Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads, Series 1)

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The Cent Son Janice Greene. The Ritual Janice Greene. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Christmas posting dates Learn more. It was a perfect early summer day, and Greg had a great time surfing the mid-sized waves.

Although Monique just waded in the surf, she kept a close eye on Greg. The three of them spread out a 13 beach towel and sat down to eat. Ginger seemed glad for the opportunity to be alone with Greg. She gave him a big, warm smile. Ginger stared out over the waves for a minute. A s Greg finished his sandwich, a wild thought crossed his mind. Was it Ginger who caused that fatal tailspin into the ravine?

No, he told himself. The poor guy went down three stories and splat—he hit the ground dead. He was dating Monique then. I was there, Greg.

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I know what happened. You need to hear this. About Pierre, I mean. Monique dated him in college. It was so awful. She thinks she looks so beautiful in black, and I guess she does. But she was still too far away to overhear their conversation. You can ask her. When we were all in high school together, there was this weird aura about Monique.

Monique gave the pigeon the evil eye and that darn bird fell out of the sky, dead! Monique looked anxiously at Greg. He watched a little TV and then headed for bed. Within a few minutes he fell fast asleep. It was a warm evening, and the wind blew the curtains through the open window. Greg had chosen an apartment on the first floor of the complex. He slept for half an hour, but then he was wide awake.

The Mystery Quilt (Quickreads Series 1)

He wondered—did three guys who dated Monique really die as violently as Ginger said? Or was she just spreading spiteful gossip? It was almost Lew Denison was usually 18 up until after midnight. Lew had gone to high school with Monique, so he should know. I thought you might know if it was true. It sounded off the wall. Rafe was in our biology class. He was dating 19 Monique at the time.

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At the funeral she was the picture of grief in her little black dress. We dedicated the yearbook to him. Then, a year ago, Lew had found his own place. Luckily, Greg was making enough money not to need a roommate. Lew was still a pretty good friend. Greg had never caught him in a lie. What did I tell you? The girl is a Black Widow Beauty. You better run for your life, man! She really 20 does look beautiful in black. Those tragedies just had to be awful coincidences. He leaped from bed and stumbled through the smoky darkness. It was clearly a case of arson. Greg spent two nights in a motel while repairs were being made.

How could he be falling in love with a witch who put curses on her boyfriends? The following weekend Greg went fishing with his older brother, Dominic. It was a relief to share the whole story with his brother. There was no way Greg could have talked it over with his parents.

They would have freaked if they thought he was in danger. She might be the best thing since potato chips. The gloomy gray skies fit his mood. Not only was she pretty, she was lively, warm, and fun. When he and Monique went for a Sunday drive, Greg casually mentioned the fire. They stuck kerosene-soaked rags under my door and torched them. When we were in high school she told everybody that. John looked at the expression on her face, and his smile widened. Then we can see them as people with feelings and 25 interesting lives of their own.

I keep finding new clues! I just hope they unravel the mystery of her quilt. Although a marker telling about the Underground Railroad stood outside, the house itself was privately owned. Rachel felt a little nervous when she knocked on the front door. This was where the slaves had hidden before going on to the next safe-house. And of course that put 26 them in plenty of personal danger. Warren was caught smuggling a slave to the next safe-house. He was arrested and fined by the local judge.

Warren and his wife went right on helping slaves escape. They were lucky to only pay a fine! They could have been imprisoned or killed. She tried to imagine how it would feel to be hiding here. As they drove to the Warren house, she and her mother had talked about the months it took to get from the Southern states to Canada.

Most escaping slaves had been forced to walk hundreds of miles. Slaves were sometimes encouraged to escape during winter. It was easier to cross a frozen river than to swim it in the summer. Rachel wondered how 27 many escaping slaves had died along the way—from accidents, snakebite, or even the cold?

Not to mention the ones who got caught! Even some of our founding fathers—men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson— owned slaves. I have a lot to show you. I thought it was so neat the way it opened.

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Like a little door. She reached out to touch the glass over the photo. The people in the photograph had meant nothing until now. But today—maybe for the first time in her life—Rachel felt a close link with her many-times-great-grandparents. It was as if she could look back across the ages and see them smiling at her. She explained that Sarah sewed quilts for her owner and quilts for her own people.

Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads Series 1)

The quilts for her people had messages encoded in the designs. It was also a compass. The log cabin design usually had a red or yellow square in the center of each cloth block. But the coded quilts had a black square in the center of each block of cloth. That stood for a safe-house. What Sarah had been sewing were freedom quilts! When she was 19 years old, Sarah had escaped from the Hardee plantation. It took her months to reach Canada— months of sheer terror and exhaustion, every hour of every day fearing injury or capture or death.

Rachel felt her heart pounding. And this time, you need to take a closer look. Now when Rachel looked at the earliest squares and their designs, she saw more than a quilt. Sarah had made 31 a stitched record of her journey from slavery to freedom. The Experiment Quickreads Series 1. The Ritual Quickreads Series 1. Empty Eyes Quickreads Series 1. The 75 Cent Son Quickreads Series 1. Blackout Quickreads Series 2. The Plot Quickreads Series 3. Black Widow Beauty Quickreads Series 1. Danger on Ice Quickreads Series 1.

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Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads Series 1) - PDF Free Download

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Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads, Series 1) Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads, Series 1)
Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads, Series 1) Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads, Series 1)
Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads, Series 1) Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads, Series 1)
Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads, Series 1) Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads, Series 1)
Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads, Series 1) Black Widow Beauty (Quickreads, Series 1)

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