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It became an object of trade and commerce that is proved popular as it took on many forms. In , the Dutchman Coenraad Johannes van Houten filed a patent on a more digestible fat-free cocoa. Chocolate is sold as a beneficial food to the delight of chocolate makers. The beginning of the industrialization of cocoa powder makes it possible to reduce the cost of the product.

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Its introduction in France is due to the migration to Bayonne of Spanish Jews fleeing the Inquisition. It was at the beginning of the 19th century that the first chocolate factories appeared in Europe with the great names of the future of what would become in the middle of the century.

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  • Chocolate is commonly consumed in Catalonia and France in Roussillon: In , an Englishman called Cadbury produced the first dark chocolate to crunch. To meet the needs of the industry, cocoa trees are being introduced into Africa and the first plantations are created. Industrial chocolate factories appeared, mainly in France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In Van Houten filed a patent for chocolate powder. This patent releases the surplus of cocoa butter.


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    Van Houten is the first to invent a process for separating lean cocoa or meal and cocoa butter, allowing manufacturers to alter the dose of the relative quantities of lean cocoa and cocoa butter in the cocoa mass. In , the English company Fry marketed tablet chocolate. In , Victor-Auguste Poulain created an industrial chocolate confectionery factory in Blois. In , it was the turn of the Rowntree chocolate factory in England, followed by the first Tobler chocolate factory in Switzerland in In , Jean Tobler developed milk chocolate.

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    This factory lowered the cost of chocolate in France. It is now classified as a historical monument with the adjoining workers' city. In , Daniel Peter developed milk chocolate in his factory in Vevey after extensive trials. In , Rodolphe Lindt invented melting chocolate and created his first chocolate factory in Switzerland. His technique was to keep the chocolate grinder running for a long time in order to make the cocoa paste creamier. His secret was not revealed until when it fell into the public domain.

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    Redakai Saison 1 Episode 26 FR : Le choc des combattants Partie 2

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    It is becoming more and more apparent that dark chocolate has a richness in vitamins and minerals. Thanks to a high concentration in iron, potassium and copper, it could help to keep some cardiovascular health problems at bay.

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    Magnesium is also believed to help prevent type 2 diabetes. These sweet treats really are good for both your body and your mind and, what's more, it's always a delight to bite into a crunchy hazelnut covered in smooth milk chocolate. Some specialists have also suggested that indulging in some chocolate now and again can improve one's mood.

    It is possible that it releases endorphins which help to lift the spirits.

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      Le choc (French Edition) Le choc (French Edition)
      Le choc (French Edition) Le choc (French Edition)
      Le choc (French Edition) Le choc (French Edition)
      Le choc (French Edition) Le choc (French Edition)
      Le choc (French Edition) Le choc (French Edition)
      Le choc (French Edition) Le choc (French Edition)
      Le choc (French Edition) Le choc (French Edition)
      Le choc (French Edition) Le choc (French Edition)
      Le choc (French Edition)

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