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In a stunning new animated video, though, the story is too mesmerizing to focus on how sad the lead robot looks at times. However, once we establish this bit of similarity, the comparison does not continue. In the video, our forlorn, parking meter-faced protagonist encounters another robot while mining for precious metals.

This story is the perfect example of her skill. It's one of those ones that creeps up on you — there's a kind of ominous, claustrophobic subtext to everything, and you know something is going to go horribly wrong without being able to tell exactly what, or why you feel that way. The ending, when it comes, is as grim as expected — but it's not what you expect. A baby is found abandoned at a chapel with a note and a mysterious golden key on a chain around her neck.

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This one has the kind of otherworldly, mysterious quality to it that will appeal to fans of His Dark Materials. Oyeyemi has a way with description that immediately pulls you into the world she creates — a world full of secret gardens, libraries, hidden doors, and more symbolism than you can shake a pressed rose at. It's also one of those stories that's like a puzzle you need to put together yourself; as soon as you finish — at least if you're anything like me — you'll want to skim back through and look for clues you might have missed.

This is one of the shorter stories on the list, which makes the vivid world Massey manages to paint all the more impressive. You could make a strong argument that the first and last lines of a short story are among the most important — and the opening to "Footer" "She wanted her feet fucked" is certainly one that grabs the attention.

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This story is a good example of something Irenosen Okojie does very well in her writing, which is seamlessly weaving a kind of dark humour with something altogether more tragic and poignant. Another thing Okojie does well is hiding nasty little shocks right at the end of her tales. The best thing about this story is the way the tone subtly shifts and tilts as it progresses: Ultimately she's not so much an unreliable narrator as an ambiguous narrator, though — is she the participant of a light-hearted, ongoing game, or a fantasist who's manufactured an entire scenario in her own mind?

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    I, Robot (short story)

    Isaac Asimov 's Robot series. To Protect I Robot: To Obey I Robot: Earth Solaria Aurora Comporellon Inferno. Spacer Settler Positronic brain Robopsychology U.

    The Empire series and The Foundation series.

    9 Short Robot Stories 9 Short Robot Stories
    9 Short Robot Stories 9 Short Robot Stories
    9 Short Robot Stories 9 Short Robot Stories
    9 Short Robot Stories 9 Short Robot Stories
    9 Short Robot Stories 9 Short Robot Stories
    9 Short Robot Stories 9 Short Robot Stories
    9 Short Robot Stories 9 Short Robot Stories

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