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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. History, intrigue and romance all rolled into one. Sir Scott can never truly disappoint his readers. This book started off with quick development of his main character. It never stalled in the plot. I would recommend this to people who like historical novels but who want a good story as well. Format and size are hard to adjust to after generations of 6 x 9. Maps would have also helped. But Scott did not know where he was going either.

Beautifully illustrated hardback classic. Have a number of Scott's novels now and I am particularly proud of this one. This Bibliolife Bibliobazaar edition of Quentin Durward paperback and probably hardcover too has bright white paper but the text is too small. There are nine lines of text per inch. I am returning this book and plan to find another version with larger text. I believe that Sir Walter Scott was the man who invented the historical novel, and they say that this is one of his finest efforts.

Certainly, it puts a lot of modern fiction into the shade, especially the sort of modern novel which amounts to prolonged gazing at one's own navel. But this is heresy! How can you possibly prefer clunky old Walter Scott SO unfashionable! My only answer is that literary reputations come, and literary reputations go.

Time was, when Sir Walter Scott was one of the best-read authors in history, but his reputation took a serious dive when "real writers" such as Ezra Pound and James Joyce came along. Nevertheless, "Quentin Durward" is very good reading. Not only is it a good story, you will actually gain some valuable knowledge about history, in particular the French king Louis XI, and the Duke of Burgundy. How about the style? Well, when I was in 8th grade I decided it was impenetrable, even yucky.

But the decades passed as they will and now the style offers no impediment whatsoever. He is strong, valiant, a terrifying fighter, and extremely good-looking into the bargain. He respects women, and shows them every courtesy; in fact, at the end of the novel he almost surrenders his greatest love to rescue a Flemish girl who has been captured by a gang of soldiers with no good intentions.

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On top of that, he is nobly born, and expects that others treat him accordingly, mostly because he conducts himself according to a strict code of nobility. And all of these things are gone, gone with the wind -- if they ever really existed. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author, especially since you can get his complete works for the Kindle for almost nothing.

Quentin Durward is good reading, right up almost to the very end. It's excellent historical fiction with very rich characterization, especially of Louis XI. Excellent, that is, except for the women. While two of the minor female characters are interesting, the female lead is as dull as dishwater.

My real complaint is that the ending is bungled. After the tremendous buildup full of exciting action and convincing sets, you turn the page and Misses the crecendo and the denoument. Still, I enjoyed it, and recommend checking it out of the library, as I did. I read this novel forty years ago in the Modern Library edition and I am amazed that it is out of print except in expensive library editions. It is one of Scott's finest novels, full of action and with a fine portrait of King Louis. It was the first novel to use a gypsy as a character.

It was made into a movie in the 's. Scott of one of the most neglected geniuses in literature and the world is the poorer for it.

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Quentin Durward by Scott Sir Walter

When I was 13, I asked my father what his favorite book was when he was my age. He told me "Quentin Durward". The next time we were in a bookstore together, I found a paperback copy of this book and bought it When I read this book, I entered the medieval world of knights, kings, lovely medieval ladies, and chivalry.

Quentin Durward - Episode 4

At the same hunt Quentin rescues Louis from the boar. Restored to open guard duty, Quentin witnesses a meeting between the Croyes and Princess Joan, whose destined husband the Duke of Orleans joins them and torments her by his attentions to Isabelle. Delighted with his commission, Quentin accompanies Louis to the sage Galeotti, who says the scheme will bring success to the sender but danger to those sent; he promises to carry out an astronomical calculation relating to Louis' plan to negotiate with Charles in person, but privately determines to inform Balue.

As their journey begins Quentin defends the Croyes from two horsemen: Crawford arrests the horsemen, revealed as Orleans and the Count de Dunois, and Isabelle tends Quentin's wound. Hayraddin arrives to act as guide. Hayraddin expounds his view of life to Quentin and identifies himself as the brother of the man whose body he had cut down. He is expelled from monastic accommodation for egregious misbehaviour, arousing Quentin's suspicions.

Quentin overhears Hayraddin and a Lanzknecht arranging to ambush the Croyes for William, while sparing Quentin's life. Quentin receives an encouraging note dropped from a window. Quentin arranges with Pavillon to rescue Isabelle by passing her off as the syndic's daughter. During wild revelry William has the Bishop murdered.

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Quentin takes charge of the situation and leaves with Isabelle for the syndic's house. Louis decides to kill Galeotti who he believes has betrayed him. Charles consults his counsellors and plans to confront Louis to ascertain his role, if any, in the Bishop's murder. D'Argenton advises Louis how best to treat Charles.

In an interview with Isabelle arranged by Crawford, Quentin asks her to tell Charles only what she knows about Louis from personal experience, to avoid inflaming the situation. First Isabelle and then Quentin testify discreetly before Charles in the presence of Louis and Burgundian nobles. Hayraddin appears as William's herald: Louis and Charles agree that Isabelle will be awarded to the warrior who kills William. Quentin discloses William's tactic to Louis and Charles. Quentin is diverted from encountering William in battle by the necessity of saving Pavillon's daughter from assault.

The reviews of Quentin Durward were mostly favourable, rating it among the best of the Waverley Novels, though there were a few dissenting voices. Particularly appreciated were the witty Introduction, the contrasting depictions of Louis and Charles, the striking incidents and descriptions, the control of the plot, and the vivid presentation of an interesting and unfamiliar period. The most common adverse criticisms were that historical analysis was too prominent, threatening to overpower the fiction, and that the female characters were weak.

Sales in Britain were initially rather slow, perhaps because it came too quickly after Peveril of the Peak, but it was an immediate hit on the Continent. This article incorporates text from the revised edition of Henry Grey's A Key to the Waverley Novels , now in the public domain. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see The Adventures of Quentin Durward. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Works by Walter Scott. Chronicles of the Canongate , 1st series " The Keepsake Stories " Morritt Robert Southey William Wordsworth. Retrieved from " https:

Quentin Durward (German Edition) Quentin Durward (German Edition)
Quentin Durward (German Edition) Quentin Durward (German Edition)
Quentin Durward (German Edition) Quentin Durward (German Edition)
Quentin Durward (German Edition) Quentin Durward (German Edition)
Quentin Durward (German Edition) Quentin Durward (German Edition)
Quentin Durward (German Edition) Quentin Durward (German Edition)

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