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It's All An Illusion! Skickas inom vardagar. This book is for all those who are searching for meaning in life.

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For those who are trying to make sense out of a seemingly meaningless world. For those who ask themselves: What is it all about?

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This book is also for those who have picked up the self-study course entitled A Course in Miracles ACIM and then put it down because what it is saying is just too difficult for them to believe, because what it is saying is unsubstantiated by other belief systems. In writing this book I am hoping to show the reader that the teachings of ACIM are not that inconceivable or far-fetched and that there are many sages around the world whose teachings are very similar. If not, then what do they mean by the statement?


Could it be that reality is not an illusion but that our version of reality is an illusion? In other words, none of us are perceiving reality for what it is but rather for what we wish it to be.

We Are All One And Our Reality Is An Illusion

Unfortunately, one simply cannot see things as they really are, cannot be aware of reality, with illusions acting as mediators. There is a difference between what something is and what we think it is.

Your Reality Is an Illusion

Actually what we think is utterly inconsequential to what is. Illusions do not exist in the world out there but in here.

The inner world is fertile ground for illusions to take root which then get projected into the world, thus influencing the perception of others about reality. These distortions, in the realm of reality, have no purpose other than for distraction and delusion. So how can we know if illusions are creating reality? Well, we can't while we are under their spell and we can know only after the illusions no longer exist that we were living in illusion in the first place.

When we begin to understand the difference between reality and that which we impose upon it through own thoughts, choices and beliefs, we will be made to realize that much of our despair, anger or pain was fueled by these mis-perceptions.

Its all an illusion - Picture of Art In Paradise, Langkawi

Most conflict, whether on a personal or collective level, stem from illusions. In our daily lives there is infinite opportunity to create them. We create them about our jobs, finances, relationships, friendships, love and life in general to shield us from that which we view as undesired truths.

We do not want to live in reality but are comfortable living in illusion and we believe that somehow the gain far outweighs the effort needed to eliminate them.

It's All An Illusion! - Raveena Nash - Häftad () | Bokus

As human beings we are conditioned illusions to hold onto culture, religion, tradition and politics even at the expense of our well being. From these elements our identity is shaped, and how this identity expresses itself is unique to each of us. Only time will tell if this identity is congruent with the essential self.

In other words, illusions are learned and then passed on. Without knowing it, we live and express these distorted ideas, practices and patterns that influence our perceptions of reality and in turn create our reality.

Its All An Illusion! Its All An Illusion!
Its All An Illusion! Its All An Illusion!
Its All An Illusion! Its All An Illusion!
Its All An Illusion! Its All An Illusion!
Its All An Illusion! Its All An Illusion!
Its All An Illusion! Its All An Illusion!
Its All An Illusion! Its All An Illusion!
Its All An Illusion! Its All An Illusion!
Its All An Illusion!

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