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And gosh-darnit, people will like you! But showing up every day to do your best work will absolutely leave you better off.

Just Show Up and Get to Work

All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself. Do you see why diligence is more important than money, talent, relationships, audience, tools, or anything else? Showing up every day is how you go about making money, developing your skills, building relationships, growing your audience, and mastering your tools. Work smarter, not harder. Doing focused, creative work every day is challenging and, at times, even mundane. The consistency of showing up every day, providing value, and showing your work is one of the best ways to build a relationship with your audience and establish true fans.

This goes hand-in-hand with developing your resistance to the mundane. Diligence in one area of your life will bleed over into other areas. Evan talks about being more willing to take imperfect action and how freeing that is.


I wouldnt call it employed I just show up everyday

Liz talks about helpful it is to use her whole self in the current situation. There is a way to stay vulnerable and keep reaching out. The CSCs are the way out of that isolation. When you are centered, you are freed up to act in spite of the chaos, to shine like a light, to be whatever God designed you to be.

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Liz talks about her favorite homework that keeps her centered, and Evan talks about how nice it is not not be a social chameleon. Surrender is the quickest route to peace—way more effective than squashing emotions. When we try to control our situation, it just ends up getting us stuck at point A instead of getting us closer to point B. It is possible to have much better self-talk through surrender. Epic Every Day is available on Radio Pu You grab onto Calm by letting go, and it just takes a second.

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It used to seem normal to be swept away by overwhelm. It also seemed like staying calm depended on circumstances. Epic Every Day is available In 2 Corinthians, Paul talks about how the troubles of the world are not eternal—how he fixes his eyes on what is unseen because what is seen is temporary. Through prayer, we too can have a real-world perspective.

Do you have anxiety about prayer? What words do you use? Isn't prayer the job of pastors and priests? Do we need to pray with lots of fancy words? What does it mean to seek God with a whole heart? Do you sometimes stop yourself from praying about things are are too small for God to be concerned with? There are no such things though. The God who created the universe is giving you instant access through prayer. He pays attention to you. We have a God who listens! His ears are ready to listen.

Despair is disconnect from reality. Your reality is full of hope because you have been created by God for a purpose. Hope is anchored on the person of Jesus, not our situation. Job talks about no plan of God being thwarted. Wants the best for us. Works everything for the good of those who love Him. He uses His power perfectly and will never take advantage of us. By doing what God created you to do. Being someone created by God for a purpose should fill us with hope.

There is freedom there. The instructions are a short-cut to get us where we want to go. But how often do you try to blaze your own trail instead of trusting the designer? Being in scripture will always remind us to remember.

How to Get Motivated to Work and Start off Your Day with Positivity

Lack of hope freezes you in life. Things are overwhelming without hope. This week, we talk about how hope is invisible. Without hope, calm is impossible. We can trust that God is working things out now, not just in the future. Jesus is emotionally available. How often do we avoid going with someone into their emotions? Epic Every Day is available on Radio Bitterness, isolation and jadedness are aspects of the darkness getting in the way of our connection with God and others.

In the first story, Martha can only complain about Mary not working with her. In the second story, Martha is looking for a connection with Jesus over the death of her br Of course, this kills relationships. Discipline is a great way to combat selfish tendencies. Epic Every Day is availab Our need for grace and a savior never changes, no matter how much we change in our spiritual development. These three areas are a lie—a mask across reality. Being a light-bearer in the arena of surrender is going to stir up pain. The light we need here is humility, de Your ministry is to shed light in a dark world.

The darkness takes many forms.

How to Get Motivated to Work and Start off Your Day with Positivity

The darkness that steals your calm is busyness and feelings of overwhelm. We live in a loud world, so using quiet in your ministry may be a path to peace. How do you, as a leader, let go of regret?

How do you allow yourself to take imperfect action? Anyone who demands submission is not a good leader. Good leaders always hold the needs of those they lead above their own needs. Stop chasing respect and power. God will push us beyond our comfort zone, but He will never push you to not be yourself. We look at the story of Naomi and Ruth today as an example of quiet but powerful leadership. Epic Every Day is avail Powerful examples include parents, pastors, scout leaders, and coaches. And if we spend our energy trying to avoid suffering Being a leader is the call of every Christian.

But when we take our eyes off Jesus and get distracted, we make our lives difficult and lose calm. Unfortunately, stress is contagious. Fortunately, calm is contagious too—like Jesus when he was sleeping in the boat during the storm. Faith is about your actions, not your feelings. His desire for you is to lack nothing like it says in James 1: Epic Every Day is available on Radi There is room, even in prayer, for doubt.

Our attitude when we come to God is important. We can come to break down or build-up our connection to God.

Show Up Every Day

Greater faith goes through a process of filtering out doubts through investigation and prayer.

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