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He and his assistant Nancy spend much of their time investigating mysteries involving extra-sensory perception, The abusive and traumatic adoptive upbringing of Christina Crawford at the hands of her mother, screen queen Joan Crawford , is depicted.

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This movie chronicles the trials of the mentally ill and their care-givers in an over-crowded ward of a hospital. MacLeod Robert Stack is a new, optimistic doctor who attempts to Teenagers Libby and Kit innocently spend an evening making random prank calls. These calls lead to murderous consequences.

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Snotty Hollywood actor becomes even more full of himself after he's nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor. A scheming circus owner finds her authority challenged when the show is targeted by a vicious killer. A sympathetic anthropologist uses drugs and surgery to try to communicate with a primitive troglodyte who is found living in a local cave. Family secrets and hidden passions are the hallmarks of this dark, moody serial. Set in the fictional community of Woodbridge, New York, The Secret Storm tells the story of the long-suffering Ames family and their seemingly endless domestic tragedies.

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Share this Rating Title: The Secret Storm — 3. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. User Polls Scripted U. Learn more More Like This. The Edge of Night — Joan Lives On Video The Sixth Sense I Saw What You Did Journey to Midnight You will go to the barn and take the hunting trap from the old place and bring it to me. She knew what it meant for her. But no, I did not mean to refuse you. You can go into the barn through the back of the building there is a hole in the walls, you could easily get in, and it is night time the two-legs are resting, they would never even know you were in the barn.

He stood guard to see that no one interrupted. The last thing they needed was to be discovered now. The tom watched with awed surprise as Tangledclaw manipulated the young she-cat to concede her way of thinking. Bring the hunting trap to me. I do not understand. Lightpaw knew that she had been told to never, on any circumstances, go in that place again. But now is not the time and neither is it a subject for you to question me as your tutor. All apprentices must pass a final test similar to yours.

Do it and bring me the hunting thing. The rules themselves seemed to contradict each other and the she-cat was confused. It is forbidden to me to go in there. I cannot disobey anymore orders that have been given to me. He winced and turned away quickly. For a few moments Tangled paced in the room. This was getting her nowhere and they were running out of time. Stopping in front of the apprentice she reconsidered her options. I had not wanted to do this, but you give me no choice.

Lightpaw steeled herself for the worst, but she knew she had chosen right. She needed so desperately to talk to her father about what was going on, but after refusing her secondary mentor, she wondered if she would even have the chance. She saw things she was not meant to see, and for that she should be punished. I have her hidden away and if you do not do as I say and return to me before sunrise I will give her the beating that you so richly earned.

Do you understand me? Now go get the hunting trap and bring it here. And do not even think about going to find help or trying to tell your father, if anyone but you enters the cave tonight, Sunsetpaw will not just be punished, she will be dead. If you tell anyone what has passed between us, or what errand I have given you, your friend is dead… and she will not go easy, that I promise you. Lightpaw thought her heart had stopped beating as she realized this. She looked to Molestep and motioned to the lookout to step out of the way as Lightpaw fairly flew out of the cave and headed to the two-leg fields.

She had no idea how she was going to pull this off, but Sunsetpaw was counting on her. He was not convinced that the she-cat would not simply run-off crying to her father about the whole thing. But then, he did not know the apprentice as well as Tangledclaw did. Tangled walked back to the tom and closed the distance between them. Lightpaw will do as she has been told. I will be in control of everything and the loyal warriors will have no choice but to step down, now go, gather the crowd and be ready for my call.

Before anybody starts nagging me in the comments, I completely understand that no cat could have the knowledge or is capable of setting up any traps. I am having to hurry through chapters since school has offically started for me. I am planning on going back to this chapter in the future and changing it but for now.. Lightpaw was sprinting towards her destination quickly; after she was out of her aunts sight,her paws slowed down into a steady jog with her eyes watered with tears that threatened to escape.

She felt trapped there was no one she could talk to, no one to turn to. Tangledclaw would carry on her threat; she had no doubt about that. She inhaled several mouthfuls of air, she tried to calm herself and formulate a plan. She needed to get the hunting tool, deliver it to her aunt and then she would go straight to her father and tell him everything. With that resolve in mind she pushed herself onward and stealthily raced through the forest.

She came across the Two-leg fields and crawled through the tall grass that towered over her head, she carefully placed her footing on the ground, afraid to make too much noise. The last thing she needed was a two-leg to come after her. Up ahead she could see her destination: Lightpaw felt another layer of fear rush through her; she did not desire to go in that place.

Hidden Storm

The barn moaned under the howl of the Leaf-fall wind, tired of defying gravity for decades. The front half of the barn had caved in, and the other half of the barn stood upward but it had also was rotting and looked as if it was going to fall any second from now. The windows were mostly broken and were covered with a light plastic that has become brittle in the sunshine. There is not a trace of varnish, stain, or paint. The rain fell from the dark clouds and, drizzled off the tarnished roof and landed in a thick mud puddle.

The small barn was surrounded by a small wooden fence that was missing most of its railing. The she-cat halted and stared up at the building for a few moments, it was so tall that she had to tilt her head all the way back in order to see the top of the structure. Maybe there was some other way Time was running out every second she was wasting, the more danger Sunsetpaw will be in. Lightpaw forced herself forward and circled around the messy building until she reached the backside of the shed.

The apprentice easily found the small gap in the walls and headed toward it. She flattened herself as close to the ground as possible and squeezed her body into the opening. It was very tight, even for an apprentice as small as Lightpaw and to make matters worse, the jagged edges of the wooden walls painfully scratched against her pelt and dug into her bruises she had gotten from her recent lesson with Tangledclaw. Lightpaw stubbornly grits her teeth and ignored the horrible sting. She pushed her entire body through the tiny space. The musky air immediately filled her mouth.

The apprentice wrinkled her nose is disgrace and blinked around the barn. Her paws squished into the wet and soft flooring as she traveled. The weather outside of the barn was growing harsher. The wind was blowing more rapidly, and she could easily hear thunder rumbling from above. That did not do very well for the structure that was already in danger of falling apart completely. It squeaked and groaned along with the climate.

Lightpaw was violently trembling with anxiety as she searched the remains of the barn.

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It was the hunting trap, hanging on a nail on the wall. Now that she had found the item, she needed to figure out how to get the trap off the wall. Lightpaw leaped onto a wooden stool that flanked the wall and toward the hunting trap. She sat on her hind legs to inch herself higher, but it was quite a length away from her. Lightpaw stretched out farther, trying to keep her unstable body as steady as possible.

The stool wobbled along with the she-cat, threatening to break under her weight. Lighting came, a brilliant shock of white flashed in the night sky, forking silently to the unsuspected ground, then a boom followed, making the barn tremble more aggressively Lightpaw flinched in surprise and nearly lost balance. She placed her paws back down onto the stool to quickly recover for a few moments. Lightpaw took a deep breath and tried again, slowly extending herself upward. She lengthened her neck and barely bit onto the chain tail of the trap.

She let out a sigh of relief and strengthened her grip on the shackle.. Suddenly, the stool under her snapped apart and Lightpaw came crashing down to the floor. The trap snagged on the nail it was hanging from and the whole thing yanked out from the wall. Lightpaw felt a trickle of blood dripping from the side of her mouth from where the trap scraped against it. But she hardly noticed, she finally had the treasure, now she just needed to get out of this place.

The she-cat made her way through the barn. Once she knew her friend was safe, and then she could expose the treachery that had been plotted. Her thoughts were so intense and so wrapped up in formulating her responses to her aunt and the explanation to her father that she was taken completely off guard when the thunder stroked the ground making an ear shattering boom, much more louder than the lightning she had heard before. The walls rattled as usual, but this time to the sound of timber cracking and snapping added to the chaos. Chunks of ceiling fell downward, and made the wooden planks fall like deadly daggers to the flooring of the barn.

She had to leave and leave swiftly. She turned her jog into sprint, with the trap still dangling under her chin. Lightpaw threw herself out of the way as the sharp shower of the debris rained down upon her. Lightpaw grit her teeth, holding the trap in her mouth, debris flew into her eyes and blinded her slightly; Lightpaw forced her eyes open and nearly tripped over a fallen board, the trap that was swinging back and forth as she scampered, caught itself against a nail attached to a wooden plank.

She was greatly delayed; Lightpaw saw the hole and made a run for it, desperate to get out of this chaos. Just before the apprentice could reach the opening, the ceiling from above crashed down and blocked her pathway, burying the only exit. Lightpaw swiveled around anxiously, searching for a new way outside, but it was useless there was no escape. The remains of the barn caved in, destroying everything inside of it. The last thing Lightpaw remembered before slipping out of conscious was dropping the hunting trap and buckling down onto the wet and cold earth.

Rainysight shifted in a troubled dream. Darkness hedged her thoughts. Vague and illusive, the sense of evil was isolated, but distinct. The images themselves were only a little troubling; the sense of feeling that accompanied them at times was very horrifying. In her dream she could see nothing but the darkness of the night, filled with the soft relentless sobs of a she-cat. A she-cat Rainysight felt like she knew very well, but could not place. For a half a heartbeat, in her dream, Rainysight felt as if she was the strange she-cat, letting tears fall from her eyes, her body wracked by pain guilt and fear, with nowhere to run to and nobody who could fix her problems.

She heard a loud booming strike of thunder smack the ground. Panic surged through her entire body. Rainysight froze she caught a glimpse of the face of the tear-jerking she-cat which was illuminated slightly from the flash of lightning in her dream. It was Lightpaw, she was dreaming of Lightpaw, alone and afraid. Afraid to face whatever was threatening her.

It was just a dream The old she-cat stretched and lifted herself into a sitting position, letting out a small sigh.

She gazed around; her heartbeat was still highly accelerated from her nightmare. Rainysight perked her ears up and listened carefully into the night. Everything seemed normal, there was nothing to be afraid of… or so she hoped. Rainysight let out a small chuckle, she was an old elder and she still reacted to nightmares as badly as a small kit would. The elder turned her midnight blue gaze towards the stars and quietly whispered some soft words, to her loved ones who were watching her in StarClan. She lay down, entwining her long wispy tail around herself, and unhurriedly closed her eyes again, expecting to quickly fall asleep again.

After what seemed like a lifetime, Rainysight was still shifting and turning, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in but nothing was working. Maybe if she took a little walk and exercised her legs, she would have better luck with falling asleep. Rainysight walked through empty, ghost-like camp, stepping into small puddles, and into the forest, thoughtful about her terrible dream, ignoring the flash lighting that strikes the ground every once in a while and the booming sound that follows it, not paying the slightest attention to which direction she was moving in.

T I am getting there though I have looked through my rough drafts I have made for the story and It should have about more chapters but I will try to make it a little shorter Rain dribbled off the thick branches of the trees, trickling onto the cold and moist floor. The wind howled angrily, hurling wildly, tossing the driblets of the cold Leaf-fall shower in every direction.

Two cats from SoulClan trotted through the miserable weather, their paws squishing into the muddy ground as they maze through the thick, marsh like forest. This weather is hideous! The cats jogged deeper into the marsh-like forest patrolling their territory. Ashpaw inhaled deeply, and instantly the scent of his surrounding filled his nostrils, a new aroma slammed into him. He tried speaking to his mentor again. Heavycloud breathed in through his light grey nose. Since it was raining, it was somewhat difficult for the large tom to sort out the odors but he managed.

LeafClan has given us aid when we were practically starving to death. We owe them our loyalty. We should follow the scent and see what the she-cat is doing on our territory. With that said the two cats changed their course of direction and headed towards the scent. The Apprentice and mentor followed their noses to the edge of their territory. His life as an apprentice was not as dangerous and action filled as he thought it would be when he was only a kit.

So instead of waiting for adventures to come to him, he had to find the adventures himself which was exactly what he was doing now. Ashpaw skidded to a stop when he reached the Thunderpath; the scent of monster fuel filled his lungs, making him gag, a few dead carcasses of road-kill laid on the side of the road, making the smell even worse. He fluttered his deep brown eyes around his surroundings, hoping to lay his eyes on the LeafClan cat. Suddenly his eyes caught onto a figure lying in the middle of the Thunderpath. At first, Ashpaw thought it was only an unfortunate animal that had gotten rammed by one of the monsters, but now that he was looking a little closer he could see what the it truly was… The apprentice's eyes widened in horror and disbelief.

When Heavycloud made it to his destination, he growled in aggravation. Ashpaw stood frozen in the tall grass, a safe distance away from the Thunderpath and simply stared forward into the road. Heavycloud was relieved to see that his apprentice was okay but it was still not acceptable for him to ignore his mentor when he called for him. A small orange and grey she-cat was lying on her side in the middle of the Thunderpath. She was about the size of an apprentice, maybe just a little older than Ashpaw.

The trail of crimson that oozed from her pelt onto the asphalt path gave the older tom sickening chills. Rain drizzled down onto the ground from his muzzle, with his eyes transfixed on the beautiful she-cat. Heavycloud whispered a few words to StarClan and slowly turned away from the horrid scene. Heavycloud sighed softly to himself and trotted away from the scene, motioning for Ashpaw to follow him. Ashpaw stared at the grey and orange she-cat for a few extra heartbeats. His keen ears instantly picked up the loud humming sound of a monster, which was driving down the Thunderpath, heading towards the fragile body of the she-cat.

Ashpaw gulped in a mouthful of air. The good-hearted tom was just about to turn away when he heard a soft meow from across the Thunderpath. Ashpaw instinctively bristled his fur and twirled around in surprise. His eyes quickly caught onto the figure of a small she-kit on the other side of the path, her gaze locked onto orange and grey she-cat. Ashpaw yelped quietly in fear and took a step back. Ashpaw did not answer instead he gave himself a few seconds to calm down enough to move.

The kit was very skinny; her golden brown pelt was laid flat against her body from the rain. She had alluring turquoise blue eyes that were locked onto the apprentice lying on the unnaturally warm asphalt of the path. The she-cat scowled at the surprised Ashpaw impatiently. She is a deep sleeper apparently. Ashpaw blinked slowly and jerked his head towards the she-cat who he thought was dead and stared in disbelief, his eyes watching her intensely.

The grey she-cat twitched and let out an unconscious groan, her chest slowly rose and fall. The headlights of the monster, which was only tree length away, glimmered onto the she-cat enlightening her pelt and roared toward her at full speed. Heavycloud is normally a very slow tom, but Ashpaw could swear that he had never seen any cat move as fast as he did. Within a blink of an eye, the silver white tom had returned to his previous position and sprung into action.

Heavycloud sprinted onto the Thunderpath and quickly launched himself onto the grey she-cat. He grabbed her by her scruff and hastily dragged the both of them into a roll. The cats toppled over towards the side, missing the enormous, skull-crushing tires of the monster by a nose length. Heavycloud let out a large sigh of relief and carefully dragged the she-cat off of the Thunderpath and laid her gently down into the grass to examine her.

Ashpaw turned his gaze back to Lily but to his surprise, she was no longer there. They mysterious kit must have left when Ashpaw was distracted by the chaos around him. Heavycloud grit his teeth and winced when he evaluated the injuries. Lightpaw grit her teeth softly as she slowly woke up, quickly noted that she was evidently not in her den at camp. Lightpaw choked on the thick dust that clogged the air, coughing as she tried to clear her lungs.

When she realized she could not move her fear heightened. The surprisingly light weighted panels gradually slid off her back and Lightpaw jumped up onto her paws, her head bounced up and painfully slammed into a wooden plank that was a few inches above her. She stumbled dizzily, and forced herself to take a few deep breaths. It felt as if every fiber in her body was aching, but her upper front leg felt as if it was on fire, She doubted anything was broken but it certainly something had some injury within the limb and the darkness around her was terrifying.

She perked her ears upward and listened carefully, the only sound she could hear was the sound of debris settling on the ground, and the loud booming of thunder. Lightpaw froze as she remembered the recent events. The barn caved in while she was inside of it. She should be dead, Lightpaw glanced around, and her eyes were finally cleared up enough to see her surroundings. Two massive, wide, wooden planks stood above her.

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They leaned on each others weight, keeping both of them from crashing down onto Lightpaw; it was a miracle to be alive but the she-cat was not thinking about herself at the moment. Lightpaw gazed down at her stinging shoulder and halted. Three thick slashes marked the side of her front right leg, several driblets of blood freely trickled out from the extremely deep cuts. Something must have raked against her shoulder during the structures collapse. Other than a couple of small scratches bruises, and a headache the young she-cat was not in any worse shape than that of when she first entered the barn.

She had to get out! Lightpaw began to anxiously circle around the small space she had been given, trying to decide which way was closest to the exit. She saw a glimmer of moonlight peaking out from the debris and instantly the she-cat limped toward it. The tiny opening was very small in length, almost half the size of the opening that she had gone through to enter the barn in the first place. The young she-cat felt the sickening fear rise inside of her as she was struggling to fit through the opening.

What if she was too late? What if Tangled had already killed her best friend? Lightpaw tried forced the negative thoughts out of her mind so she can work on escaping but it was difficult.. Suddenly Lightpaw heard a familiar hiss and the sound of light-weighted footsteps crept towards her, Lightpaw quickly darted backwards in fear. A pair of vivid and eerie eyes peeked through the opening and transfixed on the little she-cat. And tonight Sunsetpaw will pay for your failure since I cannot reach you.

You are a traitor to LeafClan and you are plotting against my father, I heard you! I will destroy her. I will destroy your father, and Rainysight and anyone else who stands in my way. Except maybe you, Lightpaw Tell them what you like, Lightpaw. After tonight nothing matters. Behind Tangledclaw stood several cats, there were about twenty felines, to be precise. Molestep walked up to Tangled and his unstable voice spoke to her, rain soaked his black and white pelt, making him look like he weighed a little less than he actually did.

The clan will belong to us by the time the sun has risen. The short tom nodded slowly. Is anyone out there? She had to tell someone the truth before it was too late, she had to try. Horribly, Lightpaw realized that no one was going to come. She was alone, despised, forgotten, and utterly helpless. Her shoulders shaking with sobs she could no longer contain. The young she-cat slid to the dusty ground of her prison which she was trapped in and burying her face under her paws to hide the shameful flow of tears, with only the sound of the rain and thunder to accompany her.

Lily is not my oc she is actually from a different story, if you want to know more about Lily you should totally check out her backstory Lilystorm's journy Ashpaw and heavycloud are mentioned in this story too: A pathway that seperates Leafclan and Soulclan's territory from each-other.

Two legs and dangerous monsters are always found on the Thunder-path. More information in next chapter. Sunsetpaw shivered violently, but she somewhat felt as if her body was on fire. Damp water from the rain clung to her pelt. Inside she felt as if she were burning up, yet her skin was unaccountably cold and tense shudders racked her frame.

She felt miserable, inside and out. The she-cat hissed softly and opened her eyes, attempting to work the blurry world into focus. A pair of paws was in the process of pressing a poultice against her wounds. They were not paws she was familiar with. All she knew was that she was hurting and disoriented and usually when she was in that state, her friend or the medicine cat was close by. Odd how that worked. The accent of the she-cat was strange. Sunsetpaw realized that the cat near her was a complete stranger, so were the other cats she could vaguely sense nearby.

She felt horrible, truly horrible. Her tone had betrayed much more fear than she intended she wanted to sit up but the she-cat near bye placed a paw on her preventing her from getting onto her paws. Two cats found you in the middle of the Thunderpath You were not hit by a Monster but someone or something attacked you. The two cats saved your life and brought you here. Now please hold still and finish dressing your wounds. Trust me; I am not going to harm you. If the cats intended to hurt her, then there was nothing she could do about it and they probably would have done it already.

Another apprentice, did you find another apprentice? We need to help her now! Her aunt was attacking her, I saw them. She hurt her until she passed out. That is why she has been acting strangely lately! She was a gracefully tall she-cat with a fragile and bony face with several grey stripes decorating her pelt. Lilystripe tilted her head in confusion. Easy, young one, you are going to be okay, I need you to calm down. Eat these, they will help you sleep. Sunsetpaw shook her head quickly. A calm voice from outside her den cut off all of her thoughts.

Her beautiful slightly wet pelt was different shades of dark brown; making Sunsetpaw stopped panicking for a moment to examine the newcomer. Please, will you listen to me? My friend is in big trouble. Sunsetpaw told Hollowstar of all that she had seen. She told her from about the earliest evens such as the cave she had discovered, and the things she saw take place within the walls of the structure, to the very last mere thoughts she remembered before being knocked out.

Hollowstar finally spoke slowly to the apprentice. We must go to their camp at once and talk to your leader, Your clan has helped us when we were in need of aid, We will be happy to return the favor to help your clan. Within seconds the massive silver-white tom had entered the den.

Even though he had a serious expression on his face; inwardly Heavycloud's heart leaped with joy. He was almost certain that the strange she-cat was not going to live, but once again StarClan astonished him with another miracle. We are leaving tonight as soon as possible Rainysight trotted through the high grass of the two-leg fields.

Her eyes swiveling around her surroundings, it has been a long while since she had stepped a foot in this place. Why was she was walking in the fields in the middle of the night? While the she-cat was taking her midnight stroll, she had caught the scent of different cats. The scent Tangledclaw, LeafClan cats and most importantly, Lightpaw. She quickly decided to follow her nose, to see where the fresh scents led her. Inwardly she felt fear burning inside of her. She had several questions inside of her that needed to be answered. Why were the cats that were running around during the middle of the night, not say a single word to anyone when they were leaving?

That was puzzling and the fact that her grandkit was somehow with them, frightened her even more. Her previous nightmare she had just dreamt kept repeating itself inside of her mind and it only made the situation worse. Rainysight quickly inhaled again, quickly realizing that the scent of Lightpaw was leading her towards the barn. She was inwardly afraid of what she might see, she was afraid that her precious kit had been crushed under the barn. She turned her jog into a run and dashed as quickly as she could towards the barn. She climbed up onto several boards.

Her widened eyes desperately looking for Lightpaw, she wanted to cry out for her, but she was so shocked that she could not make a sound. Suddenly her eyes locked onto a small figure, she could hear small cries that could only come from her grandkit. Rainysight gasped at the sight in horror. The sound of footsteps outside of the collapsed structure made Lightpaw flinch.

She pulled back as far as she could into a tight corner of the fallen structure. Afraid of who might be coming towards her, the young she-cat curled into a tight ball and would not look up. Was it possible that Tangled really had killed Sunsetpaw and her aunt had come back to taunt her and gloat over her pain? It would be one more thing that would shatter her already breaking heart.

She truly was not sure how much more shame and hurt she could handle and she knew she could not show emotions in front of Tangled: A shadow fell across her, blocking out the little light from the moon that was peaking through the small gap and she tensed, holding her breath. The soft gasp from a familiar she-cat caught her attention and she fearfully chanced a look at her visitor. Rainysight instanly started pulling on the small gap, making the debris pile rattle slightly.

Rainysight growled with anxiety, she was hoping to make it bigger so she could help the kit but she soon realized that the structrure was very sensitive and if she toyed with it too much she might make the rest of the place collapse. Her eyes shimmering with barely restrained tears as she took in the sight of the desperate she-cat huddled in the corner. Her nightmare had come true, she could barely recognize Lightpaw, the frightened, haunted apprentice glanced tearfully up at her. What was going on that had shaped these changes in her grand-kit? Something was greatly amiss and had been for some time, the elder felt, although she had not seen it this clearly before.

Everything that had come to pass was her fault and there was nothing left inside of her that would ever be worth redeeming. She had betrayed everything she had loved and nowshe hated herself for showing her weakness in front of Rainysight. The apprentice despised herself for breaking down like this and allowing her repressed emotions to surface when there was someone there to see. She was trying desperately to calm herself but it was not working. Her mask had shattered and lay scattered in too many pieces around her.

She could not pull it back together again. Rainysight settled herself on a board outside of the pile of debris and stared down at the young cat. More than anything she wanted was to hold Lightpaw but obviously she could not reach her and she was resisting her right now and she would not push her. For betraying father, for coming here even though everyone ordered me to never come here again, for not being strong enough, for showing my weaknesses in front of you and shaming everyone.

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Wiping violently at the tears on her face she held out her paw toward the she-cat. Tears do not show our weaknesses and they are not for shame. Tears are given to us by StarClan that we may know when another is hurting that we may help them with whatever is troubling them. You should never hide them from anyone, they are precious. Jerking away from her grandmother the apprentice simply shook her head, scooting away. She wanted to tell, but she was still afraid, afraid that Tangled would make good on her threats.

In her heart, Lightpaw feared that her father had already abandoned her and now maybe Sunsetpaw was gone too… there was no way to reverse what she had done and Lightpaw felt miserably helpless. Never in her life had Lightpaw shied away from her or refused to speak to her. The fact that Lightpaw was wincing from only moving a little, sent fear spiking through her old heart. Lightpaw shook her head slowly. She wanted to tell her, she need to! She opened her mouth to speak but the words would not form. She slowly narrowed her gaze onto Lightpaw, examining her carefully from the small distance she was from her.

She could see small little scratches on her back along with bruises. She could recognize them as injuries that only another cat could make. At a small gasp that escaped her mouth, Lightpaw began to softly sob once more. The pain-filled words she had been hiding in her heart tumbled out through hitching sobs. I am sorry that I must be punished every day.

Please, when father is angry with me, cant he come himself? Does he always have to send Tangled to teach me? Tangledclaw does enough on her own and.. She suspected that Tangled probably improved upon whatever commands her father gave regarding her lessons. Certainly, it would have to be at least a little better if her father handles it himself. Tangled took too much pleasure from causing pain; even Lightpaw could see that much.

For that reason, she had never dared to ask that Skystar to teach her lessons in person on the issues; she dreaded that she might find out she was wrong. At this point, however the young she-cat had already hit rock bottom. During the development of the game, Operation Desert Storm was a hot topic on the news and the developers rushed the game to release it before the conflict could end. Bush was ranked as one of the greatest video game Presidents by G4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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