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Where Are the Women in Automotive Retail?

Many of the dealership aggregator sites can get quotes for you, or you can reach out directly to the dealerships in your area. Most dealerships employ an Internet Sales Department and they are able to provide you with quotes just like anyone else at the dealership, except you can negotiate without visiting in person. For example, there can be a big difference between a 2WD and 4WD model of the same car. If one dealer gives you a price you like, you can email or call the quote in to another dealer to get competing offers.


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This is one of my favorite car buying tips for women. In dating, geographic desirability is important. But with something as infrequent as a car purchase, distance should not be a deal breaker. They might offer you something extra, or ask what they can do to get the deal done today. Extended warranties and other fun stuff. If they push back on it, stand your ground. Paint protection and rust proofing are total gimmicks. You can also sell to a used-car dealer such as CarMax.

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Such a great post, thank you! I just used Najeecars. They actually bid for my business, which was great. Very helpful and relevant article. Name your price, cite your market research, and let them figure it out. Be prepared to walk out. I really like your tip about sticking to the plan when it comes to buying a car. We will have to keep this information in mind while we are trying to figure out the whole process. I love the point made about sticking to the plan when car buying. I will definitely keep these car shopping tips in mind for my next one.

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Ok, this is wonderful advice for an overwhelming experience of buying a car. I bought consumer reports magazine and spent a couple of days reading, comparing ratings, and figuring out local prices for different models online, as well as magazines. It varies greatly according to features, year and model. Starting out with rock bottom, out the door price is the way to go, giving out no personal information.

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That is the best starting point. Then prices on specific vehicles I drove and was interested in started popping up at great discounts. I had stated that was what I was there for, great deals, not good deals, but great ones. I also became interested in leasing. I mentioned I had tossed that idea around before, but was worried about lease end. What if there were dents and dings in the vehicle, or what if I owed money on mileage because I went over the allotted amount?

This is where he threw in insurance, costing about We know it probably is built into the price. But a stress reliever at lease end.

Women And Car Buying: How Not To Hate the Car Buying Process

Also you can purchase 15, mile leases instead of 12, But he says they are not counted against you, if you plan on buying the car at lease end. He explained that leasing is a great way to go to get price reduced on a more expensive car with better options like leather seats. He also offered great discounts to reduce the lease total amount of the vehicle. Dealerships themselves often run contests for their sales force in order to foster competition among their staff. If you can weasel these perks from your sales rep, chances are the sales rep will even split them with you, if only you buy that car today.

These days, many car sales reps fail to tag along during the test drive. Sometimes their confidence gets the best of them, and they think they can sell you the car without actually stepping foot into the vehicle with you. Ask them to come along if they don't offer to do so initially. Then ask for an extended test drive. This is when you start to win the game of attrition. During the test drive, recite a well-practiced list of relentless questions. Don't let them take control of the conversation. Car dealers are adept at keeping this part of the process emotional.

This baby purrs like a kitten! Don't let them get a word in edgewise unless it is to answer your storm of questions. Keep it about the car not how you feel behind the wheel. Is this the emergency break? What is the resale value? The sales rep was probably getting an earful from the manager about the price you were offering. Don't let the manager bully your rep into keeping firm on the price.

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  • Let the rep know you aren't playing games. If the manager won't accept your price after a few visits, threaten to walk on the deal. They've already invested half of their day on your sale. They're not going to let you leave without a car at this point. If you've followed these car buying secrets, you've already saved thousands of dollars.

    How to Buy a Car like a Boss Lady

    Once you're in the finance manager's office, however, get ready to feel the pressure. They'll attempt to convince you to buy extended warranties and all sorts of added "protections," such as car alarms and other add-ons. Be sure to have them explain any warranty package in detail.

    Have any agreement documented and signed by a manager, not just your sales rep. Managers tend to stick around much longer than reps and you don't want your deal "lost" after your rep found more honest work. Once the ink on the purchase agreement is dry, many folks simply drive off in their new car. Don't put yourself in a position where you want to back out of a car deal after you've signed contracts and given deposits!

    This is a fact-of-life in the car business! BEFORE you step one foot in the car dealer's showroom to buy that new or used car, be sure you know what you want to buy, and how much you are willing to pay for it! It's the only way you can stay in control of the car buying process! Do it any other way and it will cost you thousands of dollars extra! If you don't get anything else from this web site Please Remember This: When you are negotiating a new car price. DON'T let the car salesperson talk you into negotiating based on trade-in value or on monthly payments.

    Once you do this you have lost control of the deal and the salesperson gets the upper hand! Their goal is to arrange your car financing and have you walk out with the highest monthly payment possible. If you let the auto dealer arrange your new car or used car financing you WILL pay dearly! If you let the car dealer handle your new car or used car financing you'll probably end up paying Hundreds Too Much!

    I'm talking to you from my many years of experience as an auto dealer Finance Manager! Believe me when I tell you that I know what goes on in the Finance Office Read the following article I've written: The wise move on your part would be to arrange your car financing in advance. You can do this in as little as 15 minutes on this website at FreshStart. Before you consider getting an extended auto warranty please read the valuable and money saving information at the following link: Extended Auto Warranty Tips. New Car Price Quotes. New Car Buying Tips.

    New Car Leasing Tips. Used Car Buying Tips.

    Women Car Buying Secrets Women Car Buying Secrets
    Women Car Buying Secrets Women Car Buying Secrets
    Women Car Buying Secrets Women Car Buying Secrets
    Women Car Buying Secrets Women Car Buying Secrets
    Women Car Buying Secrets Women Car Buying Secrets

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