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Jack's the only one who can save her. But when she finds out who he really is, he might lose her for good. Bounced around the world as a military brat, Lilith Saintcrow fell in love with writing in second grade and never looked back. She currently resides in Vancouver, Washington, with two children, a menagerie, and books. Find her on the web at lilithsaintcrow. Blade to the Keep. Goddess with a Blade. Wedding Bells, Magic Spells.

A Delightfully Deadly Novella. Flame in the Dark. Bright Blaze of Magic. Blade on the Hunt. To Walk the Night. The Pages of the Mind. Blood of the Earth. Magic to the Bone. San Andreas Shifters 1. The Mark of the Tala. Cold Burn of Magic. The Last True Hero. The Iron Wyrm Affair.

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The Red Plague Affair. To Hell and Back. She Wolf and Cub.

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It's Saintcrow's fault for taking the easy way out. But, it's the formula for this series to have the latest heroine an absolute idiot. Authors, please, put a bit more effort into this. Ask your buddies for ideas. It makes me want to gag when the heroine does something so incredibly stupid. Is it really true that people do rush off into danger when they're exhausted I do suspect, however, that it's more true when the situation is truly dire. Yes, the circumstances each time have been grim, but anyone with half a brain would also realize that being prepared and waiting a short time for extra manpower is a practical move.

Especially when that help knows what it's doing. And you know that you don't. Sure it's a fantasy story, but Saintcrow is also asking us to suspend beliefI'm just not willing to suspend it that far. Hmmm, how odd is it that I can believe for a few hours that magic and demons exist, but that intelligent people can be incredibly stupid??? And why do I keep reading this series when it makes me nuts? That whining over, I did like the start of this when Jack shows up at Rowangrove Metaphysical and Occult Supplies and is bowled over by how naturally the three Guardians and their Watchers behave.

And how easily they accept him! I was surprised when Anya was actually a normal person for the first three-fourths of the story. Her fears and worries are realistic, although she seems to accept Jack a little too easily considering how much she feared him at first. Saintcrow could have put some effort into this part and it would have been the better for [the readers] to have their relationship develop more naturally. I think it's this warmth that keeps drawing me back.

Saintcrow sets a very homey background with all this, in spite of the nasty beasties out there! We do get a bit of the history of how the Watchers were formed. I like the conflict Saintcrow has created for Jack. He wants so desperately to atone for his actions and yet he also wants to hurt Shell. He knows it's wrong even if it would be for a good cause and it's a struggle for him to accept.

Of course, it's always nice when the heroine goes from desperate and poor to happy and well-off. There's more happily-ever-after when Elisea majorly stupid-thinking characterrescinds her nay and allows the Light Circle in. Just how lame is it that a character who is so vehemently against an organization thatthree times to that point—has only protected.

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Then all of a sudden she just changes her mind on something she had such strong feelings about. The Story It's a nightmare that just won't stop. Anya knows she must be going insane. Who see such monsters? Yet they continue to find her and burn her out, forcing her to flee. She's running out of money and the energy to survive. She is weakening and there's Shell to think of, he can't think for himself.

Little does Anya realize, but when they finally end up in Santiago City she will find her Watcher, and he will find her. The Characters Anya Harris has a gift of Persuasion. A gift she hates to use as it feels so wrong. Yes, it's been useful a few times when she was truly desperate, but it's not right to use in that way. And it provides a lever for the enemy. Shell Garritson is a mentally challenged man Anya found in an alley. She takes him in, cares for him, and he knows more than he's letting on.

Jack Grey , known throughout history as Lupo Grigio , is doing penance for the murders he committed at his father's orders back in the early s. Elise Nicholson is a fire wielding witch who sings with a band and paints while Remy , a. Together, the three witches are the Guardians of Santiago City. Averik Rhodes is the procurator-general for Wescorp.

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And after all Jack has explained, I don't understand why the mere words procurator don't send Anya running. Watchers are men who were wrong, evil in their life. Circle Lightfall , an organization that wants to protect witches and psychics, trains them and sets them to protect all witches until they find the one witch with whom they can bond and stop the pain.

The Brotherhood is businessmen and demons who take witches and brainwash them into following their orders, selling them to the highest bidder and the Crusade is a religious organization that wants to bring the Inquisition back for witches. The Cover The cover is an interpretation from a scene within the book. A tall skyscraper, its windows reflecting the blue, cloudy sky, a broken window belching flame, and also reflecting a really weird looking demon.

The title is simply a metaphor for Anya being an air witch. Story keeps expanding Each book brings new depth to the first book and story. Really enjoy the easy story telling even if there's quite a bit of the same journey for each Witch and Watcher. She is a good hearted woman that took in a mentally challenged boy from the streets. There are other villains on the loose as well. Those villains want to use her psychic ability to make money. He is a jealous boy that Main characters: Jack Grey is old. Six hundred years give or take. He is the oldest virgin in history. His father was high in the church during the Dark Ages and sent Jack to kill witches and their watchers.

He thought he was the good guy. When he found out he was wrong, he was sentenced to be a Watcher as penance. Jack has always obeyed. He has duty, honor and will do anything to make up for the black stain on his soul. The villain is not revealed until nearly the end. The Brotherhood are the bad guys that sell the witches to the highest bidders to increase their pocket change.

The world I saw only reflects the fact that Watchers are there to obey their Witches. If they happen to luckily bond, then they are relieved from the horrible pain that other witches bring them. The Hero lives for hundreds of years and then finds the Heroine to protect. I miss the depth of the characters. Anya is running and scared.

I liked the characters even if they were a bit on the shallow side. Jun 04, Stacey rated it liked it. I jumped into this series in the fourth book, but that caused no trouble in my understanding of the world and what came before. It was pretty clear that each of the pairs of supporting characters pairs, because they are already paired up had been the protagonists in the earlier works. I enjoy a heroine alone, on the run from the villains, who over the course of the novel, finds friends, builds a community, and learns to depend on and work with others.

This novel opens with Anya running away fro I jumped into this series in the fourth book, but that caused no trouble in my understanding of the world and what came before. This novel opens with Anya running away from demons. Unaware of what she is, what powers she possesses and that she is only one of many - a witch, instead of unique, a freak , she runs from city to city, and when necessary, persuades others to provide her with the necessities. Her companion is a boy in a man's body, who depends on her protection. When Anya and her companion come to their latest refuge, they encounter the city's three guardians - fellow witches who protect the city from demons.

Each witch is one half of the pairs of destined mates. One of the male working with the witches is as yet un-paired, and obviously the hero of the story. The romantic tension was strong and interesting until it became a settled issue. After that, the tension was reduced to a repeated refrain of "I'll never leave you" and "are you going to stay" and "I'm not leaving you" and "you should go. The romance depends on the urban fantasy trope of destined mates.

Destined mates who each inhabit one side of the light vs. Obviously you guessed it, right? Sometimes this overdone trope bothers me - it does remove choice, from both parties. Sometimes, I let go of the underlying and legitimate issues and simply enjoy the attraction, the play of resistance against uncertainty, and the inevitable happy ending.

Other times, I start out enjoying it and it goes sour. Ultimately, my interest seems to depend on how believable the attraction is, and the level of destiny's involvement. When one party is destined to save the other, and one or both parties die when the other dies, the trope becomes more difficult to enjoy. Coercion is not a quality of a healthy relationship, and destiny can be a convenient excuse.

This book prompted both feelings - enjoyment, and wariness. In the end, this book was entertaining, but not captivating. Feb 15, Douglas Meeks rated it really liked it.

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I love this series and I have enjoyed each story although the author seems to put a bit more angst into it at times than I care for but overall it is an exceptional series. Jack and Anya made a great couple for this story but they both had so much previous baggage it was excruciatingly mired in self loathing at times.

They also kept throwing hints of maybe there was more to him but that was never fully explained. I think this would have been a 5 Star reading for me if the author had not made our naive heroine have a massive attack of TSTL too stupid to live to move the plot forward at a pivotal point.

The Book of Enoch 1 - The Book of the Watchers

Other than this and a wee bit too much angst and self loathing I loved it and can't wait to get to the next book in the series. Apr 16, Lily rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I love L Saintcrow's Books. I am working my way through all I can find. Clould Watcher is the fourth in Watcher series, which is in the same world as the Jill Kismet and Dante Valentine books, just different times in history I believe. I enjoyed little bits of the world I learn through these watcher a books, but sadly I find I am getting a little tired of the Watcher Book formula.

Maybe I just didn't like this witch or her watchers personalities. I found this lightbringer a little to whiny and t I love L Saintcrow's Books. I found this lightbringer a little to whiny and the watcher a little too morose and self efacing to really enjoy the book. With the ability to push peoples minds, I would think this witch would be a little more empowered. Maybe I read these four watcher books too fast, one after another, but really this one was my least favorite--seconded by the Stormwatcher.

I am a little nervous but I am running right into Mindhealer because I got all of them though interlibrary loan and cant renew or space them out. I want to love these books. I like the world and the magic and the chemistry. Fingers and toes crossed. Hope I like that one better. Apr 11, Diana Francis rated it it was amazing. First, let me say that I received the book from Netgalley. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I didn't realize it was part of a series, and it absolutely read stand alone, though I admit, I've already downloaded the first book to read. And I'm hoping for another book soon.

This book has both romance and adventure.

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I had a couple of moments where I was afraid there'd be some too-stupid-to-live behavior, but Saintcrow neatly twisted things up and kept things racing. I really liked the emotional devel First, let me say that I received the book from Netgalley. I really liked the emotional development between characters, especially Anya and Jack, but also with the others with whom they've connected.

I'd like to know more about some things, but I have a feeling that reading the previous books will fill in a whole lot of what I want to know. So I'm not going to complain about that. The book had great pacing and I chewed through it fast. It's really a fabulous read. Jun 30, Leslie rated it really liked it Shelves: I knew eventually that a novice Lightbringer who had no previous knowledge of magic would have to be introduced into the storyline.

So we have Anya who is on the run and is a caregiver to Shell. Anya comes to Theo's store and it is fate that she is found to be the Fourth Guardian Suzanne who was the other three's teacher was their fourth until she gave her life to save the city - See Dark Watcher. She starts to learn about her gifts when Jack Grey walks in. He has been assigned by Circle Lightfall to help the other Watchers defend the city.

Of course, little did Jack know with this new assignment that he would find HIS witch in Anya, along with all her troubles. Aug 13, Mary rated it liked it. Okay, so this wasn't my favorite book of hers. Actually, this might be my least favorite. But it's still a good read. Anya's an air witch but she doesn't know she's one She barely has time for a breather as she races from bad situation to worse, trying to do what's right for her and Shell. And then she winds up in this town that has other witch Okay, so this wasn't my favorite book of hers.

And then she winds up in this town that has other witches with protectors watchers.

Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4) Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4)
Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4) Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4)
Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4) Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4)
Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4) Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4)
Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4) Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4)
Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4) Cloud Watcher (The Watchers Book 4)

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