strangers portrayed in the media.

Dorgan was on the first list of suspects compiled by the police. Did the Family even exist? Charlie had a list in his head of real Family members-who was in and who was not. People came and went. The inner circle of girls knew who was in. Tex and Bobby Beausoleil are always written about as members, but were absent from the family far more than they were there. Plenty of people came and went in the early days, but as the summer of wore on, the family became reluctant to let people leave.

Especially people who knew some of the secrets. They looked out for each other, pitched in to feed each other, and considered each other to be brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters who slept in connubial bliss that is. Communes by definition were large extended families. Read up on the Fort Hill Community, and despite their protestations, they sound like a cult.

Who were the Informants? The Hidden Power Brokers?

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Did the government really know what was going on? How did Manson get arrested and let go so many times when he was out on bail unless he had a guardian angel somewhere fairly high up in the system watching over him? Charlie had meetings in Terminal Island with a lawyer before he got out. But for a career low level hoodlum, it was a very odd choice for a lawyer that wanted to meet with him. No one will know what conversation transpired between Mr. Shibley [and Manson], or why he was up there.

If this is accurate, why would Shibley have gone to see him? Did Manson have need for legal representation at that time? Was this a sign of some master plan for Charlie once he was out? Roger Smith, was a research criminologist who had launched the drug treatment program at the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic. He brought his data back and with Smith, and together published a fairly famous paper on the Family: That seems a bit ill advised for a hippie group with so many lingering negative associations. Who were later little discussed male members who took over once Manson was in jail-Dennis Rice being the best known?

Who was the mysterious Manson member around the same time, Mark Ross-the guy who showed up out of nowhere and seemed to have as many big connections as he had aliases? He was in charge of the Family once Charlie was in jail. Has anyone asked questions around these topics? How did the LaBianca hit team really get home? Who was the black guy that drove them to Griffith Park before they hitched their second ride back? Did they stop and buy their ride breakfast on the way home?

Who was in the peach colored car that brought Leslie Van Houten back to the ranch after she hitched a second ride from the LaBianca murder house? Van Houten had returned alone after dawn. Her hitchhike driver supposedly showed up later in the afternoon. In his Los Angeles arrests included possession of marijuana; assault with intent to commit bodily harm, later changed to forcible rape; auto theft; burglary; cultivation and possession of marijuana, and the final charges for which he is currently in jail murder ; also contributing to the delinquency of a minor, firearm theft, receiving stolen property and auto theft.

How could a guy on probation get popped that many times, and for some serious charges, and not get hauled back to jail? This has been posited before, and below is fairly thought provoking corroboration of that idea, coming from one of the officers there, not some armchair hypothesist. From an interview with Paul Krassner, he mentioned he had spoken with Preston Guillory, a police officer that participated in both the investigation and raid on Spahn Ranch in October Ed Sanders had noticed some anomalies with this raid, and felt it had been staged.

His attention was specifically drawn to the admixture of uniforms both official and unofficial, sometimes on the same officer-it looked like costumes from a studio lot collection in some instances. Things photographed on the site make it look like it was some training exercise.

The end result was that although law officers with helicopter and vehicle support managed to coordinate a perfect dawn raid, the search warrant was already 3 days out of date. The people commanding this operation would certainly have known that. Or did they know full well that none of the arrests would stick, it was only for show, but it would put the Manson thing on the public radar—for some time in the future. So it seems that someone was protecting Manson, and those in law enforcement were aware of it. Who and why would be the question?

Who was the Candy Man, a mysterious guy that Charlie spent a few undocumented weeks at the end of on the bus in Sacramento looking for? He is rarely mentioned, and if Charlie shared who this guy was and why they were looking for him, well no one is talking to this day. A few weeks is a long time to be wandering around looking for something that was clearly important. He left the family permanently in after this. Karate Dave, the Turk and others?

Which Family members did Tex stay with in Hawaii when he went off long enough to get a job there after the murders? This is the same Mark Ross that turned Hendrickson on to the Family for the documentary-one might ask where this guy came from out of the blue? Why did Manson tell the Family as he left for Esalen that he might be gone for months? Why did Charlie drive around aimlessly going there as if killing time, then stop where he was said to have made a call, then suddenly drive very deliberately to the LaBianca house. Was he told that they were finally home from vacation?

What murder squad takes the time in the house to take a shower, have a watermelon and chocolate milk snack before departing? What time did the murders at the LaBianca house actually happen? Why did the coroner place the LaBiancas death at 3: Why did neighbors witness people arguing on the LaBiancas front lawn the morning after the supposed midnight murder? Why did a security guard working next door hear furniture being knocked over between 4: Why was Rosemary in a hastily put on house dress as if she went out at some point?

Why were the keys still in the ignition of the LaBianca vehicle? Who leaves the door of their car wide open with the keys in it when they get home at 1 am from a long vacation? Or water skis leaning against the bumper? Why did that bookie skip town that week and never show up on the radar again? Why was Rosemary considered a millionaire in the disposition of their affairs? She owned a modest dress shop, Leno was paying back thousands of dollars to the grocery store that he owned and had skimmed from and been caught, and was not overflowing with ready funds.

Who was coming in and out? Had they been creepy-crawled ahead of time, or was Susan LaBerge fucking with them? They told their family they had little hope the police would ever find out who was responsible. Author Maury Terry in his book Ultimate Evil wrote a rarely discussed idea that Rosemary was dealing large quantities of LSD, the source of her wealth. Some important questions part 2: Inconsistencies in the Cielo Drive Murders.

Dennis Hopper was there as a witness and said there were several other Hollywood luminaries there, including Sharon Tate. When Frykowski was found, dead on the lawn, his pants were around his ankles. Some saw this is an odd coincidence at the very least, and a strong hint of revenge killing at the most. This is one of the freakier stories that have been corroborated in the whole tale, and one of the weirdest tales in the week of the murders.

One can be forgiven for seeing some cause and effect with this event and events later the same week. Did Manson return after the murders to see what had happened, and if so did he try to hang butchered bodies on the porch? Why was there a blood stain on another beam in the house from a rope being hung over it — never mentioned later but caught in initial police photos?

Police said there was evidence of the bodies being moved after death. Most of these questions went unasked and unanswered. To really understand some of this, one needs to hear Charlie in his own words. Here is an excerpt from an interview by David Felton in June of for Rolling Stone, when the trial occupied headlines across the world. The most dangerous man in the world? Some guy who proclaimed he was either Jesus or Satan-or both at the same time? One important thing people argued about at the time: How could he be if he spent 22 out of 34 years in prison—one would think that it would be extremely unlikely.

Yes, he was thrown into the middle of the summer of love in , but that would only put a veneer of hippie on the huckster. What likely got more concern from authorities was something that not many have written about, and authorities were loathe to talk about publicly-Manson was the bridge between two highly insulated anti-establishment factions: Hippies and biker gang hoodlums. The government was pretty happy that these folks were diametrically opposed. A union of these factions could pose problems for the Nixon minded people in an atmosphere of bubbling revolution.

This is why it makes sense that this trial became so high profile-this thing had to be nipped in the bud, and at any cost. But not enough people asked the right questions at the time. What were the Manson family aims? What were they after? In some ways, Charlie was just another guru like the Maharishi preaching a mystical religious and communal way of life.

But it is easy to see that the Family spawned more questions than answers. He was often portrayed as a martyr to the hippie cause-a reason for the pigs to push back and take control of the streets again from the burgeoning revolutionary dialectic fueling a social insurrection. The average hip person on the street also thought much the same. His followers saw a sometimes simpler reason. Bruce Davis met him early trying to return a handsaw:.

The owner of the saw was none other than Charlie Manson. They arrived at this house in Topanga Canyon, where Manson was staying with some of his girls. Davis was introduced to them. As soon as they arrived they were greeted by a guy, who then guided them through the house and out into the back yard. Manson was in a large bathtub, enjoying the sun and the girls who were giving him a sponge bath. There were about 10 girls around the bathtub and according to Davis, most of them were nude and giggling through a haze of marijuana smoke. Davis claims he was absolutely blown away by the scene.

The victims and the Manson family were not strangers, they had crossed paths many times. They crossed paths at parties-Mama Cass and John Philips had acknowledged that Manson had been at their houses for parties more than once. Papa John Phillips shows up in the background of many stories from both sides of this tale-Manson and Tate, but is rarely mentioned in any mainstream research-perhaps due to his rarely spoken of cloak and dagger military background which also included his parents and sister-insert Mamas and Papas song here.

Sharon, Roman, Gibby and Voytek also frequented the same parties, and lived close by-Abigail and Voytek across the street from Mama Cass actually.

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Hollywood elite have acknowledged that they had crossed paths with Manson many times. LA rock personalities were very familiar with Manson and his crew. Tex may have known those two before he even met up with the Manson family. Tex had been to parties at Cielo Drive. This idea still frames most of the information presented to this day. What were they trying to cover up? One question you never see discussed that could be the powder keg that the prosecution bent over backwards to avoid was: They had called there right before, and that was usual drill-call up first and then show up.

Were those two women instrumental in getting Charlie heaved out on his ass, killing his chances forever in becoming the rock star he dreamed of becoming? Perhaps literally those people.

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This would be perhaps the closest guarded secret underlying the case. So where does that leave us? Tex clearly played a far larger part in this tale than has ever been acknowledged, and seems perhaps intentionally suppressed to keep the focus on Charlie. The lack of any publicity for Tex Watson, the guy who actually killed everybody in this tale, and a similar lack of mention of Voytek Frykowski as a lighting rod for trouble coming from different directions is definitely weird. Incredibly, nobody seemed to notice Manson stole his whole philosophy from the Fountain of the World, who lived literally next door.

Hey, maybe it was only a night club. However, drugs, theft and worryingly large amounts of cash float ominously in the background, as do strange sex practices, underground Hollywood porn, Satanic trappings. Leaving aside the flirtations with the dark side of the occult on both the family side and the Cielo Drive side-threesomes filmed by Polanski with random strangers brought home from the Strip for one night sex romps combined with large amounts of drugs being bought and sold can bring large amounts of trouble.

It is likely that on some level they were aware that they were pushing the envelope of danger, but were confident the elite cocoon of the glamorous life would provide some level of safety. The LaBiancas were worried about something. Their house had been broken into so many times and ransacked that they expected it every time they came home.

What were people looking for, and did Manson finally decide that the couple had to be confronted in person to give up…. A black book of numbers? Or large amounts of LSD as some researchers believe? Conflicting evidence as to when they were killed combined with fairly obvious evidence that they left the house at some point during the event would seem to back some of this up. Leno LaBianca was likely involved with the mob through horse ownership and gambling, and that is an organization that knows how to keep things under wraps while getting what they want. Someone had been after the LaBiancas, and no one was talking.

Nor is it a condemnation of the victims or their lifestyles. I do wonder sometimes though. Like some of the occult activity around Led Zeppelin chronicled here a few years later, the involvement of the Process and the renegade O. The plethora of motives covered here: Drug burn, murder for hire, copycat, Helter Skelter, revenge for failed music career, government operation—and everything else you can find once you go down the rabbit hole—one thing is sure, the tale we were told at the time, all neatly wrapped up nicely and officially in the Helter Skelter motive, something that got Manson locked up while others committed the murders, is still very much muddied to this day.

Yet the large mountain of things ignored: All of those angles had different people involved that were either barely questioned or not questioned at all. The focus stayed narrow, and that focus was on Helter Skelter as the primary motive. This got pushed to the wings. If the motive was drugs, well the police thought so too.

They had tracked down and gotten statements from Canadian drug dealers Billy Doyle and Thomas Harrigan. Frykowski was slated to pick up some unnamed Canadian dealers at the airport in the days before the murders. The day before the murders, Harrigan was documented as being seen with Frykowski and Sebring drinking a bottle of wine at Cielo, where they were heard discussing the impending MDA arrival.

The next day-the afternoon of the murders-neighbors saw Sebring with an unfamiliar sports car following him speed out of the Cielo Drive gate and blow past them-something out of the ordinary as they said Jay usually waved and drove slowly down the narrow road. These events would lead one to believe that a large scale deal was about to go down that day. A Manson family visit happening the same evening that a large scale deal with international drug dealers is scheduled to go down should be a huge red flag waving wildly for any investigators.

A drug rip off gone horribly wrong is easy to envision as the motive for the first night of murders. If the motive was to ignite a black versus white war as Bugliosi told us the Helter Skelter motive was, well Charlie did a pretty shitty job of it. The Family owning a few guns also works against this idea. While portions of Helter Skelter enter the tale as an influence, it still is a philosophy stolen verbatim from the neighboring commune, the Fountain of the World.

As the full motive, Helter Skelter has been discarded by many researchers. Leno had something people were after, his little black book of information is often spoken of, the key to the treasure and the map to where the bodies are buried so to speak, with the appropriate names and numbers therein. Much effort went into ransacking the house the night of the murders, and it happened several times before the murders as well.

Large level drug transactions would not go unnoticed by an organization that controlled much of that traffic, so both the Cielo Drive crowd and any large scale deals on the LaBianca end would be noticed. The police thought drugs were at the root of the Tate murders, and evidence shows there is much more to this idea than was presented at the trial.

Joel Rostau and Eugene Massaro were Mob associated drug dealers integral to the tale. Although the Mob are never discussed in relation to the case, the two encounters Paul Watkins had with the Mob do show that underworld figures were directly involved in these events on some level, somehow this angle was completely ignored by Bugliosi. There have been ideas floated that Charlie and the Family were part of a much larger plan-a social experiment workshopped by some government agency.

The early days of the Mel Lyman group likewise show some agency figures dancing in the background during the early days. The CIA had been shown to be experimenting in different fields with different groups with LSD, and much of this work is still classified to this day. The early documentation of the Family under the aegis of Roger Smith, the use of the large and failed raid on Spahn as a training film example for law enforcement usage, and the professional documentary filmed as the family unraveled by Laurence Merrick and Robert Hendrickson combine to make a eye raisingly large amount of professional documentation for a single hippie commune.

One easy question no one has answered is: Even Bugliosi knew that not enough questions had been asked in certain areas, but was obviously clued in enough to avoid areas of investigation that were being actively buried. Some folks out there know at least pieces of the truth. Dennis Wilson said several times he knew the truth, but would wait to speak when the time was right.

That time never came, as he drowned before he could tell us. Some insiders in Esalen likely know far more than has been shared. Manson certainly knew, but he has left the planet. Bruce Davis and Tex Watson probably have some higher version of the truth than us, but even they might not be privy to the secrets of the inner circle. Hell, Charlie may not even have known what was going down behind the scenes, just watched it all unfold with eyes wide shut, only smiling at everything he saw.

New song, the mistake is the inspiration, and it is perfect.

Murder in Chatsworth (A Satan's Angel M.C. Tale) by Six Shooter Sally on Apple Books

Now apply this to life. I have almost no intelligence. Considered unreliable as to real motives and behind the scenes activity. Love it or hate it, everyone should start with this one. This is the other big one. Sanders spent nearly a year living in around and among the the Manson family. He interviewed hundreds of ancillary members of this tale—on the Manson end of things, and on the Polanski Tate end of things. Contains many details speculating on the real motives, and has very rich details on the behind the scenes activity.

Probably the best source out there-contains much speculation, but was written in the immediate aftermath, and contains primary source information from people who were there. Make sure you get the first edition, the one that has many stories that were excised after Sanders was sued by the Process.

Manson in His Own Words: Okay, this one causes a lot of controversy. While downplaying his own role, Charlie does eventually own up to some responsibility in the events. Will You Die For Me?

Reward Yourself

Nothing of note is in here, and Tex puts it all on Charlie and downplays his own involvement. Still, he was there and there is a richness to some details of daily life at the Ranch. A fascinating collection of tidbits, trivia and esoterica. This guy had access to Manson in prison and spoke with him many times.

Takes the stance that Manson might not be guilty. A bit jumbled but it uncovers many things no one else has. Get the newer version. Another pretty good read that focuses on the occult angle, something ignored completely by Bugliosi. Some weird stuff in this one. While that is true, he managed to find out probably more information and untold stories involving auxiliary members and unknown members of the Manson Family than anyone to date. Although there is some insanely far fetched shit in here, it does contain some interesting ideas and connects some dots and ways of seeing things that no one has thought of.

I bought the original library bound edition of Rolling Stone magazine from summer which contained the massive Manson article, and a dozen subsequent issues. By day he works as a leg breaker for Uncle Guy the local bookie. He was captured and tortured. He survived Afghanistan and survived his injuries. The military said he was healed then sent him back home. This is a unique one of a kind dictionary highlighting terms expressly used amongst the biker and outlaw biker culture. This story chronicles the life of Garrett Cloud McClure. Garrett comes from the wealthy Texas McClure Oil family.

His father is the mastermind behind the companies great success. Tale by Six Shooter Sally Price: This is a short story of how motorcycles captured the imagination of a young boy, and becoming his life long passion. This is a humorous look into the right of passage in the outlaw motorcycle world. It takes a look into the morning after as well as the night a prospect received his patch. A lone wolf in the world of Outlaw bikers. Reaching for my glass as I settled on my stool, I searched his ruggedly handsome reflection, for answers to the questions that were running wildly through my mind.

This is the story of a retired outlaw biker told by the nephew that idolized him. He's from another generation when being a biker was a life style and not one most civilians aspired to be a part of. He was there from the rough beginning when bikers were bad asses. A fast paced story that chronicles the theft of a Satan's Angel's motorcycle and the surprising chase that unfolds.

This is an in depth profile of a long time patch holder and his favorite bar. This is a short yet poignant tale of a bounty hunter set in the old West. John Bounty is a man of few words who lives by his wits and the speed of his draw. This is the tale about an outlaw motorcycle club, set in the San Fernando Valley in California and the attack they suffered at the hands of their rivals.

Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale) Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale)
Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale) Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale)
Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale) Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale)
Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale) Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale)
Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale) Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale)
Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale) Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale)
Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale) Murder in Chatsworth (A Satans Angels M.C. Tale)

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