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After that, Emily and her mother with the bird were outside thinking about the wind, Emily took the bandage off the bird, her mother held the bird high in the air. Then all of a sudden the little blue bird opened it's wings and flew off with the other little blue bird! All comments are displayed anonymously Comments: If you think this story is one which should go in the Myths and Legends showcase, click "Yes".

Please be polite, this is an educational site and we will not publish bad language. We don't mind you saying you don't like something, but please explain why, and please do not be rude. The Myths and Legends Team. The spy listened and heard all their conversation, very much astonished that a princess could be so fond of a mere bird. When day came she related all to the queen and Troutina, who concluded that the bird could be no other than King Charming. They sent the girl back, told her to express no curiosity, but to feign sleep, and to go to bed earlier than usual.

Then the poor deceived princess opened her little window, and sang her usual song —.

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  6. B ut no Blue Bird appeared. The queen had caused sharp knives to be hung outside the hollow of the tree: T he king recognised the voice of his best friend: He persuaded King Charming that, overcome with fear and cruel treatment, Florina must have betrayed him. I shall at least be safe there for the five years that are to be endured. And you have enemies who will assuredly seize on your kingdom. Who would obey a Blue Bird?

    The Story of a Blue Bird by Tomek Bogacki

    M eantime Florina, overcome with grief, fell dangerously sick, and in her sickness she kept singing, day and night, her little song —. A t last a sudden change took place in her fortunes. The king her father died, and the people, who knew she was his heir, began to inquire, with one accord, where was the Princess Florina? They assailed the palace in crowds, demanding her for their sovereign. The riot became so dangerous that Troutina and her mother fled away to the fairy Soussio.

    Then the populace stormed the tower, rescued the sick and almost dying princess, and crowned her as their queen. Then she departed by night, and alone, to go over the world in search of her Blue Bird. She received him civilly, and asked him what he wanted.

    He tried to make a bargain with her but could effect nothing, unless King Charming would consent to marry Troutina. The enchanter found this bride so ugly that he could not advise. Still, the Blue Bird had run so many risks in his cage: Worse than all, his next heir spread reports of his death, and threatened to seize on his throne. U nder these circumstances the magician thought it best to agree with Soussio that King Charming should be restored to his kingdom and his natural shape for six months, on condition that Troutina should remain in his palace, and that he should try to like her and marry her.

    If not, he was to become again a Blue Bird. So he found himself once more King Charming, and as charming as ever; but he would rather have been a bird and near his beloved, than a king in the society of Troutina. The enchanter gave him the best reasons for what had been done, and advised him to occupy himself with the affairs of his kingdom and people; but he thought less of these things than how to escape from the horror of marrying Troutina. One day, stopping beside a fountain, she let her hair fall loose, and dipped her weary feet in the cool water, when an old woman, bent, and leaning on a stick, came by.

    F lorina obeyed, and told her whole history, and how she was travelling over the world in search of the Blue Bird. The little woman listened attentively, and then, in the twinkling of an eye, became, instead of an old woman, a beautiful fairy. Do not afflict yourself; happiness will yet be yours. Take these four eggs, and whenever you are in trouble, break them, and see what ensues.

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    F lorina, greatly comforted, put the eggs in her sack, and turned her steps towards the country of King Charming. She walked eight days and nights without stopping, and then came to a mountain made entirely of ivory, and nearly perpendicular. Despairing of ever climbing it, she sank down at the foot, prepared to die there, when she bethought herself of the eggs. Arrived at the summit she found new difficulties; for the valley below was one large smooth mirror, in which sixty thousand women stood admiring themselves.

    They had need, for the charm of the mirror was that each saw herself therein, not as she was, but as she wished to be; and the grimaces they made were enough to cause a person to die of laughter. If she descends upon our mirror her first footstep will crack it into a thousand pieces.

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    H ow her heart beat as she entered, and begged to see the king! Besides, he is going to-morrow to the temple with the Princess Troutina, whom he has at last agreed to marry. F lorina sat down on a door-step, and hid her face under her straw hat and her drooping hair.

    S he neither ate nor slept, but rose with the dawn, and pushed her way through the guards to the temple, where she saw two thrones, one for King Charming, and the other for Troutina. They arrived shortly; he more charming and she more repulsive than ever. At sight of the ornaments he turned pale, remembering those he had given to Florina. N ow the king, when he was a Blue Bird, had informed Florina about this Chamber of Echoes, where every word spoken could be heard in his own chamber; she could not have chosen a better way of reproaching him for his infidelity.

    But vain were her sobs and complainings; the king had taken opium to lull his grief; he slept soundly all night long. Next day, Florina was in great disquietude. Could he have really heard her, and been indifferent to her sorrow; or had he not heard her at all? She determined to buy another night in the Chamber of Echoes; but she had no more jewels to tempt Troutina; so she broke the third egg. Out of it came a chariot of polished steel, inlaid with gold, drawn by six green mice, the coachman being a rose-coloured rat, and the postilion a grey one.

    Inside the carriage sat little puppets, who behaved themselves just like live ladies and gentlemen. W hen Troutina went to walk in the palace garden, Florina awaited her in a green alley, and made the mice gallop, and the ladies and gentlemen bow, till the princess was delighted, and ready to buy the curiosity at any price.

    Again Florina exacted permission to pass the night in the Chamber of Echoes; and again the king, undisturbed by her lamentation, slept without waking till dawn.

    The Blue Bird (fairy tale)

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    The story of the blue bird The story of the blue bird
    The story of the blue bird The story of the blue bird
    The story of the blue bird The story of the blue bird
    The story of the blue bird The story of the blue bird
    The story of the blue bird The story of the blue bird
    The story of the blue bird The story of the blue bird
    The story of the blue bird The story of the blue bird
    The story of the blue bird The story of the blue bird
    The story of the blue bird The story of the blue bird

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