Seeking the Truth About Money

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The recent conviction of former Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia on charges of corruption was no surprise to those who had been following the complicated story. Although the governor tried to stop information gathering by investigators — for instance, he attempted to hold back emails that had been subpoenaed — in the end, he was convicted.

Seeking the Truth About Money

This was just another example of state and local officials who have been charged with and convicted of political corruption during the last four years. Posted in Corruption , Money in Politics. Tagged bribery , corruption probes of Congress , political corruption , quid pro quo , Rep.

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Jesse Jackson Jr , Rep. John Doolittle , Rep. Peter Visclosky , Rep. Rick Renzi , Rep.

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Tom Feeney , Rep. William Jefferson , roadblocks to Congressional convictions , speech or debate clause , speech or debate decision. With a packed hearing room, several senators made their cases both for and against SJR 19 also referred to as SJRes There were 3 knowledgeable and accomplished panelists invited to answer questions and give input at the hearing.

Key portions of that 3-hour hearing are summarized below, along with some additional background information indicated in blue. One of the senators speaking at the hearing was Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois. He began by quoting statistics on the growth in spending by outside groups since the Citizens United decision. Posted in 28th Amendment to Constitution , Citizens United.

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Worth thanks to Mike Badzioch. On one of the days, I helped out. We were all glad to hear that Republican delegates shared the same concerns we had about the influence of too much money in politics. Besides the issue of too much money influencing our political process, the other issue we discussed with them was our belief that corporations are not people and should not have the same constitutional rights as individuals. From what I could tell, none of them had heard of a constitutional amendment to solve these 2 issues.

However, those in agreement with us, did not seem adverse to a constitutional amendment. None of this should be too surprising. Republicans and Republican leaders, past and present, have spoken out against money in politics, the Citizens United decision, and corporate personhood. Here is a sampling: Constitution that would allow Congress and the states to regulate the raising and spending of money in elections.

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At that hearing, petitions with more than 2 million signers in support of an amendment were delivered to the subcommittee. When discussing SJR 19, Senator Udall stated that elections should be about the quality of ideas, not the size of bank accounts. Posted in 28th Amendment to Constitution.

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Tagged Citizens United , first amendment rights , free speech envisioned by founding fathers , if money can buy speech then speech is not free , McCutcheon v. Do you seek better financial health? Or do you have enough money but feel poor in spirit? Whatever your need, God wants to help you in both the spiritual and the financial dimensions of your life. In this book, discover why those two dimensions sometimes compete and conflict and how they can better connect. Many Christians today deal with money on the basis of partial truths, relying on a handful of favourite Bible verses or a few palatable principles.

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  3. Veritasing = Seeking truth, liberty, and value.
  4. As a result, they follow an incomplete, imbalanced, distorted version of God's truth about money. To address this problem, Seeking the Truth about Money provides a comprehensive, well-rounded, and well-grounded biblical view on how we can integrate wise inner attitudes towards money with practical activities such as acquiring, giving, saving, investing, and spending money. This book challenges the reader to develop a carefully balanced approach to the various facets of handling money. Seeking the Truth about Money refers to almost one thousand verses from the Bible.


    It also relates stories from the lives of the author, her family and friends, and dozens of well-known Christians. It includes nuggets of practical financial wisdom gleaned from lawyers, accountants, and investment advisors, which can enrich your future discussions with your own financial advisors. Above all, this book will encourage you to more highly prioritize and value the development of rich and meaningful relationships with God and others. Karen Henein practiced as a lawyer for twenty years. Married to a medical doctor and the mother of two adult children, she lives in Canada.

    She is presently writing, speaking, and serving various Christian organizations.

    Seeking the Truth About Money Seeking the Truth About Money
    Seeking the Truth About Money Seeking the Truth About Money
    Seeking the Truth About Money Seeking the Truth About Money
    Seeking the Truth About Money Seeking the Truth About Money
    Seeking the Truth About Money Seeking the Truth About Money
    Seeking the Truth About Money Seeking the Truth About Money

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