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I just got my order in the mail today and I already love it!!!. I was hoping not to have to use it for two more weeks, but my body surprised me — and the Moon Cup arrived just in time. I am now going to tell everyone I know about this!

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And trying to convince my daughters 17 and 13 that this is the best alternative to tampons. I guess for me, having been a diaphragm user in days past this makes sense I am I have to work to break them of this. One of the reasons beside cost savings, environmental issues that I bought it is that I teach water aerobics in the water 4 times a week — no breaks for my monthly cycle.

I just sent a message out to on FB to my friends about it. Do you have an FB page that I can direct women to? A satisfied Moon Cup user. I have been using The Keeper for at least 8 years now. My roommate at the time introduced it to me. At first it was a little weird.

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It took a few months to get used to. But then I noticed how much less waste I was creating, how much money I was saving, and how much better I felt during my period! I have cramps maybe twice a year now AND my periods are shorter! I honestly believe this is because The Keeper does not dry me out or interfere with my body during my period at all.

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I actually lost my first Keeper. So I switched back to tampons for a while. And then I ordered another Keeper! There is really no way I will ever go back to tampons and pads! Every woman should try The Keeper! I found the Keeper online about 10 years ago. I was dealing with infertility and felt that somehow the chemicals in my feminine products may have been to blame. I purchased the Keeper and never looked back! I can sleep without underwear and honestly revel in the fact that I can go out for the day and not have to think about my period.

My cramps that used to plague me during my cycle are non-existent and I became pg within a year of use, after 10 yrs of infertility, without IF treatment! I had to purchase a new one not because the old one had worn out but because somehow it has gone missing. This is the first period that I have dreaded in 10 yrs! Wish I could get the Keeper overnighted to me I would pay! My friend told me about The Keeper 10 years ago in college. I am now ordering my second one.

The Keepers: 'I've dealt with survivors and they're sickened by the church's response'

It has changed my life. Having my period has become just a part of my life rather a huge inconvenience that pulls me out of my life. I just want to give my Review and experience with the Keeper Menstrual cup.

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I absolutely love my Keeper cup! My daughter also has one and she loves her Keeper too not to mention wearing the Keeper helped her cramps! When I use to use tampons I never really looked forward to having my period as I felt it slowed me down, not to mention it would cause my Ph balance to be thrown off and I never felt clean. I have to admit I was a little worried at first as I have an IUD but the suction breaks so easy during removal time it is not even an issue. I have no leaks at all so wearing a cloth liner is not even needed! Stop using disposable products and join the rest of us who are having fun any time of the month!!

I was reading all the other testimonials and kept nodding my head in agreement. I have been using my Keeper for just about 10 years now and it is still going strong. The bottom line is: I was probably afraid through the entire filming. When Wehner is told that the church had known about earlier abuse allegations against Father Maskell, she half-laughs, and finally yells: The world has certainly reacted. One consequence of true-crime dramas such as Serial and Making a Murderer is that they tend to turn their army of viewers and listeners into amateur sleuths.

Is it ethical to place real crimes in the hands of an audience? Those are the people who matter the most. He sounds truly astonished that it has taken this long. The response of the archdiocese of Baltimore has been surprising, to say the least. I just found it incredibly disappointing.

What makes this all the more disappointing for White is that he was raised in the church and his own experience was positive. My faith has been shattered.

What is the Vatican response? As for the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, White says he has his own theory about who did it, and believes Maskell was certainly involved. There was no match. So, are we any closer to knowing who killed Sister Cathy? The Keepers is available now on Netflix.

The Keeper The Keeper
The Keeper The Keeper
The Keeper The Keeper
The Keeper The Keeper
The Keeper The Keeper
The Keeper The Keeper
The Keeper The Keeper
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The Keeper

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