Advent for Inquiring Minds

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Inquisitive eyes met mine. I asked if he wished to know the secret.

The true challenge or mystery of life is finding where and what you choose to build. The following September he had moved on to college and I had accepted a full-time high school teaching position. One mantra I built for my classroom was that real men and women build something that lasts after them. You build it anyway.

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One does not have to be a physicist to recognize the disproportionate time and energy attributed to negative and destructive forces in our world. Just the other day my cell phone posted an ad for a game. The images were of things being destroyed.

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The message called forth from the next generation really depends upon the conversation we each choose to have with them. If we really believe it is time to reduce the power of death and destruction, it is time to have those conversations. Our world needs the vision of the Good Samaritan to look past what we can destroy to seek a new beginning. It serves our neighbor and ourselves. Jude is known as the patron saint of hope and impossible causes because he persisted even in the face of the most difficult circumstances.

Inquiring Minds

The Holy Spirit guided Jude to be, and if we are open to the guidance, he can show each one of us today how to be the positive difference that is immediately needed in our world. Jude Prayer for Today: Jude, my devotion to you is the source of my hope. You give me courage to face my challenges and joy to celebrate my successes with grace. Help me to live with kindness and compassion so that I may honor my holy self. I pray that today I will share with the world the person God created me to be.

God live in me, and it is only in Him that I will truly be filled.

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Jude, so that my journey of faith will be strengthened by the power of unified prayers to the mercy of a loving God. To see where week-long, site-based, inquiry programming is around the world go to the Beyond the Classroom Network.

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Advent for Inquiring Minds Advent for Inquiring Minds
Advent for Inquiring Minds Advent for Inquiring Minds
Advent for Inquiring Minds Advent for Inquiring Minds
Advent for Inquiring Minds Advent for Inquiring Minds
Advent for Inquiring Minds Advent for Inquiring Minds
Advent for Inquiring Minds Advent for Inquiring Minds

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