River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries)

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A curved edge of darkness slid forwards, blanking out the stars. I saw the lights again and then saw the size of the thing — enormous. To me, it looked wider than the wingspan of a jumbo jet. Wider than the entire house.

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It was more like a… flying saucer? His mum has left and his dad is marrying someone with three children of her own. But when Paul and his annoying, space-obsessed half-brother see a UFO, Paul can think of nothing else. Will they discover the origins of the alien slime on the moors, and will Paul fight off his own Space Invaders?

Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Pictures original works 0 Pictures wood plaques 0. The Biography Of James O. Protected by her best friend, she has a unique ability to switch off from the world around her. After an arson attack on her school, Lucien's teasing of Dani leads to an accident with far-reaching consequences.


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Annette is intent on revenge and does all she can to make life a misery for Lucien. His only friend is the old man up the mountain When Friska the dog came to live with Colin and his family, Colin thought that he and Friska would be friends for ever.

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But, when Friska disappears, Colin begins to find out what 'You are mine' really means, Lucinda and Jane are two dolls living in a beautiful doll-house in the nursery. During their absence for a walk in perambulator, Tom Thumb and Hunca Munc, a curious pair of mice, bring havoc throughout the house Book 1 of the Lost Book Trilogy.

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Jamie and Rob live a simple life on the island of Insh More. But Rob dreams of more and leads them both into mortal danger. A blind beggar from the south brings a mysterious message to the King of Lothian. An old friend needs your help But the message is the start of a dangerous mission, taking Rob and Jamie far from Embra to Paul learnt a lot about cooking after his mum left - he could even give Jamie Oliver a run for his money - but when his dad marries someone with children of her own, his life is invaded by his new 'family' When Luke meets Dylan, he thinks his new friend is just a bit too obsessed with the paranormal.

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But when his family situation means Luke actually has to move in with Dylan, their ghost-hunting gets them into Maya thinks it would be quite fun for the River Mallen to flood its banks, but when that happens, it's disasterous for her and her mum. If being forced out of her home wasn't enough, getting caught up in a human The real one is Cosmos Coyote and the phony one is William the Nice.

A white knuckle ride of a sequel to The Book of Secrets! For Jamie, Rob and Ali, the magnificent island city of Embra holds different paths. Kiva and Adalia are orphans, and Hebrews in the land of Egypt. But when the time comes to leave, they get separated and have to learn what it means to rely on God for everything they need. A fiction book for Rebecca's life is meant to be simple - her strict church doesn't allow TVs, mobile phones or the internet.

River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries) River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries)
River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries) River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries)
River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries) River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries)
River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries) River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries)
River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries) River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries)
River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries) River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries)
River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries) River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries)
River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries) River Rapids (Mallenford Mysteries)

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